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11 december 2018

The Esoteric Tarot – Ancient Sources rediscovered in Hermeticism and Cabala

By Ronald Decker.

330 Pages | First Quest edition 2013 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835609081.

From the Introduction:

No explanation is known to have accompanied the Original Tarot. This book presents an interpretation, that will surprise most Tarotists (those, who are esoterists) and most academics (those, who are critics of the esoterists). My theory covers the evolution of the Tarot, the connotations of its symbols, the symbol’s sources, and their transmission to the proper places at the proper times. In truly ancient references, I have found forgotten patterns, that are definitely congruent with the Tarot. I will treat not merely isolated motifs, but symbolic systems.

I hope to establish the meanings of the Tarot as it was understood by its inventor(s). Granted, my arguments require deductions and interferences. This is currently necessary, because of the scarcity of hard evidence. I welcome improvements to my theory. It offers many points from which further research can proceed.

The following definition is typical of standard dictionairies:

Tarot (TAR-o, ta-RO) noun [French < Middle French < Old Italian tarocco (plural: tarocchi)] a set of cards depicting certain allegories and providing a deck for oracles and games.

From Chapter 1 – ‘Thoth, Hermes and Hieroglyphs’ (p.28):

” The title Trismegistus (thrice greatest) presumably derived from the Egyptian practice of addressing the Gods as ‘great’, ‘twice-great’, etc. Hermes Trismegistus could still be considered a God, but if so, he was supposed to have begun as a man, one who attained enlightenment and ascended as divinity. More often, he was regarded as a sage, presumed to have lived in remote antiquity and to have inherited the wisdom of Thoth. Some authors tried to simplify the Hermetic traditions by creating a genealogy: Thoth was the father of Agathodemon, who was the father of Hermes Trismegistus, who was the father of Tat. ‘Tat’ is a variation of ‘Tot’, a variation of Thoth. “



Auteur: Decker, R.
ISBN: 9780835609081

Prijs: € 25,95

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Embodying Osiris – The Secrets of Alchemical Transformation

By Thom F. Cavalli, Ph.D.

275 Pages | First Question edition 2010 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835608800.

A ground-breaking integration of Jungian Psychology, Alchemy and Egyptian Mythology.

The myth of Osiris, dying and resurrecting Egyptian God of vegetation, marks a change that describes the earliest beginnings of the modern psyche. In excavating the myth. Jungian psychologist Thom Cavalli uses alchemy to transmute hidden secrets into sacred knowledge. Here for the first time is an alchemical interpretation of this timeless myth as a guide to spiritual transformation. Osiris’s rebirth symbolizes what alchemists have always seen as the creative power we all have for self-renewal. Cavalli shows us how to access this archetypical God in the quest to integrate body and Soul. To ‘become’ Osiris is to become whole.

From Chapter 2 – ‘Alchemy, Magic and Osiris’ (p. 67):

” Whether I live or die, I am Osiris

I enter in and reappear through you,

I decay in you. I grow in you.

I fall down in you. I fall upon my side.

The Gods are living for me for I live and grow in the corn

That sustains the Honored Ones.

I cover the earth,

Whether I live or die I am Barley,

I am not destroyed. “

– Mojsov, Osiris (8) (see intro., nr. 4). The quote is from The Coffin Texts.


Auteur: Cavalli, T.F.
ISBN: 9780835608800.

Prijs: € 14,95

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Unconditional Bliss – Finding Happiness in the Face of Hardship

By Howard Raphael Cushnir.

204 Pages | First Question edition 2000 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835607925.

Take a moment to breathe in with yourself. Are you . . . stressed . . . angry . . . lonely . . . anxious . . . sad?

No matter how difficult life may be, you can still live in a state of radiant bliss – even if you’re alone, sick, failed and broke. Pie-in-the-sky? This down-to-earth book shows us how. Based on universal spiritual principles, the message is profound, but the method couldn’t be more practical. All it takes is a simple two-step process called LIVING THE QUESTIONS, demonstrated here with compelling, real-life examples. This book is not getting about what you want, it is about how you FEEL the way you want by embracing life one precious moment at a time . . . starting right now!

From page 201:

” What is happening right now?

Can I be with it?

