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19 januari 2019

The Bhagavad Gita – The Song Celestial with Introduction and Notes

By Sir Edwin Lester Arnold (1832 – 1904), introduction by Alan Jacobs.

188 Pages | First published in 1885 as The Celestial Song, this is the 2006 edition | Hardcover | Watkins Publishing, London |  ISBN: 9781842931240.

” There lives a Master in the hearts of Men, maketh their deeds, by subtle pulling-strings, dance to what tune He will. With all thy Soul Trust Him, and take Him for thy succour, Prince! “

The Bhagavad Gita, or Song Celestial, is the sacred testament central to Hinduism, the most ancient of the great world religions. Brahman is the Absolute Supreme Reality underlying all forms. Human beings accumulate Karma as a result of their actions in innumerable incarnations, until they obtain liberation through the practices of devotion and knowledge. The Bhagavad Gita, as the essential gospel of Hinduism, explains mankind’s predicament and points the way to freedom.

This poetic gospel is attributed to the Divine Messenger, Lord Krishna, who on the battlefield gives the warrior-prince, Arjuna, detailed and profound spiritual guidance. Arjuna is perplexed by his involvement in a war and Lord Krishna unveils inspiring philosophical wisdom leading to the solution of Arjuna’s problem and his self-realization.



Auteur: Arnold, E.
ISBN: 9781842931240

Prijs: € 8,95

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The Divine Language of Celestial Correspondences

By Coulson Turnbull (1864 – xxxx).

341 Pages | Facsimile edition of the original 1913 edition | Kessinger Publications Ltd., Montana, USA | ISBN 1564598284.

A study in planetary and spiritual vibrations, with an account of the involution and evolution of the Soul. 


Chapter 1 – Sun in the diferrent Houses
Chapter 2 – The Meaning of the different Degrees
Chapter 3 – Symbolization of Zodiacal Signs
Chapter 4 – How to erect a Horoscope
Chapter 5 – How to read a Nativity
Chapter 6 – How to prognosticate Events
Chapter 7 – Directions
Chapter 8 – Important Aphorisms
Chapter 9 – How to prove the Moment of Birth
Chapter 10 – The Nativity of Jesus, Napoleon I, and H.P. Blavatsky
Chapter 11 – Some astronomical Short-cuts.


Transits of superior Planets
Houses of New York, London
Examples of Ephemerides

From page 308:

” In Figure 11 (on page 309), we have the astral portrait of that gifted student of mysticism, Helena P. Blavatsky, who founded the present Theosophical Society on this planet in the nineteenth century. The student will note the 13th degree of Cancer ascending symbolized as follows: – A caduceus between two moons – one crescent, the other gibbous. It denotes a person of extreme capacity in the pursuit of knowledge, a penetrating mind and retentive memory. The native will accomplish wonders in the pursuit of subtle sciences. The temper is changeful like the moon and subject to fits of hope and despondency of more or less rapid alternation. The native is likely to travel much and be subject to many changes, but the chief characteristics are versatility and aptitude in the gaining of knowledge. With the symbol of Hermes dominant in the nature, the native will be either a linguïst, doctor, or distinguished scholar. Hermes or Mercury was strong, being in Virgo. This degree succinctly and clearly defines her life and her excellent though not faultless work. A most noticeable satellitum is the Sun, Mars, Saturn and Mercury, all in the third house, that is mind. “

Auteur: Turnbull, C.
ISBN: 1564598284

Prijs: € 19,50

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Echo’s uit de Gnosis | Deel II Visioenen, Mysterieën en Ritualen

Door George R.S. Mead (1863-1933), samengesteld door en met introductie van Peter Huijs.

256 Pages | 2013 | Hardcover | Rozekruis Pers, Haarlem.

In het Alexandrië van de eerste eeuwen van onze jaartelling kon je net zo gemakkelijk hindoes en boeddhisten tegenkomen als Babylonische magiërs of de eigen Egyptische priesters van Isis en Amon-Ra. Dat zag je terug in de fameuze bibliotheek van die stad: zij bood een weerspiegeling van de zucht naar universeel weten, dat de gehele stad doorademde. Een aparte plaats daarbinnen namen de mysteriereligies in. Mithras, Arideus, Zoroaster en de Chaldeeuwse mysterieleer trokken duizenden geïnteresseerden en gelukzoekers, maar ook serieuze zoekers naar een hogere waarheid. Deze laatsten waren aangetrokken door het opschrift dat boven de toegang hing: de plaats voor de genezing van de ziel. Het is de verdienste van Georg Mead, als eerste modern gnosticus, dat hij in deel II van Echo’s uit de Gnosis de exotische and voor ons op het eerste gezicht verbijsterende mysterieleringen van die dagen weet te plaatsen in context van het Westers denken. Mead maakt duidelijk, dat wat veraf en vreemd lijkt en geschilderd werd in de bonte kleuren van die tijd, niettemin deel uitmaakt van het universele weten van de mens, de gnosis van het hart, die de verborgen werelden van de geest doorpeilt.

” Zoekt u God, u zoekt het schone. Er is één pad, dat er heen leidt: toewijding verenigd met Gnosis. Want de toegewijde ziel stijgt op naar de geest, die haar naar het licht van de Gnosis leidt. En zo’n ziel wordt nooit moe God’s lof te zingen en zegeningen uit te storten over alle mensen en in navolging van haar meester allen goed te doen in woord en daad. ” – Hermes Trismegistus.



