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This Matter of Culture

10 juni 2010

224 pages | Paperback | Krishnamurti Foundation India, 2004

'The function of education is to bring about a release of energy in the pursuit of goodness, truth, or God, which in turn makes the individual a true human being and therefore the right kind of citizen.'

'It is also our problem to find out what God is, because that is the very foundation of our life. A house cannot stand for long without a proper foundation, and all the cunning inventions of man will be meaningless if we are not seeking out what is God or truth.'

This Matter of Culture consists of Krishnamurti's talks and discussions with the students, parents and teachers of the schools he founded in India, and has been chosen by parabala magazine as 'one of the hundred best spiritual books of the century'. Every since it was brought out in 1964, it has been published world-wide in 22 languages and has remained a popular book on education. Here Krishnamurti defines, in unmistakable terms, the real function of education, as also the purpose of human life:

auteur: Krishnamurti, J/Rjagopal, D (ed.)
ISBN: 8187326263

Prijs: € 8,50

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