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The One Life and Functional Forms

7 december 2019

By Dr. A. Kannan with a Foreword by V. Wallace Slater.

166 Pages | Published in 1973 | Hardcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 0835674983.

The aim of this book has been to survey man's search for an understanding of the evolutionary process of life and consciousness through material forms; the 'One Life' through diversity of forms each having its particular function to perform. Both modern science and the ancient Wisdom tradition combine to give a broad perspective of life and form as two aspects of one reality. The popular world does not readily find a meaning to the fact that our planet is a speck in a universe of uncountable galaxies, nor to the random chemical mutations by which the human species has developed on this planet. This is because of the tendency to study life as a collection of separate problems, apart from the universal life principle as a comprehensive whole.

From Chapter 7 - 'Man and Nature - A Symbolic Representation of Unity' (p. 135):

" The symbol of the circle gives a good deal of meaning to the movement and continuity aspects of evolution. In fact, a serpent swallowing its own tail is one such symbol, which in addition gives the idea of eternity and the destruction of old form giving place to new. However, the spiral which includes within itself the symbol of the circle gives a more vivid concept of the multi-dimensional organization of the various kingdoms of Nature. The several circles contained in the spiral reveal the idea of the various aspects of organization impulse working through the different kingdoms. "

Auteur: Kannan, A.
ISBN: 0835674983

Prijs: € 3,70

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