Auteur: Mead, G.R.S., comp. by Huijs, P.
ISBN: 9789067324267

Prijs: € 24,50

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Cycles of Eternity – An Overview of the Ageless Wisdom

By Tim Wyatt.

111 Pages | First published in 2016 | Paperback | Leeds Theosophical Society in association with Firewheel Books, West Yorkshire.

Everything in the universe, seen and unseen, is alive, connected and on an eternal evolutionary journey. Universal laws and inter-connected ideas, pre-dating and underpinning science, philosophy and religion, explain the ev0lution and workings of both the universe and human beings. This is known as The Ageless Wisdom, or Theosophy. This ancient knowledge offers a compelling, comprehensive and convincing view of ourselves and the cosmos, and yet it is entirely modern in its outlook.

Cycles of Eternity explains how and why this is important to you.

From Chapter 4. ‘Infinite Cycles’, p. 76:

” Central to the Ageless Wisdom, is that all life proceeds in regular cycles of activity and rest. Some occur in a fraction of a second. Others take trillions of years to complete. These life-cycles all have exactly the same pattern: birth, growth, maturity, decline and ‘death’ followed by re-birth. Nothing stays the same for a moment. There is always constant change. This applies to atoms, human beings, planets and galaxies. Everything is ultimately destroyed and recycled. Cyclic evolution underpins not only the unity of all life, but also other universal laws such as reïncarnation and karma. These patterns – long and short – are central to the unfoldment of the universe and everything in it. There are numerous types of cycles and many different names for them. They all have a greater or lesser influence on us. Exploring these great cycles of cosmic ev0lution can be mind-bendingly complicated and convoluted – especially since our knowledge of them remains incomplete. Examining where we are in the grand scheme of things, how we got here and where we are heading gives us a deeper perspective on our own lives and reinforces the idea, that each of us plays an immortal role. “


Auteur: Wyatt, T.
ISBN: 9780956145147

Prijs: € 15,00

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Evolution of the Higher Consciousness – An In-depth Study into H.P. Blavatsky’s Teachings

By Pablo Sender.

201 Pages | First edition 2018 | Hardcover (cloth) | Fohat Production, Ojai, California.

Who are we? What is the purpose of life? How do we actualize our potential? These are the questions that thoughful people have asked since time immemorial. Evolution of Higher Consciousness is a comprehensive study of the teachings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831- 1891) on these issues.

Madame Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society, was the pioneer of the esoteric renaissance that took place at the end of the nineteenth century. Ever since, her writings have served as foundational source for modern spirituality. In his book, Pablo Sender presents Blavatsky’s profound but frequently puzzling statements systematically and in clear, concise language. He throws light on the nature of our spiritual essence, its evolutionairy unfoldment, and the work that we can do in daily life to consciously participate in this cosmic journey.

From page 178:

“Within yourself is the light . . . The light of the higher self and of the Mahatma are not different from each other.

In the presence of the Master the lower nature is spontaneously transformed. This is why in the taijasic state there is no need to fight, control or manipulate the lower. Passions and afflictions are powerful only when the pure awareness identifies with them. This practice, along with the a general ‘effort’ at leading a spiritual life, will eventually make the temporary state of ‘manas taijasa” more and more available, until it becomes permanent in the union of buddhi-manas. When we are aware of our innate divine Wisdom, conscious of our identity with everything , and aware of our transcendental and immutable nature, the human evolutionairy pilgrimage comes to an end. New field of self-expression open up to the liberated consciousness, which now becomes a beneficent force aiding human and planetary evolution.

.  .  .

Joy unto ye, O Men of Earth.

A Pilgrim hath returned back ‘from the other shore’.

A Saviour of Mankind is born.

  • From: The Voice of Silence, fragment 3.
auteur: Sender, P.
auteur: Sender, P.
ISBN: 9780997553512
ISBN: 9780997553512

Prijs: € 31,50

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Evolution of the Higher Consciousness – An In-depth Study into H.P. Blavatsky’s Teachings

By Pablo Sender.

201 Pages | First edition 2018 | Soft cover | Fohat Production, Ojai, California.

Who are we? What is the purpose of life? How do we actualize our potential? These are the questions that thoughful people have asked since time immemorial. Evolution of Higher Consciousness is a comprehensive study of the teachings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831- 1891) on these issues.

Madame Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society, was the pioneer of the esoteric renaissance that took place at the end of the nineteenth century. Ever since, her writings have served as foundational source for modern spirituality. In his book, Pablo Sender presents Blavatsky’s profound but frequently puzzling statements systematically and in clear, concise language. He throws light on the nature of our spiritual essence, its evolutionairy unfoldment, and the work that we can do in daily life to consciously participate in this cosmic journey.

From page 178:

“Within yourself is the light . . . The light of the higher self and of the Mahatma are not different from each other.

In the presence of the Master the lower nature is spontaneously transformed. This is why in the taijasic state there is no need to fight, control or manipulate the lower. Passions and afflictions are powerful only when the pure awareness identifies with them. This practice, along with the a general ‘effort’ at leading a spiritual life, will eventually make the temporary state of ‘manas taijasa” more and more available, until it becomes permanent in the union of buddhi-manas. When we are aware of our innate divine Wisdom, conscious of our identity with everything , and aware of our transcendental and immutable nature, the human evolutionairy pilgrimage comes to an end. New field of self-expression open up to the liberated consciousness, which now becomes a beneficent force aiding human and planetary evolution.

