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In Case of Spiritual Emergency – Moving Successfully Through Your Awakening

25 september 2012

205 pages | Paperback | Findhorn Press, 2011

Encouraging, supportive, and life-saving, this book is essential for avoiding the mental, emotional, or spiritual paralysis or exhaustion that can result from underestimating the current age of increased individual and global emergencies.

When spiritual emergencies, such as mystical psychosis and dark nights of the soul, are understood, managed, and integrated, they can offer enormous potential for growth and fulfillment, and this book offers three key phases for successful navigation. Personal stories of spiritual crises are presented alongside practical and effective guidance in this exploration of a fascinating phenomenon.

"This book is going to be very helpful to many people." — Dr Andrew Powell, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Special Interest Group on Spirituality

"The phenomenon of Spiritual Emergency is growing - but hugely misunderstood by the public and health professionals alike. Hence why books such as Catherine's are desperately needed." — Hazel Courteney, journalist and author "The strength of this book lies in the willingness of its author to share her own experiences as well as draw on those of others to give the reader a real taste of what spiritual emergency is – in all its many wonders and occasional horrors." — William West, reader in counselling at University of Manchester, Therapy Today Journal

auteur: Lucas, C.L.
ISBN: 9781844095469

Prijs: € 16,50

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