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Evolution Toward Divinity – Teilhard de Chardin and the Hindu Traditions

29 maart 2020

By Beatrice Bruteau (1930 - 2014).

270 Pages | Published in 1974 | Hardcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835602168.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881 - 1951), the great French Jesuit scientist-priest, whom one reviewer described as 'an inescapable intellectual presence of the age', offered a new and powerful synthesis as the solution to the West's dilemma of the double commitment to contemporary science and to traditional religion. His germinal insights into the processes of evolution, his joyous vision of a driving purpose in life manifesting in all things and culminating in man as a creature destined to fulfill his divinity, introduced fresh and challenging concepts into this troubled and confused area of thought. In constructing his synthesis, Teilhard developed a number of ideas and images which find more or less close parallels in the various strands of Hindu philosophy. Teilhard, however was not only unaware of these similarities but even denounced what he termed 'authentic' Hinduism as a system and an outlook fundamentally inimical to the world-view he was setting forth.

The purpose of this Volume is to point out the irony of this situation by refuting Teilhard's criticisms and by showing how, on the contrary, the Hindu contribution to world thought could have been most advantageous to him if he had studied it with care.

From the Introduction (p. 3):

" The root of Teilhard's rejection of oriental philosophical and religious thought can be found in his judgment that these systems would not justify and inspire work for the progress of the world. Pierre Leroy tells us that Teilhard had a great intolerance for anything that suggested 'disgust with life contempt for the works of man, fear of the human effort'. Following the oriental path, Teilhard believed, we could be lulled to sleep in 'the cradle of nirvana', having obtained 'a sort of abstraction of God' . . . by loosening the effort of differentiation whereby we engage the cosmic phenomenon. "

auteur: Bruteau, B.
ISBN: 0835602168

Prijs: € 15,22

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