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The Choicemaker – The Sacred Responsability Of Making Choices

By Elizabeth Boyden Howes and Sheila Moon.

221 Pages | First Quest Edition 1977, second Quest printing 1987 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835604926.

Each of the above participate in this stunningly sensitive exam-ination of man’s sacred responsibility to make choices. For man needs to constantly choose a course of action if he wishes to survive, declare the psychotherapist authors. Take your choice, they say, between ‘the sin of holy uselessness‘ and ‘the path of holy intercourse with all existence’.

It is vital to our well-being, they believe, crucial to the future of the entire world, that we do not abdicate this God-given privilege; that we recognise that man is by his very nature a choicemaker, and that this is the basis difference between him and ‘unthinking’ creatures. The authors support their unique thesis with documented dream evidence, fresh interpretations of Biblical stories, our human propensity for myth-making, and the basic conclusions found in Jungian depth-psychology.

From Chapter VI – Into the Mirror of the Waters (p. 79):

” The Self is perhaps the most significant archetype and/or complex in terms of man’s full development as individual. This is true, because it is both the totality of and the religious center of personality. And insofar as the individual ego is working for wholeness, for individuation, it is working in the service of the Self, which in turn relflects the larger transpersonal Purpose. Although we have already discussed the Self in previous chapters, here a new facet appears. The Self is an archetype and yet with a difference that makes it, so to speak, the most vital of the psychic ‘organs’, the heart that keeps the vital processes moving in a forward direction. It is not only the center of the total personality, but it magnetizes all the opposites into a pattern that evolves in each individual toward wholeness. “

auteur: Howes, E.B./Moon, S.
ISBN: 0835604926

Prijs: € 8,51

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Reincarnation for the Christian

By Quincy Howe Jr.

112 Pages | Copyright 1974 | Softcover | Quest Books U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606260.

As more and more people in the Western world become intrigued with the ‘magnificent possibility’ of reincarnation, the question is frequently asked if one can believe in this concept and remain a Christian. The answer according to the author, a Christian scholar, is: Absolutely!

To back up his claim, Dr. Howe Jr. cites Chapter and verse from the Holy Bible, that clearly indicates an understanding and acceptance of the rebirth theory. Howe includes an explanation of the reincarnational philosophy, the process of rebirth, and explains how a series of physical lifetimes can provide a greater opportunity for the growth of the personality and the Soul.

He examines the evolution of Christian thought over the centuries, pinpointing the historical episode during which the concept of reincarnation was outlawed by the Christian hierarchy. He follows with a superb overview of Christianity’s greatest systematic theologian, the heretic Origen, who strongly advocated the inclusion of reincarnation as a legitimate Christian concept.

From the Introduction (p. 15):

” Now as never before the Christian Church is being called upon to prove its flexibility and responsiveness to change. An institution whose traditions are sacred and whose doctrines are revealed truth is being besieged from all sides by new philosophies, both sacred and profane. Some of these are openly antagonistic to organized religion, whereas others have an ambivalent impact. While I certainly do not suggest that the survival of the Church depends on its willingness to accept reincarnation, I do believe that the issue provides a case study of the kind of modern heresy that the church is going to be forced to confront. Some of these modern heresies may have the potential to give the Church a much-needed infusion of vitality. Perhaps this will prove to be true of reincarnation. “

auteur: Howe, Q.
ISBN: 0835606260

Prijs: € 9,76

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The Heavens Declare – Astrological Ages and the Evolution of Consciousness

By Alice O. Howell.

281 Pages | Copyright 1990, second edition 2006 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835608350.

‘The implications are staggering! Why don’t more people know about these things!’ So wonders Alice O. Howell, one of the most profound astrologers of our time and an authority on C.G. Jung’s depth psychology. Her view of astrology as symbolic of archetypical processes provides a tool for the deep healing of the psyche. It also presents a bold synthesis of history, religions, mythology, and Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious. Supported by irrefutable archaeological evidence, Howell traces the evolution of consciousness through five of the great astronomical Ages of the past ten thousand years. She explains the logic of the signs first, so that we can then marvel at the synchronicities.

Her findings imply a resolution of the Piscean dichotomy of faith and reason, that has reigned for two millennia. (Consider the current movement to marry physics and spirituality). This leads her to speculate on humanity’s future tasks and traps. ‘As foretold, it’s not the world that’s ending‘, she laughs. ‘It’s just the Age. And here comes the next!’. Simply written as letters to a friend and analyst, The Heavens Declare offers warm advice as it inspires us to experience one flash of insight after another.

From Chapter 1 – ‘The Ring of Quiddity’ (p. 13):

” Each star
is a kiss
I would give you –
should others
wake to a starless night
you would be lying
in my arms
covered with light. “


auteur: Howell, A.O.
ISBN: 9780835608350

Prijs: € 18,95

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-Public Like a Frog – Entering the Lives of Three Great Americans

By Jean Houston.

294 Pages | A Quest Original 1993 |  Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606945.

Come to the Mystery School in this first of a three-book series drawn from Jean Houston’s acclaimed Seminars.

In this Soul-stirring exploration into three uniquely American lives, internationally known psychologist, philosopher, spiritual guide, and ‘master teacher’ Jean Houston weaves an evocative tapestry of biography, psyche, history, culture, and spirit. Through provocative storytelling, searching analysis, and deep experiental processes, the lives of Emily Dickinson, Thomas Jefferson and Helen Keller are mined for transpersonal and archetypal gold.

  • Celebrate the senses with Emily Dickinson; proclaim your own ‘Declaration of Interdependence’ with Thomas Jefferson; step across the frame into the imaginal world with Helen Keller.
  • Discover that the giants of our American past are archetypes with as much transformational power as any figures from mythology.
  • Experience the possible human and in so doing, maximize your own potential for creativity, leadership and sensitivity.

From Part I – ‘Emily Dickinson’ (p. 55):

” The Daisy follows soft the Sun – 

And when his golden walk is done – 

Sits shyly at his feet – 

He – waking – finds the flower there – 

Wherefore – Marauder – art thou there?

Because, Sir, love is sweet!

We are as the Flower – Thou the Sun!

Forgive us, if as days decline – 

We nearer steal to Thee!

Enamored of the parting West – 

The peace – the flight – the Amethyst – 

Night’s possibility! “

auteur: Houston, J.
ISBN: 0835606945

Prijs: € 16,20

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Manual for the Peacemaker – An Iroquois Legend to Heal Self and Society

177 pages | Gebonden/Hardcover | Quest Books, 1995

A thrilling retelling by master storyteller Jean Houston of the legendary exploits of the founder of the Iroquois Confederacy, known as the Peacemaker. Under his leadership they created a peaceful democracy among five tribes of Native peoples in the northeastern woodlands. This story has inspired American leaders from Benjamin Franklin to the present-day occupants of the White House, and is shown by Houston to be a potent guide to personal transformation and to the visioning of a peaceful world.

Jean draws from the experiential workshops she leads, with the help of Margaret (Peggy) Rubin, to guide readers through group or individual exercises that “bring the story home”.

auteur: Houston, J./Rubin, M.
ISBN: 0835607097
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Jean Houston is one of the pioneers in the exploration of human potentials and the study of human consciousness. She is the founder and principle teacher of The Mystery School, established in 1983, a year-long seminar program dedicated to developing full human potential. She is author of over fifteen books, including The Possible Human, Life Force:The Psycho-Historical Recovery of the Self, and A Mythic Life.


Prijs: € 24,50

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The Hero and the Goddess – The Odyssey as Pathway to Personal Transformation

488 pages, Notes, Bibliography, Index | Paperback | Quest Books, 2009

In this fresh approach to self-realization, human potentials leader Jean Houston provides empowering experiential exercises at every key stage of Homer’s epic to make The Odyssey our own journey. As we set sail with Odysseus, together we endure loss and suffering, the search for the divine Beloved, and the joy of finally arriving home.

auteur: Houston, J.
ISBN: 9780835608787
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Internationally acclaimed for her groundbreaking United Nations and UNICEF leadership training, and for her founding role in the Human Potentials Movement, bestselling author Dr. Jean Houston has guided thousands of people from across the globe on a transformative journey in search of their ‘essential selves’. Now, in her latest release, The Hero and the Goddess, Houston invites you to embark with her on her most important journey yet, a provocative exploration of antiquity’s greatest epic, Homer’s The Odyssey. The Hero and the Goddess reveals the timeless power of myth to liberate the psyche. In this engaging journey with the Odyssey’s immortal archetypes the reader truly becomes the hero of old and the goddess divine. With provocative exercises accompanying each chapter, Houston brings Odysseus’s mythic quest to life. Tailored for the individual as well as for group study, The Hero and the Goddess connects the seeker to the ageless wisdom embodied in archetypal figures, those venerable beings dwelling in us all. By becoming the cunning warrior, the goddess protector, a faithful mother, and endearing son, we meet with the honest reflections of our deepest yearnings and betrayals, our subconscious feelings of loss and grief. Awaiting the champion who stays true is that of the newly ‘awakened self’. And although the mythic journey begins in you, these great archetypes most reveal the transcendent revelation of ‘oneness’, the impetus for a higher global consciousness. This transformative journey brings resurrection and healing to those who dare to embark on the path of The Hero and the Goddess. Set sail and be discovered as the Athena and Odysseus within, welcomed home to join again the “Divine Beloved of the Soul”.


Prijs: € 20,95

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The Secret of Life and Death (1989 Edition)

By Ianthe H. Hoskins (1912 – 2001).

26 Pages | Adyar Pamphlet New Series, No. 3  Dec. 1989 |  Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170594081.

