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13 november 2019

Theosofia – Van Innerlijke Wijsheid naar Uiterlijke Transformatie

Joy Mills (1920 – 2015) Special Theosofia, hoofdredacteur Els Rijneker.

59 Bladzijden | Juni 2019 | Tijdschrift | Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | Geen ISBN.

Deze maand, juni 2019, vindt u maar liefst twee Theosofia’s in uw brievenbus: het gebruikelijke nummer met gevarieerde artikelen, en deze special met de Nederlandse versie van een boek van Joy Mills: From Inner to Outer Transformation – Lectures on The Voice of the Silence (UTVN 1996 en 2002). U kent waarschijnlijk allemaal De Stem van de Stilte, het laatste boek van Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, die in 1875 samen met anderen in New York de Theosophical Society (TS) oprichtte. Deze Special bevat de Nederlandse vertaling van een lezingenreeks door Joy Mills over dit prachtige mystieke boekje op ons Internationaal Theosofisch Centrum (ITC) in Naarden, in de zomer van 1991. In april 1992 verschenen deze lezingen al eerder in Theosofia. Voor deze special zijn de teksten enigszins geredigeerd en zijn waar mogelijk de citaten uit De Stem van de Stilte overgenomen uit de meest recente Nederlandse vertaling in Drie Wegen, Eén Pad (UTVN 2006).

De aanleiding dat deze Special ‘Van Innerlijke Wijsheid naar Uiterlijke Transformatie’ juist nu verschijnt, mede op verzoek van de Esoterische School voor Theosofie, is het bijzondere Engelstalige seminar deze maand, juni 2019, met Martin Leiderman: ‘The Voice of the Silence, An Insight into the Mystery and Purpose of our Life’.

Afkomstig van bladzijde 34:

” Als u geen zon kunt zijn, wees dan de nederige planeet. Ja, als het u ontzegd is te stralen als de middagzon op de sneeuwbedekte berg van eeuwige zuiverheid, kies dan, neofiet, een bescheidener loop. Wijs anderen de ‘weg’ – hoe vaag ook, en ook al staat u alleen in de menigte – zoals de avondster doet aan diegenen die hun pad in duisternis bewandelen. ” – Uit: De Stem van de Stile, blz. 155 & 156.


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Little Tyke – The True Story of a Gentle Vegetarian Lionness

By Georges H. Westbeau.

150 Pages | Copyright 1975, first Re-Quest edition 1986 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606058.

Born to be a bewildered and frustrated mother on a somber September day, the lionness Little Tyke set the world thinking anew. She was to fire the deepest thoughts within us and to remind us of an ancient prophecy. She was to bring out out heart-felt tenderness in a most unexpected manner.

A tragedy and a miracle were to occur minutes apart. The tragedy took only seconds. The miracle would last nine years, and to many it lasts to this very day . . .

From Chapter ‘The Vegetarian’ (p. 32, 33 & 34).

“At four years of age Little Tyke was a mature African lionness, and she weighed three hundred and fifty-two pounds. Every year, she became more gentle. We had practically given up the hope of creating in Little Tyke a taste for meat, […] On one occasion, I asked a young visitor this question, and it was he, who put my mind at ease. He turned to look at me with serious eyes, then asked; ‘Don’t you read your Bible?’ I admitted, I didn’t read it as much as I probably should. He continued; ‘Read Genesis 1:30 and you will get your answer. ‘ At my first opportunity I got my Bible and turned to the passage he had indicated. To my astonishment, I read these words:

‘And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to everything that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat; and it was so.’

We didn’t worry anymore about Little Tyke’s diet. We had already worked out one which she loved. It consisted of cooked cereals, raw eggs and milk. Did she thrive on it? Well, one of this country’s most able zoo curators said Little Tyke was the best of her species he had ever viewed! “

auteur: Westbeau, G.H.
ISBN: 0835606058

Prijs: € 7,94

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The 75th Anniversary Book of the Theosophical Society – A Short History of the Society’s Growth from 1926 – 1950

By Josephine Ransom (1879 – 1960).

252 Pages | First edition, 1st reprint 2005 | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170594502.

” May Those who are the embodiment of Love Immortal, bless with Their Protection the Society established to do Their Will on Earth; may They ever guard it by Their Power, inspire it with Their Wisdom, and energize it with Their Activity. “ Annie Besant (1847 – 1933).

This excellent book recording the history of the Theosophical Society from 1926 – 1950, has been painstakingly researched and is accurate in facts and shrewd in assessment. Ransom  tells us: ‘I have tried to be accurate, to observe due proportion, to exercise the historian’s prerogative of impartiality, and to give a clear impression of how the great ideals of the Society are working themselves out.’ She has succeeded admirably.

auteur: Ransom, J.
ISBN: 8170594502

Prijs: € 7,00

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A Short History of the Theosophical Society

By J. Ransom.

591 Pages | First edition, 2nd reprint 2007 | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170595144.


” A clean life, an open mind, a pure heart, an eager intellect, an unveiled spiritual perception, a brotherliness for one’s co-disciple,a readiness to give and receive advice and instruction, a loyal sence of duty to the Teacher, a willing obedience to the behests of TRUTH, once we have placed our confidence in, and believe that Teacher to be in possession of it; a courageous endurance of personal injustice, a brave declaration of principles, a valiant defence of those who are unjustly attacked, and a constant eye to the ideal of human progression and perfection, which the secret science depicts – these are the golden stairs up the steps of which the learner may climb to the Temple of Divine Wisdom. “- Helena P. Blavatsky.

The year 1875 was a milestone for both the Eastern and the Western world. The Theosophical Society founded in that year, still thrives. This book traces its history over a period of sixty-two years, recording most of the important events and personalities of the time.

