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T. Subba Row Collected Writings Vol. II

10 maart 2020

Compiled and annotated by Henk J. Spierenburg.

654 Pages | Published in 2001 | Softcover | Point Loma Publications, San Diego | ISBN: 1889598313.

This second Volume of the T. Subba Row Collected Writings covers such subjects as esoteric teachings on rays, chakras and women adepts, as well as a wide range of subjects including Gautama Buddha, the Human Monad, Devachan and Subba Row's insightful commentary on the Bhagavad Gītā. Within these pages the reader can find material for deeper spiritual and intellectual reflection in harmony with the root ideas of the Theosophical Renaissance initiated by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in 1875. Subba Row's genius lent high energy and spiritual insight in this impetus and these two Volumes now add significantly to the Wisdom treasure of the already published Volumes of Blavatsky Reference Books compiled by Henk J. Spierenburg.

From Chapter - 'The Idyll of the White Lotus by T. Subba Row' (p. 397):

" The interesting story published under the title above mentioned had already attracted considerable attention. It is instructive in more ways than one. It truly depicts the Egyptian faith and the Egyptian priesthood, when their religion had already begun to lose its purity and degenerate into a system of Tantric worship contaminated and defiled by black magic, unscrupulously used for selfish and immoral purposes. It is probably also a true story. Sensa is represented to be the last great hierophant of Egypt. Just as a tree leaves its seed to develop into a similar tree, even if it should perish completely, so does every great religion seem to leave its life and energy in one or more great Adepts destined to preserve its Wisdom and revive its growth at some future time when the cycle of evolution tends in the course of its revolution, to bring about the desired result. The grand old religion of Chemi is destined to reappear on this planet in a higher and nobler form when the time arrives, and there is nothing unreasonable in the supposition that the Sensa of our story is probably now a very high Adept, who is waiting to carry out the commands of the Lady of the White Lotus. Apart from these speculations, however, the story in question has a very noble lesson to teach. In its allegorical aspect it describes the trials and the difficulties of a neophyte. "

auteur: Subba Row, T./Spierenburg, H.J. (comp.)
ISBN: 1889598313

Prijs: € 21,75

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