Based on a Lecture at the International Convention of The Theosophical Society, Adyar, December 1989.

The Theosophical Society, founded in 1875, is a worldwide body whose primary object is Universal Brotherhood based on the realization that life, in all its diverse forms, human and non-human, is indivisbly One. The Society imposes no belief on its Members, who are united by a common search for truth and the desire to learn the meaning and purpose of existence by engaging themselves in study, reflection, purity of life and loving service.

Theosophy is the Wisdom underlying all religions when they are stripped of accretions and superstitions. It offers a philosophy, which renders life intelligible and demonstrates that justice and love guide the cosmos. Its teachings aid the unfoldment of the latent spiritual nature in the human being, without dependence or fear.

From Page 11:

” In these concluding verses from Emily Brontë’s Last Lines, the ‘Thou’ addressed by the dying poetess is no remote Creator in the skies, but that ‘God, within my breast, ‘Almighty ever-present Deity’, the One All:

Though earth and man were gone,

And suns and universe ceased to be,

And Thou wert left alone,

Every existence would exist in Thee.

There is no room for Death,

Nor atom that his might could render void:

THOU – THOU art Being and Breath,

And what THOU are can never be destroyed. “

auteur: Hoskins, I.H.
ISBN: 8170594081

Prijs: € 1,50

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The Secret of Life and Death (1997 Edition)

By Ianthe H. Hoskins (1912 – 2001).

19 Pages | Adyar Pamphlet New Series, No. 3  Dec. 1989. This is the 1997 edition. |  Softcover | The Theosophical House, London | No ISBN.

Based on a Lecture at the International Convention of The Theosophical Society, Adyar, December 1989.

The Theosophical Society, founded in 1875, is a worldwide body whose primary object is Universal Brotherhood based on the realization that life, in all its diverse forms, human and non-human, is indivisbly One. The Society imposes no belief on its Members, who are united by a common search for truth and the desire to learn the meaning and purpose of existence by engaging themselves in study, reflection, purity of life and loving service.

Theosophy is the Wisdom underlying all religions when they are stripped of accretions and superstitions. It offers a philosophy, which renders life intelligible and demonstrates that justice and love guide the cosmos. Its teachings aid the unfoldment of the latent spiritual nature in the human being, without dependence or fear.

From Page 10:

” In these concluding verses from Emily Brontë’s Last Lines, the ‘Thou’ addressed by the dying poetess is no remote Creator in the skies, but that ‘God, within my breast, ‘Almighty ever-present Deity’, the One All:

Though earth and man were gone,

And suns and universe ceased to be,

And Thou wert left alone,

Every existence would exist in Thee.

There is no room for Death,

Nor atom that his might could render void:

THOU – THOU art Being and Breath,

And what THOU are can never be destroyed. “

auteur: Hiskins, I.H.

Prijs: € 2,72

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Reflections on Time, Duration and Immortality

By Ianthe H. Hoskins (1912-2001).

37 Pages | Printed July 2000 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, London | No ISBN.

Ianthe Hoskins joined The Theosophical Society in 1936, and later served for two periods (1972-1978 and 1989-1992) as General Secretary of the English Section. As an international lecturer she has travelled widely, lecturing in English, French, Spanish and German, and conducting study courses at the International Headquarters at Adyar and in several Sections around the world. For a number of years she has been a member of the General Council (the governing body of the Society). Outside the Society, she is well known in the Yoga movement, speaking particularly on Vedanta.

From page 25:

” If the divine birth is to shine with reality and purity, it must come flooding up and out of man from God within him, while all man’s own efforts are suspended and all the soul’s agents are at God’s disposal. “



auteur: Hoskins, I.H.

Prijs: € 4,50

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Grondslagen van Esoterische Filosofie – Uit de Geschriften van H.P. Blavatsky

Door Helena Petrovna Blavatksy (1831 – 1891), met een voorwoord door Ianthe Helen Hoskins (1912 – 2001).

80 Pagina’s | Uitgegeven in 1992, gebaseerd op de Engelse 1988 editie | Softcover, incl. woordenlijst en literatuurlijst | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN: 9789061750673.

Engels origineel: Foundations of Esoteric Philosophy | First Adyar Edition, fifth reprint 2012 | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170592211.

Zoals het zand, dat op zichzelf vormloos is, door de wind wordt beroerd en als gevolg daarvan een oneindige rijkdom aan patronen te zien geeft, zo zijn alle dingen voortgekomen uit een samenspel van stof en geest is voortgekomen uit het Ene.

De esoterische filosofie legt er de nadruk op dat achter de veelvuldige wereld van onze ervaring een enkele Realiteit ligt, die de bron en oorzaak is van alles wat ooit was, is en zal zijn. Aangezien alle dingen zijn voortgekomen uit het Ene Allerhoogste, zijn ze zelf, in hun ware aard, dat Allerhoogste. De oneindige verschijnselen van het gemanifesteerde universum, van het hoogste tot het laagste, van het omvangrijkste tot het nietigste, zijn het Ene, gehuld in naam en vorm.

In dit zevende deel van de Adyar-reeks zijn enkele sleutelpassages samengebracht uit het zeer omvangrijke oeuvre van Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, de grondlegster van de Theosofische beweging en auteur van Theosofische bronteksten, zoals Isis Ontsluierd (1877) en De Geheime Leer (1888). De lezer kan zo in kort bestek kennis nemen van deze diepzinnige esoterische filosofie.

Afkomstig uit ‘Drie Grondstellingen’ (blz. 26):

” De ENE WERKELIJKHEID; haar tweevoudige aspecten in het voorwaardelijke Heelal. Verder stelt De Geheime Leer: (B) De eeuwigheid van het Heelal ‘in toto’ als een grenzeloos gebied, periodiek ‘het toneel van talloze Heelallen die zich onophoudelijk manifesteren en verdwijnen en die de zich manifesterende sterren en de vonken van de eeuwigheid worden genoemd. De eeuwigheid van de pelgrim is als een oogwenk van het Zelf-bestaan (Boek van Dzyan). Het verschijnen en verdwijnen van werelden is als een regelmatig getij van eb en vloed. “

auteur: Hoskins, I.H.
ISBN: 9789061750673
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Zoals het zand, dat op zichzelf vormloos is, door de wind wordt beroerd en als gevolg daarvan een oneindige rijkdom aan patronen te zien geeft, zo zijn alle dingen voortgekomen uit een samenspel van stof en geest. Dit tweevoud van stof en geest is voortgekomen uit het Ene.

‘De esoterische filosofie legt er de nadruk op dat achter de veelvuldige wereld van onze ervaring één enkele Realiteit ligt, die de bron en oorzaak is van alles wat ooit was, is en zal zijn. Aangezien alle dingen zijn voortgekomen uit het Ene Allerhoogste, zijn ze zelf, in hun ware aard, dat Allerhoogste. De oneindige verschijnselen van het gemanifesteerde universum, van het hoogste tot het laagste, van het omvangrijkste tot het nietigste, zijn het Ene, gehuld in naam en vorm.’

Miss Ianthe Hoskins was onder meer algemeen-secretaris van de Engelse Afdeling van de Theosophical Society (Adyar). Zij heeft in vele landen seminars over diverse theosofische onderwerpen geleid.


Prijs: € 5,65

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The Flower of Yoga – Introductory Notes for the Study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

By Ianthe H. Hoskins (1912 – 2001).

60 Pages | First edition 1994, second reprint 2004 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170592399.

Ianthe H. Hoskins was a teacher by profession, who also had several years of experience in teacher-training. Her work for the Theosophical Society has been varied, including administration of the English Section of the Society, writing lecture around the world and talks to those interested in the philosophy of Yoga and Vedanta.

From the Foreword:

” These notes offer an introduction to the theoretical and practical study of yoga. Among the explanatory statements given here, of especial importance are the words ‘self-applied in an individual case’. In modern parlance, yoga is a ‘do-it-yourself’ science. Unless this is understood from the beginning, it is useless to embark on the study. Hidden treasure, says the Viveka-chudamani, does not come out at the mere mention of the word ‘out’: there must be reliable information, digging and the removal of stones. Similarly, the treasure of the Divine Indwelling – the goal of yoga – is not attained without the instruction of Wise Teachers, feminine or masculine, accompanied by the discplines of the yogic life.

The notes are intended to be used in conjunction with one – or preferably more than one – translation of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Some recommended versions are given at the end, together with a short reading list. 

I.H.H. “


auteur: Hoskins, I.H.
ISBN: 8170592399

Prijs: € 4,50

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Foundations of Esoteric Philosophy – From the Writings of H.P. Blavatsky

By Helena Petrovna Blavatksy (1831 – 1891) with a foreword and notes by Ianthe H. Hoskins (1912 – 2001).

84 Pages | First Adyar Edition, Fifth reprint 2012 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar. | ISBN: 9788170592211.

Dutch translation: Grondslagen van de Esoterische Filosofie – Uit de Geschriften van H.P. Blavatsky | Uitgegeven in 1992 | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN: 9789061750673.

Some of the most important statements from the voluminous writings of Madame Blavatsky have been extracted and put together in this little book. It is a valuable introduction to the main teachings of the Ancient Wisdom, which Blavatsky said was the common spiritual heritage of humanity. Each passage is briefly introduced by Miss Hoskins, who has added short glossary of terms as an appendix.

For the inquirer, who wishes to learn the fundamental principles underlying the universal Wisdom tradition, this compilation is a stepping stone, but for more ardent students there is material for deep reflection and meditation.

