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26 februari 2020

Gifts of the Lotus – A Book of Daily Meditations (Quest Miniature Series)

By Virginia Hanson.

191 Pages | 1974, fourth printing 1988 – A Quest Miniature | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835604500.

Here are 366 Meditations – one for each day of the year. Each from the heart of a spiritually oriented philosopher, from Plato to Emerson to Sri Aurobindo to a host of theosophical students and scholars. Inside of this miniature Quest book is a complete philosophy for living: quiet, short, engaging thoughts, each alive with the spirit of being. In truth, this is not a book to be studied. It is a book to be carried in the pocket or purse. It is a book to be treasured.

From page 41:

” 25.  A doctrine of ‘Truth’, presenting itself without proof on the bare value of its own nobility, is as disturbing a factor to the majority of men as would be the stranger without name or country. We are afraid of it; it is to us an invasion from an unknown world. And such it is; it is an invasion from another world, from the only real world, the world of Reality . . .


auteur: Hanson, V.
ISBN: 0835604500

Prijs: € 6,10

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The Silent Encounter – Reflections on Mysticism

Edited by Virginia Hanson (1898 – 1991).

240 Pages | Published in 1974 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835604489.

In every age and in every land there have been individuals, who have broken through the shell of everyday concerns and inherited beliefs into a dimension of consciousness, which gives direct insight into fundamental truth. This mystical experience has come to millions, and all mankind is destined to know it as a natural outgrowth of evolution. It is the ‘silent encounter’ with the Self, usually unexpected and often unsought, yet revealing the essence of Reality.

In this book, such writers as Haridas Chaudhuri, Manly P. Hall, Geoffrey Hodson, Phoebe B. Bendit, Arthur W. Osborn and others explore this subject from varying backgrounds and approaches. The reader, who has known the mystical experience will meet his own realizations in ways, which deepen his understanding. Those, who have yet to break through into this realm of consciousness will catch glimpses of an inevitable experience and perhaps be led closer to it.

From Chapter 19 – ‘The Mystical Element in Creativity’ (p. 186):

” Thus our recognition of the horizon principle in all experience as a meeting in ourselves of sky and earth, of spirit and matter, provides an accurate focus for seeing all pairs of opposites as two aspects of the same thing and thereby reversing our position relative to them from that of conflict to one of transcendence. It is in this sense that Francis Bacon wrote in his ‘Essay on Truth’: ‘Surely it is heaven upon earth for a man’s mind to move in charity, rest in Providence [i.e., the Law] and turn upon the poles of truth. “

auteur: Hanson, V. (ed.)
ISBN: 0835604489

Prijs: € 6,20

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The Sage from Concord – The Essence of Ralph Waldo Emerson (A Quest Miniature)

Compiled by V. Hanson and C. Pedersen.

127 Pages | First Quest printing 1985, 2nd printing 1987 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835605930.

In a spiritual sense one might describe the philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson as that of a nineteenth century ‘Voice of America’. Contained within his writings one will find almost incomparable insights into the nature of America, of America’s people and their destiny.

Emerson’s essays are based on his sensitivity to the fundamental fellowship of all that lives. The 301 excerpts in this book have been culled from the author’s best-known works including The Oversoul, Compensation, Fate, Friendship, Nature, Heroism and Self-Reliance. Here then is The Sage from Concord at his transcendental best – a selected digest of his philosophy particularly suitable for today’s seeker, who must ‘read as he/she runs‘.

Terminus (p. 127):

” As the bird trims her to the gale

I trim myself to the storm of time

I man the rudder, reef the sail,

Obey the voice at eve obeyed at prime:

‘Lowly faithful, banish fear,

Right onward drive unharmed;

The port, well worth the cruise, is near,

And every wave is charmed’. “

auteur: Hanson, V. (comp.)/Pedersen, C. (comp.)
ISBN: 0835605930

Prijs: € 5,60

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An Introduction to the Mahatma Letters

By Virginia Hanson (1898 – 1991).

25 Pages | First Edition 1977, first reprint 1986 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170590256.

Today’s Encounter with the Wisdom of the Ages.

The philosophy of The Mahatma Letters is timeless; the story of The Mahatma Letters is in time. What results is a cross-fertilization from which a rare kind of drama emerges – a drama in which, quite unexpectedly at times, one sees oneself and the whole of humankind reflected with pitiless clarity. Tragedy and comedy, courage and cowardice, pathos, compassion, frustration and fulfilment, despair and hope – all these are there as in life through-out the millenia of recorded, and unrecorded history. What is there, in addition, is a perspective which gives it all meaning.

From page 4:

” The question would not arise if those concerned knew something of what an Adept is, as explained in The Mahatma Letters . . . Writing about Themselves, one of Them says: ‘None of you have ever formed an accurate idea of the ‘Masters’ or of the Laws of Occultism they are guided by . . . The Adepts do not advertise Themselves, nor do they seek followers. Their work, for the most part, lies away from the world, whose ways are not their ways. If we understand this, there will be none amongst us ready to lend an ear to persons, who seek to impress others by claiming occult connection with mysterious beings, or that they themselves are the manifestations of such beings. “

auteur: Hanson, V.
ISBN: 8170590256

Prijs: € 1,50

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