.  .  .

Joy unto ye, O Men of Earth.

A Pilgrim hath returned back ‘from the other shore’.

A Saviour of Mankind is born.

  • From: The Voice of Silence, fragment 3.
auteur: Sender, P.
ISBN: 9780997553505

Prijs: € 22,50

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De Geheimen van Meditatie – Een Praktische Gids voor Innerlijke Vrede

Door Davidji.

234 Bladzijden | Tweede druk 2016 | Paperback | Altamira

In De Geheimen van Meditatie laat Davidji je kennismaken met verschillende meditatietechnieken. Hij analyseert meditatie onder meer aan de hand van ademhaling, mindfulness, biofeedback, geluid, chakra’s, tantra en chanting. Davidji deelt zijn persoonlijke ervaringen met je en laat zien dat meditatiebeoefening een positieve impact heeft op gezondheid, relaties, emotioneel welzijn en spiritueel leven. Op toegankelijke wijze moedigt hij je aan de meditatietechniek te zoeken, die het beste bij jouw persoonlijkheid past. Op die manier kun je meditatie eenvoudiger integreren in je dagelijks leven in je dagelijks leven, zodat je steeds toegang hebt tot je innerlijke rustpunt.

Uit Deel 2 – ‘Vele Wegen naar Een-heid’ (blz. 73):

” Hoe meer je erover praat en denkt,

des te verder dwaal je van de waarheid af.

Houd op met praten en denken

en er is niets wat je niet zult begrijpen.

Terugkeren naar de kern betekent de diepere zin ontdekken,

maar ijdele schijn najagen betekent de bron over het hoofd zien.

Op het moment van de innerlijke verlichting

overstijg je oppervlakkige schijn en leegte. “

– Het zen-gedicht Xinxin Ming (Hsin Hsin Min) in Het Oog Slaapt Nooit van Dennis Genpo Merzel.




auteur: Davidji
ISBN: 9789401301091

Prijs: € 10,00

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Bhagavad Gita – A New Translation

223 Pages | Originally published by Harmony Books a divison of Random House Inc. in 2000, first paperback edition | Soft cover | Three Rivers Press – The Crown Publishing Group, New York

Stephen Mitchell is widely known for his ability to make ancient masterpieces thrillingly new, to step in where many have tried before and create versions that are definitive for our time. His celebrated translations of the Tao Te Ching, Rilke, and The B0ok of Job have won the hearts of readers and critics alike. The Bhagavad Gita is universally acknowledged as one of the world’s literary and spiritual masterpieces. It is the core text of the Hindu tradition and has been treasured by American writers from Emerson to T.S. Eliot.

There have been more than two hundred English translations of the Gita, but none of them, until now, is a superlative literary text in its own right. This translation sings with the clarity, the vigor, and the intensity of the original Sanskrit.

From Chapter 4 – ‘The Yoga of Wisdom’, (p. 72 & 73) [4.3 – 6 / 4.7 – 11]:

The Blessed Lord said:

” Many times I have been born, and many times you (Arjuna) have also. All these lives I remember; you recall only this one. Although I am unborn, deathless, the infinite Lord of all beings, through my own wondrous power I come into finite form. Whenever righteousness falters and chaos threatens to prevail, I take on a human body and manifest myself on earth.  In order to protect the good, to destroy the doers of evil, to ensure the triumph of righteousness, in every age I am born. Whoever knows, profoundly, my divine presence on earth is not reborn when he leaves the body, but comes to me. Released from greed, fear, anger, absorbed in me and made pure by the practice of wisdom, many have attained my own state of being. However men try to reach me, I return their love with my love; whatever path they may travel, it leads to me in the end. “



auteur: Mitchell, S.
ISBN: 0609810340

Prijs: € 14,95

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Bhagavad Gita – The Song Divine

98 Pages | First printing 2000 | Hard cover | Torchlight Publishing, Badger

Based on the Bhagavad-gita As It Is by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (1896-1977).

The Bhagavad-gita, India’s greatest spiritual treatise, contains far too much drama to remain the exclusive property of philosophers and religionists. Woodham presents the timeless wisdom of the Gita in contemporary English poetry, bringing to life its ancient yet perennially applicable message. It recounts in metered stanzas the historic conversation between Krishna, the Supreme Mystic and the mighty warrior Arjuna as they survey the battlefield preparations for the greatest world war of all time.

Krishna’s illuminating conversation with Arjuna forms the core of the Mahābhārata’s teachings, that has proven so inspiring to millions. Yet, it’s easy to overlook Krishna in the thicket of Bhagavad-gita translations. Most dismiss Krishna as a myth or a mouthpiece for some greater formless Being. To do so is to miss the central point of the Bhagavad-gita: bhakti, or joyous loving devotion to Krishna. The greatest luminaries of India’s rich spiritual heritage, such as Ramanuja, Madhva and Caitanya, have all drawn this devotional conclusion from Bhagavad-gita.





auteur: Woodham, C.E.
ISBN: 1887089268

Prijs: € 15,95

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Rainbow Body – A History of the Western Chakra System from Blavatsky to Brennan

516 Pages | 2016 Soft cover | Ibis Press /  NICHOLAS HAYS, Inc., Lake Worth

Scores of books have been written on the chakras – the psycho-energetic centers distributed along the spine, perceived clairvoyantly as wheels of light. Based on the teachings of Indian Tantra, the chakras have been used for centuries as focal points for healing, meditation, and achieving a gamut of physical. emotional, and spiritual benefits – from improved health to ultimate enlightenment.