From Chapter ‘Isis Unveiled: A Ten-point Summary’ (p. 72 & 73):

” To sum up all in a few words, MAGIC is spiritual WISDOM; Nature, the material ally, pupil and servant of the magician. One common vital principle pervades all things, and this is controllable by the perfected human will. The Adept can stimulate the movements of the natural forces in plants and animals in a preternatural degree. Such experiments are not obstructions of Nature, but quickenings; the conditions of intenser vital action are given.

The Adept can control the sensations and alter the conditions of the physical and astral bodies of other persons not Adepts; he/she can also govern and employ as he/she chooses the spirits of the elements. He/She cannot control the immortal spirit of any human being, living or dead, for all such spirits are alike sparks of the Divine Essence and not subject to any foreign domination. “



auteur: Hoskins, I.H.
ISBN: 9788170592211

Prijs: € 6,50

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The Application of Yoga to Daily Life (Adyar Mini)

By Ianthe H. Hoskins.

28 Pages | First edition 1969, 3rd reprint 2002 , Adyar Mini| Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170592003.

From the Foreword:

” To study yoga without attempting to translate it into practice is like studying the technique of car driving without ever taking the car from the garage. Yoga is a practical science, and its value to the student can be appreciated only when the theoretical study is translated into experience. The questions and notes which follow may provide a starting-point for those, who feel the need of some simple and precise suggestions in applying what they have studied to everyday life. “

The notes in this Adyar Mini Booklet are intended as an introduction to the deeper study of the Yoga Sutra-s of Patañjali available in various translations. For further reading, The Still Mind by Roy Agard and Rāja Yoga – A Practical Course by Wallace Slater, are recommended.


auteur: Hoskins, I.H.
ISBN: 8170592003

Prijs: € 1,50

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The Royal Road – A Manual of Kabalistic Meditations on the Tarot

By Stephan A. Hoeller

119 Pages | First edition 1975, third printing 1988 | Softcover | Quest Books, USA | ISBN: 0835604659.

Integrating the two diciplines to heighten the experience of meditation.

Those, who are into Tarot and those, who are interested or involved in meditation will be attracted by this new book by the director of the Sophia Gnostic Center of Los Angeles. Designed to lead the reader easily into a meditative state, it includes 22 illustrations of the Major Arcana each juxtaposed with an appropriate meditation.

As the reader relates the cards to the paths that lead upward on the Kabalistic Tree of Life, heightened spiritual consiousness can result. The author has addressed The Royal Road to the general reader interested in the values in both the Tarot deck and in the Kabalistic interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures.

From Chapter 2: ‘Tarot and Kabalah (p.13):

” Can the Tarot predict the future? Perhaps! The true answer, however can not be given so simply. If we recognize that, even though unconsciously, we are constantly shaping our future, it then follows that by establishing a magical contact with our unconscious we can learn much about our future and, what is more, we can influence and alter our future, thereby becoming, at least to a degree, masters of our own destiny. Time is a continuum, not a division, and its mysteries are often pierced when we recognize the proper significance of material clues to spiritual processes. Tarot divination is merely one particular application of these principles to the concerns of daily living. “

auteur: Hoeller, S.A.
ISBN: 0835604659

Prijs: € 8,51

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The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead

239 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2002

“Gnosticism like mysticism pursues the inner way; its authority is not external but internal–a living personal experience–but without denying the outer world. Under the guise of Basilides, a second-century AD Gnostic sage, Jung wrote in 1916 the Seven Sermons to the Dead after he had received intense psychic experiences..The author [Stephan Hoeller]…has made his own translation of the sermons and sets forth a lengthy explanation and far-ranging commentary on Jung, Gnosticism, and the present condition of the Western individual.”—Choice Review

auteur: Hoeller, S.A.
ISBN: 083560568X
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Stephan Hoeller was born in Hungary, and graduated from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, before moving to the United States. He is associate professor of comparative religions at the College of Oriental Studies in Los Angeles and the Director of Studies of the Gnostic Society of Los Angeles, where he lives.


Prijs: € 17,95

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Jung and the Lost Gospels – Insights into The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library

By Stephan A. Hoeller.

268 Pages | A Quest Original 1989, 6th printing 2004 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606465.

Within a matrix of modern depth psychology, Stephan A. Hoeller shows similarities between secret traditions of the Essenes and early Gnostic mysticism.

Gospels discovered in the 1940s reveal a pre-Christian Judaism of Gnostic character. The Dead Sea Scrolls essentially are mystical documents. It appears the Scrolls’ Essene authors of 130 B.C. – 70 A.D. like the Nag Hammadi Gnostic authors of the Apostolic Age, experienced visions of an esoteric nature, and the Scrolls possess an inner, hidden meaning. The Nag Hammadi Library, discovered by two peasants, who unearthed clay jars in 1945 in upper Egypt, did not appear in English for 32 years, because they were knotted in wranglings among scholars, politicians, and antique dealers. The Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in clay jars in Palestine by a goatherder in 1947, weathered similar storms. The first team of analysts were most Christian clergy, since the material frightened church leaders. As Dr. Hoeller shows in Jung and the Lost Gospels, they rightly feared the documents would reveal information to detract from unique claims of Christianity. Indeed, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Library both contradict and complement accepted Old and New Testaments.

From Chapter 6 – ‘Errant Wisdom – The Myth of Sophia’ (p. 112):

” Sophia is the World Spirit, or the collective archetype of the entirety of cosmic and individual life, growth and development. As such, she is most closely associated with the nature and faith of humanity: the initial differentation and subsequent individuation of the soul and its Union with spirit. “



auteur: Hoeller, S.A.
ISBN: 0835606465

Prijs: € 15,95

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Gnosticism – New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing

257 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2002

We don’t have to look to the East for spiritual inspiration; there’s an ancient and authentic mystical tradition right here at home.

Gnosticism developed alongside Judeo-Christianity over two thousand years ago, but with an important difference: It emphasizes, not faith, but direct perception of God–Gnosticism being derived from the Greek word gnosis, meaning “knowledge.” Given the controversial premise that one can know God directly, the history of Gnosticism is an unfolding drama of passion, political intrigue, martyrdom, and mystery. Dr. Hoeller traces this fascinating story throughout time and shows how Gnosticism has inspired such great thinkers as Voltaire, Blake, Yeats, Hesse, Melville, and Jung.

auteur: Hoeller, S.A.
ISBN: 0835608166
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Dr. Stephan Hoeller is a world authority on the subject who knows its practice from the inside. His comprehensive introduction refutes the common notion that Gnosticism as a coherent set of beliefs does not exist. To the contrary, Hoeller reveals that Gnosticism is the indigenous mystical tradition of the West. Beyond history, he also makes us aware that Gnosticism is still much alive today worldwide with an important message for the twenty-first century. Stephan Hoeller was born in Hungary, and graduated from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, before moving to the United States. He is associate professor of comparative religions at the College of Oriental Studies in Los Angeles and the Director of Studies of the Gnostic Society of Los Angeles, where he lives.


Prijs: € 17,50

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Freedom: Alchemy for a Voluntary Society

245 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 1992

Dr. Stephan Hoeller examines the philosophic basis for freedom as expressed in the writings of the Gnostics and Carl Jung. He relates this philosophy to that of America’s founders and to such recent events as the collapse of Communist regimes throughout the world.

“At a time when most of us continue to look to political or economic reforms for the betterment of society, Stephan Hoeller offers a deeper analysis of our problems.”– Butler Shaffer, Professor, Southwestern University School of Law, and author of Calculated Chaos.

auteur: Hoeller, S.A.
ISBN: 0835606783
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Stephan Hoeller was born in Hungary, and graduated from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, before moving to the United States. He is associate professor of comparative religions at the College of Oriental Studies in Los Angeles and the Director of Studies of the Gnostic Society of Los Angeles, where he lives.


Prijs: € 12,50

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The Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible – Volume III

By Geoffrey Hodson (1886 – 1983).

345 Pages | First edition 1971, reprinted in 1992 | Hardcover | Thr Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170591732.

Volume III – The golden grain of Wisdom in the Book of Genesis. (Genesis chapters twenty-five to fifty).

In this Third Volume, Geoffrey Hodson offers the fruits of his attempts to delve into the Books of the Old Testament in search of truths, that he believes to be timeless and which, if applied, could profoundly affect those living in this present war-threatened, and actually war-torn, age in which (wo)man possesses the power of self-examination.

From ‘The Hidden Wisdom and why It is concealed’ (p. ix):

” The greatest degree of power, which occult science can bestow is to be derived from knowledge of the unity and interaction between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, the Universe and Man. ‘The mystery of the earthly and mortal man is after the mystery of the supernal and immortal One’, wrote Éliphas Lévi (1810 – 1875), Lao Tzu (6th century BC) also expresses this truth in his words: ‘The Universe is a man on a larger scale’. “

The late Geoffrey Hodson is the author of The Brotherhood of Angels and Men and Clairvoyant Investigations.



auteur: Hodson, G.
ISBN: 8170591732

Prijs: € 9,00

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The Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible – Volume II

By Geoffrey Hodson (1886 – 1983).

301 Pages | First edition 1967, 2nd & revised edition 1972, reprinted in 1986, first Quest edition 1994 | Paperback | Quest Books, USA | ISBN: 0835607054.

The Holy Bible belongs to a special category of literature. Mystics, Kabbalists, and students of sacred texts regard the Scriptures as allegorical, constructed of symbols, analogies, and parables, woven into a tapestry of meaning that holds the age-old truths of existence.