Mrs. Josephine Ransom (1879 – 1960), the author had access to more archival information than her precedessors, for example. Curuppumullage Jinarājadāsa (1875 – 1953), who edited The Golden Book of the Theosophical Society in 1925. Moreover, of additional value are the initial chapters, in which the authors traces the spiritualism that pervaded in the period prior to the founding of the Society. The absence of personal opinions and criticism adds to the historical value of the book.

auteur: Ransom, J.
ISBN: 9788170595144

Prijs: € 15,00

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Kabbalah – An Introduction and Illumination for the World Today

By Charles Poncé.

297 Pages | Copyright 1973, seventh printing 1997 | Softcover, incl. illustrations | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835605108.

This detailed and readable introduction to the Kabbalah – the ancient system of Jewish mysticism – illuminates its fascinating history and points out its striking parallels with astrology, yoga, numerology and tarot. Over 100 illustrations, many reproductions of historic book plates, diagrams, and charts, bring the theories of Kabbalah vividly to life. Students of Kabbalism and anyone interested in esoteric thought will find Kabbalah an essential handbook on the background, doctrines, and applications of this rich and important mystical system.

From Part Three – ‘The Kaballah Today’ (p. 259 & 260):

” In order mythically to reconstruct the universe, we must reconstruct of rediscover the original unity within us by calling forth and constellating the total man, who each and one of us has the potential to become. This then, is the unity of opposites: the marriage of all the contradictions one might find between what one would like to do and what one is, and what one does and pretends to be. To this end must we reawaken the heart of the hero in our daily encounter with the dragon of the world, the beast that mythology tells us demands fresh flesh daily, if not the spirit of our generation. 

To many of us the Kaballah is dead. In order to revive it we must bring to it a new mythology. In much the same way as the first Kabbalists brought to their sacred scriptures a new life and greater depth by the application of mythical structures, so too must we now approach the Kabbalah with a new mythical language. That has been the goal of this introductory work: not only to introduce the general public to to the basic ideas of the Kabbalah, but to the most recent method of interpretation with which Jewish mysticism may be understood. “


auteur: Poncé, C.
ISBN: 0835605108
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Charles Ponce, Ph.D., studied comparative religion, psychology, and the psychology of religion at New York University, Columbia University, and the New School for Social Research. He has written and lectured extensively on Jungian psychology, comparative religion, and related fields.


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The Dawning of the Theosophical Movement

By Michael Gomez.

248 Pages | First edition 1847 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606236.

It all began in 1874 on a farm in Chittenden, Vermont, at that time a mecca for spiritualists. There, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 – 1891), Russian born noblewoman, world traveler, respected psychic, outspoken iconoclast, first met Henry Steel Olcott (1832 – 1907), lawyer, journalist, Civil War administrative hero. It was on November 17, 1875 that this initial meeting culminated in the founding of the Theosophical Society.

Historical researcher Michael Gomes charts the dramatic origins of the theosophical movement, one of the most influential philosophical systems to arise during the last hundred years. In this skillfully woven story of the early years of theosophy, the author re-creates the key events involving Blavatsky, Olcott and a small group of like-minded occultists. His account covers the publication of Blavatsky’s ‘occult encyclopedia’ Isis Unveiled, concluding with the pilgrimage to India by the ‘theosophical twins’.

auteur: Gomes, M.
ISBN: 0835606236

Prijs: € 10,96

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In Memory of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – By Some of Her Pupils

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 – 1891).

198 Pages | Original Edition 1891, Death Centenary Edition 1991 | Softcover | Theosophy Company Private LTD., India | ISBN: 817059037X.


The articles on Helena Petrovna Blavatsky that appeared in the monthly magazine ‘Lucifer’, after her death in 1891, were published the same year in a Memorial Volume. In 1931, to commemorate the centenary of her birth, a reprint of that book, with some additional material, was published by The Blavatsky Association of London.

Both the earlier editions have long been 0ut of print. The present photo-offset reprint is being published in the year of the hundredth anniversary of her passing as a tribute to this greatest Theosophist of our age.


Bombay, 8th May 1991.

From page XI:

” The inspiration given by Madame Blavatsky has indeed been incalculable in regard to this inborn desire and determination to find the PATH, and to attain, at whatever cost, the realisation of the true SELF. For she showed, as has been shown from time immemorial, that the WAY lies within; that each man has the power to work out his own salvation without the intervention of any deity other than his own highest SELF. In the Doctrines of Reincarnation and Karma with which Madame Blavatsky familiarised the West, are to be found the arbiters of Man’s fate – wholly just, yet, when rightly understood, wholly merciful, and the ultimate appeasers of mortal sorrow. “

auteur: Blavatsky, H.P.

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Giordano Bruno – An Apostle of Theosophy

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 – 1891).

109 Pages | Published in 2000 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House Adyar | ISBN: 8170594138.

The story of a profound philosopher and religious reformer who incurred the wrath of the Catholic Church for his attacks on Aristotelian logic and his championship of Copernican cosmology. After lifelong persecution he was burnt at the stake as a heretic in 1600. He taught with eloquence the Immanence of God who is Universal Life; the eternity of the Spirit, being part of the Universal Life; and based on these two facts, a life dedicated to the True, the Good, and the Beautiful.

auteur: Besant, A.
ISBN: 8170594138
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Annie Besant (1847-1933) led the fight for the rights of women and laborers in her native England; later she worked with Mahatma Gandhi and spearheaded India’s struggle for freedom. Theosophist Joy Mills describes her as “a feminist before the movement for women’s rights was fully launched; she stood for freedom when half the world was held in the bonds of colonialism.” A student of India’s spiritual traditions, Annie Besant was famed as an orator, author, and international President of the Theosophical Society.


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