Contemporary yoga teachers, energy healers, psychics, and self-help devotees think of the chakra system as thousands of years old. Yet the most common version in use in the West today came together as recently as 1977, the result of an unintentional, century-long collaboration between esotericists, clairvoyants, scholars of Indian philosophy, mythologists, psychologists, yogis, and energy healers.

Never before has the story been told of how the Western chakra system developed from its roots in Indian tantra, through Blavatsky to Leadbeater, Steiner to Alice Bailey, Jung to Joseph Campbell, Ramakrishna to Aurobindo, and Esalen to Shirley MacLaine and Barbara Brennan.

Kurt Leland  has written on astral projection, near-death experiences, and the transcendent possibilities of music. He is a National Lecturer for the Theosophical Society America, and a classical musician and composer. He maintains a consulting and teaching practice called ‘Spiritual Orienteering’.

auteur: Leland, K.
ISBN: 9780892542192

Prijs: € 28,95

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Hsün Tzu – Basic Writings

177 Pages | First edition 1963, 1966 | Paperback | Columbia University Press, New York

Hsün Tzu (born ca. 312 B.C.) set forth the most complete, well-ordered philosophical system of his day. Although basically Confucian, he differed with Mencius, his famous predecessor in the Confucian school, by asserting that the original nature of man is evil. To counteract this evil, he advocated self-improvement, the pursuit of learning, the avoidance of obsession, and constant attention to ritual in all areas of life. He also expounded on such objects as military affairs, Heaven, music, and the rectification of names. On government, Hsün Tzu believed that the rulers of the nation should play a crucial role in the process of educating and uplifting the population.

With a translation by the noted scholar Burton Watson, Basic Writings includes an introduction to the philosopher in relation to Chinese history and thought. Readers familiair with Hsün Tzu’s work will find that Whatson’s lucid translation breathes new life into this classic. For those not yet acquainted with Hsün Tzu – Basic Writings will reach a new generation whol will find his ideas on government, language, and order and safety in society surprisingly close to the concerns of our age.

Translations from the Asian Classics


auteur: Watson, B.
ISBN: 0231086075

Prijs: € 21,55

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Integrating and Managing the Personal Shadow – Intelligent Handling of Our Dark Energy

116 Pages | 2016 | Paperback | Vijay Nicole Imprints Private Limited, Chennai

For many of the ancient traditions and some psychological approaches the great obstructer of the inner development is fear. It generates insecurity; it pressures the searcher to decline his intentions and finally, in order to sleep peacefully, he assumes that retracting and not acting was smart, however he loses the opportunity to experience life.

” If we understand that fears are just thoughts, we can free ourselves from them. ” Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986)

These thoughts are part of the personal shadow. They destroy the possibilities of living and reduce our potential. This book explains the personal shadow and its effects on life. The bird’s meaning of life is flying, that’s why it has wings, the snake is to slither and therefore it has a body equipped for this movement. Likewise, human beings possess divine potential and therefore they need to develop that potential. Shadows affect the inner development.

This book discusses:

  1. Effect on inner development
  2. Effects of management of light and shadow in the human being such as wisdom, ignorance, darkness and shadow
  3. Explanation of shadow effects through fables
  4. Approach of shadow in psychology
  5. Methods to know our personal shadow and how to measure the effect of personal shadow in our lives?
  6. An alchemy model to face the shadow
  7. Transforming powers of change

This book also presents ideas and schemas, that combine science, philosophy and the ancient mystical traditions. It aims to help readers integrate their personal shadow and thus lead a fulfilling and productive life.


auteur: Jauli, I. and Reig, E.
ISBN: 9788182094475

Prijs: € 11,00

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I Tjing – In Alle Eenvoud

160 Bladzijden | 2010 | Hard cover | George Hulskramer en Uitgeverij Altamira-Becht B.V., Haarlem

Of je nu op het punt staat een grote of een kleine beslissing te nemen, het meer dan oude Chinese Wijsheids- en orakelboek I Tjing helpt je een stap verder. Alles wat je nodig hebt om dit handzame boekje te gebruiken, zijn drie muntjes, een pen of potlood en een stuk papier. Raadpleeg een van de vierenzestig hexagrammen – zeslijnige patronen – , dat dan tevoorschijn komt en doe er je voordeel mee. I Tjing in alle eenvoud is door zijn formaat, opzet en uitwerking een betrouwbare metgezel, die je overal mee naartoe kunt nemen en die jou nooit in de steek laat.

auteur: Hulskramer, G.
ISBN: 9789069638874

Prijs: € 6,00

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Tao – De Levende Religie van China

317 Bladzijden | Eerste druk 1988, 9de druk 2009 | Paperback | J.M. Meulenhoff

In Tao beschrijft Kristofer Schipper in heldere taal de geschiedenis van de Chinese leer. Hij verdiept zich in de rituelen, die erbij horen en de elementen, waaruit de leer is opgebouwd, zoals de grote aandacht voor het mensenlijk lichaam en de kosmologie. Tao is zowel een uitstekende inleiding voor buitenstaanders als waardevol studiemateriaal voor wie al meer vertrouwd is met de leer. Tao is veel meer dan een godsdienst, het is een manier van kijken en een manier van in het leven staan. Een religie zonder gelovigen en zonder canonieke leerstellingen.