In this insightful interpretation of the Holy Bible, the profound spiritual and power-bestowing secrets of the sacred language of these allegories are liberated in the revelation of Divine Truth. Volume II of this abridgement of Hodson’s classic work of Exegesis includes his unique esoteric interpretations of the hidden meanings behind such Old Testament stories such as:

  • The Creation
  • The Flood and the Tower
  • The Life of Joseph as a Mystery Drama
  • Moses and the Exodus

The late Geoffrey Hodson is the author of The Brotherhood of Angels and Men and Clairvoyant Investigations.

auteur: Hodson, G.
ISBN: 0835607054

Prijs: € 10,00

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The Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible – Volume I

By Geoffrey Hodson (1886 – 1983).
292 Pages | First edition 1963, revised & enlarged second edition 1970, reprint 1991. Its abridgement was published in 1993 | Hardcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170591724.
An examination of the idea that the contents of the Bible are partially allegorical. Volume I: an introduction to the sacred language of allegory and symbol.
This first Volume is largely devoted to a consideration of the Sacred Language itself and the presentation of certain classical keys of interpretation, with some of the results of their application to the Scriptural stories, including especially the life of Christ,

From ‘The Hidden Wisdom and why It is concealed’ (p. vii):

” The greatest degree of power, which occult science can bestow is to be derived from knowledge of the unity and interaction between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, the Universe and Man. ‘The mystery of the earthly and mortal man is after the mystery of the supernal and immortal One’, wrote Éliphas Lévi (1810 – 1875), Lao Tzu (6th century BC) also expresses this truth in his words: ‘The Universe is a man on a larger scale’. “

The late Geoffrey Hodson is the author of The Brotherhood of Angels and Men and Clairvoyant Investigations.


auteur: Hodson, G.
ISBN: 8170591724

Prijs: € 900,00

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Verborgen Krachten in de Natuur en in de Mens

By Geoffrey Hodson (1886 – 1983).

189 Pagina’s | Uitgegeven in 1970; dit boek maakt onderdeel uit van de bundel Lotusreeks II | Softcover | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN: 9789061750314.

Nederlandse vertaling van: Occult Powers in Nature and in Man (1988) | The Theosophical Publishing House, London.

In zes prachtige voordrachten heeft Geoffrey Hodson het gehele overzicht tezamen gebracht van het scheppingsproces, in al zijn grootheid, zoals dat in het algemeen wordt opgevat door bestudeerders van De Geheime Leer. De schrijver vertelt ons, dat hij zich in gedachten drie dingen ten doel gesteld heeft:

  1. Aan de lezers enig begrip te geven van de scheppende Godheid zelf.
  2. Enig begrip van de ontwikkeling van zonnestelsels
  3. Een diepere kennis van de plaats van de mens in de schepping, in het Grote Werk.

Afkomstig uit Deel 2, Hoofstuk 4: ‘De invloed en het werk van de Wereld-moeder (p. 182, 187 & 187):

” Indien ik hier even een persoonlijke toon aan mag slaan, dan herinner ik mij zeer goed, hoe ik vele jaren geleden me voor het eerst bewust werd van het werkelijk bestaan van de Wereld-moeder. Ik denk, dat ik hoe vaag ook, het voorrecht had Haar te zien, niet alleen als een ideaal of zelfs als een in een reeks van Personificaties van het Moeder-aanzicht van de Godheid, maar ook als een wonderbaar levend Wezen, het schitterend Juweel in de Hierarchie van de Adepten der aarde, de Wereld-moeder van deze periode, de Sterre der Zee, zoals zij dikwijls wordt genoemd. “


” In de naam van Hem, dien ik lang geleden gedragen heb, kom ik u te hulp. – Ik heb elke vrouw opgenomen in mijn hart, om een deel van haar daar te houden, zodat ik daardoor haar kan helpen in het uur van haar grootste nood. Hef de vrouwen van uw ras op, tot zij alle gezien worden als koninginnen en laat voor zulk vorstinnen elke man zijn als een koning, opdat de een de ander zal leren door het zien van elkanders koningschap. Laat elke woning, hoe klein ook, worden tot een hof, elke zoon een ridder, elk kind een page. Laat ieder de ander ridderlijk behandelen, in elk hun vorstelijke afkomst eren, hun koninklijke geboorte; want er is koninklijk bloed in ieder mens; het zijn allen kinderen des Konings.”

auteur: Hodson, G.
ISBN: 9789061750314
Additional DescriptionMore Details

De stof voor deze voordrachten wordt in twee gedeelten gegeven. In het eerste hoofdstuk is in een allesomvattende visie, een algemene beschouwing gegeven over het geheel, dat in de volgende vijf hoofdstukken in onderdelen uitgewerkt wordt. Met buitengewone helderheid wordt een theosofische voorstelling opgebouwd van de zich ontwikkelende Kosmos, de emanatie van zonnestelsels uit hun goddelijke oorsprong. De schrijver verklaart de evolutie van het zich ontplooiende goddelijke Plan, beginnende met de prekosmische toestand, waarop gezinspeeld wordt als: “de duisternis zweefde over de wateren.” De overige hoofdstukken geven een synthese van theosofische denkbeelden over de aard van de mens en zijn betrekking tot zijn herkomst. Degenen, die bekend zijn met Mr. Hodson’s vroegere geschriften, zullen in dit kleine werkje de verstandelijke en metafysische helderheid terugvinden, welke het resultaat is van jaren van grondige studie van deze soort diepzinnige onderwerpen, die hier behandeld worden. Het boek is een nuttige en waardevolle aanvulling van de theosofische litteratuur, die het geordende plan van de goddelijke gedachte weergeeft, dat binnen het bereik van de mensheid is gebracht door de grote Adepten, de Oudere Broeders der Mensheid, doormiddel van Hun boodschapper – H.P. Blavatsky. Dit boek is het resultaat van een serie lezingen die Geoffrey Hodson gehouden heeft gedurende de gedenkwaardige “Summer School” van 1953 in “Olcott”, het hoofdkwartier van de Theosofische Vereniging in Amerika.


Prijs: € 4,25

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The Pathway to Perfection – A Treatise on the Path of Swift Unfoldment

By Geoffrey Hodson (1886 – 1983).

70 Pages | First edition, fourth reprint 2005 | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170590213.

This book is a successor to my former work, Meditations on the Occult Life. Both were written in the meditative state, which can follow the practice of contemplation. This work aims to provide some understanding of the whole process of man’s evolution to a state of perfection. The reader glimpses the opportunities, difficulties, pitfalls and ups and downs of the entire journey fr0m Man t0 Superman.

From Chapter –  ‘The Laws of the Spiritual Life’:

” I AM Divine, Eternal and Immortal. I affirm and realise my divinity, my immortality and my eternity. 

Divine is the SELF, I AM the Divine SELF, that SELF AM I.

Immortal is the SELF. I AM the Immortal SELF, that SELF AM I.

Eternal is the SELF. I AM the Eternal SELF, that SELF AM I.

The SELF is in ME is One with the SELF in ALL, 

I AM that SELF, that SELF AM I. “

” Such phrases as these, mentally affirmed with increasing depth and fullness of realisation, serve to exalt the consciousness. Oft-repeated, continually affirmed with concentrated thought and will, they will most surely take man across the Bridge of the Immortals, which is no outer bridge, but shines within him or herself . . . “

auteur: Hodson, G.
ISBN: 8170590213

Prijs: € 8,50

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The Seven Human Temperaments

By George Hodson (1886 – 1983).

88 Pages | Second edition, 1st reprint 2011 | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170590523.

In the Occult Tradition, the number seven occurs frequently. The Seven Rays refer to the seven different human temperaments. Geoffrey Hodson describes the characteristics of people in each of these rays, their strengths and weaknesses, ideals and methods. He also points out that most people show forth in daily life the characteristics of the Seven Rays. Ultimately, we must develop the qualities of all the Rays, although the unique characteristics of one of them will predominate.

Included is an enfolded A2-diagram mapping out the Seven Rays and their characteristics.

auteur: Hodson, G.
ISBN: 8170590523

Prijs: € 6,50

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The Miracle of Birth – A Clairvoyant Study of Prenatal Life

By Geoffrey Hodson (1886 – 1983).

65 Pages | First Adyar Edition | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN:

‘ Parenthood is indeed a sacrament and not lightly to be profaned. ‘

Science is increasingly realizing that the foundations for good health are laid from the moment of conception itself. The two aspect of life as it unfolds – consciousness and matter – must be rightly balanced. A sagacious and reverent approach to parenthoof enables children to enjoy a healthy physical, emotional and mental life.

Hodson, gifted clairvoyant, goes beyond the physical development of the child in the womb to describe the subtler aspects of emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

auteur: Hodson, G.
ISBN: 817059491X

Prijs: € 5,50

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The Kingdom of the Gods

By Geoffrey Hodson (1886 – 1983).

273 Pages | First edition, 14th reprint 2014, incl. illustrations | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170592921.

In this most unusual book Geoffrey Hodson, one of the greatest occultists of our times, gives a fascinating account of evolution as it relates to a kingdom of nature parallel to man, namely the kingdom of the angelic hosts, known in the East as the kingdom of the Deva-s or ‘the Shining Ones’.

Every religion has its Angels and Archangels. Legends, myths and folklore of every country throughout the world and in all ages speak of Angels and Nature-Spirits, Spirits of the mountains, clouds and rivers, and of mischievous imps, which delight in playing pranks on human beings. Yet very little specific information is available about them or their functions and activities.

The graphic descriptions of the various Deva-s: of water, of fire, of mountains and seas, of trees and plants, of music, of individual nations      together with colourful illustrations of their forms as seen by clairvoyant vision, lead one unconsciously into a wonderful experience of the ‘Comradeship of the Angels’.

