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Krishnamurti – Two Birds on one Tree

88 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2009

A longtime student and friend reveals both the spiritual greatness and the human pathos of his remarkable teacher.

“With a critical mind and an open heart, Dr. Ravindra allows us all to see both the spiritual greatness and the human pathos of this truly remarkable teacher.” – Jacob Needleman, Ph.D., author of Lost Christianity and The Heart of Philosophy

auteur: Ravindra, R.
ISBN: 9780835607186
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Ravi Ravindra was born in India and received his B.S. and a Master of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He then obtained a Master of Science and a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Toronto and a Master of Arts in philosophy from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Prijs: € 11,25

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The Quotable Krishnamurti

149 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2011

“Truth is a pathless land.” —Jiddu Krishnamurti

The Quotable Krishnamurti is a deeply moving collection of passages from 20th century’s most revered spiritual teacher. Iconoclast, peace activist, philosophical teacher: Jiddu Krishnamurti is arguably the greatest spiritual figure since the Buddha or Christ. This book captures Krishnamurti’s highly prized, sobering realizations, to awaken and transform today’s determined seeker, idealist and realist alike.

auteur: Krishnamurti, J./Epstein, R. (comp.)
ISBN: 9780835608909
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Born in colonial India in 1895, a young Krishnamurti was discovered on a beach by the leaders of the Theosophical Society. Heralded by the society as the long-awaited World Teacher, Krishamurti was adopted and groomed in Great Britain for his messianic destiny. In 1929 Krishnamurti shocked and dismayed his innumerable followers by renouncing his role as World Teacher and disbanding the Order of the Star, formed to honor his prophesied fulfillment. It was at this moment that Krishnamurti firmly protested “truth is a pathless land”, which endures today as his most celebrated speech. For nearly 60 years from that point on Krishnamurti traveled the world over, awakening masses of hungry listeners to the urgent needs of humanity. He implored mankind to live the fully awakened life in order to create a free and peaceful world. Krishnamurti advocated the necessity for meditation, vegetarianism, and environmental conscientiousness in daily living for the true pursuit of liberation and enlightenment. He passionately rebuked violence, decrying both governments and organized religion, insisting they result in conformity, division and fragmentation, rather than harmony. Now for the first time in an alphabetized anthology, The Quotable Krishnamurti arranges by topic this venerated teacher’s core messages, spanning decades of lecturing and authorship. Subject headings include essential topics such as Awareness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Karma and Non-violence. The Quotable Krishnamurti encompasses Krishnamurti’s deepest thoughts, revealing an uncompromising faith in humanity as relevant today as during his first talk nearly 100 years ago.


Prijs: € 12,50

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The Masters Speak – An American Businessman Encounters Ashish and Gurdjieff

307 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2010

The Masters Speak: An American Businessman Encounters Ashish and Gurdjieff is the detailed account of Semour Ginsburg’s remarkable quest for life’s deeper meaning. As co-founder of mega-retail giant Toys”R”Us, Seymour, better known as Sy, knew worldly success, and the shrewd ambition it takes to get there. But with the tragic, untimely death of his young wife, Sy was suddenly left to raise a grieving family alone. For the first time, he found no comfort in his prosperity.

auteur: Ginsburg, S.B.
ISBN: 9780835608824
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“I had been given the keys to inner self-initiation. And with that I would have to remain content…Was the American businessman in me behind my longings in this long and earnest quest of mine in search of the unitive vision?”—Seymour B. Ginsburg Like so many “seekers,” Sy was wary and anxious for direct spiritual experience. Armed with a mission to prove higher consciousness, Sy travels the world over to study, firsthand, the “spiritual greats” of his time. The Masters Speak recounts Sy’s curious meetings with enigmatic, controversial public figures such as Sathya Sai Baba, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and Madame de Salzman. This book also chronicles Sy’s extensive experience with Gurdjieff’s famous “work.” In his search for the ultimate truth, Sy meets a monk who would quickly become his most endearing teacher and friend, Sri Madhava Ashish. Sy and Ashish’s decades-long correspondence lays the intimate foundation for this book. Sy’s raw honesty, doubts, criticisms, and even occasional hostility, makes for a spiritual discussion that the western seeker can truly relate to. Ashish, a Scottish engineer turned Hindu master, responds with wisdom that is both sober and incredibly non-dogmatic. With beautiful intricacy, The Masters Speak conveys Ashish’s steadfast declaration of an intrinsic unity of all being, a “Unitive Vision.” This compilation of intimate letters, discourse, and previously published essays, provides readers of all traditions with solid food for spiritual thought. Embark with Sy on his extensive exploration of the root of consciousness through Gurdjieffian teachings, dream analysis, “life energy”, and beyond.


Prijs: € 18,95

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The Unconditioned Mind – J. Krishnamurti and the Oak Grove School

276 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2011

Krishnamurti, once groomed by Theosophists to become the next World Teacher, founded Oak Grove in 1975 and personally oversaw it for the last decade of his life. In The Unconditioned Mind, Moody recounts their close work together and explains Krishnamurti’s ideas with splendid clarity. He also recounts how those ideas sparked competition among the staff, producing a complex force-field that challenged Moody to the utmost. The resulting drama, and Krishnamurti’s involvement in it, forms the core of this insightful narrative.

auteur: Moody, D.E.
ISBN: 9780835608947
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In this thought-provoking account of the formative years of one of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s final pet projects; Oak Grove School, an alternative school in Ojai, Calif.; David Moody offers a unique perspective on the psychology behind Krishnamurti’s teachings as well as an intimate portrait of one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the twentieth century. The Unconditioned Mind is the first book to openly discuss the dramatic events that occurred during the early years of Oak Grove, and Moody’s experience presents readers with a vivid history of a school whose main intent is to “uncondition” the minds of its students and teachers. The Unconditioned Mind also offers a rare inside look into Krishnamurti’s own teaching methods. Moody explains in detail the many ways in which Krishnamurti attempted to convey the essence of his philosophy without the exercise of any form of psychological authority, and the resulting struggles Moody and other professors faced trying to implement this philosophy in the classroom. The Unconditioned Mind is a balanced and refreshing mix of the history, psychology and philosophy behind Oak Grove School. David Edmund Moody was born and raised in southern California, and attended undergraduate school at UC Berkeley during the 1960s. He took his Master’s Degree in Political Science at UCLA in 1970 and completed much of the coursework for a doctoral degree in Political Theory.


Prijs: € 26,95

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Working Class Mystic – A Spiritual Biography of George Harrison

201 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2011

John Lennon called himself a working class hero. George Harrison was a working class mystic. Born in Liverpool as the son of a bus conductor and a shop assistant, for the first six years of his life he lived in a house with no indoor bathroom. This book gives an honest, in-depth view of Harrison’s personal journey— from his blue-collar childhood to his role as a world-famous spiritual icon.

auteur: Tillery, G.
ISBN: 9780835609005
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Author Gary Tillery’s approach is warmly human and free of the fawning but insolent tone of most rock biographers. He frankly discusses the role drugs played in leading Harrison to mystical insight but emphasizes that he soon renounced psychedelics as a means to the spiritual path. It was with conscious commitment that Harrison journeyed to India, studied sitar with Ravi Shankar, practiced yoga, learned meditation from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and became a devotee of Hinduism. George worked hard to subdue his own ego and to understand the truth beyond appearances. He preferred to keep a low profile, but his empathy for suffering people led him to spearhead the first charitable rock-and-roll super event. And despite his wealth and fame, he was always delighted to slip on overalls and perform manual labor on his grounds. At ease with holy men discussing the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, he was ever the bloke from Liverpool whose father drove a bus, whose brothers were tradesmen, and who had worked himself as an apprentice electrician until the day destiny called. Tillery’s engaging narrative depicts Harrison as a sincere seeker who acted out of genuine care for humanity and used his celebrity to be of service in the world. Fans of all generations will treasure this book for the inspiring portrayal it gives of their beloved “quiet” Beatle. A native of the Southwest, Gary Tillery was born in Phoenix in 1947. In 1968-69 Tillery served in Vietnam with the United States Air Force. His enlistment over in 1970, he returned to Phoenix and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies from Arizona State University and a Master’s degree from the American Graduate School of International Management.


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Filosofische implicaties van grensoverschrijdende ervaringen

28 blz. | Brochure | Universiteit van Leiden, 2005

Rede uitgesproken door prof.dr. J.L.F. Gerding, bij het aanvaarden van het ambt van bijzonder hoogleraar metafysica in de geest van de theosofie aan de Universiteit van Leiden op 4 februari 2005.

auteur: Gerding, J.L.F.

Prijs: € 3,00

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Old Diary Leaves – Volume II, 1878-83

479 pages | Paperback | T.P.H Adyar, India, 2002

Olcott tells of his association with his co-founder, Madame H.P. Blavatsky, and their work together for the cause of Theosophy. He writes of their contacts with the Mahatmas, of travels in many lands, and of the growth of The Theosophical Society from its small beginnings in New York in 1875 to an expanding international movement spread through many parts of the world.
To keep intact the true flavour of the early years of the Theosophical Society, Col. Olcott’s words are presented just as he wrote them .

auteur: Olcott, H.S.
ISBN: 9788170594345
Additional DescriptionMore Details

His comments include references to occasional differences of opinion with his close and trusted colleague, H.P. Blavatsky. These very human differences perhaps will cause the reader to react with a smile of relief, knowing that great leaders such as these were also subject to human frailty and to times of disagreement. Old Diary Leaves gives a personal evaluation only, and is not intended to represent an official history of The Theosophical Society. Henry Steel Olcott was born on 2 August 1832 in Orange, New Jersey. In his early life he became distinguished in the field of agriculture, and then later for his services to the US Government during the Civil War. In 1874, when investigating spiritualistic phenomena for some New York newspapers, he met H.P.Blavatsky and together they became the principal founders of The Theosophical Society. He devoted the rest of his life to work for the Society and related causes. He died on 17 February, 1907 at Adyar, Madras ( now Chennai) , India.


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Old Diary Leaves – Volume I, 1874-78

490 pages | Paperback | T.P.H. Adyar, India, 2002

Olcott tells of his association with his co-founder, Madame H.P. Blavatsky, and their work together for the cause of Theosophy. He writes of their contacts with the Mahatmas, of travels in many lands, and of the growth of The Theosophical Society from its small beginnings in New York in 1875 to an expanding international movement spread through many parts of the world.
To keep intact the true flavour of the early years of the Theosophical Society, Col. Olcott’s words are presented just as he wrote them .

auteur: Olcott, H.S.
ISBN: 9788170594338
Additional DescriptionMore Details

His comments include references to occasional differences of opinion with his close and trusted colleague, H.P. Blavatsky. These very human differences perhaps will cause the reader to react with a smile of relief, knowing that great leaders such as these were also subject to human frailty and to times of disagreement. Old Diary Leaves gives a personal evaluation only, and is not intended to represent an official history of The Theosophical Society. Henry Steel Olcott was born on 2 August 1832 in Orange, New Jersey. In his early life he became distinguished in the field of agriculture, and then later for his services to the US Government during the Civil War. In 1874, when investigating spiritualistic phenomena for some New York newspapers, he met H.P.Blavatsky and together they became the principal founders of The Theosophical Society. He devoted the rest of his life to work for the Society and related causes. He died on 17 February, 1907 at Adyar, Madras ( now Chennai) , India.