Living those questions is saying yes to life, to all of it, and especially to its radiant mystery. That mystery is what brought us both to this moment, and will stay with us for the rest of our days. Because no matter how well we live the questions right now , we never know what happens next. “


Auteur: Cushnir, H.R.
ISBN: 0835607925

Prijs: € 16,95

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The Path of Healing – Finding Your Soul’s Potential

By H.K. Challoner.

179 Pages | Published in 1972, third Quest edition 1990 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606627.

Learn to tune in at Will to the wavelength of your Soul.

We have remarkable inner resources for health and healing. We can learn to draw on the power of our Souls to breathe fresh life into ourselves. However, emotions like self-pity and resentment get in the way. These ‘recalcitrant selves’ can become deeply entrenched and hard to overcome. Too much self-concern is another barrier. Empathy with others and absorption in creative activity can help free us. Meditating on our place in the Unity if Being weakens the seeds of illness in the seemingly separated self. As we open to the flow of the soul’s energy, we become healed and transformed.

Author Challoner in the guise of a channeled Teacher shares such healing ideas with a patient. New healthful attitudes are prescribed, as well as meditations and exercises like these:

  • Remind yourself constantly that this personality, which so often constricts, binds and thwarts your desires and aspirations and colors all your conscious acts and thoughts, is no more than the swathes of matter, in which the true ‘you’ has temporarily clothed its bright form.
  • Open yourself out to every impulse coming from the Soul, and so learn to transcend barriers of the senses, which obstruct your efforts to identify yourself with the universal Spirit.
  • Breathe, drawing mentally the vital air or morning into the furthest recesses of your being. While so doing, dedicate yourself to the Lord of all things, from whom alone come the regenerative forces of light and love. Feel them pouring in through your Soul, and affirm to yourself, that they can lead and guide you . . . rightly.
  • Try to visualize the whole vast cosmos as one pulsating, dynamic, creative field of consciousness . . . wherein all must be known by all in some process of timeless participation.



Auteur: Challoner, H.K.
ISBN: 0835606627

Prijs: € 12,18

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The Fool’s Pilgrimage – Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tarot

By Stephan A. Hoeller.

132 Pages | Copyright 1975, Second Quest Edition 2004 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835608395.

Including an accompanying CD.

Stephan Hoeller’s handbook for heightening consciousness is unrivaled for its clarity in explaining the ancient mystical Kabbalah in relation to the Tarot’s Major Arcana. On the new enclosed CD, Dr. Hoeller narrates twenty-two meditations to guide the reader easily into a contemplative state.

From Chapter 7 –  ‘The Fools’s Pilgrimage’ (p. 65):

” The human being is a fool. Shakespeare was right when he said: ‘What fools we mortals be!’ The first card of the greater Arcana, the Fool, pictures man as a carefree youth, striding gaily forth in such a position, that his next step may send him over the edge of the cliff. As noted in connection with the Eleventh Path, we are this fool ourselves, divine and immortal souls ready to descend into manifest existence. It is also we, ourselves, having descended from Kether to Malkuth, now ascending from earth to the heavens. Of all the Arcana, the fool manifests the greatest freedom. “

Auteur: Hoeller, S.A.
ISBN: 0835608395

Prijs: € 18,50

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The Real World of Faeries – A First-Person Account

By Dora van Gelder (1904 – 1999), also known as Dora Kunz.

Foreword by Caitlin Matthews

180 Pages | Copyright 1977, fourth printing 2011 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835607797.

The Real Word of Faeries is a privileged glimpse into a joyous, animated universe. Dora van Gelder’s enchanting vision of her encounters with the fairy realm brings the magical and mysterious world of faeries to vital, appealing, and heartfelt life. Her gentle tales will delight the child in us, spark our grown-up imagination, rekindle our creative energy, and deepen our sense of connection with nature.

” If we are patient and courteous, we too can find fairy allies in the wild places of nature, in the secret pathways of our dreams, in the deep wisdom of the ancient and ancestral traditions of our land, as Dora van Gelder has demonstrated “. – Caitlin Matthews – from the Foreword.

