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The Game of Wizards – Roots of Consciousness & the Esoteric Arts

14 april 2021

By Charles Poncé (1946 - 2016).

179 Pages | 1991, First edition | Paperback | The Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton | ISBN: 0835606694

Astrology, Tarot, Alchemy, kabbalah, I Ching may make you think of ''fortune telling.'' But Charles Poncé argues that there is a deeper significance to all these systems. They all arose out of the human imagination, and thus carry certain insights into the structure of the psyche.

Poncé's analysis of astrology from a Jungian and spiritual context has been compared to that of astrologers such as Dane Rudhyar and Stephen Arroyo, and it insights will convince even the skeptical. Likewise, Poncé shows how the I Ching demonstrates the Jungian theory of how and why divination works. The rich symbolism of the Tarot is also explored.

Although some may think the Kabbalah difficult to understand, Poncé gracefully guides one through the Tree of Life and other basic concepts, and then explores the oft-neglected subject of the mathematical basis of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. His explanation of alchemy is nothing short of outstanding. Poncé offers not only the Jungian approach to the subject but also ancient and modern explorations of alchemy, making it comprehensible to the newcomer.

Valuable for anyone interested in integrating divinitory systems and psychology, this book gives a new perspective to the occult or esoteric arts.

''. . . an excellent introductory overview of several of the most important Occult Disciplines. The chapter on astrology is one of the most insightful I have ever read. Poncé's treatment [of alchemy] is of such lucidity that a reader can gain a solid, accurate understanding just from reading this chapter. ''

-- Stephan Hoeller, author of Jung and the Lost Gospels

auteur: Poncé, C
ISBN: 0835606694
Author: Poncé, C

Prijs: € 13,40

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