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18 december 2019

What Death Really Is, Questions We All Ask – Journey through the Portals of Change to the Heart of the Universe

By Gottfried de Purucker (1874 – 1942).

122 Pages | Copyright 1986 | Softcover | Point Loma Publications, San Diego, California | ISBN: 0913004480.

Dutch translation: Wat de Dood Werkelijk Is, Vragen die Wij Allen Stellen | Copyright 1986 | Stichting ISIS, International Study-Centre for Independent Search for Truth, ‘s-Gravenhage ISBN: 9073257018.

‘ LIGHT for the Mind
LOVE for the Heart
UNDERSTANDING for the Intelligence

ALL THREE must be satisfied
Before One
Can have PEACE. ‘

What Death Really Is, is a concise handbook to understanding the processes of dying and the after death states. It answers some of the most pertinent questions, that one has about after-death consciousness. Drawing from various world Wisdom traditions, G. de Purucker reaches into the heart of the subject in a clear and understandable manner.

From Chapter ‘Summing Up’ (p. 114 & p. 115):

” Man is a god manifesting in a physical body, but through an intermediate psychological apparatus. He is a divine flame encased in gross substance or matter, manifesting feebly at the present time in his evolutionary journey the wondrous faculties and powers of the god within, but showing them nevertheless at least somewhat. For man can think, and thinking is a wondrous faculty. He can cast his thought beyond the stars. He can reason. He can draw deductions from premisses. He can raise himself aloft on the wings of his imagination, and, guided by reason, soar beyond the confines of the Polar Star. Man can feel. He has compassion. He has pity for the helpless, for the hopeless, a yearning to aid those, who need aid. All these are divine faculties. Even in so small a degree as these examples testify does man show forth the working of the god within him. “

auteur: Purucker, G. de
ISBN: 0913004480

Prijs: € 8,00

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And a Time to Die

By Mark Pelgrin. 159 Pages | First Re-Quest Edition 1962 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835603059.

ed. by Sheila Moon and Elizabeth B. Howes

When a man stands alone . . . 

Every man is born and every man dies. None is born conscious of the significance of this birth in time, and most are unaware of the significance of this death. Some do have an intimation of the meaning of dying, and a few achieve an intensified relationship to the purpose behind the final life experience. Even fewer have ever chronicled the ways by which they came to that place, where death seemed the ultimate step in self-fulfilment. This book is therefore a rare account, coming from a man, who died at the age of 47 of cancer, but who gave the last year of his life to a heightening and hastening of his search for all the seasons of God – a man who came, at the end, to where he could say yes to both sides of the paradoxes of Ecclesiastes.

From the beginning of the book:

” For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep and a time to cast away; a time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; a time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace. “

  • Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.
auteur: Pelgrin, M.
ISBN: 0835603059

Prijs: € 6,44

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A Matter of Personal Survival – Life After Death

By Michael Marsh.

209 Pages | A Quest Original, first edition 1985 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. supported by the Kern Foundation | ISBN: 0835605965.

If, perchance, you have ever asked yourself the question: ‘What happens to me after I die (if anything)’?, then you will be interested in Dr. Marsh thoughtful conclusions. He has compiled a completely sensible piece of organized research that offers pro and con evidence concerning the possibility of ‘afterdeath life’. When you have finished reading about this Matter of Personal Survival, you will surely have a clearer picture of what (if anything) happens to you when your physical body is no longer operative.

But then you must ask yourself: ‘If I do survive, what must it be like to experience life without physical sensation? What exactly is it that remains and permits me to retain my sense of identity’? These and other good questions together with clear and rational answers will be found in this unique study of the basic, bottomline enigma concerning our existence.

From Chapter 10 – ‘Approach to the Self’ (p. 54):

” From earliest times prophets and poets and philosophers have tried to analyze the nature of human be-ing. More recently psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and anthropologists have added their findings and opinions. Some have profferred a simple view. Plato compared the Soul of man to ‘a pair of winged horses and a charioteer’, one of the horses being ‘uptight and cleanly made . . . a lover of honor and modesty and temperance,’ while the other is ‘a crooked lumbering animal’ filled with lust and insolence and pride’. Freud, twenty-three hundred years later, favored a somewhat similar division , with a realistic ego attempting to guide a moral superego and a lustful id.