From Chapter 4: ‘Fairy Life’ (p. 47):

” Between the human point of view and that of a fairy, or any member of the angelic kingdom, one of the main differences is that we live in a world of form and they live in a world of life. Our thoughts are primarily concerned with the form things have, and we seldom go further than that. But fairies are mainly concerned with the energy and life flowing around and within the form – life that is everywhere . . . “

Auteur: Van Gelder, D.
ISBN: 9780835607797

Prijs: € 15,95

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Frodo’s Quest – Living the Myth in The Lord of the Rings

By Robert Ellwood.

159 Pages | Copyright 2002 by The Theosophical Publishing House in America | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. – ISBN 0835608239

‘Frodo is Everyman’, Lord of the Rings film director Peter Jackson observed at the 2002 Academy Awards ceremony. That is the seminal idea of this unique book exploring the esoteric spiritual meaning of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy, which has impacted the inner lives of millions of readers, since it was first published in 1954.

Robert Ellwood, a scholar of world religions, finds ancient wisdom in this twentieth-century bestseller concerning the quests we are all called to go on. ‘Like Frodo‘, he says, ‘we each experience challenges that propel us on our own adventure – finally that of exploring the inner worlds and the meaning of our lives.’

Revisiting Middle-earth as a realm for personal discovery, Ellwood presents Tolkien’s story as a tale of every reader’s higher consciousness, death and rebirth, and triumph over evil. He teaches us also to recognize the characters as archetypes we can meet in ourselves: a spiritual guide like Gandalf, a friend like Sam, or, heaven forbid, shadows like Orcs or Ringwraiths. He also provides meditational exercises to help us overcome the trials we face as we make our lives into great journeys instead of dull routine. So be it! Let the Quest begin!

From Chapter 4 – ‘The Weight of the Past’ (p. 59):

” Whether we are aware of it or not, we are voyagers on a pilgrimage across the seas of space and time, gradually riding with the tides back through storm and sun and to the Halls of Light, our true home, whence we came. But like mariners tacking about on that long crossing, in the anxiety of our separateness we think more of personal action and response than we contemplate oneness. When the self-centered impulse reaches the level of the evil Wizard’s fear, hatred, and power, it amounts to rebellion against the One, and in the dark waters we see the wake of Satan or Sauron. More often, our hopes, we manage to keep the distant polar constellations to starboard as we bear toward the Uttermost West. “




Auteur: Ellwood, R.
ISBN: 0835608239

Prijs: € 15,25

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The Essential Unity of All Religions

Compiled by Bhagavan Das (1869 – 1958).

683 Pages | Soft cover | First edition 1932, 2nd edition 1939 | Quest Books, USA.

Eleven religions are usually regarded as living and current at present. These, proceeding from East to West, are: 1. Shintoism born in Japan, 2. Taoism (or Laotsism), and 3. Confucianism, in China; Vedism (or Vaidika Dharma, or Sanatana Dharma or Manava Dharma, now commonly called Hinduism), 5. Buddhism, 6. Jainism and 7. Sikhism, in India; 8. Zoroastrianism (or Parsism) in Iran (or Persia); 9. Judaism (or Hebraism, or Israelitism, or the Jewish religion), and 10. Christianity, in Palestine; 11. Islam (or Mohammedanism), in Arabia. Parallel passages have been gathered in this work from the universally recognised Scriptures, and also from some other generally and highly honored writings, of these eleven.

From ‘A Letter to the Reader´ as Preface to the Second Edition (p. xxv):

” Dear Reader, I pray you, unless you have found, and made sure of, a better way, to read about an Ancient Way, leisurely, in this book. Endeavour is made here, albeit very imperfectly, to expound, no new way, but the Way of the Ancients, a Way which is time-tested also to some extent. If you feel satisfied that that Way is worth experimenting with, then I pray you to do all you can to spread, as widely as may be possible for you, this Essential Message of all the Scriptures, as preparation for the Readjustment and Synthesis. “

Your respectful and sincere Well-wisher,




auteur: Das, B.
ISBN: 9780835600071

Prijs: € 37,00

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This World and That – An Analytical Study of Psychic Communication

By Laurence J. Bendit and Phoebe D. Bendit.