Het boek biedt meerwaarde voor iedereen, die meer over China te weten wilt komen. In alles wat in de afgelopen eeuw in dit machtige rijk is voorgevallen, zowel onder het maoïsme als tijdens de gigantische industrialisatie, heeft de Tao bewust of onbewust doorgewerkt.

Kristofer Schipper (1934 – heden) was hoogleraar aan de Leidse Universiteit en aan de École Pratique des Hautes Études in Parijs en is opgeleid tot taoïstisch meester.

auteur: Schipper, K.
ISBN: 9789029077316

Prijs: € 19,99

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Child Exodus from Tibet

By Birgit van de Wijer. ISBN 9078464011

144 Pages | April 2006 | Softcover | Birgit van de Wijer, uitgever.

Tibetan parents send their children to school abroad in massive numbers . . . thousands never arrive: they die from freezing, starvation, exhaustion, hypothermia; they are caught by the Chinese or Nepalese police and sent back over the border. How desperate must a parent be to entrust their child to strangers to undertake a thousand kilometre journey in a strange convoy over the snowbound Himalayas? Since the Chinese occupation of independent Tibet in 1950, the country has slowly been choking in a stranglehold. In the early Eighties, dying Tibet began to send its children to India.

In this book Birgit van de Wijer for the first time illuminates this horror from all angles: why children flee, how many flee, their escape routes, the risks they run, their reception in Nepal and India, and the psychological consequences. Above all, the children tell their stories themselves. The book is based on interviews, that the author conducted on the spot at great risk. The book grew from the conviction of an author, who hopes that this exodus can finally be stopped.

auteur: Wijer, B. van de
ISBN: 9078464011

Prijs: € 18,00

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Jacob Boehme – Western Esoteric Masters Series

By Jacob Boehme (1575 – 1624), edited by Robin Waterfield. ISBN 1556433573

239 Pages | Copyright 2001 | Softcover | North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California.

Hihgly regarded among Christian mystics, Jacob Boehme was famous for his inspired and provocative analysis of the nature and being of God. Grounded in Paracelsus, the Kabbala, astrology, alchemy and the Hermetic tradition, Boehme articulated a revelatory theology, which emphasized the process, whereby God comes to know Himself.

Boehme reasoned that from His illimitable oneness, God was unable to truly apprehend Himself as God in all His splendor. Thus, God had to become an incarnated, limited being, for only through experience could He satisfy His need for self-understanding. Driven by a series of spiritual epiphanies, Boehme boldly proclaimed his new revelations, rejecting the narrow dogmatism and bibliolatry of mainstream sentiment. His subsequent prosecution by church authorities led to banishment from his home town of Goerlitz, and continued harassment by more orthodox thinkers. After his death in 1624, his writings continued to provoke debate among mystics and scholars investigating the nature of good and evil, creation and God’s will.

This anthology serves an an introduction to Boehme’s thought and will bring readers deeper into his philosophy. Part One gives biography and context of Boehme’s writings and their influence on later scientists, alchemical researchers and poets. Part Two contains selections from Boehme’s works grappling with his main themes including the birth of God and the vindication of His goodness. Of particular interest are a number of letters from Boehme, which have never appeared previously in English.


auteur: Boehme, J./Waterfield, R. (ed.)
ISBN: 1556433573

Prijs: € 16,00

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Sema-Kanda: Threshold Memories – A Mystic’s Story

By Coulson Turnbull (1864 – xxxx).

253 Pages | Photo copy of the original 1898 edition | A4 Softcover | Kessinger Publications LCC, Montana U.S.A. | ISBN: 1564596923.

Dedicated in humility

  • To those who have watched the terrestrial  transformations and eruptions, have asked for Why, and have received None.
  • To those who, tired and home-weary, in a long and slow Journey , have yearned and sought for Justice and found her not.
  • Tho those, who have suffered, as humans suffer waiting in Faith for liberation.
  • To those hearts, who in Faith and Patience have mystic-wise found a golden thread so delicate, so strong, delicate as human frailty, yet strong to draw the tossed and home-weary from out the ocean’s tempest to the Harbor of Light, from out of the dark ocean’s tempest to the Light, divine in its cheer.
  • To men and woman, Regenerate, to the Illumined Ones.


auteur: Turnbull, C.
ISBN: 1564596923

Prijs: € 17,50

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The Persian Legacy and the Edgar Cayce Material

By Kevin J. Todeschi.

145 Pages | First printing July 2000 | Softcover | A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach, U.S.A. ISBN 0876044739

In a psychic reading for himself, clairvoyant Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945) told of an ancient civilization that arose on the plains of present-day Iran, centuries before the Persia of Cyrus, Darius, Xerxes, and Alexander the Great. That civilization, he said, created a unique center of healing, a focal point for commerce, and a spiritual emphasis that gave birth to the Zoroastrian religion.

