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Cycles of Eternity – An Overview of the Ageless Wisdom

30 oktober 2018

By Tim Wyatt.

111 Pages | First published in 2016 | Paperback | Leeds Theosophical Society in association with Firewheel Books, West Yorkshire | ISBN: 9780956145147.

Everything in the universe, seen and unseen, is alive, connected and on an eternal evolutionary journey. Universal laws and inter-connected ideas, pre-dating and underpinning science, philosophy and religion, explain the ev0lution and workings of both the universe and human beings. This is known as The Ageless Wisdom, or Theosophy. This ancient knowledge offers a compelling, comprehensive and convincing view of ourselves and the cosmos, and yet it is entirely modern in its outlook.

Cycles of Eternity explains how and why this is important to you.

From Chapter 4. 'Infinite Cycles', p. 76:

" Central to the Ageless Wisdom, is that all life proceeds in regular cycles of activity and rest. Some occur in a fraction of a second. Others take trillions of years to complete. These life-cycles all have exactly the same pattern: birth, growth, maturity, decline and 'death' followed by re-birth. Nothing stays the same for a moment. There is always constant change. This applies to atoms, human beings, planets and galaxies. Everything is ultimately destroyed and recycled. Cyclic evolution underpins not only the unity of all life, but also other universal laws such as reïncarnation and karma. These patterns - long and short - are central to the unfoldment of the universe and everything in it. There are numerous types of cycles and many different names for them. They all have a greater or lesser influence on us. Exploring these great cycles of cosmic evolution can be mind-bendingly complicated and convoluted - especially since our knowledge of them remains incomplete. Examining where we are in the grand scheme of things, how we got here and where we are heading gives us a deeper perspective on our own lives and reinforces the idea, that each of us plays an immortal role. "


Auteur: Wyatt, T.
ISBN: 9780956145147

Prijs: € 15,00

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