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Sanskriet grammatica

181 blz. | Paperback | Olive Press, 2008

Eerste grammatica van het Sanskriet in de Nederlandse taal. Sanskriet is de klassieke taal van het oude India. De meeste oude Indiase teksten – en dat zijn er heel veel – zijn in deze taal overgeleverd. Wil men Indiase religie bestuderen, Ayur Veda of de literatuur leren kennen, dan is dit werk een onschatbare hulp. Oefen- en leerboeken zijn gepland.

auteur: Mulder, M.
ISBN: 9789077787199

Prijs: € 26,00

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Eminent Theosophists (CD-Rom)

CD Rom | T.P.H. Adyar, India, 2006

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831–91) was perhaps the greatest Occultist of the West in recent times, and an outstanding messenger who presented the Ancient Wisdom for the modern age. With little fanfare she brought to bear powerful influences on human affairs, as is exemplified in her life and works. She did not bring anything new to mankind; in fact she succeeded in the great task of communicating wisdom that is as ancient as mankind.

auteur: Anon.
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Annie Besant (1847–1933), second President of The Theosophical Society from 1907 to 1933, was described as a ‘Diamond Soul’, for she had many brilliant facets to her character. She was an outstanding orator of her time, a champion of human freedom, educationist, philanthropist, and author with more than three hundred books and pamphlets to her credit.

Henry Steel Olcott (1832–1907), President-Founder of the Theosophical Society was born on 2 August 1832 at Orange, New Jersey. Olcott came from an old English Puritan family that had been settled for many generations in the United States.

C. Jinarājadāsa (1875–1953), the fourth President of the Theosophical Society, was educated at Cambridge University, England, and was an exceptional linguist, who lectured fluently in many European languages. His wide range of interests and writings included religion, philosophy, literature, art, science and occult chemistry. He made valuable sketches and notes during the clairvoyant investigations of Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater into the structure of matter.

Charles Webster Leadbeater (1847–1934) was a highly developed clairvoyant who unfolded and perfected his psychic faculties under the guidance of his Adept-Teacher. He commenced clairvoyant investigations in 1893, on occasion collaborating with Annie Besant, the second President of The Theosophical Society, and wrote over thirty books on the spiritual life and the psychic nature of man.

N. Sri Ram (1889–1973), fifth President of The Theosophical Society from 1953 to 1973, dedicated himself to Theosophical work as a young assistant of Dr Besant. He was closely associated with her social, political and educational and other activities, and helped her in editing New India, a daily newspaper that was influential in the struggle for India’s freedom.


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Adyar Wierookstokjes – Pakje van 100 gram

Pakje, 100 gram | Adyar, India.

Adyar wierook.


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Esoteric Christianity – Or the Lesser Mysteries

245 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2006

Annie Besant, renowned esotericist and Theosophist, asserts in this title that there is a hidden or esoteric truth underlying all religions, a truth so deep and secret that until revealed we cannot truly reach the Divine. While many scholars, theologians and followers of conventional Christianity may not believe in such uniformity, people of all faiths can agree there are unknown elements of the Divine we all seek that are yet to be revealed. Esoteric Christianity shows us this hidden truth that is lacking from the traditional exoteric teachings of Christianity: the Divine does not come from an external, outside source; it is something that can only be found within ourselves.

auteur: Besant, A.
ISBN: 8780835608497
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Besant teaches that the Divine in each individual, what she refers to as the “mind of Christ” or “Christ-Soul,” is the answer to evolution itself. She explains that religions were given to the world “by men wiser than the masses of the people on whom they are bestowed” in order to quicken human evolution, which is done through the evolution of man’s moral, intellectual, and spiritual natures. Besant continues to explain that the evolution of Christianity is dependent on man’s ability to follow the occult teachings. Amongst these teachings, Besant distinguishes between the Greater Mysteries, that which cannot be revealed to the masses, and the Lesser Mysteries, the partial unveilings of knowledge meant for the greater population. She also offers the esoteric perspective behind the fundamental Christian principles we have all come to know, which include: the historical and mythic Christ, the Atonement, the Resurrection and Ascension, the Trinity, Prayer, Forgiveness of Sins, the Sacraments, and Revelation. First published in 1901, Esoteric Christianity has been updated by Richard Smoley with annotations to make it more accessible for modern readers.


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Damodar and the Pioneers of the Theosophical Movement

By Sven Eek

720 pages | Gebonden/Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, 1978

Damodar K. Mavalankar was one of India’s quiet heroes who lent luster to a spiritual civilization.
Damodar was born in 1857 at Ahmedabad in Gujarat. He belonged to a wealthy family of the Karhada Maharashtra Brahmana caste and received a sound English education to which his writings bear testimony.
In his childhood Damodar had a critical illness and the doctors despaired of his life. When the family expected him to die at any moment, the lad had a vision which made a deep impression upon him. He saw as if in a dream a glorious personage who gave him a peculiar medicine and amazingly, from that time, the boy began to recover. Some years later, while engaged in meditation, he saw the identical personage and recognized him as his saviour.

auteur: Eek, S.
ISBN: 0835670031
Additional DescriptionMore Details

At this time Damodar read a book entitled Isis Unveiled by the Co-Founder of the Theosophical Society, H.P. Blavatsky, who in 1878 had moved the Headquarters of the Society from New York to Bombay, India. This book made a powerful impression upon him, and he hastened to pay his respects to Madame Blavatsky and her associates. He found that the man who, in his vision, had thrice saved his life was one of the Adepts who had founded the Society. Damodar became a F.T.S., and for six years, until he went to Tibet, was a most active Hindu figure in the movement. As Manager of the Publishing Department of the Society, he was partly responsible for the magazine, The Theosophist. According to custom, Damodar had been betrothed while quite young. Having dedicated himself as a chela to his Teacher, the Adept Koot Hoomi, he found it impossible to take up the duties of a householder. Damodar assigned his share of the ancestral estate to his father on condition that his wife be taken care of for life. Shortly afterwards, he left for Tibet, where he was to live at his Adept-Teacher’s asrama. Although both Madame Blavatsky and one or two friends said that they had heard from him, he did not return. Madame Blavatsky once wrote to a friend: ‘… Damodar was ready from his last birth to enter the highest PATH and suspected it. He had long been waiting for the expected permission to go to Tibet before the expiration of the seven years…’ [of probation]. Damodar developed psychically so rapidly that he was able to communicate with his Teachers phenomenally and transmit letters from them to members of the Society. He was also endowed with the power to heal the sick. Evidence of this will be found in the ‘Mahatma Papers’ in the British Museum. Olcott had expected Damodar to return and become H. P. Blavatsky’s successor.


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Wat Doe JIJ met je Leven?! – Jonge Mensen en Relaties, Opleiding, Toekomstig Werk en de Zin van Je Leven

Door Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986), vertaald door Peter Roelofsen.

199 Pagina’s | Eerste druk 2003, tweede druk 2004 | Softcover | Ank-Hermes B.V., Deventer | ISBN: 9020283006.

Engels origineel: What Are You Doing With Your Life? | Published in 2005 | Krishnamurti Foundation of America | ISBN: 8187326352.

Wat doe jij met je leven? Een vraag die je jezelf bij uitstek stelt in de periode waarin (nog) niet alles vastligt, waarin het leven nog voor je ligt als een belofte, als een gigantisch reservoir van mogelijkheden. Het leven zelf nodigt je uit keuzes te maken. Op allerlei terreinen – relaties, familie, school, werk, de maatschappij, de wereld – zijn er uitdagingen, soms zo veel dat wie het niet meer weten.

In deze tijd mag ieder zelf bepalen hoe hij of zij zijn of haar leven wilt inrichten. Dit boek wil je behulpzaam zijn bij het zoeken van je eigen weg. Het biedt momenten van reflectie en bezinning, van even tijdloos stilstaan bij de dingen, die er zijn en je laten inspireren door de ruimte tussen de woorden.

Afkomstig uit Hoofdstuk I – ‘Wat ben je; 6. Wat je bent is de wereld’ (blz. 18 & 19):

” Wat is de relatie tussen jou en de ellende, de verwarring in je en om je heen? Deze verwarring en ellende zijn er ongetwijfeld niet vanzelf gekomen. Jij en ik hebben ze gemaakt, niet een kapitalistische, communistische of fascistische maatschappij, maar jij en ik in onze relatie met elkaar hebben ze gemaakt. Wat je vanbinnen bent, is naar buiten geprojecteerd op de wereld. Wat je bent, wat je denkt en wat je voelt, wat je in je dagelijkse bestaan doet, wordt naar buiten geprojecteerd en dat vormt de wereld. […] Wat je bent is de wereld, Jouw probleem is dus het probleem van de wereld. Dat is toch zeker een eenvoudig en fundamenteel feit, waar of niet? In onze relatie met de enkeling of met velen, zien we we dat kennelijk iedere keer weer over het hoofd. We willen voor verandering zorgen door middel van een systeem of een revolutie in ideeen, die gebaseerd zijn op een systeem, waarbij we vergeten dat jij en ik de samenleving maken en er verwarring of orde scheppen door onze manier van leven.

auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 9020283006
Additional DescriptionMore Details

J. Krishnamurti heeft in talloze gesprekken met mensen afkomstig uit verschillende culturen en milieus, getracht antwoorden te vinden. Krishnamurti doet dat op zijn onnavolgbare en onbevooroordeelde manier, vooral door vragen te stellen. Zijn redeneringen zijn helder en voor iedereen te volgen. Ze zijn doortrokken van een groot respect voor het individu en de uniekheid van ieder mens en verwerpen iedere autoriteit buiten onszelf. In deze tijd mag ieder zelf bepalen hoe hij of zij zijn of haar leven wil inrichten. Dit boek wil je behulpzaam zijn bij het zoeken van je eigen weg. Het biedt momenten van reflectie en bezinning, van even tijdloos stilstaan bij de dingen die er zijn en je laten inspireren door de ruimte tussen de woorden.