Cayce said he had lived in that civilization in a past life and that the remains of his body could still be found in a cave a few miles from the contemporary city of Shustar. Eventually, Cayce gave more than six hundred readings for various other people, who he said had also lived in the unique desert society between seven and nine thousand B.C. While archaeologists have yet to discover this ancient society, readers will be impressed and fascinated by the cohesiveness of Cayce’s Persian story as it was told in readings over a twenty-year period. Taken together, those stories detail a flourishing culture that began a healing and spiritual ministry, whose impact was felt upon the world over thousands of years. Presented here for the first time is Edgar Cayce’s intriguing account of civilization just waiting for discovery by the modern world.


auteur: Todeschi, K.J.
ISBN: 0876044739

Prijs: € 9,95

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Het zevende zintuig – telepathie, het gevoel bekeken te worden, helderziendheid


auteur: Sheldrake, R.
ISBN: 9021536706

Prijs: € 19,95

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The Wedding Song of Wisdom (Part of Echoes from the Gnosis)

By George R.S. Mead (1863 – 1933).

107 Pages | The Theosophical Publishing Society London and Benares, 1906| Photo copy | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A.

As to the contents and style of this Song, it must be confessed that we have to do with a poem of far less originality than the Hymn of the Robe of Glory, and I have taken it as a subject not so much for its intrinsic merits, as because it affords an opportunity to set forth some information on that great mystery, which was in antiquity generally known as the ‘Sacred Marriage’.

From page 74:

” The Rite of the Sacred Marriage must have been dramatically set forth in some of the inner rituals of the Christianized Gnosis. At any rate we definitely know that this was the case among the Marcosians, for Irenaeus (I. xxi 3), tells us:

Some of them prepare a Bridal Chamber and celebrate a mystery-rite with certain invocations on those who are being perfected; and they declare that what is being solemnized by them is a Sacred Marriage, in likeness with the Unions Above. “


auteur: Mead, G.R.S.
ISBN: 1564591557

Prijs: € 12,50

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Quests Old and New

By George R.S. Mead (1863-1933).

338 Pages | Photo copy of the first edition in 1913 by G. Bell & Sons, Ltd, London | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A. – ISBN 0922802793

from the Preface:

” All the studies or sketches in this volume are illustrative of the quest of reality, the search for truth, or the restless striving of the human soul for the satisfaction of its needs, spiritual or philosophical, mystical or psychical. The subjects are gleaned from the past and present, from east and west; and all of them, each in their different ways, seem to the writer to be of deep interest and great importance, even though some are little known and may appear on first acquaintance somewhat strange. “


  1. The Way of the Spirit of ancient China
  2. The Doctrine of the true Man in ancient Chinese mystical philosophy
  3. Spiritual reality in progressive Buddhism
  4. The ideal life in progressive Buddhism
  5. Some features of Buddhist psychology
  6. The doctrine of reincarnation ethically considered
  7. Some mystical experiments on the frontiers of early Christendom
  8. The meaning of Gnosis in the higher forms of Hellenistic religion
  9. ‘The Book of the Hidden Mysteries’ by Hierotheos
  10. The rising psychic tide
  11. Vaihinger’s philosophy of the ‘As If’
  12. Bergon’s intuitionism
  13. Eucken’s activism.




auteur: Mead, G.R.S.
ISBN: 0922802793

Prijs: € 17,50

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Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.?

By George R.S. Mead (1863-1933).

442 Pages | Photo copy of the first 1903 edition, The Theosophical Publishing Society, London & Benares | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A. – ISBN1564591301

From I. – Foreword:

” When some five and a half centuries before the Christian era the Buddha arose in ancient Āryāvarta to substitute actuality for tradition, to break down the barriers of convention, and throw open the Way of Righteousness to all, irrespective of race or birth, we are told that He set aside the ancestral scriptures of His race and times and preached a Gospel of self-reliance and a freedom from bibliolatry that will ever keep His memory green among the independent thinkers of the world.

When the Christ arose in Judaea, once more to break down the barriers of exclusiveness and preach the Way to the ‘Amme ha-aretz’, the rejected of the ceremonialists and legal purists, we are told that He extended the aegis of His great authority over the ancient writings of His fellow-countrymen, and cited the Torah as the very Law of God Himself. 

We are assured by Traditionalists that the Incarnation of Deity Itself, the very Giver of that Law, explicitly attested the genuineness of the Five Books; He with His inerrant Wisdom, asserted that Moses wrote them, just as it was believed by the people of His day. Whereas, if there be anything certain in the whole field of Biblical research, it is that this cannot be the whole truth of the matter. 

It has been said in excuse, that the Christ did not come on earth to teach His disciples the ‘higher criticism’. This may well be so, and yet it is a fact of profound significance that, as we shall see in the course of the present enquiry, even in His day, this very Torah and much more the Prophets and Sacred Writings, were called in serious question by many. “



auteur: Mead, G.R.S.
ISBN: 1564591301

Prijs: € 25,00

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Concerning H.P.B. (Stray Thoughts on Theosophy)

By George R.S. Mead (1863-1933).

Pages | Photo copy, reprinted from The Theosophical Review, Vol. XXXIV , 1904/1919 | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A.

I (Wisdom) love them that love me – Prov. viii, 17. Where there is mystery, it is generally supposed that there must also be evil. ” – Byron.

