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The Human Journey – Quest for Self-Transformation

11 september 2012

37 pages | Paperback | Theosophical Publishing House, 2002

The search for human identity has been the subject of great literature, great art and music, great philosophy throughout the ages. This work, the Adyar Pamphlet New Series #4, discusses the journey which gives our life its purpose or meaning.

Published in India.

Joy Mills has been a member of The Theosophical Society since 1940. She has served as President of the Theosophical Society in America, General Secretary of the Australian Section, and International Vice-President. She has lectured in more than 50 countries, and worked as Director of the Krotona Institute of Theosophy, in Ojai, California.

auteur: Mills, J.
ISBN: 8170593549

Prijs: € 1,50

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