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Children of Infinity – The Religion, Legends and Gods of Pre-Christian Hawaii

27 november 2019

By Leinani Melville.

183 Pages | Copyright 1969, third printing 1990 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835600025.

Long before the white man arrived in the new world, the people of Hawaii had developed a high culture, with many fascinating legends and myths concerning the people of MU. Many of these traditions had a deep spiritual meaning, which unfortunately became lost with the Christianizing of the islands. In this book, Leinani Melville writes of the esoteric code of the tahunas (priests) of Hawaii and recounts some of their traditional mythology. He received his instruction from an elderly Hawaiian woman, who he believed was a tahuna mataura (seer). She drew the sacred symbols on the sand and explained their meaning to him. Later, he learned to interpret the sacred chants and temple prayers, many of which contain concepts akin to the religions and folklore of other ancient cultures.

The author was a merchant sailor, who steeped himself in the pre-Christian culture of his native Hawaii. He tells with simplicity and beauty some of the teachings and beliefs of the religion of the MU. Written in popular form this book conveys the understanding and reverence, which the author feels for the traditions of his forefathers. The book contains 34 illustrations of sacred symbols of Hawaii, together with descriptions as to their significance.

From Chapter 3: 'Tane, Our Father in Heaven' (p. 15):

He Pure I O Tane E, Te Hatu O Havai''i (Prayer to Tane, Lord of Hawaii)

Hail! Tane, creator of the heavens,
The heavens of our ancestry,
The heavens of beneficence,
That shower this earth with blessings,
Hail! Father, hail!

Lord of Light, God of Might,
From Your Temple of the Sun in the blue of heaven - 
Breath! Through the invisible spiritual channel
that links the mind of man with the Infinite
Mind of God - 
Life! That floats in the living water of Your
Holy Breath,
Breathe health unto me, Your offspring.

Benevolent Man, who warms humanity,
Warm me with Your love.
Forgive, Oh Father, forgive my sins.
Liberate me from the transgressions of others.

O Spirit, dear God,
Eri Eri
My prayer is ended.
Let Your blessings liberally descend. " 

Auteur: Meville, L.
ISBN: 0835600025

Prijs: € 7,49

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