192 Pages | First published in1950, Quest edition 1969 | Paperback | Quest Books, USA.

Is it possible to have genuine communication between the living and the dead and what are the obstacles, which stand in the way? Can we find some rational explanation for the phenomena of spiritualism and the seance room? These are some of the questions discussed in this book, written by a British psychiatrist, Dr. L.J. Bendit and his wife Phoebe D. Bendit-Payne, a natural clairvoyant. Her personal experience and his medical training uniquely qualified them to consider together these and other subjects, viewing them in the wider context of man’s nature and capacities. No pat answers are offered but rather the reader is encouraged to think for himself about the mystery of existence in this world and the next.

From the ‘Personal Forewords’ (p 21/22):

This book is an attempt to clear up some of that confusion. To some it may seem that it is not suffficiently scientific and takes too much for granted. To others it may appear too much so, and too destructive of comfortable beliefs. That cannot be helped. We have tried to keep an objective, scientific attitude to the subject, and to carry this attitude into realms where the scientific experimental method cannot be applied. But we have not hesitated to go beyond the point to which objectivity can take us, and have expressed something of our own beliefs. That we have done this does not weaken our position. Even scientists must be permitted to have beliefs based on inner knowledge and experience, and all that can legitimately be demanded of them in this realm is that they shall be tentative and suggestive, not dogmatic. “


auteur: Payne, P.D. & Bendit, J.

Prijs: € 4,00

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When the Sun moves Northward – The Way of Initiation (A Quest Miniature)

160 Pages | First Quest Edition 1987 | Paperback | Quest Books, USA  – A Quest Miniature

I am often asked about the question of Time in regard to the great Ceremonies which take place at midnight when the spirits of men are most completely released from their bodies during the recurrent periods of light and darkness on the earth. Midnight means the deepest depth of the darkness: it has no connection with the arbitrary hours. Therefore, in time there is necessarily a difference according to what places on earth the disciples are dwelling in: and, as time does not exist except as an arbitrary temporary convenience, once outside the body man loses the sense of it. ” – Mabel Collins (1923)

Mabel Collins (1851-1927), author of The Light On the Path, explores the link between the mystic recurrence of the Earth’s cycles of birth, death and rebirth with the seasonal regeneration of our own spiritual nature. Her meditative prose beautifully evokes the time-less sense of cosmic renewal and the consequent growth of consciousness that has its germination deep within those reflective months of quietude when the sun moves northward.

auteur: Collins, M.
ISBN: 9780835606141

Prijs: € 12,50

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Gifts of the Lotus – A Book of Daily Meditations (Quest Miniature Series)

By Virginia Hanson

191 Pages | 1974, fourth printing 1988, a Quest original | Paperback | Quest Books, USA.

Here are 366 meditations – one for each day of the year. Each from the heart of a spiritually oriented philosopher, from Plato to Emerson to Sri Aurobindo to a host of theosophical students and scholars. Inside of this miniature Quest book is a complete philosophy for living: quiet, short, engaging thoughts, each alive with the spirit of being. In truth, this is not a book to be studied. It is a book to be carried in the pocket or purse. It is a book to be treasured.

From page 41:

” 25.  A doctrine of ‘truth’, presenting itself without proof on the bare value of its own nobility, is as disturbing a factor to the majority of men as would be the stranger without name or country. We are afraid of it; it is to us an invasion from an unknown world. And such it is; it is an invasion from another world, from the only real world, the world of Reality . . .


auteur: Hanson, V.
ISBN: 0835604500

Prijs: € 6,10

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Studies in the Middle Way – being Thoughts on Buddhism applied

169 pages | Paperback | Curzon Press and the Theosophical Publishing House USA, 1984

This work sets out to empasize the inner life as a constant moving on and the mover as a pilgrim travelling along an ancient Way. This Way to ulimate Reality was called by Gautama the Buddha the Middle Way, the path between the introverted life of contemplation and the extrovert life of action in the world of men. Whilst this book as a whole is of no one school of Buddhism, it aims toward an understanding and also an application of Buddhist priciples in Western society, and a means whereby that Way may be traversed.

auteur: Humphreys, C.
ISBN: 0835603067

Prijs: € 12,50

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A Western Approach to Zen

212 pages | Paperback | Quest books, 5th printing, 1999

Satori is a stage along the way, a gateless gate that must be entered on the path to enlightenment.