From page 243:

” The planetary World Mother is conceived in certain Schools of occult philosophy as a highly-evolved Archangel Representative and Embodiment on earth of the Feminine Aspect of Deity. She is also thought of as an Adept Official in the Inner Government of the World, in whom all the highest qualities of womanhood and motherhood shine forth in their fullest perfection. Since She is beyond all limitation or form, no picture can truly represent Her. “


auteur: Hodson, G.
ISBN: 9788170592921
Additional DescriptionMore Details

The Kingdom of the Gods is based on knowledge revealed in occult books like The Secret Doctrine of H.P. Blavatsky and Clairvoyant investigations by occultists like Annie Besant, C.W. Leadbeater and the author himself. As to the proof of existence of these invisible beings the author points out that, while there can be no demonstrable proof of the fruits of mystical experience, test by personal research is possible and he says, ‘That test I have attempted to apply, and this book is in part a record of my own findings’.


Prijs: € 24,00

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Fairies at Work and Play

Observed by Geoffrey Hodson (1886 – 1983).

126 Pages | First Quest Edition 1982, fourth printing 2010 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835605533.

‘Encounter the delightfully diminutive inhabitants of the Fairie Kingdom’.

There is another order of evolution running parallel to and blending with our own. Clairvoyant Geoffrey Hodson captures the vast variety of etheric forms working with nature, stimulating growth, bringing color to the flowers, brooding over nature’s beauty, dancing in the wind and sunlight. Meet the magical miniature world of green transparent sea spirits; the entrancingly beautiful undine; the laughing, delicate golden fairie; the slim, graceful, flowingly robed nature devas; and the ancient hard-working brownies. Learn to perceive and partake in the work of the dynamic, unseen forces and forms, which surround us and propel us toward our own human evolutionary potentials.

From Chapter V – ‘Fairies’ (p. 74):

In the Garden. October 17th, 1921.

” She is decidedly fair in colouring, full of laughter and happiness, very open and fearless in expression, and is surrounded by an aura of golden radiance, in which the outline of her wings can be traced. There is also a hint of mockery in her attitude and expression, as of one who is enjoying a joke against the poor mortals who are studying her. Suddenly, her manner changes and she becomes serious. Stretching out her arms to their full length, she performs an act of concentration, which has the effect of reducing the size of her aura and of turning its energies inwards upon herself. Having maintained this condition for about fifteen seconds, she releases the whole of the concentrated energy, which pours forth in all directions in streams of golden force, and appears to affect every single stem and flower within its reach. “

auteur: Hodson, G.
ISBN: 9780835605533

Prijs: € 12,95

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De Zeven Mensentypen

Geoffrey Hodson (1886 – 1983).

95 Pagina’s | Uitgegeven in 1978; dit boek maakt deel uit van Lotusreeks I | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN: 9789061750482.

Engels origineel: The Seven Human Temperaments | Uitgegeven in 1973, reprint 2006 (Kessinger Publishing, LLC.) | The Theosophical Publishing House | ISBN: 9781428648203.

‘Het leven gelijkt enigermate op een geweven tapijt: aan de onderzijde ziet men een wirwar van kleuren, knopen en draden; een patroon kan men echter niet ontdekken. Zodra de bovenzijde wordt bekeken ziet men de bedoeling van het weefsel en, hòe alles – juist in die volgorde – werd gerangschikt’, aldus Hodson. Het menselijk verstand, dat begrensd is, kan de ‘waarheid’ niet geheel bevatten, want deze is onbegrensd. Maar het begripsvermogen van de mens kan worden getraind en vergroot, wanneer het leven vanuit verschillende invalshoeken wordt waargenomen. Zo kan iemand een berg waarnemen, iedere keer vanuit een ander gezichtspunt. Ook al blijft de berg hetzelfde; de aanblik is iedere keer weer anders en zo kan de berg steeds beter worden begrepen. Zo werkt het precies met het leren kennen van ‘waarheid’.

Afkomstig uit Hoofdstuk IV – ‘De Derde Straal’ (blz. 44):

” De derde Straal is een openbaring van het derde aanzicht van de heilige Drievuldigheid, de heilige Geest, de Vernieuwer en Hervormer. De karakterhoedanigheden zijn bevattingsvermogen – speciaal van grondbeginselen – een begrip, een diep indringend en verklarend denkvermogen, aanpassingsvermogen, tact, waardigheid, welk besef zich heel sterk uit, en erkenning van de macht en de waarde van stilte. Bekwaamheid tot scheppend beelden is een van de karakteristieke vermogens. Het type mens is de filosoof, de organisator, de diplomaat, de strateeg, de tacticus, de geleerde, de econoom, de bankier, de schaakspeler, de rechter, de mens die zich uit in zinnebeelden. “

auteur: Hodson, G.
ISBN: 9789061750482
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Het menselijk verstand, dat begrensd is, kan de Waarheid niet ten volle bevatten, die ònbegrensd is. Het begripsvermogen van de mens neemt toe, indien men de aspecten van het leven vanuit verschillende gezichtshoeken gaat aanschouwen. Vergelijk de benadering b.v. van een berg vanuit verschillende standpunten: de berg blijft ongewijzigd, echter de (Uw) aanblik is steeds anders. Ten slotte leert U die berg kennen en zo is het ook met het zoeken naar Waarheid.


Prijs: € 4,25

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Mother of the Universe – Visions of the Goddess, Tantric Hymns of Enlightenment

By Lex Hixon (1941 – 1995).

223 Pages | A Quest Original 1994 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 083560702X.

‘MA! MA! MA’! The Wise Woman Way – so exquisitely brought to life by Lex Hixon in these verses – has been spinning and spiraling since time out of mind, yet its message is as fresh, vital, and empowering as ever. She calls in these poems. She who is matter, mater, mother, Mary. She calls. She calls you. Listen! You may save your life or the earth.

Mother of the Universe presents, through the vivid mode of Goddess worship, the Mother Wisdom which is always unitive, never divisive. These pages do not introduce some philosophical or literary alternative but unveil the living force, which exists at the very heart of awareness as the upward flowing power of liberation and illumination called Mother Kundalini. These poems are existential inquiry. They are Goddess energy.

What is presented in this book are the visionary Hymns of Ramprasad Sen from eighteenth-century Bengal. The author has not worked from the original Bengali tekst. Selected from English translations by Jadunath Sinha of the two hundred fifty extant songs of Ramprasad, these one hundred twenty-six expanded versions have gradually unfolded over the last twelve years, The Bengali verses are shorthand, as lyrics always are. The contemplative versions represent an articulated literary form, designed not to be sung but recited aloud, thereby retaining a sense of the oral tradition, which these poems represent. Rather than using scholarly footnotes, the expanded poems themselves contain commentary on the esoteric Mother Wisdom of India, and more particularly, on the tantric tradition of Bengal, which has its roots in both Buddhism and Hinduism.

From Page 43:

Even the deepest darkness of this world is simply her Light!:

Will the blessed day ever dawn, O Goddess,

when fiery tears stream from these eyes

upon uttering your exalted name?

Will subtle obscurations of the mind dissolve,

as this body dances and tumbles on the ground

in the boundless ecstasy of Kali, Kali, Kali?

Will the day of truth finally arrive 

when I cast away every distinction,

free from this and that, here and there?

Will the immense longing of my Soul be fulfilled?

Esoteric scriptures of the Goddess declare:

‘Ma Tara is utterly formless.

She is clear light beyond all form.’

This poet madly responds:

‘Mother exists also as each life, every event.

Open your foolish eyes, cease formless meditation,

and perceive the Goddess everywhere!

Even the deepest darkness of this world

is simply her Light!’ “


auteur: Hixon, L.
ISBN: 083560702X

Prijs: € 16,50

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Mother of the Buddhas – Meditation on the Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra

By Lex Hixon (1941 – 1995).

266 Pages | A Quest Original 1993 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835606899.

Unlike scholarly translations, this ‘contemplative expansion’ of forty passages from the Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra in 8.000 Lines – the basic scripture of all Schools of Mahāyāna Buddhism – yields a text of devotional beauty that is poetic and uplifting. Through dramatic conversations between the Buddha and his disciples Shariputra, Subhuti, and Ananda, the Bodhisattva Path to Enlightenment is revealed. This spiritually inspiring book features a Foreword by renowned American Buddhist scholar Dr. Robert A.F. Thurman on the historical background of the radical Mahāyāna teachings on the nature of Reality,

From the Heart Sutra (p. 235 & p. 236):

” O Shariputra, the fully awakened Buddhas of the beginningless past, the open future and the limitless dimensions of the present can manifest the total awakeness of Buddha nature only by birthless birth from Mother Prajñāpāramitā, womb of Perfect Wisdom. O Shariputra, listen carefully to these syllabic sounds, which contain the entire Perfection of Wisdom, as a vast tree is miraculously contained within a small seed. This is the mantra, which awakens every conscious stream into pure presence. This is the mantra of all mantras, the mantra which transmits the principles of incomparability and inconceivability, the mantra which instantly dissipates the apparent darkness of egocentric misery, the mantra which invokes only truth and does not acknowledge the separate self-existence of any falsehood:

(oṃ tadyathā) gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā |

Pure presence is transcending, ever transcending, transcending transcendence, transcending even the transcendence of transcendence. It is toal awakeness. It is suchness. “

auteur: Hixon, L.
ISBN: 9780835606899

Prijs: € 21,95

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Heart of the Koran – Selected Passages from the Holy Book of Islam

By Lex Hixon (1941 – 1995).

267 Pages | A Quest Original 1988, third printing 1995 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606368.

Meditations and Illuminations from the Scripture of Islam.