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Het begint bij jou – De weg naar vrede

159 blz. | Paperback | Inspiread, 2010

In Het begint bij jou legt Krishnamurti ons uit dat oorlog en vernietiging voortkomen uit de misplaatste waarde die wij hechten aan ons zelf en aan individualiteit. Dit leidt tot agressie, competitie, hebzucht en conflicten. Als we erkennen dat ons bewustzijn niet individueel is, kunnen we vol wederzijds begrip en compassie samenwerken. Het inzicht dat je verbonden bent met anderen is de eerste stap naar vrede. Die eerste stap moet worden genomen door jou.

auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 9789045312347
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Jiddu Krishnamurti groeide vanuit zijn kleine geboortedorp in India uit tot een van de invloedrijkste spirituele denkers van de twintigste eeuw. Hij leert ons dat we om wereldvrede te bereiken allereerst vrede moeten sluiten met onszelf. Geen spiritueel pad, geestelijk leider of persoonlijke of politieke filosofie zal ons hierbij begeleiden. Bij de transformatie van onze geest, een verandering in ons denken, staan we alleen: het is een weg die eenieder voor zichzelf moet bepalen en bewandelen.

Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) is een van de meest revolutionaire denkers van de twintigste eeuw. Ondanks zijn verwerping van alle vormen van spirituele leer en dogmas kreeg hij een enorme aanhang en werd hij een van s werelds meest gelezen geestelijk leiders. Hij heeft meer dan zeventig boeken op zijn naam staan.


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Krishnamurti over Krishnamurti – ‘Krishnamurti’s Notebook’

Door Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986).

288 Pagina’s | Eerste druk 2004 | Synthese, een imprint van Milinda Uitgevers B.V. | ISBN: 9789062719792.

‘ Krishnamurti’s Notebook is a spiritual treasure. The words inside offer the intimate spirit of a truly remarkable presence, poetic, gracious, vast as the sky and wonderfully wise.’ – Jack Kornfield (auteur).

‘ This Notebook, with its matter-of-fact descriptions of Krishnamurti’s almost daily experiences of mystical states, was a privilege to read. In the past, I have found Krishnamurti’s ideas hard to grasp, no doubt because I was trying to grasp them. But this Notebook seems sometimes to paralyze my thought and allow Krishnamurti to work on me on a deeper level. ‘ – John Cleese (auteur).

auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 9789062719792
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Toen in 1976 de 1e druk verscheen van Krishnamurti’s Notebook (in 1981 vertaald met als Nederlandse titel “Aantekeningen”) was direct al duidelijk dat dit een uniek spiritueel document was waarin Krishnamurti zijn waarnemingen, ervaringen en bewustzijnstoestanden beschrijft. Het bleek geen gewoon dagboek, omdat het nauwelijks ingaat op de dagelijkse dingen in het leven van alledag maar veel meer aantekeningen bevat over zijn persoonlijke spirituele ontwikkeling en de grote betrokkenheid met het leven op aarde. Krishnamurti beschrijft zijn bijna dagelijkse maar altijd onverwachte spirituele gemoedstoestanden die – zoals hij aangeeft – gepaard gingen met fysieke pijnen en die van grote betekenis bleken te zijn voor zijn wijze levenslessen. Bij de eerste druk werd er vanuit gegaan dat deze met de hand geschreven teksten compleet waren. In 2000 werden 32 nieuwe handgeschreven aantekeningen gevonden die volledig aansloten bij de eerdere teksten en het beeld van de innerlijke beroeringen van Krishnamurti compleet maakten.


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A Dictionary of Western Alchemy

By Jordan Stratford, with a Foreword by Jeffrey S. Kupperman, Ph.D.

135 Pages | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835608978.

‘ And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places. ‘ – Isa, 45:3 (King James Version).

From Arabic al-kimia (of Egypt) and old Egyptian khem (black, fertile soil), alchemy is the ancient science of elements and interactions in both the natural and spiritual realms. Spanning 2.500 years and informed by Hermetic and Neoplatonist influences, it has been practiced in the classical Greco-Roman world, medieval Europe and the medieval Middle-East and Orient, and in current esoteric circles.

From page 40:

” This is true and remote from all cover of falsehood.

Whatever is below is similar to that which is above. Through this the marvels of the work of one thing are procured and perfected.

Also, as all things are made from one, by the consideration of one, so all things were made from this one, by conjunction.

The father of it is the sun, the mother the moon.

The wind bore it in the womb, the nurse is the earth, the mother of all perfection. 

Its power is perfected if it is turned into earth.

Separate the earth from the fire, the subtle and thin from the crude and coarse, prudently, with modesty and wisdom. 

This ascents from the earth into the sky and again descends from the sky to the earth, and receives the power and efficacy of things above and of things below.

By this means you will acquire the glory of the whole world, and so you will drive away all shadows and blindness. 

For this by its fortitude snatches the palm from all other fortitude and power. For it is able to penetrate and subdue everything subtle and everything crude and hard. 

By this means the world was founded

And hence the marvelous conjunctions of it and admirable effects, since this is the way by which these marvels may be brought about. 

And because of this they called me Hermes Trismegistus, since I have the three parts of the wisdom and Philosophy of the whole universe.

My speech is finished which I have spoken concerning the Solar Work. “

From: The Emerald Tablet.

auteur: Stratford, Jordan
ISBN: 9780835608978
Additional DescriptionMore Details

This concise dictionary of alchemy provides clear access to one of the major roots of Western esoteric thought. Alchemists have three main pursuits: the transmutation of base metals into gold by means of the Lapis Philosophorum, the Philosopher’s Stone; the concoction of the Elixir of Life, a universal medicine; and the reconciliation between spirit and matter and direct knowledge of the Divine. The Dictionary of Western Alchemy contains the definition and etymology of hundreds of words and symbols, all relating to these three noble pursuits. Subjects include alchemical processes and procedures, the natural elements and apparatus used, major practitioners and philosophers, and concepts and beliefs. Distinguishing this guide from similar ones is the addition of etymology, which connects the language of alchemy to its Latin, Greek, and Arabic sources. Symbolic pictographs accompany half of the over four hundred entries, and a fascinating illustration from the long tradition of alchemical art introduces each letter of the alphabet. Most important is the author Jordan Stratford’s unique perspective as both a modern Gnostic priest and a Freemason. He brings to bear extensive knowledge of the depth psychology of C. G. Jung, who based his key concept of individuation on the premise that what the ancient alchemists truly sought was inner transformation.


Prijs: € 19,95

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Als Twee Vrienden (Talks Amsterdam 1981)

Door Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986), vertaald door H.W. Methorst, herzien door Hans van der Kroft.

66 Pagina’s | Eerste druk 1981, 5de druk 2014 | Softcover | Synthese Uitgevers, Rotterdam | ISBN: 9789062710768.

In het najaar van 1981 kwam Krishnamurti, na ruim tien jaar niet in Nederland te zijn geweest, nog een keer naar Amsterdam. Hij trok, zoals gebruikelijk, een indrukwekkende schare van belangstellenden en al enkele weken later verscheen de vertaalde tekst van zijn twee toespraken in druk. Deze nieuwe uitgave van die tekst zal duidelijk maken, dat Krishnamurti ook in de eindfase van zijn leven niets aan zeggingskracht had verloren.

Waarom zijn wij mensen er niet in geslaagd het probleem van menselijke relaties tot een bevredigende oplossing te brengen?’ is een van de eerste vragen waarmee Krishnamurti deze twee toespraken in Amsterdam begon. En vervolgens gaf hij een pakkend en bondig overzicht van de ontzaglijke dreiging van de economisch-politieke crises, de geweldige ontplooiing van het denken in technische zin – terwijl juist het denken de problemen, die het zou willen oplossen zelf geschapen heeft – en van kwesties van liefde en van dood. ‘Meditatie’, zei hij, ‘is niet een methode om iets te verkrijgen of iets te bereiken; meditatie is orde scheppen in ons leven door af te rekenen met tegenstrijdigheden’.

Afkomstig uit Toespraak I (p. 17):

” We hebben dus allemaal dezelfde basis, ons bewustzijn. Dat bewustzijn hebben we allemaal met elkaar gemeen. Daarom zijn we ook geen individuele mensen. Denk daar eens goed over na! We zijn er zowel op school als door de godsdienst in getraind en toe opgevoed te geloven dat wij individuele mensen zijn, afzonderlijke zielen, die ieder voor zich iets nastreven. Maar dat is een waanidee, want ons bewustzijn hebben we met heel de mensheid gemeen. Daarom zijn wij de mensheid. We zijn geen afzonderlijke, voor zichzelf opkomende individuele mensen. Dat is een kwestie van redelijkheid, van logica, van gezond verstand. We zijn geen afzonderlijke wezens met een eigen, afzonderlijke psychische inhoud, die om het eigen bestaan worstelen. Nee, ieder van ons is werkelijk de rest van de mensheid. “

auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 9789062710768
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Maar Krishnamurti was wel een vriend die zijn gesprekspartners onomwonden de waarheid zei. Niet ten onrechte werd hij wel aangeduid als de belangrijkste beeldenstormer van de twintigste eeuw. De beelden die hij bestormde zijn de naar zijn inzicht verstarde denkbeelden en meningen waarmee de mens zich heeft verschanst in een burcht van beperkende regels en systemen, die er vooral op gericht zijn het eigenbelang veilig te stellen.


Prijs: € 12,75

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Christian Gnosis

368 pages | Paperback | Quest books, 2011

“Because we are still comparatively unevolved, any god that we could fully understand would not be much of a god.”
—Charles W. Leadbeater
In Christian Gnosis, Charles W. Leadbeater reveals the inner teachings of early Christianity while supplying additional insight from a clairvoyant’s perspective.

auteur: Leadbeater, C.W.
ISBN: 9780835608954
Additional DescriptionMore Details

After he joined the Theosophical Society and became Presiding Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church, Leadbeater continued to rise as a prolific author. His writings have influenced modern ideas about the occult more than any other writer, and his ideas have formed the basis for many contemporary spiritual and intellectual movements, which include being an inspiration for Kandinsky and Mondrian. As a former Anglican minister, Leadbeater always sought to reveal the lost nature of the holy sacraments and the Christian mysteries back to the people. He was a remarkable man who achieved both notoriety and fame, he made the most amazing claims for himself: he could, he said, communicate with angels, saints and gods; penetrate the cosmos and the atom with his clairvoyant gaze; and trace the history of the earth by psychic perception. At the heart of this book is a message for open-mindedness and a new attitude toward the idea of sin and human-kind’s purpose during their time on earth. Leadbeater’s approach and writing style has always been considered to be approachable to the common person, and this book is no exception. He begins by discussing the true nature of the God-head and exactly what it means that human beings are made in His image. Throughout the text he touches upon everything from angels, hell, the crucifixion, Our Lady, and the visions of St. John. Prepare yourself for an enlightening revelation. Christianity, as the western world has come to presume, is much deeper than the common public has led themselves to believe.


Prijs: € 20,95

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Commentaries on Living, Series 2

242 blz. | Paperback | Quest Books, 1997

Krishnamurti’s essential message is that to find truth, we must go beyond the limits of ordinary thought. In public talks worldwide, he strove to free listeners from conventional beliefs and psychological mind-sets in order to understand what is.