With profound inspiration and consummate compassion, the founder of the Buddhist Society in London invites serious students of spiritual evolution to us Western techniques to achieve satori, the experience of unity and divinity in all aspects of being. Each of us must stumble and bump our way in darkness and confusion along the path to enlightenment. In penetrating, genuine, and inspiring prose, Humphreys refocuses the wisdom of Zen for the Western reader and illuminates that arduous road.

auteur: Humphreys, C.
ISBN: 0835605507

Prijs: € 13,50

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The Pilgrim Soul – A Path to the Sacred, Transcending World Religions

120 Pages | First Quest Edition and printing, 2014 | Soft cover | Quest Books, USA

na vijānāmi yadivedamasmi niṇyaḥ samnaddho manasā carāmi.

” I know not whether I am the same as this cosmos: a mystery am I, yet burdened by mind, I wander. “

  • Rig Veda 1.164.37

From the Preface:

“There are two great mysteries: idam and aham, ‘cosmos’ and ‘myself’. What indeed is the person in this vast cosmos? In all the great traditions there are people, monuments, documents and ceremonies that can assist searchers. The Rig Veda is among the very earliest documents in which the sages speak of the call of Satyam, Ritam, and Brihat – ‘Truth’, ‘Order’ and ‘Vastness’. Similar mysteries are spoken of in Psalm 8: ‘When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, / the moon and the stars, which thou has ordained; / What is man, that thou art mindful of him?’

Throughout my life, I have been struck by the mysteries these quotations articulate. This is perhaps true for each of us: we cannot not be engaged by such questions. The search to understand and to stand under these mysteries is the pilgrimage for every person and within every tradition.”

auteur: Ravindra, R.
ISBN: 2014020064

Prijs: € 15,95

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The Power of Thought – A 21st Century Adaptation of Annie Besant’s Classic Work ‘Thought Power’

172 p. | 2001 Edition, 1903 | Paperback | Quest Books

Theosophist Annie Besant (1847 – 1933) drew from the ancient wisdom of the East to explore the deep recesses of the mind. The original edition was published in 1903 and has been in print ever since. Now leading contemporary Theosophists John Algeo and Shirley J. Nicholson have painstakingly revised the text to free its timeless truths from the time-bound language of the early 20th century and make it more accessible to today’s readers.

The result is a clear discussion of subjects of increasingly high interest: concentration, memory, consciousness, telepathy, sleep and dreams, cultivation of the will, and access to your ‘higher self’.

Auteur: Algeo, John
ISBN: 0835607976

Prijs: € 17,50

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The Power of the New Spirituality – How to Live a Life of Compassion and Personal Fulfillment

258 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2012

Everyone has religious experiences, but most people just don’t know how to identify them, claims author William Bloom. Today’s society makes ever-increasing demands on us, but in the practice of modern spirituality, we can find heartening new solutions that give us the energy, motivation and inspiration to develop ourselves and transform our world.

The Power of the New Spirituality uniquely straddles mainstream and alternative forms of belief in commonsense, everyday language. Bloom speaks directly to the legions of people who seek to replace a single-faith tradition with a more generalized spirituality. He identifies the core similarities in all spiritual traditions and explains how everyone-regardless of background, beliefs or personality type – can immediately put them into practice.

auteur: Bloom, W.
ISBN: 9780835609067
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Bloom shows how to develop the key aspects of connection, reflection and service in the context of today’s challenges in order to gain greater meaning in our lives. He also explains the phenomenon of spiritual voices in a psychological context, and he describes how modern spirituality’s ethical core is stronger even than that of traditional faiths because it includes green values and insights from developmental psychology. Written in a lively and inspiring style and drawn from Bloom’s popular workshops, The Power of the New Spirituality helps us explore ourselves more deeply. It is an invaluable tool for increasing a sense of integrity, inner strength and personal joy. It will also help readers connect more strongly with family members, friends and colleagues, and forge a sense of being in the driver’s seat of their lives.


Prijs: € 17,95

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The Brightened Mind – A Simple Guide to Buddhist Meditation

107 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2011

Helps You Tap Into An Infinite Reservoir of Clarity and Calm

Modern times have created a siege of chaos. Struggling economy, political turmoil, media bombardment and a general culture of isolation all contribute to this unrest. Buddhist author Ajahn Sumano Bhikkhu presents a simple path to freedom from such chaos in The Brightened Mind.