In the tradition of meditation of the Holy Koran, Lex Hixon’s contemplative illumination of selected passages from the Holy Book of Islam is devotional and uplifting. It is a meditation of the Holy Koran, which has been generated from within the mystical embrace of Islam. Therefore, Heart of the Koran is an offering to the Muslim world as well to members of other cultures and traditions, who have an intellectual curiosity or a spiritual desire to learn about Islam from within.

The Arabic word Islam simply means surrender. Muslims are those, who consciously and constantly surrender their lives to the single Source of universe. This is the practice of living Prayer that enables humanity to realize balance, responsibility, freedom, ecstasy, and peace. May we all experience such surrender.

From Chapter ‘The Koranic Vision – World View of Islam (p. 33):

” The very shapes and sounds of the Arabic letters of the Koran are considered to be a mode of access to the spiritual realm of the living Koran, to its radiance and resonance to its union of heart-awakening sound with eternal meaning. ‘The Ever Present Source thus reveals Eternal Meaning through the medium of time as the resonant chanting of the Arabic Koran so that humanity can awaken and truly understand’ (12:1-6). “

auteur: Hixon, L.
ISBN: 0835606368
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Twin from Another Tribe – Story of 2 Shamanic Healers from Africa and N. America

By Michael Ortiz Hill and Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa, Afterword by Deena Metzger.

220 Pages | First Quest Edition 20o7 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835608527.

A gift to a world divided by race, this book is the memoir of two contemporary shamans born in divergent cultures and drawn together by destiny. Both became sacred healers, or ngangas, in traditional Bantu African medicine and came to see themselves as spiritual twins. Their meeting began an elegant process of mutual initiation so that they might lead their entire lives in the service of Spirit.

One ‘twin’ among the poor in Africa, the other in an American hospital, together they explore the borderland between Western medicine and shamanic practice. Ultimately, theirs is a powerful statement about peacemaking, as it requires stripping to the elemental truth of oneself to meet ‘the other’ as friend and teacher.

From Chapter 39 – ‘I AM HERE’ (p. 181):

” MANDAZA: You cannot separate the Ancestors from God. You can’t. These are the faces of God. I agree with the Jewish scripture that says ‘no graven images’, because what people do is create an image and then worship that image, and it becomes a God. You cannot make a God. God is not an object. If you want to see the faces of God, look at a mountain. You will really see the power of the Creator. Look at another person; you will see God. But I don’t pray to that person. I pray to the power that made that person and that mountain.

Nobody is perfect. Nobody is righteous. We are all young babies. We stand up, and we fall. We stand up, and we fall. I am not a perfect Mandaza. I am not righteous. I am just being told to say things to God’s people, to God’s animals. This is my message. Over and over again I repeat, ‘I am here’. It is all that I have to say. “

auteur: Hill, M.O./Kandemwa, M.A.
ISBN: 9780835608527

Prijs: € 16,50

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The Enlightened Society

By John L. Hill.

240 Pages | A Quest Original 1987 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606155.

Whatever is our world coming to? The prophets of boom herald an age of plenty. The prophets of doom, a world in despair. Are these our only choices? There is also an enlightenment, suggests Hill, who writes about man as he is, and about man as he could, should and will be. The author believes that nature has an inherent propensity to evolve and flourish, and man, as a part of nature, is participating in the process. Thus, not only is the individual getting better, but so is society. The end result could be an enlightened society, one that has become integrated, non-judgemental, and compassionate. One that considers the world-at-large to be a sacred phenomenon.

Importantly – this is not merely a book of educated conjecture. Although the author’s contention that society will become enlightened makes good theoretical sense, Hill decided to strenghten his position with a personal experiment. Thus in his Chapter ‘A New Image of Humankind’ he relates the story of his own spiritual revitalization as he undertook a regimen of regular meditation.

From Chapter 9 – ‘A New Image of Humankind: A Personal Account’ (p. 9):

” To this point, this book has been theoretically oriented with an emphasis on outlining an underlying metaphysical and psychological theory of evolution. If one has had the impression that all this talk of self-transformation was only abstract ‘stuff and nonsense’ – a metaphysic without a reality, a rarefied world view to replace one or another previous paradigm, equally inefficient in winning genuine moral and existential conviction, I hope now to dispel that suspicion. I consider the last seven years of my life something of an objective, if not ‘scientific’ experiment. I believe, as a result of this experiment, that evolution is a process that may be augmented, encouraged along the lines that await us. We may take a part in our own evolution. Life should be – and can be – a process of always getting better. Everything we should do add up to making each of us more wise, compassionate, humane and, yes, happy as individuals. Life should be a process of accumulation , but it is Wisdom and love that should be accumulated. What follows is a very personal, idiosyncratic, and sometimes embarrassing account of my own experience with meditation and the effects it had on my life. ” 

auteur: Hill, J.L.
ISBN: 0835606155
uteur: Hill, J.L.

Prijs: € 9,75

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Memories And Visions Of Paradise

By Richard Heinberg.

308 Pages | Originally published in 1989, First Quest Edition 1995 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 083560716X.

‘Exploring the Universal Myth of a Lost Golden Age’.

Nearly every culture has been nourished by tales of a lost Golden Age, in which people lived in a peaceful harmony with nature and cosmos. Is the persistent image of an earthly Paradise merely the product of a perennial nostalgia for ‘good old days’ that never really existed? Or could it be a memory of a simpler time, before organized agriculture and industry enticed us away from the Garden?

In this revised and updated edition of his classic cross-cultural study of mythology, psychology and history, Richard Heinberg traces the roots and branches of human longing for Paradise lost, and with candor and hope, points the way toward its possible return.

From Chapter 3 – ‘In Search of Eden’:

” The first Age was Golden. In it faith and righteousness were cherished by men of their own free will without judges or laws. Penalties and fears there were non, nor were threatening words inscribed on unchanging bronze; nor did the suppliant crowd fear the words of its judge, but they were safe without protectors. Not yet did the pine cut from its mountain tops descend into the flowing waters to visit foreign lands, nor did deep trenches gird the town, nor were there straight trumpets, nor horns of twisted brass, nor helmets, nor swords. Without the use of soldiers the peoples in safety enjoyed  their sweet repose. Earth herself, unburdened and untouched by the hoe and unwounded by the ploughshare, gave all things freely . . . Spring was eternal . . . untilled the earth bore its fruits and the unploughed field grew hoary with heavy ears of wheat. “

auteur: Heinberg, R.
ISBN: 083560716X

Prijs: € 18,51

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Cloning the Buddha – The Moral Impact of Biotechnology

By Richard Heinberg.

265 Pages | First Quest Edition 1999 | Hardcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835607720.

Is Cloning a wonderful opportunity for the human race or a dangerous attempt to play God?

With penetrating common sense, eco-philosopher and journalist Richard Heinberg tackles some of the thorniest ethical questions we face. Fascinating examples from plant and animal research; interviews with scientific, political, and religious leaders; and a clear overview of the helpful and harmful effects of biotech on our food supply, reproductive choices, and environment give thinking readers ample evidence for making up their minds.

From Chapter 8 – ‘Cloning the Buddha’ (p. 230):

” Ultimately, if we as society wish to employ some form of genetic technology for truly beneficial purposes we must begin, not with the technology itself, but with an ethical reappraisal and reform of our collective institutions and priorities. “

auteur: Heinberg, L.
ISBN: 0835607720
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Are humans playing God when they manipulate natural processes to achieve the results they want? Now that scientists can manipulate genetic materials, won’t someone eventually use such technology to create a “perfect race”? Would it be desirable to “clone the Buddha,” to use biotechnology to create compassionate people? Heinberg (A New Covenant with Nature) examines these and other questions in his survey of morality and biotechnology. He argues that science and morality often have little to do with each other simply because scientists very often lack a spiritual perspective. “The intuition, perception, or belief that other beings have a self and interior experience comparable to one’s own is the basis for ethics,” the author writes. Heinberg asserts that this inner self is purposeful and an end in itself, and he compares this definition of the inner self to the core experience of the sacred. Moreover, he contends, this inner self is caught in a web of life with other selves whose lives and well-being are dependent on one another. Such interdependence, he says, regards “nature as the ultimate model of economy, cooperation, simplicity, beauty, and purpose.” Given such a view of nature, biotechnology is not an avenue for producing a society filled with cooperative and compassionate people. Rather, he says, we can create such a society by “working diligently on our own personal moral refinement, collectively confronting power and its abuses, and creating a nurturing context for our children and grandchildren.” For the most part, Heinberg doesn’t stray far from ground already covered in conversations about science, morality and religion.


Prijs: € 29,50

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Perfume of the Desert – Inspirations from Sufi Wisdom

By Andrew Harvey and Eryk Hanut.

170 Pages | First Quest Edition 1999 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835607674.

‘Before any garden or grape or wine existed, our Soul was drunk on eternal wine’.  – Rumi.

Intoxicate your Soul with Harvey’s & Hanut’s favourite Sufi teaching stories, sayings and ecstatic poetry, featuring new translations of Rumi. In the hope of awakening the sacred heart in all of us and infusing its passion into all the choices of life, this anthology has been created. Only those poems, stories or philosophical fragments are included, that have directly inspired the authors. They wanted each section to ‘smell of the desert’ and to inebriate with its fragrance. Sufi talk or instruction is never linear; Sufi poets and sheikhs will try almost anything to shock their listeners awake, will swerve from the highest philosophy to the fragment of a great ode of Hafiz or Rumi, to a story in yesterday’s newspaper, to a joke from Nasrudin.