This second volume of the 3-part series includes discussions of creative happiness, devotion, worship, the fear of death, karma and an experience of bliss.

auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 9780835604154
Additional DescriptionMore Details

This 3-volume series records his meetings with individual seekers from all walks of life, during which he comments on the struggles common to those who work to break the boundaries of personality and self-limitation. Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986) was a world-renowned speaker and spiritual leader. He authored over thirty books including The First and Last Freedom, the three part series Commentaries on Living, and the well-known classic, At the Feet of the Master. Quest has also published two books about this famous figure, The Inner Life of Krishnamurti and Krishnamurti:Two Birds on One Tree.


Prijs: € 16,95

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The Inner Life of Krishnamurti: Private Passion and Perennial Wisdom

By Aryel Sanat.

324 Pages | Published in 1999 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 083560781X.

Dutch translation: Het Innerlijke Leven van Krishnamurti | Published in 2005 | Softcover | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN: 9789061750857.

The real story of Krishnamurti’s inner life is shown to have critical implications for our understanding of Krishnamurti’s life and ideas and for our views of Theosophy, Buddhism, the teachings of Gurdjieff – indeed, the entirety of contemporary spiritual thought.

auteur: Sanat, A.
ISBN: 083560781X
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Aryel Sanat’s meticulously researched and cogently argued exploration of Krishnamurti’s inner life and experiences explodes a number of popular myths about Krishnamurti, particularly that he denied the existence of the Theosophical Masters and disdained the esoteric side of the spiritual path. Rather, Sanat persuasively demonstrates, Krishnamurti had a rich and intense esoteric life. Moreover, the truths of the Ancient Wisdom, as revealed through the Masters, were a reality to Krishnamurti every day of his life, from his boyhood until his death. Aryel Sanat has lectured on and written about Krishnamurti and related subjects for thirty years. In addition to his work as an editor and translator, he has taught philosophy, logic, and humanities at the University of Miami.


Prijs: € 17,50

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Niet in Tempels – Laatste Toespraken in Bombay, 1985

By Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986), vertaald door Hans van der Kroft.

94 Pagina’s | Eerste druk 2011 | Softcover | Synthese, een imprint van Milinda Uitgevers | ISBN: 9789062710966.

Engels origineel: That Benediction is where You are – The last Bombay talks 1985 | Uitgegeven in 2001 | Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd., Hampshire, England | ISBN: 978-8187326281.

Niet in Tempels bevat de vier laatste toespraken die Krishnamurti in februari 1985 in Bombay hield. Hij zou er, zoals zijn gewoonte was, ook in 1986 hebben gesproken, als de ziekte, waar hij in februari 1986 aan zou bezwijken, hem dat niet had belet. In januari 1986 vertrok hij van Madras rechtstreeks naar Ojai in Californie, waar hij op 17 februari overleed. De toespraken in dit boek onderscheiden zich door de ongebruikelijke gezichtspunten en nuances waarmee Krishnamurti de psychologische kwesties die hij besprak benadert. De inhoud en de toon van de laatste toespraak hebben iets schrijnends, als Krishnamurti er bij ons op aandringt te beseffen dat we ons leven verspillen, doordat we ons niet bevrijden van onze gekwetstheden, conflicten, angsten en verdriet, maar blijven hangen in het kleine wereldje van onze gespecialiseerdheid.

Afkomstig uit ‘Vierde Toespraak’ (blz. 93 & 94):

” Een lendendoek omdoen, bedelend rondtrekken of in een klooster gaan – dat is niet het religieuze leven. Het religieuze leven begint als er geen conflict is, als je dat besef van liefde hebt. Dan kun je van een ander houden, van je vrouw of van je man, maar dan is dat een liefde, waaraan alle mensen deel hebben. Ze wordt niet aan maar een persoon gegeven en dus is ze niet beperkt. Daarom, als je er met heel je gevoel, met heel je verstand, met alles wat je in je hebt, aan geeft, dan is er iets dat alle tijd te boven gaat. En er is de zegening, die daarvan uitgaat. Niet in tempels, niet in kerken, niet in moskeeën. Die zegening is waar je bent. “


auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 9789062710966
Additional DescriptionMore Details

De inhoud en de toon van de laatste toespraak hebben iets schrijnends, als Krishnamurti er bij ons op aandringt te beseffen dat we ons leven verspillen doordat we ons niet bevrijden van onze gekwetstheden, conflicten, angsten en verdriet, maar blijven hangen in het kleine wereldje van onze gespecialiseerdheid. ‘Die bevrijding’, zegt hij, ‘is de eerste stap, die meteen ook de laatste is.’ En hij besluit deze toespraak met de woorden: ‘Als je je hier met heel je gevoel, met heel je verstand, met alles wat je in je hebt, aan geeft, dan is er iets dat alle tijd te boven gaat. Er is de zegening die daarvan uitgaat. Niet in tempels, niet in kerken, niet in moskeeën. Die zegening is daar waar je bent.’


Prijs: € 11,50

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Wilde beesten in de filosofische woestijn – Filosofen over telepathie en andere buitengewone ervaringen

187 blz. | Paperback | Uitgeverij Ten Have, 2011

Wetenschappers nemen ‘paranormale ervaringen’ nauwelijks serieus. Vroeger was dat anders. Het concept ‘paranormaal’ bestond niet eens. Voor filosofen als Kant, Schopenhauer en Bergson waren het hooguit bijzondere, intrigerende ervaringen. William James, die uitgebreid studie maakte van spiritistische mediums, noemde ze ‘wilde beesten in de filosofische woestijn’.

auteur: Dongen, H. van/Gerding, H./Sneller, R.
ISBN: 9789025959463
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Dit boek maakt duidelijk dat voor veel filosofen – van Kant tot Derrida – omstreden verschijnselen als telepathie en helderziendheid een serieus studieobject vormen. De auteurs bestuderen veelzeggende teksten van filosofen die tot nu toe weinig aandacht kregen. Ze laten zien hoe elk van deze denkers op eigen wijze een serieuze interpretatie probeerde te geven van zulke ervaringen, die op het eerste gezicht ons begrip te boven lijken te gaan. Dr. Hein van Dongen is filosofisch consulent, docent en onderzoeker voor diverse instellingen. Prof.dr. Hans Gerding is directeur van het Parapsychologisch Instituut te Utrecht en bijzonder hoogleraar Metafysica in de geest van de theosofie aan het Instituut voor Wijsbegeerte van de Universiteit Leiden. Dr. Rico Sneller is universitair docent Wijsgerige ethiek aan het Leids Instituut voor Godsdienstwetenschappen.


Prijs: € 17,90

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Illusie en Werkelijkheid

Door Dr. Jacobus Johannes van der Leeuw (1893 – 1934).

237 Pagina’s | Uitgegeven in 2011 | Hardcover | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN: 9789061758006.

Engels origineel: The Conquest of Illusion | Uitgegeven in 1928, herdruk door Kessinger Publications 2010 | LL.D., Alfred A. Knopf, New York and London | ISBN: 9781161388084.

In Illusie en Werkelijkheid houdt J.J. van der Leeuw een onvermoeibaar pleidooi voor de filosofie van de ervaring. Deze filosofie gaat niet uit van een theoretisch model van de werkelijkheid, maar van het subjectieve principe ‘dit heb ik gezien, dus weet ik.’ De grote drijfveer achter de filosofie van de ervaring behoort, naast oprechte verwondering, een verlangen te zijn om de wezenlijke aard van onze wereld te leren kennen. Dit verlangen naar waarheid is een heilige aspiratie.

Van der Leeuw beschrijft in 11 hoofdstukken de illusies, waarmee de mens te maken heeft in zijn kijk op en worsteling met de wereld, op zoek naar waarheid. Het is duidelijk, dat de wereld, die hij waarneemt niet de wereld is, maar zijn wereld, door hemzelf geschapen. De werkelijke wereld kan pas worden gekend als de mens al zijn illusies en denkbeelden heeft overwonnen. In menig opzicht sluit Van der Leeuws benaderingswijze aan op de visie, zoals uitgedragen door Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986), met wie de auteur van dit boek bevriend was. Van der Leeuw gaat in op de dualiteit van geest en materie, het mysterie van het begin van de schepping, het kwaad in de wereld, de vrijheid van de wil en de onsterfelijkheid van de ziel. Verder bespreekt hij het onderscheid tussen intuïtie en intellect, en geeft hij een analyse van de werelden van verschil tussen het relatieve en het Absolute.

Afkomstig uit Hoofdstuk 11 – ‘In het Licht van het Eeuwige’ (blz. 232):

” De beschilderde sluier, door hen die er waren, leven genoemd,
Die een nabootsing was, als met kleuren lukraak besmeerd,
Waarin alle mensen geloofden en waarop zij hun hoop hadden gevestigd, wordt opzij getrokken;
Het weerzinwekkende masker is gevallen, de mens blijft,
Zonder scepter, vrij, onbegrensd, maar aan een ieder
Gelijk, zonder klasse, zonder stam, en zonder natie,
Ontheven van ontzag, aanbidding en graad, koning(in)
Over zichzelf; rechtvaardig, zachtmoedig en wijs: maar
Zonder hartstocht? Nee, niettemin vrij van schuld of pijn
Die voor zijn wil waren gemaakt of waaronder hij heeft geleden,
Nochtans niet vrij, hoewel over hen regerend als waren zij slaven,
Van toeval, en de dood, en wisselvalligheid, niet vrij van
De belemmeringen van datgene wat zich anders boven
De hoogste ster van een onbeklommen hemel zou kunnen verheffen,
Als het duistere toppunt in de intense leegt.
‘De mens blijft’, en in hem wordt het geheim van de Werkelijkheid gevonden . . . “

auteur: Leeuw, J.J. van der
ISBN: 9789061758006
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Van der Leeuw beschrijft in 11 hoofdstukken de illusies waarmee de mens te maken heeft in zijn kijk op en in zijn worsteling met de wereld, op zoek naar waarheid. Het is duidelijk dat de wereld die hij waarneemt niet de wereld is, maar zijn wereld, door hemzelf geschapen. De werkelijke wereld kan pas worden gekend als de mens al zijn illusies en denkbeelden heeft overwonnen. In menig opzicht sluit Van der Leeuws benaderingswijze aan op de visie zoals uitgedragen door Jiddu Krishnamurti, met wie de auteur van dit boek bevriend was. Van der Leeuw gaat in op de dualiteit van geest en materie, het mysterie van het begin van de schepping, het kwaad in de wereld, de vrijheid van de wil en de onsterfelijkheid van de ziel. Verder bespreekt hij het onderscheid tussen intuïtie en intellect, en geeft hij een analyse van de wereld van verschil tussen het relatieve en het Absolute.