“Sumano Bikkhu’s The Brightened Mind is a most precious little jewel, introducing the spiritual armchair traveler to the wonders of the Universal Mind as taught in the Buddhist meditative tradition.” — Glenn Mullin, author of Female Buddhas, The Fourteen Dalai Lamas, and Living in the Face of Death.

auteur: Sumano Bhikku, A.
ISBN: 9780835608992
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Sumano speaks to the modern seeker from a unique perspective, as a former law school graduate and real estate professional in Chicago. He abandoned his comfortable American lifestyle for the begging bowl and simple cave home of an ordained Buddhist monk in the tradition of the Thai forest meditation masters. Now a spiritual teacher in Tibet, Sumano walks the reader through the workings of the mind and how thought processes often affect our experiences. He shows how to quiet the mind, turning off the “rolling documentary of your past and future” to experience the freedom of quiet focus. Through easy-to-follow guided meditations called “mind trainings” or “mind-fitness techniques,” he teaches the reader how to think productively tapping into the ultimate source of wealth, our own divine consciousness. Sumano posits that we all have within us this abundance simply waiting to be utilized. Using these practices readers will find themselves free from the body and the mundane, the I-ego mind. From this place of insight life’s challenges can be navigated with much less stress and with much more hope. As Sumano says, “In order to progress and prosper in peace, we must respond to the challenges of our times not from fear and anxiety but from a place of circumspection —from a brightened mind.”


Prijs: € 11,95

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The Reality of ESP – A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities

306 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2012

On February 4, 1974, members of the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped nineteen-year-old newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst from her Berkeley, California apartment. Desperate to find her, the police called physicist Russell Targ and Pat Price, a psychic retired police commissioner. As Price turned the pages of the police mug book filled with hundreds of photos, suddenly he pointed to one of them and announced, “That’s the ringleader.” The man was Donald DeFreeze, who was indeed subsequently so identified. Price also described the type and location of the kidnap car, enabling the police to find it within minutes. That remarkable event is one reason Targ believes in ESP. Another occurred when his group made $120,000 by forecasting for nine weeks in a row the changes in the silver-commodity futures market.

auteur: Targ, R.
ISBN: 9780835608848
Additional DescriptionMore Details

As a scientist, Targ demands proof. His experience is based on two decades of investigations at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), which he cofounded with physicist Harold Puthoff in 1972. This twenty-million dollar program launched during the Cold War was supported by the CIA, NASA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Army and Air Force Intelligence. The experiments they conducted routinely presented results could have happened by chance less than once in a million. Targ describes four types of experiments: Remote Viewing, in which a person describes places and events independent of space and time. For example, while in California Price drew to scale a Soviet weapons factory at Semipalitinsk with great accuracy later confirmed by Satellite photography. In another remote viewing, Targ accurately sketched an airport in San Andreas, Columbia himself. Distant Mental Influence, where the thoughts of the experimenter can positively or negatively affect the physiology (heart rate, skin resistance, etc.) of a distant person. Whole field isolation, where someone in a state of sensory isolation accurately describes the visual experiences of someone else in another place. Precognition and retrocausality, showing that the future can affect the past. That is, the elephant you see on television in the morning can be the cause of your having dreamed about elephants the previous night. Final chapters present evidence for survival after death; explain how ESP works based on the Buddhist/Hindu view of ourselves as nonlocal, eternal awareness; discuss the ethics of exercising psychic abilities,and show us how to explore ESP ourselves. “I am convinced,” Targ says, “that most people can learn to move from their ordinary mind to one not obstructed by conventional barriers of space and time. Who would not want to try that?” This book contains, among many other things, a comprehensive yet concise description of the government programs the author helped developed to research psi phenomena. For this reason alone, the book is an historically important contribution. In addition, it contains many compelling first-person descriptions of psi. This is a book I can feel comfortable recommending to skeptical colleagues. Very important! — David E Presti, University of California, Berkeley This book, detailing its author’s many successful investigations into the paranormal, should make those who deny the possible existence of such phenomena think again”. — Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate in Physics and Emeritus Professor, Physics, University of Cambridge Russell Targ is a physicist and author, and was a pioneer in the development of the laser and laser applications. He holds his B.S. in Physics from Queens College, and did graduate work in physics at Columbia University. Targ has received two National Aeronautics and Space Administration awards for inventions and contributions in lasers and laser communications, and has published over one hundred scientific papers on lasers, plasma physics and ESP research.


