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Rhythm of Wholeness

18 september 2019

By Dane Rudhyar (1895 - 1985).

268 Pages | A Quest Original 1983 | Softcover | Quest Books U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835605787.

This extraordinary work has been called 'Dane Rudhyar's Great Opus - his masterwork - formulating and integrating as all-inclusively as possible his philosophical/metaphysical worldview'. Thus, Rhythm represents the culmination of decades of intense research into and creative thought about the basic questions concerning creation and evolution. In this book we find Rudhyar's optimistic conclusion that man is part and parcel of 'the wholeness that always is'. Here is his challenge to the reader to consider man in a planetary frame of reference. Rhythm is, in short, the author's total affirmation of being.

From Chapter 15 - 'Epilogue' (p. 256):

" Out of the ever-renewed chording of innumerable wholes, within wholes, within wholes . . . the cyclic of Wholeness rises. Is it a melody? Or is it one immense Tone sent forth by the gong of Space for countless wholes to resonate to - if they can, if they dare? Oh, blessed are those whose hearts respond to it, and in whose mind its overtones become Meaning, and Meaning, peace! "  

auteur: Rudhyar, D.
ISBN: 0835605787

Prijs: € 10,23

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