Prijs: € 23,50

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Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom – A Commentary on “The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett”

600 pages, Index and  Bibliography | Gebonden/Hardcover | Quest Books 2010

As K.H. so often counseled Sinnett: awaken your intuition, for intuition as the Mahatma wrote in Letter 49 is the key to occult knowledge. The letters, while written over a century ago, are still all living, breathing, vital testament to the existence of a Fraternity, a Brotherhood, singularly devoted to the amelioration of the present human condition of pain and sorrow…the letters invite us to share in some small measure the wisdom of which they are the custodians.
Joy Mills

Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom is the most comprehensive, pensive discussion of the Mahatma Letters since they were first published in 1923. The famed Mahatma Letters, a series of responses to A.P. Sinnett’s queries, controversial as they may be, continue to amaze and bewilder readers with their enigmatic, supernatural ambience!

auteur: Mills, J.
ISBN: 9780835608855
Additional DescriptionMore Details

In 1875 Madame Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society at the request of her occult teachers, whom she endearingly referred to as the “Mahatmas”, an ancient Sanskrit term meaning “Great Souls”. Blavatsky was clear to point out that the Mahatmas, also referred to as Masters and Adepts, were fully mortal men who through painstaking training and service, had evolved their highest psychic faculties. These teachers, whom Blavatsky claimed were among the Universal Brotherhood devoted to the spiritual evolution of humanity, were also the source of her remarkable and vastly extensive occult education. Blavatsky’s own psychic and paranormal feats astonished onlookers of her day, but it was the tremendous wisdom, compassion, and blunt honesty of her Mahatmas that invoked such ardent curiosity in Mr. Sinnett. The words of these mysterious Mahatmas continue to draw and inspire seekers on the quest for spiritual truth into this present day. Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom comes to us from one of Theosophy’s most respected and beloved veterans, Joy Mills! Joy brilliantly sheds new and profound insight into these 140 plus letters that first astounded Western society over a century ago. Her beautiful, intricate volume of heartfelt observations sequentially covers each of the Mahatma letters, highlighting messages most relevant for today. As Ed Abdill remarks, “In the spirit of a true Theosophist, Joy does not attempt to give us final answers. She asks questions of herself and suggests that we might ask ourselves the same questions.” Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom is an invaluable addition to any esoteric researcher’s library; a remarkable gift of inspiration for Theosophists, philosophical seekers, and researchers far and wide. Read Samples Table of ContentsForeword Endorsements Joy Mills has made the Letters more accessible to me than at any time since I discovered them at age nineteen. Not only does she give the Letters a place in history and in the spiritual history of each of us who providentially stumbles upon them, Mills does a remarkable job of letting us in on the personalities of both the Adepts and their endearingly mortal correspondents. Yes, this is a serious tome dealing with nothing less than the meaning of life, and yet, for those of us for whom the meaning of life is endlessly fascinating, it reads like a novel. —Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life, Lit from Within and Shelter for the Spirit The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett is “an essential part of the foundational literature” of modern Theosophy and a source of surprising insights into the realities of life. Joy Mills, a life-long student of the subject, is the most qualified living person to comment on these letters, which call us “to undertake the journey” to “timeless truths.” —John Algeo A new book by Joy Mills is always an occasion for celebration among serious students of Theosophy. Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom, the fruit of many years of studying and teaching The Mahatma Letters, can be expected to remain a definitive work on this basic theosophical text for many years to come. Both those coming to the Letters for the first time, and advanced students who enjoy a long familiarity with them, will find much here to stimulate thought and deeper insight. —Robert Ellwood, Ph.D., author of Frodo’s Quest and The Cross and the Grail Joy Mills’ commentary, Reflections on an Ancient Wisdom, brings invaluable insight and clarity to the mysterious letters of the Himalayan adepts who helped found the worldwide Theosophical Society. While shedding new light on the Perennial Philosophy, Mills shows how the letters illumine the sometimes strange, demanding world of Occultism, where unconditional love, compassion, and an uncompromising search for Truth reign supreme. —Maria Parisen, director, Krotona School of Theosophy Joy Mills has been a member of The Theosophical Society since 1940. She has served as President of the Theosophical Society in America, General Secretary of the Australian Section, and International Vice-President. She has lectured in more than 50 countries, and worked as Director of the Krotona Institute of Theosophy, in Ojai, California.


Prijs: € 41,95

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The Secret Doctrine Commentaries – The Unpublished 1889 Instructions

700 pages, Index | Gebonden/Hardcover | I.S.I.S. Foundation, 2010

Immediately after The Secret Doctrine was published, Blavatsky assembled a small group of students, at the Blavatsky Lodge in London, for more in depth inquiry and study of the ideas in the book.

The Secret Doctrine Commentaries contains the never before published transcription of the shorthand notes of these Blavatsky Lodge meetings. Here is Blavatsky in dialogue with her students: Provocative, insightful, spontaneous, and inspiring of the deeper meaning. It offers a unique opportunity to read Blavatsky’s direct, prescient answers to questions on Cosmogenesis, Fohat, the infinitude of the Atom, the nature of Consciousness etc., giving the reader the impression of participating in these Blavatsky Lodge meetings themselves.

auteur: Blavatsky, H.P./Gomes, M. (ed.)
ISBN: 9789070163662
Additional DescriptionMore Details

The well known theosophical historian and researcher Michael Gomes has conscientiously transcribed and annotated the hand- written transcription of this text, which had been forgotten for many years. Only an abridged version of the initial meetings had been published. Here for the first time is Blavatsky’s direct teaching on The Secret Doctrine with her students, imbued with her humor, insight, and wisdom. The hitherto unpublished instructions in this book hold invaluable insight into Blavatsky’s method and wisdom and carries us to deeper discoveries within of the mystery of her Secret Doctrine. Amongst Michael Gomes’ publications are numerous books, articles and papers on the history of the Theosophical Movement, and two abridgements of Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. He is also the author of Theosophy in the Nineteenth Century: An Annotated Bibliography, The Dawning of the Theosophical Movement and HPB Teaches, a one volume anthology of her articles published for her death centenary in 1991. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) in the latter part of the 19th century brought to the world a renewal of the Ancient Wisdom presented through a “synthesis of philosophy, religion and science.” In 1888 her masterpiece, The Secret Doctrine, was published where she outlines with clarity and insight – guided by its source, the ancient Stanzas of Dzyan – the origin and development of the universe and humanity.


Prijs: € 59,00

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The Wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – A New Translation and Guide

By R. Ravindra

236 pages, Glossary | Gebonden/Hardcover | Morning Light Press, 2009

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the most authoritative classical text of yoga, is a teaching from the highest spiritual vision, that of a still mind. In this book Ravi Ravindra draws from the wisdom of many traditions as he explores the implications of the teaching in the Yoga Sutras.

auteur: Ravindra, R.
ISBN: 9781596750258
Additional DescriptionMore Details

With a lucid translation, a luminous commentary and helpful practical suggestions, Ravindra invites the readers to engage with the questions which arise from the text as an aid to self-study and to relate the teaching to their daily lives.

Ravi Ravindra writes with the authority and clarity of a spiritual master. Whether writing about Christianity, Buddhism or the teaching of Krishnamurti, he brings deep insight. Now he has clearly and admirably presented the Yoga Sutras. It will raise many questions for thoughtful readers. Highly recommended.” –Sri TKV Desikachar, author of The Heart of Yoga


Prijs: € 15,95

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De Chakra’s

By Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854 – 1934).

126 Pagina’s | Eerste druk 1931, zevende druk 2007 | Softcover | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN: 9789061750741.

Dit is de Nederlandse vertaling van het Engels origineel: The Chakras – The Original Monograph based on Clairvoyant Investigations | First edition 1927, 15th reprint 2006 | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar. | ISBN: 8170590582.

De Chakra’s is gebaseerd op zeer zorgvuldige helderziende waarnemingen van het zogenaamde etherische of levenslichaam dat het fysieke lichaam van de mens omhult. Het legt verband met Indiase geschriften waarin beschrijvingen van deze centra voorkomen. Bovendien bevat het een aantal unieke kleurenillustraties van de chakra’s, die op aanwijzing van de helderziende auteur zijn samengesteld.

Sinds dit werk in 1927 voor het eerst verscheen is het in vele landen een bestseller geworden. Deze editie is geheel herzien en opnieuw vormgegeven. C.W. Leadbeater was een bekend theosofisch auteur, die in zijn vele boeken beschrijvingen gaf van zijn eigen helderziende waarnemingen.

Afkomstig van bladzijde 17:

” De chakra’s of krachtcentra zijn verbindingspunten, waardoor een kracht van het ene voertuig of lichaam van de mens naar het andere stroomt. Ieder, die maar een geringe graad van helderziendheid bezit kan ze gemakkelijk in het etherisch dubbel zien, waar zij zich vertonen als op schotels gelijkende inzinkingen of draaikolken aan de oppervlakte. Wanneer zij nog volkomen onontwikkeld zijn, lijken zij op cirkeltjes van ongeveer vijf centimeter middellijn, die bij de gewone mens dof lichten; wanneer zij echter zijn opgewekt en belevendigd zijn, ziet men ze als vlammende, flonkerende draaikolken, die zeer in grootte zijn toegenomen en op kleine zonnen lijken. “

auteur: Leadbeater, C.W.
ISBN: 9789061750741
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Dit boek is wereldwijd het best verkochte theosofische werk van de afgelopen eeuw. Leadbeater werkte voor het eerst een begrijpelijke terminologie uit over de chakra’s – al het daarop volgende werk is op zijn pionierswerk gebaseerd. Het boek bevat een aantal unieke kleurenillustraties van de chakra’s, die op aanwijzing van de helderziende auteur zijn samengesteld. De belangstelling voor oosterse filosofie is nog steeds groeiende. De hierin voorkomende visie op de mens is voor velen een welkom alternatief voor het materialistische mensbeeld. Vooral over de innerlijke opbouw van de mens is in de oosterse filosofie veel bekend. Tot de meest aansprekende onderwerpen op dit gebied behoren de chakra’s of energiecentra in de mens, die van groot belang zijn voor zowel zijn lichamelijke gezondheid als zijn geestelijk evenwicht.


Prijs: € 15,75

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Rebirth of the Occult Tradition – How the Secret Doctrine of H.P. Blavatsky was written

By Boris M. de Zirkoff (1902–1981).

78 Pages | First edition 1977, reprint 1990 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 0835675351.

Dutch translation: Aan de Bron van de Occulte Traditie – Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN 9061750490.

This publication represents an historical introduction to the Two-Volume 1978 Edition of The Secret Doctrine. The epoch-making work known as The Secret Doctrine is the magnum opus of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 – 1891). Its subtitle is: ‘The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy’.

The First Volume of The Secret Doctrine came off the Press on 20 October 1888. This fact is recorded by Richard Harte, then in London, and about to leave for India. In a set of the original edition (first printing), now in the archives of the present writer, there is, on the half-title page, a note in blue pencil signed by Richard Harte, which says:

” This is the first copy ever issued. I got it from Printer by special Messenger on the morning of the 20 Oct. ’88 as I was leaving the house 17 Lansdowne Road, with Col. Olcott for India (Col. went personally via Naples), The Second Vol. followed me to India. “ – R.H.



auteur: Zirkoff, B. de
ISBN: 0835675351

Prijs: € 6,81

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The Dream that never Dies – Boris de Zirkoff Speaks Out On Theosophy


auteur: Zrkoff, B. de/Small, E. (comp., ed.)
ISBN: 0913004456

Prijs: € 15,00

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Aan de Bron van de Occulte Traditie

By Boris M. de Zirkoff (1902–1981).

