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The Wisdom and Power of Music (4 CDs)

6 april 2020

By Don Campbell.

4 CD's | Releases in 1993, 2005 & 2006| CD-format | Quest Books (Audio), U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835689472.

An Innovative Program to Enhance Your Health, Creativity & Communication.

Four CD's that reveal the healing and educational powers of music. Orchestrate your health, concentration, and creativity with Don Campbell, author, musician, and researcher. In this revolutionary program you will learn how to use a variety of musical styles to help you:

  • Sharpen your concentration
  • Spark your creativity
  • Relieve stress
  • Deepen your listening skills
  • Explore the powers of meditation and inspiration.

Since ancient times, music has been a tool to express emotions, hopes and inspirations. Now with the overload of sound in our home and work environments, Don Campbell helps us learn how to find the nutrition in sound for body, heart and mind.

" Whether you are a trained musician or just an avid music lover, you will discover new potentials for listening and a fuller life! "

auteur: Campbell, D.G.
ISBN: 9780835689472

Prijs: € 24,50

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