From Chapter ‘The Inner Secret’; (p. 64):


” Between the posts of ‘conscious’ and ‘unconscious’

The mind has strung a swing:

On it bang all beings, all worlds

And it never stops swaying.

Millions of beings sit on it

And the sun and the moon also.

Millions of eras come and go

But the swing remains.

Everything swings!

Sky and earth, air and water

And the Beloved Himself

As He comes into form – 

Seeing this

Has made Kabir a servant. “

– Kabir.

auteur: Harvey, A./Hanut, E.
ISBN: 0835607674

Prijs: € 15,50

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Dialogues with a Modern Mystic

By Andrew Harvey and Mark Matousek.

274 Pages | First Quest Edition 1994 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835607046.

‘Dialogues with a Modern Mystic is a silent offering of ethereal word flowers at the feet of the Beloved’.  – Ram Dass.

The Dialogues themselves took place over the course of two, fourteen-day marathons in California and Germany. They are modeled after the Sufi tradition known as sorbet, literally the spiritual talk of friends. This style of informal investigation between brothers and sisters on the path is, we believe, central to the way of the Mother, free of dogma, authority, hierarchy and conclusion.

For the sake of clarity, we have ordered this free-flowing movement into a four-part composition, corresponding to the following four questions:

  1. Where is the human race today?
  2. Where are we going?
  3. How will we get there?
  4. What will we find?

Thus, our talks progress from a necessarily harsh analysis of the ‘concentration camp of reason’, to a description of the Mother’s way (and the future evolution of humankind envisioned by Sri Aurobindo), to a discussion of the ways and means of spiritual life and, finally, to a brief description of the mystic tenets of darkness, silence and nonduality,

From Chapter 3: ‘Straddling East and West’ (p. 54):

Andrew Harvey: 

” This great revolution that Aurobindo envisioned would be enacted under the aegis of the Divine Mother. Nothing in any of my reading or inner experience prepared me for what I found in his work when I first encountered it at twenty-six in Pondicherry, a vision of the Divine Mother, of God as the Mother, so radical, so potent, so all-embracing that it overturned and transformed completely everything I had hitherto understood of God. At last I found a vision of the Divine that satisfied my heart and mind and answered my profound needs for a belief in a dynamic Feminine Power that could reshape a world I experienced as deformed by patriarchal rationalism and greed; for a relationship with the Divine that would be fearless, unpuritanical and as completely tender, shameless and intimate as the ideal relationship between mother and child. “

auteur: Harvey, A./Matousek, M.
ISBN: 0835607046

Prijs: € 12,50

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Magic – White & Black

298 pages | Paperback | TAT Foundation, 1980

This classic work addresses magic as the exercise of spiritual power obtained by practicing self-control. Dr. Hartmann considered the spiritual regeneration of Man the highest form of Magic. This book gives the reader a priceless formula for mental power and spiritual achievement.

“Magic may be said to be that science which deals with the mental and moral powers of man, and shows what control he may exercise over himself and others.”

“Before one can become a magician he must learn to control his own mind; for mind is the substance with which the magician acts, and the power to control it is the beginning of magic.”

“The beginning of all knowledge is the knowledge of self; the knowledge of the soul and not the vagaries of the brain.”

auteur: Hartmann, F.
Additional DescriptionMore Details

“True religion is the realization of truth.” “Truth never changes: but we ourselves change, and as we change so changes our aspect of the truth.” “Do not believe that there is anything higher in the universe than your own divine self, and know that you are exactly what you permit yourself to become.”


Prijs: € 12,95

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Mme. Blavatsky Defended

By Iverson L. Harris.

174 Pages | Published in 1971 | Softcover | Point Loma Publications Inc., San Diego, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0913004014.

Refutation of falsehoods, slanders, and misrepresentations published by the National Broadcasting Company, Truman Capote, Walter Winchell, the John Birch Society, Time magazine and others.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was not a revolutionary, except possibly that all efforts toward human enlightenment and decency are a revolution against bigotry, ignorance, hypocrisy, selfishness, superstition and other traits of human nature that tend to corrupt modern civilisation. She was tireless in exposing and opposing these.

What is Theosophy? Theosophy is two-fold. It is an enquiry into the nature of man in his relationship to the universe, and as such incorporates the heart of all the world religions. It is also a way of life. The members of the Theosophical Society are expected to live up to the high ethical principles embodied in the teachings.

From Page 154:

” The universal religion can only be one if we accept the real primitive meaning of the root of that word. We Theosophists so accept it; and therefore say we are all brothers – by the laws of nature, of birth, of death, as also by the laws of our utter helplessness from birth to death in this world of sorrow and deceptive illusions. Let us then love, help and mutually defend each other against the spirit of deception; and while holding to that which each of us accepts as his ideal of truth and unity – i.e., to the religion which suits each of us best – let us unite to form a practical nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, or color. “

auteur: Harris, I.L.
ISBN: 0913004014

Prijs: € 7,00

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The Silent Encounter – Reflections on Mysticism

Edited by Virginia Hanson (1898 – 1991).

240 Pages | Published in 1974 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835604489.

In every age and in every land there have been individuals, who have broken through the shell of everyday concerns and inherited beliefs into a dimension of consciousness, which gives direct insight into fundamental truth. This mystical experience has come to millions, and all mankind is destined to know it as a natural outgrowth of evolution. It is the ‘silent encounter’ with the Self, usually unexpected and often unsought, yet revealing the essence of Reality.

In this book, such writers as Haridas Chaudhuri, Manly P. Hall, Geoffrey Hodson, Phoebe B. Bendit, Arthur W. Osborn and others explore this subject from varying backgrounds and approaches. The reader, who has known the mystical experience will meet his own realizations in ways, which deepen his understanding. Those, who have yet to break through into this realm of consciousness will catch glimpses of an inevitable experience and perhaps be led closer to it.

From Chapter 19 – ‘The Mystical Element in Creativity’ (p. 186):

” Thus our recognition of the horizon principle in all experience as a meeting in ourselves of sky and earth, of spirit and matter, provides an accurate focus for seeing all pairs of opposites as two aspects of the same thing and thereby reversing our position relative to them from that of conflict to one of transcendence. It is in this sense that Francis Bacon wrote in his ‘Essay on Truth’: ‘Surely it is heaven upon earth for a man’s mind to move in charity, rest in Providence [i.e., the Law] and turn upon the poles of truth. “

auteur: Hanson, V. (ed.)
ISBN: 0835604489

Prijs: € 6,19

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The Sage from Concord – The Essence of Ralph Waldo Emerson (A Quest Miniature)

Compiled by V. Hanson and C. Pedersen.

127 Pages | First Quest printing 1985, 2nd printing 1987 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835605930.

In a spiritual sense one might describe the philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson as that of a nineteenth century ‘Voice of America’. Contained within his writings one will find almost incomparable insights into the nature of America, of America’s people and their destiny.

Emerson’s essays are based on his sensitivity to the fundamental fellowship of all that lives. The 301 excerpts in this book have been culled from the author’s best-known works including The Oversoul, Compensation, Fate, Friendship, Nature, Heroism and Self-Reliance. Here then is The Sage from Concord at his transcendental best – a selected digest of his philosophy particularly suitable for today’s seeker, who must ‘read as he/she runs‘.

Terminus (p. 127):

” As the bird trims her to the gale

I trim myself to the storm of time

I man the rudder, reef the sail,

Obey the voice at eve obeyed at prime:

‘Lowly faithful, banish fear,

Right onward drive unharmed;

The port, well worth the cruise, is near,

And every wave is charmed’. “

auteur: Hanson, V. (comp.)/Pedersen, C. (comp.)
ISBN: 0835605930

Prijs: € 5,60

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An Introduction to the Mahatma Letters

By Virginia Hanson (1898 – 1991).

25 Pages | First Edition 1977, first reprint 1986 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170590256.

Today’s Encounter with the Wisdom of the Ages.

The philosophy of The Mahatma Letters is timeless; the story of The Mahatma Letters is in time. What results is a cross-fertilization from which a rare kind of drama emerges – a drama in which, quite unexpectedly at times, one sees oneself and the whole of humankind reflected with pitiless clarity. Tragedy and comedy, courage and cowardice, pathos, compassion, frustration and fulfilment, despair and hope – all these are there as in life through-out the millenia of recorded, and unrecorded history. What is there, in addition, is a perspective which gives it all meaning.

From page 4:

” The question would not arise if those concerned knew something of what an Adept is, as explained in The Mahatma Letters . . . Writing about Themselves, one of Them says: ‘None of you have ever formed an accurate idea of the ‘Masters’ or of the Laws of Occultism they are guided by . . . The Adepts do not advertise Themselves, nor do they seek followers. Their work, for the most part, lies away from the world, whose ways are not their ways. If we understand this, there will be none amongst us ready to lend an ear to persons, who seek to impress others by claiming occult connection with mysterious beings, or that they themselves are the manifestations of such beings. “

auteur: Hanson, V.
ISBN: 8170590256

Prijs: € 1,50

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H.P. Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine

240 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 1988

An anthology of Blavatasky’s contributions to world thought.

Virginia Hanson (1898-1991) joined the Theosophical Society in 1949 where she was first active in the Washington Branch, of which she was president for several years. She was also president of the Mid-Atlantic Federation and a frequent lecturer for the Society. In 1990 she was awarded the T. Subba Row medal in recognition of her contributions to Theosophical literature, including Masters and Men, and The Reader’s Guide to the Mahatma Letters.

auteur: Hanson, E. (ed.)
ISBN: 0835606309

Prijs: € 9,95

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H.P. Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine

227 pages | Gebonden/Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House Adyar, 1971

Commentaries On Her Contributions to World Thought

An Adyar book, imported from India.

auteur: Hanson, V.
ISBN: 0835673200
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Virginia Hanson (1898-1991) joined the Theosophical Society in 1949 where she was first active in the Washington Branch, of which she was president for several years. She was also president of the Mid-Atlantic Federation and a frequent lecturer for the Society. In 1990 she was awarded the T. Subba Row medal in recognition of her contributions to Theosophical literature, including Masters and Men, and The Reader’s Guide to the Mahatma Letters.