100 Pagina’s | Uitgegeven in 1977 | Softcover | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN 9061750490.

English original: Rebirth of the Occult Tradition – How the Secret Doctrine of H.P. Blavatsky was written – The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 0835675351.

Dit werk is geschreven als historische inleiding op de editie van The Secret Doctrine die werd uitgegeven als onderdeel van de Collected Writings of H.P. Blavatsky.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky werd op 31 juli 1831 te Ekaterinoslaw in Zuid-Rusland geboren. Al vroeg besefte ze dat ze voorbeschikt was om haar leven te wijden aan de studie en toepassing van het occultisme. In 1851 ontmoette ze voor het eerst haar geestelijke leraar, Meester Morya. Hij sprak met haar over het werk dat haar wachtte, waarna ze zijn leiding aanvaardde zowel bij haar innerlijke ontwikkeling als bij haar openbaar werk.

Na vele omzwervingen, waarbij ze o.a. Tibet bezocht, stichtte ze in New York met Henry Steel Olcott (1832 – 1907), William Quan Judge (1851 – 1896) en negentien anderen The Theosophical Society. Hier schreef ze ook Isis Unveiled. Op verzoek van een aantal goede vrienden vestigde ze zich in 1887 in London, waar ze The Secret Doctrine voltooide. Dit boek zag in 1888 het licht. H.P. Blavatsky stierf in London op 8 mei 1891.

Behalve haar hoofdwerken en talloze tijdschriftartikelen, moeten nog genoemd worden haar Sleutel tot de Theosofie en De Stem van de Stilte. Zoals elders vermeld, verschijnt haar hele oeuvre in H.P. Blavatsky, Collected Writings, verzorgd door Boris de Zirkoff.

auteur: Zirkoff, B. de
ISBN: 9061750490
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky werd op 31 juli 1831 te Ekaterinoslav in Zuid-Rusland geboren. Al vroeg besefte ze dat ze voorbeschikt was om haar leven te wijden aan de studie en de toepassing van het occultisme. In 1851 ontmoette ze voor het eerst haar geestelijke leraar, Meester Morya. Hij sprak met haar over het werk dat haar wachtte, waarna ze zijn leiding aanvaardde zowel bij haar innerlijke ontwikkeling als bij haar openbaar werk. Na vele omzwervingen, waarbij ze o.a. Tibet bezocht, stichtte ze in New York met H.S. Olcott, W.Q. Judge en negentien anderen The Theosophical Society. Hier schreef ze ook Isis Unveiled. Op verzoek van een aantal goede vrienden vestigde ze zich in 1887 in Londen, waar ze The Secret Doctrine voltooide. Dit boek zag in 1888 het licht. H.P. Blavatsky stierf in Londen op 8 mei 1891. Behalve haar hoofdwerken en talloze tijdschriftartikelen, moeten nog genoemd worden haar Sleutel tot Theosofie en De Stem van de Stilte. Haar hele oevre verscheen in de Collected Writings of H.P. Blavatsky, verzorgd door Boris de Zirkoff. Boris de Zirkoff werd geboren in Rusland. Na de revolutie studeerde hij aan verscheidene universiteiten vooral talen en de klassieken. Nadat hij naar de Verenigde Staten was geëmigreerd en daar genaturaliseerd was, vestigde hij zich op het hoofdkwartier van de Point Loma Theosophical Society bij San Diego, Californië, waar hij achttien jaar werkte voornamelijk op literair gebied. Sinds 1925 verzorgde hij H.P. Blavatsky, Collected Writings, waarvan veertien delen en een index zijn uitgekomen. Verder was hij hoofredacteur van Theosophia, een onafhankelijk driemaandelijks tijdschrift, dat in Los Angeles werd gepubliceerd. Hier heeft hij een theosofisch informatiecentrum gevestigd. In de genoemde serie Collected Writings verscheen in 1972 een herdruk van Isis Unveiled en in 1979 een van The Secret Doctrine. Hiervoor heeft de Zirkoff het merendeel van de honderden citaten en verwijzingen geverifieerd en waar nodig verbeterd, maar Blavatsky’s woorden onaangetast gelaten.


Prijs: € 10,75

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Acknowledge the Wonder – Harmony with the Natural

148 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 1988

This book points the reader toward a renewed sense of wonder and oneness with nature. With balance and beauty Wosmek delivers profound insights combining science, nature, art, philosophy, conscience, and a loving concern for all that lives.

auteur: Wosmek, F.
ISBN: 0835606287

Prijs: € 8,51

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The Occult Training of the Hindus

By Ernest Egerton Wood  (1883 – 1965).

120 Pages | First edition 1931, 2nd edition 1952, 3rd edition 1990 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 817059149X.

As soon as one speaks in the Western world about Occultism in India, the imagination flies to travellers’ stories of marvels that they have seen in this country, of occurences demanding for their explanation faculties of sense, powers of consciousness and facts of nature beyond the common experience of humankind. Regarding these, I could personally relate a number of uncommon experiences, sprinkled among the events of a great many years spent in this land.

From page 120:

” Occultism may be defined as the use of the hidden powers in man to discover the hidden life in the world. It has thus rightfully been said, that it is ātmavidyā, the science of the Self, and that its object is to discover the Divine Mind in Nature and in oneself. Through the faculties and powers of the personality a man comes in contact with phenomena, and learns through them, as a child with toys. But with the powers of the higher Self – its will and love and thought, working in outward things, but unshaken by them, and not confused by personality – a man may penetrate through the veil of appearances, and the hidden reality in him will deal with the hidden reality behind phenomena. This man works through intuition – no longer a child, he deals with realities, not with toys. Such is the occultist, and to such goal is directed the occult training of the Hindus. “

auteur: Wood, E.
ISBN: 817059149X

Prijs: € 7,50

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The Self and Its Problems

By Charlotte W. Woods.

182 Pages | The Blavatsky Lecture for 1919 | Photo copy (1992) from the first edition published by The Theosophical Publishing House, London in 1922 | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A. | ISBN: 1564592642.


1. The Problem of the Self from Descartes to Kant.
2. The Problem of the Self in Current Philosophy.
3. The Problem of the Self in Theosophic Mysticism.
4. An Examination of the Forgoing Standpoints.
5. Conclusion.

From Chapter 4: ‘An Examination of the Forgoing Standpoints’:

” We have thus arrived at a definition of the self in our philosophy; it is the ground and condition of the manifold of experience, the unity, purpose, and wholeness, which give meaning to bare multiplicity and stability to that which is mobile and changing . . . “

auteur: Wood, C.W.
ISBN: 1564592642

Prijs: € 17,70

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The Seven Rays – Seven Types of Men

By Ernest Wood (1883 – 1965).

190 Pages | Copyright 1925, fourth Quest book printing 1989 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835604810.

Humanity, occultism teaches us, is divided into seven distinct groups called ‘rays’. Generally speaking, your strongest motivations indicate to which of the ‘ray’ groupings you belong. You are influenced by all seven rays, occultism suggests, but one of the seven predominates. Would you like to know which of the seven rays is yours? ‘With such knowledge‘, writes the author, ‘we are in a position to choose what games we will play in this life or ours.’ For instance if your ray is number one, you are inclined to be independent in spirit and strong intuition. Is this your ray?

From the Preface (p. viii):

” If there are seven rays or types, and each one of us belongs, as it were, especially to one of these, and conducts his pathway in life accordingly, will there not be a tendency to narrowness or over-specialization?

This is a question often asked. The answer is:

Not if we understand the situation. All the seven rays are always present in everybody, but one of them in each person is the captain of the team or the president of the board, and the other six rally round, and use their own specific talents to help carry out his purpose. “





auteur: Wood, E.
ISBN: 0835604810

Prijs: € 8,50

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Come Unto Me – And Other Writings

By Ernest Egerton Wood  (1883 – 1965).

167 Pages | First edition 2000 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 817059426X.

Nearly every page of this book contains ‘gems of truth’ like the below – expressed simply, clearly and with gentle humour:

” I have not yet found the person, who does not teach me what not to do, as well as what to do “ – From Chapter 4: ‘Brotherhood’.

The truly great are not the abnormal, the miracle workers, but those whose lives are orderly and harmonious. ” – From Chapter 6: ‘Pleasure, Pain and Happiness’.

Every finite thing and experience has it infinite pole, so that through a falling leaf or the song of a frog we may march straight into the unlimited and free. ” – From Chapter 10: ‘A Garden by the Water blows’.

” The only way to truth is to pratice truth itself ” – From Chapter 12: ‘The Pathless Land’.

From Chapter 2: ‘ Theosophical Beliefs’ (p. 18 & 19):

” Every human being has his or her own karma. Out of it, he must make beauty, just as the lotus comes out of the mud. Let him use his own thought, his own love, his own will, in those circumstances, which are his karma – no matter what that karma may be – and out of that will come the triumph of life over form. There will be something beautiful there, and in himself will come the intuition of life itself, so that he suddenly knows that he is life, and life is joy and freedom. Let him not make a mistake as though the lotus seed were to say: ‘I do not like this mud; I want golden sands in which to grow’, nor the materialistic mistake of thinking that the triumph of his life over forms means that he should do what are called ‘big’ things, or great things. Quality is the sign of the spirit, not quantity. “

auteur: Wood, E.
ISBN: 817059426X

Prijs: € 4,50

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Lighting the Lamp – An Approach to the Tibetan Path

By Alfred Woll.

158 Pages | A Quest Original, first edition 1992 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606864.

Why should overcommitted Westerners make time in their schedules for meditation? In this down-to-earth book, Alfred Woll, a Westerner who himself benefited from the practice of Tibetan Buddhism, guides the reader in answering these questions:

  • Why does the typical Western lifestyle of ‘consume-orientation’ lead more often to pervasive dissatisfaction than than to lasting happiness?
  • How can the example of the Buddha’s life and teachings lead to an alternative focus on ‘self-evolvement’ and spiritual development?
  • How can meditation, drawn from Tibetan practice, help Westerners?

Unlike many authors, Woll does not automatically assume that the reader accepts karma and reïncarnation; rather, he presents arguments to help readers make up their own minds. Easy to understand and yet rich in content, this book is ideal for those, who wish to learn more about Tibetan spiritual practice.

