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A Student’s Guide to the Masters’s Teachings – in two volumes – Volume II

15 mei 2019

By Dr. A. Kannan.

636 Pages | Adyar First Edition 2018 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170596073.

As the title states, this  is a book for students, as such it makes no attempt to transmit personal opinion. The letters from the Masters, which form the basis of this study were not originally presented in a structured manner; they were not sequential or ordered in the way they were presented, and a great deal of the writing, while fascinating, is unrelated to 'the amelioration of the condition of man', or man's endeavour 'to evolve spiritually'. To the great benefit of students now and in the future, the author has brought together the essential materials in their original form along with relevant historical commentary.

From Chapter 21 -'At the Feet of the Master' (p. 577):

" Learn to think for yourself. learn to distinguish the God in everything. Learn to arouse Divine Life. Learn to let him absolute alone. Learn the virtue of silence. learn that no ceremonies are necessary. Learn to mind your own business. Perfect flow of love and power. Love is the most important qualification. because of your deep love for Him. He is Love. With the love of God and for the sake of love. Pour out loving thought upon him. His love may flow. Love, which inspires the Will. The will of Logos, Three aspects of Logos. "

ISBN: 9788170596073
auteur: Kannan, A.

Prijs: € 26,50

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