Let us for a few minutes turn our thoughts together to the woman without whom, in every probability, there would have been no Theosophical movement to-day as we understand it. Let us consider briefly the crude and blundering question: ‘Do you believe in Blavatsky?

To me this question sounds strange, sounds even if I may say so, vulgar. ‘Blavatsky’ No one who knew her, knew her thus tout court. For her enemies even, while she lived, she was Madame Blavatsky, or at least H.P. Blavatsky; while for her friends and lovers she was Helena Petrovna, or H.P.B., or the ‘Old Lady’ – which last once gave occasion to a pretty witticism of a friend, who slyly remarked that it would have been awkward had Madame been Monsieur.




auteur: Mead, G.R.S.
ISBN: 1564592529

Prijs: € 3,20

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The Book of Enoch The Prophet

Translated by Richard Laurence.

192 Pages | 1995, Secret Doctrine Reference Series | Softcover | Wizards Bookshelf, San Diego, U.S.A. | ISBN 091351067x.

In the  year 1773, after a period of almost total obscurity lasting 1500 years, the Scottisch explorer, James Bruce, discovered in what is now Ethiopia, The Book of Enoch. He writes:

‘Amongst the articles I consigned to the library at Paris was a very beautiful and magnificent copy of the prophesies of Enoch, in large quarto.; another is amongst the books of scripture, that I brought home., standing immediately before the Book of Job, which is its proper place in the Abyssinian Cannon: and a third copy I presented to the Bodleian Library at Oxford, by the hands of Dr. Douglas, the Bishop of Carlisle’. 

It rested there, forgotten, until 1821 when Laurence issued his first translation of which there were many editions, culminating in the revised edition of 1883, compiled from notes in his estate. As a former professor of Hebrew at Oxford, Laurence’s familiarity with Kabbalah and the Zohar (as shown in the introductions of earlier editions) gave him unique qualifications that were especially useful in translating a work of this type. The very profound and encyclopedic work on comparative religion and hermetic philosophy. The Secret Doctrine by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, refers to this edition on 37 occasions. It is reprinted here verbatim.

auteur: Laurence, R. (tr.)
ISBN: 091351067x

Prijs: € 13,00

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Why are You being Educated? – Talks at Indian Universities

By Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895–1986).

132 Pages | First edition 2002, reprinted in 2004 | Softcover | Krishnamurti Foundation, India | ISBN: 8187326395.

This book consists of six talks, that Krishnamurti gave at Indian Universities of Technology between 1969 – 1984.

Krishnamurti’s chief concern here is to awaken students to the fact that the pursuit of knowledge does not liberate man from his ignorance of himself. While knowledge is indispensable, it also creates the illusion that we have the intelligence to meet the challenges of life. This makes us neglect the vast and subtle field of the human psyche. This perspective comes through clearly in these talks, which therefore have significance not just for the young, but also for parents, teachers, and all those interested in the deeper issues of life.

From page 39:

” So if we come back to the fundamental question: what is ignorance? Ignorance, is this unawareness of the whole structure of and nature of the mind, the brain and of all its movement; that is the very essence of ignorance. You learn from books and from your professors, pass examinations, get a few degrees and get a job – that is nothing. That is necessary in this mad world, but to be totally unaware of the extraordinary movement, the beauty, the subtlety, the quickness of all that inward movement, to be unconscious, to be unaware of it is not only ignorance; it brings its own destruction. “




auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 8187326395

Prijs: € 6,00

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Kundun – A Biography of the Family of the Dalai Lama

By Mary Craig.

391 Pages | First published in Great Britain, first paperback edition 1998 | Paperback | Counterpoint, Washington.

Here is the story of Tibet as told by its remarkable first family – a story of reïncarnation, coronation, heartbreaking exile, and finally the tenacious efforts of a holy man to save a nation and its people.

From the Foreword:

” We Tibetans are resilient, patient and resourceful. Ours is just a cause. We continue to be confident that the truth will ultimately triumph and our land and people will once more be free. Would the Chinese consider the Tibetan question so sensitive if our cause was dead? Under difficult circumstances we have kept the Tibetan spirit and a sense of hope alive. However, it is clear that these efforts alone will not be sufficient to bring about a final positive solution. Therefore, I appeal to the readers of this book to support the Tibetan people, so that ultimately they may again live in peace and dignity. – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. “

From Chapter ‘Lord of the Lion Throne’, p. 68:

” He is supposed to be the temporary embodiment of a god . . . called upon to lead, comfort and improve sinful, sufferinf mankind, and to teach the way to release. It is throughout the same being who sits on the Lhasa throne in successive embodiments. The secret person, the spiritual reality of the Dalai Lama, is immutable and only his body changes, a perishable vessel employed to reach down to the lowly human level and to make the dazzling light of the truth he embodies accessible to our limited understanding. ” – Giuseppe Tucci, To Lhasa and Beyond.


auteur: Craig, M.
ISBN: 1887178910

Prijs: € 10,00

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-Leven na de dood



Prijs: € 13,57

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Hindu Ethics, Purity, Abortion and Euthanasia

By Harold G. Coward, Julius J. Lipner and Katherine K. Young.