From Chapter 15: ‘Selflessness’ (p. 145):

” To stop the samsaric melodrama in which we exist once and for all, we need the realization of selflessness or, as this key Buddhist idea is also called: emptiness. We have seen that our disturbed mental attitudes, such as anger, jealousy, attachment, and so forth, take away our peace of mind. These attitudes are the real troublemakers in our lives. Though, we can certainly reduce the extent to which these negative mind states control our behavior by working on our personality and increasing our mindfullness, in order to eliminate them completely, we have to end our false way of seeing reality. “




auteur: Woll, A.
ISBN: 0835606864

Prijs: € 14,70

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The Yoga of Time Travel – How the Mind Can Defeat Time

258 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2004

Winner of ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award for Mind/Body/Spirit

Buddha said he could move backward through time, observes theoretical physicist Fred Alan Wolf. Time travel is not just science fiction; it may actually be possible. Wolf draws on yoga and quantum physics to show that time is a flexible projection of mind. Cheating time, he says, is an ancient metaphysical idea from the Vedas having to do with moving through meditation to a place where time stands still.

auteur: Wolf, F.A.
ISBN: 083560828X
Additional DescriptionMore Details

In reader-friendly language, Wolf explores how time and thought are bound together and how a change in ego structure could allow freedom from time’s limitations. And he elaborates on benefits: Time travel, he asserts, could clarify our purpose; change our sense of self, the future, and death; and provide a hero’s journey that might aid the entire community. Fascinatingly, Wolf thinks that, under certain circumstances, we might not only visit but even alter the past, with a ripple effect on the present.

“Fred Alan Wolf is one of the most eloquent and clear scientists who explains the relationship between the laws of nature and consciousness. His book, THE YOGA OF TIME TRAVEL, will help you break the illusion of linear time and experience a domain that is eternal, timeless, and acausal. This experience helps conquer all fear including the fear of death and gives you a glimpse into the immortal nature of your soul.” — Deepak Chopra, author, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and The Book of Secrets I enjoyed reading this book, and you will, too. Simply put, it is one of the most imaginative books I have read about the nature of time. It makes us wonder if time travel is possible, not only through the use of technology, but through yoga, which anyone can practice. —Amit Goswami, author of The Self-Aware Universe, The Visionary Window, and Physics of the Soul


Prijs: € 18,50

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Het Kraken van Pluto

Door Bastiaan van Wingerden.

447 Pagina’s | Eerste druk september 2005 | Hardcover | Uitgeverij Lillalith, Amsterdam | ISBN: 9789080715530.

Spirituele Astrologie Boek 3.

De Planeet Pluto is pas in 1931 ontdekt. Nog steeds heeft hij nog niet al zijn geheimen prijsgegeven. Pluto is een transformatieplaneet. Hij transformeert gedurende je levensloop van een irrationele kramp en-drang naar kosmische Wijsheid, rust en kracht. Althans dat is de bedoeling. Niet iedereen lukt dat. Die transformatie heet het kraken van Pluto. Platonische angsten neem je mee uit een of meer recente vorige levens. Daarom zijn ze onbenoembaar en onbegrijpelijk. Hoe dat in zijn werk is gegaan wordt middels regressiesessies per huis en aspect in talloze voorbeelden geïllustreerd. In je huidig leven is Pluto een paradox, waardoor je niet doet wat je eigenlijk wil. Pas bij het kraken van Pluto krijg je de kracht en het bewustzijn om dat wel te doen. Dan word je werkelijk volwassen en opent de hoorn des overvloeds zich voor je, de werkelijke zingeving van je bestaan.

Dit boek helpt je Pluto te kraken. Dit is een praktisch werkboek dat Pluto zijn plaats in de horoscoop geeft. Het helpt je je eigen irrationaliteit te begrijpen. Dit boek is bestemd voor alle astrologen, beginners en gevorderden, onafhankelijk van het systeem, waarmee je duidt.

Afkomstig uit Hoofdstuk ‘Het Kraken van de Kramp van Pluto’ (p. 38):

” Pluto is een kracht. Pluto is de hogere octaaf van Mars. Pluto manifesteert zich als een drang en een angst. Pluto is een drang, omdat de kracht zijn vorm moet vinden en Pluto is een angst, omdat de consequenties van de drang te groot zijn om onder ogen te zien. De Plutonische kracht is ‘too big to handle’. Pluto is een irrationele zielenangst, die je ervaart als je omgeving het kosmisch principe niet begrijpt. Je wordt bang en er komt een kracht opduiken om in te grijpen. Maar die kracht onderdruk je en blijft in je lichaam hangen. Pluto grijpt heel fysiek aan. De spanningen van Pluto verkrampen je lichaam. Het komt binnen via de je wortelchakra en neemt je helemaal over. “

auteur: Wingerden, B. van
ISBN: 9789080715530

Prijs: € 34,00

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De Zwarte Maan – Lilith, Isis en Goudroes

Door Bastiaan van Wingerden.

479 Pages | Eerste druk juni 2004 | Hardcover | Uitgeverij Lillalith, Amsterdam | ISBN: 9789080715516.

Spirituele Astrologie Boek 2.

Dit astrologische boek gaat over Lilith, de zwarte Maan, in de huizen en de aspecten erop. Het gaat over je aangeboren innerlijk weten, je higher self, je contact met gene zijde. In dit boek wordt het proces beschreven hoe je het kwijt raakt en hoe je het weer terug kan vinden. De zwarte Maan is een gouden intuïtie. De zwarte Maan wordt zwart genoemd, omdat je het niet kan zien. Het manifesteert zich niet in de stof. De zwarte Maan is een spiritueel kanaal. Het is een heel belangrijke factor in je leven. Het is je oerbewustzijn dat is, was en altijd zal zijn. Het is je kernkwaliteit. Iedereen ervaart de zwarte Maan op zijn eigen manier.

Dit boek behandelt de zwarte Maan als onderdeel van het systeem van Carteret. Het is een deel 2 uit een serie van 3. Deel 1 behandelt de Noordelijke Maansknoop, deel 2 Lilith, de zwarte Maan, en deel 3 Pluto.

Afkomstig uit: Hoofdstuk ‘Lilith in deze Tijd’ (p. 42 & 43):

” Lilith, de zwarte Maan, is een vorm van ervaren, een vorm van waarnemen, dat je hele wezen doordringt. Je kan aanvankelijk niet geloven dat iemand anders niet zo waarneemt. De zwarte maan is iets wat je bij de geboorte al kant en klaar in je hebt. Het is dus niet iets wat je wilt leren, zoals de Noordelijke Maansknoop. Het is een vrouwelijke vorm van waarnemen dat zich bevestigd wil zien in de stof. Om die bevestiging te krijgen heb je een stralend extravert principe nodig. Dat is een mannelijke kracht. Lilith, de zwarte Maan, is een vrouwelijk intuïtie, dat zich op een mannelijke manier wilt manifesteren. Lilith is de nachtheer van Leeuw. Deze zwarte Maan is van goud, niet van zilver. De maan is van zilver, de zwarte Maan van goud. Lilith is je higher self. “

auteur: Wingerden, B. van
ISBN: 9789080715516

Prijs: € 34,50

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De Noordelijke Maansknoop – De Boodschap van Gene Zijde

Door Bastiaan van Wingerden.

516 Pages | Eerste druk juni 2002, tweede druk oktober 2003 | Hardcover | Uitgeverij Lillalith, Amsterdam | ISBN: 9789080715523.

Spirituele Astrologie Boek 1.

Dit boek kan je kris-kras door elkaar lezen. Desnoods van achteren naar voren als je wilt. Dit boek geeft een heldere astrologische uitleg over het samenspel van de Maansknopen, de zwarte Maan en Pluto. Naast de achtergronden van dit duidingsysteem wordt op een praktische manier de werking van de Maansknopen in de huizen besproken, zodat je kan zien welke richting het op zal gaan in je leven. De Noordelijke Maansknoop is de boodschap, die de Ziel in gene zijde van de Gidsen heeft meegekregen en geeft een antwoord op het waarom van je leven. Het geeft zingeving aan je spirituele proces. Het beschrijft de 7 jaren cycli, waar ieder aan gebonden is. Als je dit boek begint te lezen kan je niet meer stoppen.

Bastiaan heeft zijn jarenlange praktijkervaring als reincarnatietherapeut en astroloog gebruikt om het spirituele duidingsysteem te toetsen in zijn praktijk. Aan de hand van regressieverhalen van zijn clienten worden voorbeelden gegeven hoe spirituele punten uitwerken in vorige levens en in dit leven. Hierdoor is dit boek behalve voor astrologen ook interessant voor reincarnatietherapeuten.

Afkomstig uit Deel I – ‘Het Spirituele Duidingsysteem: B. De Spirituele Punten’ (p. 21):

” De spirituele punten in de horoscoop zijn de Maansknopen, Lilith (de zwarte Maan), de zwarte Zon en de Diamant. De essentie van de spirituele punten is, dat ze geen massa hebben. Het zijn lege punten ergens in het zonnestelsel. Ze zijn niet gecentreerd rond aardse massa, zoals de Zon, de Maan en de planeten. De spirituele punten zijn abstracte punten in de kosmos. Daar komt geen kracht vandaan. Het zijn sensitieve punten. Het is een kracht, die gezocht wordt. Als je die kracht gevonden hebt, dan kun je ermee omgaan. Zolang je die kracht niet gevonden hebt, laat je het links liggen of ontken je het. Nadat je die krachten gevonden hebt en hebt leren hanteren, dan identificeer je je na verloop van tijd met de krachten in die punten. “

auteur: Wingerden, B. van
ISBN: 9789080715523

Prijs: € 35,00

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Yeshua Buddha – An interpretation of New Testament theology as a meaningful myth

By Jay G. Williams.

134 Pages | Copyright 1978 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A | ISBN: 0835605159.

If you feel Christian dogma is in need of a new spark – a charge of vitality – based upon a deeper and more significant interpretation of Biblical stories, here is a dynamically different commentary upon the New Testament. Jay G. Williams approach to the study of the life of Christ simply overflows with intuitional creativity, permitting the student to find for him or herself trans-historical, yet new and existential situations in the Biblical story.

Buddha means ‘the Enlightened One’ and the author uses the word in this generic sense. ‘My thesis‘, he writes, ‘is that the perennial philosophy, so well represented in Asia by Buddhism, provides a significant perspective from which to understand the life and teachings of Yeshua’. This is a radical departure book in which Yeshua Buddha and Gautama Buddha finally join hands to shed common light into the darkened cosmos.

From Chapter 7 – ‘Resurrection beyond the End’ (p.115):

” A disciple must take upon himself the discipline of Yeshua; yet this is no set of laws or doctrines which can be encompassed in a book. The Way has little to do with rules and dogmas. The Early Church was at least partially correct in this: it depended primarily upon a succession of apostolic teachers for the preservation of the church. Presumably such teachers did not purvey general theories but advised their disciples concerning effective ways to engage the old deluder in mortal combat. Therefore, all readers who have persevered this far are strongly urged to take what has been said with a grain of salt. The disciple must engage in battle, not just theorize about the nature of war. This book will only have performed its task if it has facilitated that first step along the Way. If it leads the reader to say, ‘O now I understand’, it has failed miserably. “

auteur: Williams, J.G.
ISBN: 0835605159

Prijs: € 6,50

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Child Exodus from Tibet

By Birgit van de Wijer.

