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19 januari 2019

Krishnamurti on Education

By Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986).

158 Pages | First published in 1954, this is the 1998 edition | Softcover | Krishnamurti Foundation, India | ISBN: 818732600X.

This book is the outcome of talks and discussions held by Krishnamurti with the students and teachers of Rishi Valley School in Andhra Pradesh and Rajghat Besant School in Varanasi. Krishnamurti regards education as of prime significance in the communication of that which is central to the transformation of the human mind and the creation of a new culture. As the topics in these stimulating talks and discussions reveal, he questions the very roots of our culture so that a comprehensive view on education emerges.

Krishnamurti’s challenge is addressed not only to the structure of education, but to the very nature and quality of man’s mind and life. Unlike all other attempts to salvage or suggest alternatives to the educational system, his approach breaks through the frontiers of particular cultures and establishes an entirely new set of values. To Krishnamurti, a new mind is possible only when the religious spirit and the scientific attitude form part of the same consciousness. While he gives emphasis to the cultivation of the intellect, he lays far greater stress on a heightened critical awareness of the inner and outer world.

From page 9:

” If you begin to think, to observe, to learn, not from books, but learn for yourself by watching, listening to everything that is happening around you, you will grow up to be a different human being. One who cares, who has affection, who loves people. Perhaps if you live that way, you might find a truly religious life. “



auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 818732600X

Prijs: € 4,54

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Science, Consciousness and the Paranormal (Blavatsky Lecture 1998)

By Prof. Emeritus Arthur Ellison (1920 – 2000).

34 Pages | Blavatsky Lecture 1988 | A6 Softcover | Theosophical Books Limited | No ISBN.

This Blavatsky Lecture was delivered at the Summer School of The Theosophical Society in England, The University of Leicester, Sunday 26th of July, 1998.

In this lecture, Professor Emeritus Ellison will discuss his approach to the Theosophical descriptive model of the universe at all its levels and consider the way, it seems to him, members were evidently intended to approach this model as indicated by the Three Objects. He will consider and briefly review the work of the Science Group, some of which was reviewed in the book Psychism and the Unconscious Mind (First Quest edition 1968, second edition 1974), and possible lessons to be drawn from the Group’s subsequent demise. Finally, he will briefly consider the activities of other bodies, who have taken up the pioneering research on Third Object matters dropped by the Science Group.

From page 10:

” The Buddha and the Theosophical Masters said, that we were not to believe something because it was written in some book that men considered sacred, nor indeed presumably in any other book. So it seemed to me right to find a good medium and try a séance. (Such things are forbidden in the Esoteric Section). This was to be a piece of open-minded scientific research and of course psychical research is an important part of the Third Object of the Theosophical Society. To my delight my wife came through ‘like a bomb’, as the saying goes, enormously glad to be able to reassure us all that she was in good shape and happy. She referred to many things related to her interests and there seemed to me little doubt that it was indeed she. The script – received by automatic writing – gave her relative exactly what he needed to continue his life. He never needed another communication from her. “



auteur: Ellison, A.

Prijs: € 3,25

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I Send a Voice

By Evelyn Sybil Mary Eaton (1902 – 1983).

178 Pages | First Quest Book edition 1978, 5th printing 1990 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835605116.

A FIRST PERSON ACCOUNT of the consciousness expanding, transforming rites of an Amerindian Sweat Lodge.

Evelyn Eaton writes of her compelling determination to become worthy of participating in a Sweat Lodge healing ritual. Later, after undergoing ordeals inside and outside the Lodge, she dared to ask Power Man for a Pipe. I Send a Voice provides an unusually authentic picture of the Amerindian during one of his most sacred and esoteric rites. With Evelyn, we live through the deep drama of numerous experiences of physical and spiritual healings: grow to love, admire, and respect the powerful Grandfathers.

From page 36:

” Sharing was the point. Someone gathered and brought the tule reeds. Someone brought the rocks and the wood for the fire. Someone drew the water and carried it in pails. Many hands must have built the Sweat Lodge, cutting and trimming the willow trees, planting them in the ground, bending them symmetrically together to support the roof. In the old days someone would have cured the deerskin or the buffalo hide to stretch on the framework. Then there would be a ritual to bless it, in which everyone concerned would take part.

The description of such a ritual was in Chapter III of Brown’s The Sacred Pipe. There was a diagram showing the Inipi, the purification lodge. The Sweat Lodge here was made by another tribe, but the principle was the same. I thought of the circle, in all its symbolism, from a glyph of the Creator, that Point within the Circle, whose center is everywhere, to its representative, the sun, source of light, life and spiritual illumination. From there, I went to meditation on the Medicine Wheel, a mandala of concentric depths and intricate designs, where everything in the universe has its appropriate place. “


auteur: Eaton, E.
ISBN: 0835605116

Prijs: € 13,48

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Hindu Ethics, Purity, Abortion and Euthanasia

By Harold G. Coward, Julius J. Lipner and Katherine K. Young.

139 Pages | 1989 | Soft cover | State University of New York Press, Albany | ISBN: 0887067646.

Modern Western approaches to India often have focused on metaphysics at the expense of ethics, leading many to see Hinduism as only concerned with the esoteric and the otherwordly. The chapters of this book offer case study explorations, that are selected and presented to invite comparisons with the modern West. Such comparisons will help to remove the apparent otherworldly nature of Hindu thought from the minds of Western readers, as well as give depth to and new significance to Indian ideas in the areas of medical ethics, social ethics, and human rights. The case studies demonstrate that Indian thought has not ignored deep reflection on ethical problems that are presenting serious challenges to the modern world. They demonstrate, that Hinduism has a firm grounding in ethics, even when the most difficult questions are raised.


auteur: Coward, H.G./Lipner, J.J./Young, K.K.
ISBN: 0887067646

Prijs: € 16,00

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The Radiant Child

By Thomas Armstrong.

203 Pages | A Quest Original, first published in 1985, second printing 1988 | Soft cover| Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606007.

Thomas Armstrong believes, that children come into this life radiating and reflecting the mystery of creation; that their spiritual nature as well as their basic instincts are close to the surface of their awareness. Unfortunately, for most part, parents, teachers, and child therapists have not recognized this delightfully useful aspect of the childhood psyche. The author notes, that this hidden sight of youthful consciousness has been noticed and appreciated primarily by poets, mystics, authors of fairy tales, and world mythologists. These folks identify with the wonder-child, the divine child, the child-god, the child hero. This practical guide is heavily documented with case-histories of ‘radiant’ experiences, the reality of which is supported by telling testimony from the author’s peers.

From page 101:

” The child is potential future . . . the ‘child’ paves the way for a future change of personality. In the individuation process it anticipates the figure, that comes from the synthesis of conscious and unconscious elements in the personality. It is therefore a symbol, which unites the opposites; a mediator, a bringer of healing; that is, one who makes whole. “


auteur: Armstrong, T.
ISBN: 0835606007

Prijs: € 9,73

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