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Jesus and Buddha – The parallel sayings

13 januari 2021

Edited by Marcus J. Borg (1942 - 2015), co-edited by Ray Riegert, with an introduction by Jack Kornfield.

160 Pages | Ulysses Edition 2020, First published in 1997  | Hardcover | Ulysses Press, Berkeley CA | ISBN: 9781646040391

Illustrated edition of 2002 also available.

Two Sets of Teachings, One Shared Spiritual Path

This remarkable collection of parallel sayings reveals how Jesus and Buddha--whether talking about love, wisdom, or materialism--guide us along the same path. Jesus and Buddha delves into the mystery surrounding the strikingly similar teachings of thse two holy men and presents over one hundred examples side by side.

''My experience has led me to the conclusion that [Jesus' and Buddha's] teachings about 'the way' are virtually identical and that together they are the two most remarkable religious figures who ever lived.'' - MARCUS BORG, New York Times best-selling author of Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time

''You hold in your hand a remarkable and beautiful book. Jesus and Buddha are now meeting in an encounter of the spirit.'' - JACK KORNFIELD, best-selling author of A Path with Heart

AUTHOR: Borg, M.J./Kornfield, J.
ISBN: 9781646040391

Prijs: € 21,95

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