144 Pages | April 2006 | Softcover | Birgit van de Wijer, uitgever | ISBN 9078464011.

Tibetan parents send their children to school abroad in massive numbers . . . thousands never arrive: they die from freezing, starvation, exhaustion, hypothermia; they are caught by the Chinese or Nepalese police and sent back over the border. How desperate must a parent be to entrust their child to strangers to undertake a thousand kilometre journey in a strange convoy over the snowbound Himalayas? Since the Chinese occupation of independent Tibet in 1950, the country has slowly been choking in a stranglehold. In the early Eighties, dying Tibet began to send its children to India.

In this book Birgit van de Wijer for the first time illuminates this horror from all angles: why children flee, how many flee, their escape routes, the risks they run, their reception in Nepal and India, and the psychological consequences. Above all, the children tell their stories themselves. The book is based on interviews, that the author conducted on the spot at great risk. The book grew from the conviction of an author, who hopes that this exodus can finally be stopped.

auteur: Wijer, B. van de
ISBN: 9078464011

Prijs: € 18,00

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Between Two Worlds – The Riddle of Wholeness

By Frederic Wiedemann.

194 Pages | A Quest original, first edition 1986 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, London | ISBN: 0835606023.

” When clinical psychology rejects the soul, then clinical psychology loses its ability to heal “.

Being human is roughly half-way to divinity. Thus it is that we are caught between two worlds says Frederic Wiedemann. How can we bring together the material side of man with his transpersonal nature? Or is this an irresolvable paradox? The school of thought, that comes the closest to resolving the enigma is the twenty-year old transpersonal consciousness movement. This discipline provides Wiedemann with his ‘take-off’ point as he focuses on the limitations of clinical psychology in its unwillingness to include spirit as a factor in therapy. To resolve this dilemma of body and spirit, the author uses the metaphor of the soul as the bridge between two worlds.

From Chapter 13 – ‘Making Decisions with Integrity’ (p. 166):

” If the soul perspective is used with the proper balance of power, wisdom, and love, then it offers a unique ethical direction, combining both the wisest teachings of religion and the deepest aspects of the human potential. But one must be willing to labor for it and to strive for it and to strive for a balance between immanence and transcendence. “



auteur: Wiedemann, F.
ISBN: 0835606023

Prijs: € 8,51

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Het Pad van Licht

Door White Eagle.

83 Pagina’s | Eerste druk 1985, 2de druk 1992, 3de druk 1996, 4de druk 2003 | Uitgeverij Ankh-Hermes BV., Deventer | ISBN: 9789020220476.

Engels origineel: Golden Harvest | Eerste editie 1958 | The White Eagle Publishing Trust, Liss, Hampshire, U.K. | ISBN: 9780854870172.

Hoe een Centrum van Liefde te worden.

Op het spirituele Pad worden we geconfronteerd met menige uitdaging. Als we het Pad van Licht echter blijven volgen zal het leven ons rijkelijk belonen. We zullen inzicht, leiding en kracht ervaren. In dit boekje reikt White Eagle ons de helpende hand om deze weg te kunnen gaan.

Afkomstig uit Hoofdstuk 2 –  ‘De Witte Broederschap’ (p. 29):

” Er zijn Meesters der Wijsheid, zowel in deze als in hogere werelden. Zij, en nog verder ontwikkelde Zielen vormen een grootse broederschap, die actief is op alle niveaus van het leven en zij wordt de ‘Grote Witte Broederschap’ genoemd. ‘Deze zijn het die komen uit de grote verdrukking en zij hebben hun gewaden gewassen en wit gemaakt in het bloed van het Lam’. Zij wachten altijd in stilte om te dienen. Als we jullie tot hun bewustzijnsniveau konden verheffen, dan zou je direct hun macht en aanwezigheid beseffen. Zij mediteren over en observeren alle dingen, die zowel in de hemel als op aarde gebeuren, zij worden in het Universele Denken opgenomen en zij zijn een met God. “

auteur: White Eagle
ISBN: 9789020220476

Prijs: € 9,05

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Little Tyke – The True Story of a Gentle Vegetarian Lionness

By Georges H. Westbeau.

150 Pages | Copyright 1975, first Re-Quest edition 1986 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606058.

Born to be a bewildered and frustrated mother on a somber September day, the lionness Little Tyke set the world thinking anew. She was to fire the deepest thoughts within us and to remind us of an ancient prophecy. She was to bring out out heart-felt tenderness in a most unexpected manner.

A tragedy and a miracle were to occur minutes apart. The tragedy took only seconds. The miracle would last nine years, and to many it lasts to this very day . . .

From Chapter ‘The Vegetarian’ (p. 32, 33 & 34).

“At four years of age Little Tyke was a mature African lionness, and she weighed three hundred and fifty-two pounds. Every year, she became more gentle. We had practically given up the hope of creating in Little Tyke a taste for meat, […] On one occasion, I asked a young visitor this question, and it was he, who put my mind at ease. He turned to look at me with serious eyes, then asked; ‘Don’t you read your Bible?’ I admitted, I didn’t read it as much as I probably should. He continued; ‘Read Genesis 1:30 and you will get your answer. ‘ At my first opportunity I got my Bible and turned to the passage he had indicated. To my astonishment, I read these words:

‘And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to everything that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat; and it was so.’

We didn’t worry anymore about Little Tyke’s diet. We had already worked out one which she loved. It consisted of cooked cereals, raw eggs and milk. Did she thrive on it? Well, one of this country’s most able zoo curators said Little Tyke was the best of her species he had ever viewed! “

auteur: Westbeau, G.H.
ISBN: 0835606058

Prijs: € 7,94

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The Guiding Light of Lao Tzu

By Lao Tse (601 BC – unknown), translated by Henry Wei.

234 Pages | First published 1982, 3rd printing 1988 | Paperback | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN:

Twenty-six centuries ago, a man called Lao Tzu offered a daringly new way of life to his countrymen. His work is called the TAO Teh Ching, a philosophy of pure beauty, rare charm, and great spiritual depth and represents a magnificent treatise on human rights. For centuries, it has been a source of inspiration for Chinese art, poetry and painting. In many of its moral viewpoints it is similar to Christianity. Indirectly, it also inspired the development of acupuncture, alchemy, astrology, and the martial arts (kung fu). Its quintessential teaching, however concerns yoga and meditation.

About the ‘Eternal Tao’ (p.22):

” There is something formless and perfect,

Existing before the birth of Heaven and Earth

How still it is! How quiet!

Abiding alone and unchanging,

It pervades everywhere without fail.

Well may it be called Mother of the World.

I do not know its name,

but label it TAO . . . “

auteur: Wei, H.
ISBN: 0835605582

Prijs: € 11,50

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Grammar for the Soul – Using Language for Personal Change

By Lawrence A. Weinstein.

155 Pages | First Quest edition 2008 | Hardcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. – ISBN 9780835608657

As unlikely as little punctuation marks and other grammatical elements may seem as tools for personal change, author Lawrence Weinstein shows how we use them can make a big difference in who we are and how we live. Consider these sentences of a job applicant:

What a great pleasure it was to meet you today!! The position sounds absolutely perfect for me!’

Such overuse of italics and intensifiers reflects a lack of trust in being heard. By cutting back on those devices – and discovering they aren’t needed – a person can begin to increase his or her capacity for trust in life. Topics of the book include:

  • Grammar to restore the Ego
  • Grammar for Mindfulness
  • Tolerating ambiguity
  • Getting out of one’s own way

Weinstein used to teach at Harvard, but don’t let that intimidate you. Though his book is ultimately serious in nature, drawing on both Western and Eastern traditions, his prose is witty, anecdotal, and packed with good, clear examples. He doesn’t claim that personal change occurs easily. But he muses, ‘for the right person, that mere featherweight, a comma can alter the course of a day’.

From the Introduction (p. 4):

” I have come to view the realm of grammar as a kind of rarified gymnasium, where – instead of weights, treadmill, mats, and a balance beam – one finds active verbs, periods, apostrophes, dashes and a thousand other pieces of linguistic equipment, each of which, properly deployed, can provide exercise for the spirit, like that which gym apparatus provides the body. Grammar can become a place to get in spiritual shape. “


auteur: Weinstein, L.A.
ISBN: 9780835608657

Prijs: € 14,00

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Jacob Boehme – Western Esoteric Masters Series

By Jacob Boehme (1575 – 1624), edited by Robin Waterfield.

239 Pages | Copyright 2001 | Softcover | North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California | ISBN: 1556433573.

Hihgly regarded among Christian mystics, Jacob Boehme was famous for his inspired and provocative analysis of the nature and being of God. Grounded in Paracelsus, the Kabbala, astrology, alchemy and the Hermetic tradition, Boehme articulated a revelatory theology, which emphasized the process, whereby God comes to know Himself.

Boehme reasoned that from His illimitable oneness, God was unable to truly apprehend Himself as God in all His splendor. Thus, God had to become an incarnated, limited being, for only through experience could He satisfy His need for self-understanding. Driven by a series of spiritual epiphanies, Boehme boldly proclaimed his new revelations, rejecting the narrow dogmatism and bibliolatry of mainstream sentiment. His subsequent prosecution by church authorities led to banishment from his home town of Goerlitz, and continued harassment by more orthodox thinkers. After his death in 1624, his writings continued to provoke debate among mystics and scholars investigating the nature of good and evil, creation and God’s will.

This anthology serves an an introduction to Boehme’s thought and will bring readers deeper into his philosophy. Part One gives biography and context of Boehme’s writings and their influence on later scientists, alchemical researchers and poets. Part Two contains selections from Boehme’s works grappling with his main themes including the birth of God and the vindication of His goodness. Of particular interest are a number of letters from Boehme, which have never appeared previously in English.


auteur: Boehme, J./Waterfield, R. (ed.)
ISBN: 1556433573

Prijs: € 16,00

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Cyclic Evolution – A Theosophical View

By Adam Warcup.

144 Pages | Published in 1986 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, London | ISBN: 0722951507.

The current scientific perspective of the evolution of life on Earth is that of a linear progression from simple to complex. The theosophical perspective is radically different. It postulates a cyclic evolution both for Life itself and for individual genera and species, man included. It further postulates a non-physical component as integral to the whole process. Without this added dimension, evolution appears a to be a random process – a perspective wholly denied by Theosophy.

From the Introduction (p.1.):

” Man, Know Thyself, said the Delphic Oracle. Finding ourselves in a complex world, naturally we ask questions about ourselves and our origins. When we first see that this life is but one of many, we have merely answered the first question. This answer certainly gives life a greater meaning, but it also leads to other questions. Where did the process of rebirth start? Will it end, and if so, when? How did we become the complex psycho-spiritual beings we see ourselves to be? The theosophical literature which is concerned with cyclic evolution provides us with many clues, which lead towards, not so much final answers, as an understanding of the process. “

auteur: Warcup, A.
ISBN: 0722951507

Prijs: € 8,00

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