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Krishnamurti on Nature and Environment

10 juni 2010

112 pages | Paperback | Gollancz, 1992

This was the first volume of an unprecedented series of thematic selections from Krishnamurti's works. Here, the world-renowned spiritual teacher explains eloquently how true relationship is brought about by knowing how our inner world of thoughts and emotions is inextricably linked to the outer world of humanity and the environment.

'Here is one man of our time who may be said to be the master of reality.' - Henry Miller

As early as 1948 Krishnamurti said: ''Because we do not love the earth and the things of the earth but merely utilize them....we have lost touch with life....we have lost the sense of tenderness, that sensitivity, that response to things of beauty; and it is only in the renewal of that sensitivity that we can have understanding of what is true relationship.''

auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 0575053291

Prijs: € 10,25

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