Prijs: € 4,99

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Into the Fourth Dimension

By A.C. Hanlon.

83 Pages | First Edition 1977, first reprint 1985 | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 0835675297.

The contents of this book consist largely of about a dozen articles, or extracts from them, that have been published in The Theosophist and Theosophy in New Zealand. The first article appeared in the New Zealand Magazine, May 1919, and the second in last in the latter magazine, March 1968.

The famous British mathematician, Bertrand Russell once wrote: ‘Mathematics rightly viewed possesses supreme beauty – a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture. The true spirit of delight, the exaltation, the sense of being more than man, which is the touchstone of the highest excellence, is to be found in mathematics as surely as in poetry.’

This exaltation will surely come to those who succeed in visualizing a four-dimensional figure for, in this act, there is not merely the creation of a figure in four dimensions, but the experiencing of a power, a spatial power, not to be known while we are limited to a space of three dimensions. It is probable that the creative power of genius in art, music, literature, and in other fields of original activity, derives its inspiration from higher-dimensional space. To visualize the simplest four-dimensional form is to experience something of this power for, by this act, we have taken the first step Into the Fourth Dimension.

From Chapter Five – ‘Philosophical Interlude’ (p. 53):

‘ At times, when one looks through philosophic eyes at the world, it seems to become more a phantasm than a real pulsating world, the home of many incarnations, especially when one feels compelled to accept the verdict of the pure reason, sealed with the approval of the intuition, that the ultimate things are unknowable, and that we must go on for ever ignorant of the first Cause, even though we reach the heights of Gods. But, after a while one sees that what appear phantasms are phantasms, and that the objects we know are but appearances that hide a more intricate, but equally unsubstantial form, but the discovery of this form is not the reward: it is knowing that the form is not the Self, the eternal Spirit, for while, as Hinton has it, ‘in the awakening light of this new apprehension, the flimsy world quivers and shakes, rigid solids flow and mingle, all our material limitations turn to graciousness’, yet, in all this flux, the Self stands undisturbed looking out over a ceaselessly changing world, for ‘This is the eternal state, O Son of Pritha. Who, even at the death hour, is established therein, he goeth to the Nirvana of the Eternal’. “

auteur: Hanlon, A.C.
ISBN: 0835675297

Prijs: € 2,72

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Right Thinking – The Royal Road To Health

By Manly P. Hall (1901 – 1990).

52 Pages | Published in 1982 | Softcover | The Philosophical Research Society Inc. | ISBN: 0893148121.

Humanity is the only form of life in our physical environment capable of the experience of joy; therefore, it should be assiduously cultivated. If pleasures are normal, require no compromise of moral or ethical values, and are free from dissipation, they are a valuable defense against morbid conditions arising in the mind or body.

A bit advice stated by the English scholar Robert Berton, author of The Anatomy of Melancholy, is summarized in the six words, ‘Be not solitary, be not idle‘. We should all maintain a direct and friendly contact with the society to which we belong, and regardless of the availability of leisure, we should never permit ourselves to be idle. If we remain concerned with the common good and contribute in various practical ways to the well-being of the community in which we reside, we have every reason to hope that health problems can be controlled and for the most part overcome. Health, like happiness, must be earned. It is a reward for constructive involvement in labors dedicated to the common good.

From Page 10:

” Paracelsus regarded disease as an organism with its roots in the invisible nature of man, like parasitic plants or, like lecherous animals, sucking the blood of his Soul. He declared that as lions and tigers attack and devour humans and each other, so diseases are ravenous beasts loosed from the matrix of perverse impulses, and must be treated as such; not as mere aggregations of irrational malignancies. A disease is a story or diary, usually a rather comprising document. It sets forth that which we would tell no man, for it is a forced confession. When man can be laid low in no other way, he is humiliated by infirmity. But even the ailment may be a blessing in disguise, for by such checking we are often protected from ourselves. We are prevented by a lesser ache from doing a greater wrong. “

auteur: Hall, M.P.
ISBN: 0893148121

Prijs: € 7,94

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The Opening of the Wisdom-Eye – And the History of the Advancement of Buddhadharma in Tibet

By His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama.

178 Pages | First Adyar edition, fourth reprint 2015| Paperback | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar ISBN: 9788170591245.

This important book by the Dalai Lama the gives an authentic account of the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. It is hoped that its publication will contribute to a greater understanding of Tibetan culture. The main part of the book is preceded by a short account of the spread of Buddhism in Tibet, also written by His Holiness. The whole range of Buddhist teachings as practised in Tibet is expounded with great clarity, yet with brevity.

From page 12:


” According to Buddhist tradition, the present era is called the time for virtue (śila-kāla) being one of the divisions of the five-thousand year period during which it is said the teaching of the fourth Buddha to appear in this Aeon, will actually endure. The most important religious feature of this era lies in the observance of the moral precepts. “

auteur: Dalai Lama
ISBN: 9788170591245

Prijs: € 15,00

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Living the Wisdom – A Guide to Social Transformation (Study Guide)

By Jean Gullo, Joseph D. Gullo & Diana Dunningham-Chapotin.

88 Pages | A4 Study Course | Quest Books, U.S.A. | No ISBN.

This guide is designed for use as a series of workshops. The information, questions and discussion matter contained herein are aimed towards service in the spirit and with the underlying principles of Theosophy. It may be used effectively in groups of any size, but can be useful to individuals as well. Where there are questions for discussion, responses by an individual might be written down or put in a journal.

From Part One: ‘True Theosophists’ (p.1 & 2):

” Many of us, though caring, are overwelmed by the enormity of the social and ecological changes needed, and the problems to be dealth with. It is well to bear in mind that many millions of people are feeling same concern and frustration. Our individual yearning for change and the goodwill to bring it about are part of a huge and growing tide of thought. We may begin where we are, and with a few or many others, then work toward greater realization and growth.

In heeding the admonition of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (HPB), co-founder of the Theosophical Society (TS), that we are not true Theosophists until we help humanity, we may join the flow of ‘people power’ sweeping the planet. This is the time for such female qualities as nurturing, caring and compassion to come to the fore in humanity. Many individuals and organizations are already working toward these ends. We may work in theosophical groups or in harmony with others and thereby greatly increase the effectiveness of our efforts. Working with others (networking) is important now if we are to make the greater changes.

Where can we start? Contemporary issues such as ecology, peace, international economic and political cooperation, human and animal rights, poverty, the weakening of family structures, the homeless, health and healing are becoming increasingly urgent. “

auteur: Gullo, J./Dunningham, D.

Prijs: € 7,50

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Bibliography of H.P. Blavatsky

By Jean-Paul Guignette.

12 Pages | Softcover/leaflet | First British Edition June 1987 | Theosophical History Centre, London | ISBN: 0948753056.

This bibliography consists of biographical studies on Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 – 1891), the main founder of the XIXth Century Theosophical Movement. This is the second edition and it includes corrections, changes and a few additions. As the contents of the books herein quoted are often very diverse in nature, they have been dealt with under several chapters according to their characteristics. Apart from some rare exceptions, only original editions of these works have been mentioned. The subsequent reprints (except if they involve important changes, or corrections) and the various translations into foreign languages have been omitted.

The numerous articles on H.P. Blavatsky published in magazines, as well as the vast number of books mentioning her incidentally, have been purposely left out. No doubt, as it stands, the present bibliography does not cover the whole ground and may be improved upon in the future – thus, all suggestions are welcome.

NB: No quote; the bibliography solely consists of book titles.

auteur: Guignette, J.P.
ISBN: 0948753056

Prijs: € 3,31

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The Millenium Myth – Love and Death at the End of Time

By Michael Grosso.

384 Pages | First Quest Edition 1995 | Hardcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835607119.

In The Millenium Myth, Michael Grosso highlights the chief prophetic vision of the Western world and where it may be leading us. We can see it, the author tells us, unfolding in the high-tech of today and tomorrow: space colonization, terra-forming, bio-engineering, life-extension, cryonics – the lurch toward bionic superhumanity. Grosso’s coinage, technocalypse, sums up his insight that technology is secretly driven by the Millenium Myth, a vision that is piloting human history toward recreating nature and reinventing humanity.

From the Conclusion: ‘The Meaning of the Millennium Myth’ (p. 359):

” The ‘devil’ is also called a dragon. The dragon is a fabulous beast, a serpent with wings. As such, it suggests the marriage of earth and heaven. The dragon symbolizes the Tao, the harmony of yin and yang, the dance of Shiva and Shakti, the coincidence of opposites. The dragon, thus seen in a more congenial, Eastern light, turns into a synthesis, of dialogue between the new and the old brain. As such, I take the dragon to be a fine image of the future of human evolution. John’s error, then, is worse than we thought. Not only did he create the perfect myth for compulsive dualizers and demonizers, but he hobbled, by indulging in dragon baiting, any hope of improvement. Obviously, if the dragon symbolizes our evolutionary future, we need to embrace it, not ban it from our consciousness. In short, the Book of Revelation, by divorcing us from the Wisdom of the dragon, becomes a stumbling block to our spiritual evolution. “

auteur: Grosso, M.
ISBN: 0835607119

Prijs: € 25,46

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