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4 juli 2018

Pyramids and Stonehenge

27 Pages | Soft cover | First published in 1893, 3rd edition 1958, reprinted 1970 | Henry Ling Limited, The Dorset Press, Dorchester, Dorset

Two lectures delivered before The Theosophical Society, London, in 1892-93 and now reprinted in 1958 in respose to repeated requests arising out of modern interest in the Pyramids, Stonehenge and also Atlantis. Their value is felt to lie in the text as originally given, and no attempt has therefore been made to revise them.

– Publisher’s note.


auteur: Sinnett, A.P.
ISBN: 722952503

Prijs: € 5,00

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Esoteric Buddhism

212 Pages | Adyar First Edition 2008 | Paperback | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar

This book was published in 1883 and probably constituted the earliest sketch of esoteric teachings given in plain language. ‘Karma’ and ‘Reincarnation’ and other such terms, almost unknown in the West, thereafter came to be used in literary and theological circles.

The author candidly acknowledges that it was the ‘favour’ (of the Adepts) rather than ‘effort’ on his part that helped the writing of the book. He received teachings of great Spiritual Teachers or Mahatmas through Helena P. Blavatsky (1831 – 1891). The book gives occult details concerning the Universe and its planets, going beyond the material world.

auteur: Sinnett, A.P.
ISBN: 9788170595434

Prijs: € 8,50

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The Occult World

181 pages | Paperback | Theosophical Publishing House, 1984

In September and October 1880, H.P. Blavatsky and Colonel Henry Olcott visited A. P. Sinnett and his wife Patience at Simla in northern India. The serious interest of Sinnett in the teachings and the work of the Theosophical Society prompted H. P. Blavatsky to establish a contact by correspondence between Sinnett and the two Adepts who were sponsoring the Society, Mahatmas Koot Hoomi and Morya.

From this correspondence Sinnett wrote The Occult World (1881) and Esoteric Buddhism (1883), both of which had an enormous influence in generating public interest in Theosophy. In The Occult World, Sinnett gave lengthy excerpts from his early correspondence with Mahatma KH. Sinnett also related in detail many of the occult phenomena Mme. Blavatsky performed when she was in Simla.

auteur: Sinnett, A.P.
ISBN: 0722900805

Prijs: € 7,50

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