139 Pages | 1989 | Soft cover | State University of New York Press, Albany | ISBN: 0887067646.

Modern Western approaches to India often have focused on metaphysics at the expense of ethics, leading many to see Hinduism as only concerned with the esoteric and the otherwordly. The chapters of this book offer case study explorations, that are selected and presented to invite comparisons with the modern West. Such comparisons will help to remove the apparent otherworldly nature of Hindu thought from the minds of Western readers, as well as give depth to and new significance to Indian ideas in the areas of medical ethics, social ethics, and human rights. The case studies demonstrate that Indian thought has not ignored deep reflection on ethical problems that are presenting serious challenges to the modern world. They demonstrate, that Hinduism has a firm grounding in ethics, even when the most difficult questions are raised.


auteur: Coward, H.G./Lipner, J.J./Young, K.K.
ISBN: 0887067646

Prijs: € 16,00

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The Secret of the Golden Flower – A Chinese Book of Life

149 Pages | First published in 1931; new, revised & augemented edition, 1962 | Soft cover | Harcourt Brace & Company, USA

The Secret of the Golden Flower, the treatise that forms the central part of this book, was discovered by Professor Wilhelm, who recognized it as essentially a practical guide to the integration of the personality. His German translation, published in the autumn of 1929 shortly before his death, was immediately hailed by Jung as a link between the insights of the East and his own psychological research, a relationship explored by the great analytical psychologist in a brilliant and significant commentary.

This edition also contains part of another Chinese meditation text, the Hui Ming Ching or The Book of Consciousness and Life, and is illustrated with numerous plates and drawings.

A quotation about ‘detachment’ (p. 122):

” A halo of light surrounds the world of the law.

We forget one another, quiet and pure, altogether powerful and empty.

The emptiness is irradiated by the light of the heart of heaven.

The water of the sea is smooth and mirrors the moon its surface.

The clouds disappear in blue space; the mountains shine clear.

Consciousness reverts to contemplation; the moondisk rests alone. “

  • From the Hui Ming Ching
auteur: Wilhelm, R.
ISBN: 9780156799805

Prijs: € 15,95

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Index to The Secret Doctrine – Original 1888 Edition

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

172 Pages | Original Edition London 1888 | The Theosophy Company, Los Angeles

This Work I dedicate to all True Theosophists, in every Country and of every Race, For they called it forth, and for them it was recorded. – Dedication of The Secret Doctrine by H.P.B.

All references in this Index are to the Original Edition of The Secret Doctrine (London: 1988), and to its photographic facsimile reproduction by The Theosophy Company. Each subject is treated sequentially, beginning with the earliest statement in the first volume, followed by the other references in order throughout the two volumes. Thus, the Index affords an abstract of every subject both in accordance with the Author’s development of the text, and with the importance attached to it by her. What will be found most important of all by the student is the value to be derived from carefully going over all the references on any given subject.

It may be added, that to bring this long-needed adjunct to The Secret Doctrine within the reach of students at a moderate price, the voluntary labors of many of their Fellows in the great Cause of Theosophy and the Theosophical Movement have been given without stint. To all these helpers goes the grateful acknowledgment of


November 17, 1939

auteur: Blavatsky, H.P.
ISBN: 0938998021

Prijs: € 9,08

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A Modern Panarion – A Collection of Fugitive Fragments

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 – 1891).

504 Pages | A facsimile of the original edition of 1895 | Hardcover | The Theosophical Company, USA.

The title A Modern Panarion has been taken from the controversial Panarion of the Church Father Epiphanius, in which he attacked the various sects and heresies of the first four centuries of the Christian era. The Panarion was so called as being a ‘basket’ of scraps and fragments. We are told. that this Panarion was ‘ a kind of medicine chest, in which he had collected means of healing against the poisonous bite of the heretical serpent. ‘ A Modern Panarion is of a like nature with the intent of the Christian Father; only in the nineteenth century, heresy has in many instances become orthodoxy, and orthodoxy heresy, and the Panarion of H.P. Blavatsky is intended as a means of healing against the terrors of ecclesiasticism, dogma and bigotry, and the blind negation of materialism and pseudo-science.

– Editors.




auteur: Blavatsky, H.P.
ISBN: 0938998226

Prijs: € 17,36

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Vedanta Philosophy – Five Lectures on Reïncarnation (1908)

By Swami Abhedananda (1886 – 1936).

99 Pages | Photocopy of the Original 1908 edition | A4 Softcover | Kessinger Publication Company Ltd. | ISBN: 1564598861.


Chapter 1 – Reïncarnation

Chapter 2 – Heredity and Reïncarnation

Chapter 3 – Evolution and Reïncarnation

Chapter 4 – Which is Scientific, Resurrection or Reïncarnation?

Chapter 5 – Theory of Transmigration.

From Chapter 2 – ‘Heredity of Reïncarnation’ (p. 47):

” Those, who accept the truth of Reïncarnation do not blame their parents for their poor talents, or for not possessing extraordinary powers, but they remain content with their own lot, knowing that they have made themselves as they are to-day by their own thoughts and deeds in their previous incarnations. They understand the meaning of the saying ‘what thou sowest, mus thou reap’, and always endeavor to mould their future by better thoughts and better deeds. They explain all the inequalities and diversities of life and character by the law of ‘Karma’, which governs the process of Reïncarnation as well as the gradual evolution of the germs of life from lower to higher stages of existence. “

auteur: Abhedananda (Swami)
ISBN: 1564598861

Prijs: € 13,16

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