Among those, who prefer complex classifications, one might cite the psychologist Henry Murray. He worked up a list of twenty human needs, each one with complex definitions, which interact with sixteen kinds (and many sub-kinds) of environmental ‘press’. At the opposite extreme are radical behaviorists like B.F. Skinner, who assert that, apart from the genetic code, humans have no inner nature but only a ‘repertoire of behavior’ taught by the environment. “



auteur: Marsh, M.
ISBN: 0835605965

Prijs: € 9,19

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Our Last Adventure – A Commonsense Guide to Death and After

By E. Lester Smith.

100 Pages | 1985 | Paperback | Theosophical Publishing House, London/| ISBN: 0722951221.

Dr. E. Lester Smith has been a member of the Theosophical Society for sixty years and, after his retirement, edited Intelligence Came First, for which he won the Subba Row Medal of that Society. Throughout his working life he has written about 100 research papers in various scientific and medical journals in England and America. In Our Last Adventure he adds another dimension to his work – research into death and beyond.

From the Prologue:

” There is a journey ahead that none of us can avoid – our last adventure, death and beyond. If you travel abroad, it is wise to take a map and a guide to the country. Most people face death totally unprepared. Some are scared and refuse even to think or talk about it; others are resigned or willing to go when their time comes; very, very few have any clear idea of what lies ahead… In the chapters which follow, I have tried to write a commonsense guide to the next world. “

auteur: Lester Smith, E.
ISBN: 0722951221
Additional DescriptionMore Details

E. Lester Smith spent most of his long life in scientific research. He wrote several books and booklets, including Inner Adventures, This Dynamic Universe, and Vitamin B-12. The many honors awarded for his work include the prized distinction of Fellow of the Royal Society and the Lindley Medal of the Royal Horticultural Society in Great Britain. Other titles by the author: – Intelligence Came FirstThis Dynamic Universe


Prijs: € 12,50

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The Devachanic Plane

By Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854 – 1934).

132 Pages | First edition 1896 | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 817059068X.

NB: The complete title of the work is: The Devachanic Planes or The Heaven World – It’s Characteristics and Inhabitants.

From the Preface:

” Few words are needed in sending this little book out into the world. It is the sixth of a series of Manuals designed to meet the public demand for a simple exposition of Theosophical teachings […] These Manuals are not written only for the eager student, whom no initial difficulties can daunt; they are written for the busy men and women of the work-a-day world, and seek to make plain some of the great truths that render life easier to bear and death easier to face. Written by servants of the Masters who are the Elder Brothers of our race, they can have no other object than to serve our fellowmen “.

auteur: Leadbeater, C.W.
ISBN: 817059068X

Prijs: € 5,50

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To Those Who Mourn

68 Pages | Second edition, 2nd reprint 2012 | Paperback | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar

We may think that death has snatched away one dear to us. But the Soul is immortal. Man is a Soul and has a body. Death only means putting the body aside, for there is life after death and one’s dear one lives on in the spiritual body and may be contacted during sleep or deep in one’s consciousness. If we sorrow for the dead, their progress is hindered. The attitude of mourning shows lack of faith. There is one God, and we are all in Him. If we can but realize the unity of that Eternal Love, there will be no more sorrow for us.

From page 62;

” If we mourn, if we yield to gloom and depression, we throw out from ourselves a heavy cloud which darkens the sky for them. Their very affection for us, their very sympathy for us, lays them open to this direful influence. We can use the power which that affection gives us, to help them instead of hindering them, if we only will: but to do that requires courage and self-sacrifice. We must forget ourselves utterly in our earnest and loving desire to be of the greatest possible assistance to our dead . . . “



auteur: Leadbeater, C.W.
ISBN: 9788170593621
Additional DescriptionMore Details

C.W. Leadbeater was a highly developed clairvoyant and the author of over thirty books on the spiritual life and on the psychic nature of man. He unfolded and perfected his own psychic faculties under the guidance of his Adept teacher and in 1893 began his clairvoyant investigations, on occasion collaborating with Annie Besant, the second President of the Theosophical Society. His worldwide lectures presented a new viewpoint to thousands of people.


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The Life After Death

By Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854 – 1934).

94 Pages | First edition 2012, 13th Reprint | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170592532.

The subject of life after death is one of great interest to all of us, not only because we ourselves must certainly die one day, but far more because there can scarcely be any more among us, except perhaps the very young, who has not lost (as we call it) by death someone who is near and dear to us. So if there be any information available with regard to the life after death, we are naturally very anxious to have it.

