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27 november 2018

Spiritual Healing – Doctors Examine Therapeutic Touch and other Holistic Treatments

By Dora Kunz (1904 – 1999).

333 Pages | First Quest Edition 1995 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835607143.

A spiritual revolution is underway in health care. More and more doctors, nurses, and counselors are recognizing that health means treating the soul and psyche as well as the body. In this new edition of a classic collection, the best minds in holistic healing explore the spiritual basis of the alternative health care movement.

From Chapter I: ‘Healing as World View (p. 1):

” Is healing a process related to the nature of the cosmos? The authors in this section, a physician and two professors, argue that it is:

” We interact with the universe in ways that are profound. ”  – Larry Dossey.

” A person becomes whole physically, emotionally, mentally and at deeper levels, resulting ideally in an integration with the underlying inward powers of the universe “.  – Weber.

” To be whole is to be encompassed by the sense of the divine in the divine cosmos “. – Skolimowski.

Thus health and disease are placed in a cosmic setting. “

auteur: Kunz-van Gelder, D. (comp.)
ISBN: 0835607143

Prijs: € 16,95

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The Personal Aura (with 19 Full Color Illustrations)

By Dora van Gelder-Kunz (1904 – 1999).

195 Pages | A Quest Original, first edition 1991, second printing 1996 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606716.

This book, an original study of the human aura, includes 19 paintings that depict the emotional energies, which surround each person. The changes that occur from infancy to old age are illustrated by the auras of specific people. The pictures also show changes, that occur in the aura in illness. The author worked with Juanita Donahoo to produce the striking paintings in full color. The Personal Aura presents a fresh view of these subtle aspects of the human constitutionm which are hidden from most of us. It offers helpful suggestions for changing difficult emotional patterns.

From Chapter 8: ‘Healing and the Possiblities for Change and Growth’ (p. 166):

” The effects of healing upon the patient’s aura can be quite dramatic. First, the influx of emotional energy causes the aura to expand. When this happens, it starts up the process of eliminating some of the disturbances and blockages in the aura, and thus reduces anxiety. Anxiety produces frightening mental images. But if imagery is used together with the healing, there will be a simultaneous effect; the immune system will be strengthened through the influx of etheric energy, and as the frightening image dissipate, the aura will slowly regain its integration and recover its health. ” 

auteur: Kunz-van Gelder, D.
ISBN: 0835606716

Prijs: € 23,95

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The Chakras and the Human Energy Fields

By Shafica Karagulla, M.D (1914  – ca. 1986) and Dora van Gelder Kunz (1904 – 1999).

243 Pages | A Quest Original, first edition 1989 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835606417.


Shafica Karakulla, specialist in neuropsychiatry, and Dora van Gelder Kunz, gifted clairvoyant and healer, present experimental evidence that illness can be seen in the subtle energy fields of the body. Fascinating case studies of actual patients show that clairvoyant observation can diagnose disease and even reveal potential illness before it manifests in physical symptoms. The key to health and disease, the author shows, lies in the dynamic interaction between the body’s physical, emotional and mental fields and universal energy fields. Understanding this interaction can help us alter our energy patterns in the direction of better self-integration, health and wholeness.

From Chapter 17: ‘The Role of Consciousness – Towards the Future’:

” The chakras are centers of energy, which are constantly interacting with one another from hour to hour, and changes in the energy patterns occur as a continuing process. Healing therefore reflected in changes of rhythm and other basic alterations in these centers. Meditation and visualization, if done regularly and combined with changes in behavior, can produce modifications in the chakra patterns, and these are reflected in the person’s health and physical well-being. A genuine transformation can thus be observed. Whether the person knows about the role the chakras play as energy centers makes no difference whatsoever. “

auteur: Karagulla, S./Kunz-van Gelder, D.
ISBN: 9780835606417

Prijs: € 17,50

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