From Chapter VII – ‘Guardian Angels’ (p. 69 & 71):

” There are many graceful traditions of spiritual guardianship and angelic intervention, which we should all very much like to believe if we could only see our way to accept them rationally, and I hope to explain that to a very large extent we may do this. The belief in such intervention is a very old one. Among the earliest Indian legends we find accounts of the occasional appearances of minor deities at critical points in human affairs. […] The old belief in angels and archangels is justified by the facts, for just as there are various kingdoms below humanity, so there are also kingdoms above it in evolution. We find next above us, holding much the same position with regard to us that we in turn hold to the animal kingdom, the great kingdom of Deva-s or Angels, and above them again an evolution which has been called that of the Dhyan Chohans or archangels and so upward to the very feet of Divinity. All is one graduated life, from God Himself to the very dust of beneath our feet – one long ladder, of which humanity occupies only one of the steps. “


auteur: Leadbeater, C.W.
ISBN: 9788170592532

Prijs: € 4,00

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Facing Death – Welcoming the Afterlife

By Stephen Knapp (1947 – 2017).

97 Pages | Copyright 1999 | Softcover | The World Relief Network, Detroit U.S.A. | ISBN: 0961741074.

Many people are afraid of death, or do not know how to prepare for it, nor what to expect. So this book is provided to relieve anyone of the fear that often accompagnies the thought of death, and to supply a means to more clearly understand the purpose of it and how we can use it for our higher good. It will also help the survivors of the departed Souls to better understand what has happened and how to cope with it. Furthermore, it shows that death is not a tragedy, but a natural course of events meant to help us reach our destiny.

To assist you in preparing for your own death, or that of a loved one, you will find guidelines herein for making one’s final days as peaceful and as smooth as possible, both physically and spiritually. Preparing for death, no matter what stage of life you are in, can transform your whole outlook in a positive way, if understood properly. This will make things clearer in regard to what matters most in this life.

This book is easy to read, with soothing and comforting Wisdom, along with stories of people, who have been with departing Souls and what they have experienced. It is written especially for those, who have given death little thought beforehand, but would now like to have some preparedness for what may need to be done regarding many levels of the experience and what might take place during this transition. So no matter whether you are afraid of death, or concerned about surviving the death of a loved one, or are worried about those that you will leave behind if you depart, or what death will be like and how to prepare for it, this book will help you.

From Chapter 9 – ‘Going For God Attaining The Highest Realm’ (p. 89):

” In some traditions, existence in the astral world between physical lives lasts only about 40 to 50 days, sometimes much less. Other reports relate that people have lived in the astral realm up to many years, often quite happy and content in a wonderful world filled with love. And they may be waiting for other people that they know to pass over in order to greet them. At other times this dimension can be a miserable place filled with torment and suffering. In either case, it will be an accurate reflection of the good or sinful activities a person has performed on earth. Thus, only you are responsible for your own level of heavenly or hellish existence in the astral world after death. This is why it is always important to practice compassion, kindness, and love in all aspects of life. “


auteur: Knapp, S.
ISBN: 0961741074

Prijs: € 7,75

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Death and After

By Annie Besant (1847 – 1933).

Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170595755.

This Theosophical Manual by Annie Besant helps us face death more easily. Death and dying are the greatest human fears. Clearly and simply, Dr Besant explains that although the body perishes at death, Life survives. We are each a spark of the Divine life that survives the dissolution of the gross body. Life is a conscious existence unbroken by death, and the soul that escapes from earthly life is but a means to spiritualize the material before we pass on to the life after death.

auteur: Besant, A.
ISBN: 9788170595755
Additional DescriptionMore Details

This useful book has been written for the busy men and women of the work-a-day world, to make plain some of the great truths that render life easier to bear and death easier to face or accept.


Prijs: € 5,00

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The Mirror of Life and Death

By Laurence J. Bendit (1898-1974).

199 Pages | Published in 2004, third reprint | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 0835675548.

The book suggests according to its author, that the basis of life is in timeless and universal Being, which becomes projected for evolutionairy purposes into the space-time world of existence. Existence can only be significant when seen against its root in pure Being. Birth, growth, decay, death and, if tradition be true, rebirth, are part of a single process. They are moreover, not separate parts, but each one co-exists all the time with the others, even when one aspect predominates.

auteur: Bendit, L.J.
ISBN: 0835675548

Prijs: € 6,50

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