Prijs: € 18,95

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The Traveler’s Key to Ancient Greece – A Guide to Sacred Places

326 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2000

The Eleusian mysteries, the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Theatre of Dionysus, the labyrinths of Knossos, the Delphic oracle—the book leads us to such sacred sites in the ancient way of spiritual pilgrimage. “The gods have not totally vacated the holy places,” says Richard Geldard. “Any ‘vacating’ has to do with our own lack of awareness.”

He brings to life the mythology that shaped the brilliance of Greek architecture and art, integrating rare historical material with the most recent archeological data. The result is a specialty guidebook comprehensive enough to be the only one you pack, with commentary on:
– Major and lesser sites of the palace and temple cultures
– Greek drama, philosophy, art, and sculpture
– Sacred geometry and architecture
– Gallery collections in three major museums

Whether you’re an armchair or actual traveler, Traveler’s Key opens access to the fabled wisdom enjoyed by pilgrims of old and to the living mythology that still has power to transform lives.

auteur: Geldard, R.G.
ISBN: 9780835607841

Prijs: € 21,95

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City of Secrets – One Woman’s True-life Journey to the Heart of the Grail Legend

By Patrice Chaplin.

336 Pages | First Quest edition 2008 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835608718.

City of Secrets is, perhaps, the very first nonfiction title to combine the stories of the legendary Grail phenomenon with that of a modern-day love story.

In 1955, fifteen-year-old Patrice flees her predictable English life for sun-drenched Girona, a pre-Roman town in northern Spain. There, she falls in love with José, whose mission is to preserve the town’s ancient Caballistic tradition. Over the years, Patrice returns again and again to her lover and Girona. She meets enthralling characters and hears of visions, an oddly wealthy priest, a fabulous garden owned by a Frenchwoman, and two towers aligned to create a portal to another dimension. The priest is no other than the Abbé Saunière of Rennes-le-Château, and the mysteries linked to him are at the heart of the Grail phenomenon. People Patrice thought she knew well turn out to belong to a secret society guarding Saunière’s legacy. Now it is time, they say, to reveal their secrets, and they ask her to be the messenger.

In support of her revelations, Patrice provides copies of previously unreleased letters, written by Saunière, along with other documented evidence. Her romantic and lucid writing style, which has often been compared to Beat Generation legend Jack Kerouac, will leave readers with no doubt that this book is one-of-a-kind.


auteur: Chaplin, P.
ISBN: 9780835608718
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Patrice first went to the ancient Spanish town of Girona in 1955 as a fifteen-year-old girl. She fell in love with the town and with Jose, its favorite son. Over the years, as she returns again and again, she sees and hears many unusual things: people talking about a wealthy priest named Abbé Saunière of Rennes-le-Château, an old house with an amazing garden owned by a mysterious Frenchwoman, a strange ceremony in this house, and several intriguing characters, including Jean Cocteau. Later, in 2003, Patrice finally starts to make sense of everything she has seen. Her lifelong friend and former lover, Jose, has a heart attack, and decides it’s time to reveal the secrets he has been guarding from the world. She learns that a private society has for generations held Saunière’s letters and documents after his death in 1917. She also learns Jose has been the society’s custodian for many years. Jose tells Patrice the secret is not in Rennes-le-Château and that it is now her duty to discover the rest. Patrice Chaplin is an internationally renowned playwright and author who has published more than 25 books, plays, and short stories. Her most notable work includes Albany Park, Siesta, which was made into a film staring Jodi Foster and Isabella Rossellini, Into the Darkness Laughing, Hidden Star, Night Fishing, and Death Trap.


Prijs: € 16,00

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The Visionary Window – A Quantum Physicist’s Guide to Enlightenment

320 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2006

Does God exist? Can spirituality be integrated with science? Is happiness possible? Do miracles really happen? Not only does The Visionary Window answer “yes” to all of these questions, but it skillfully combines the fields of philosophy, cosmology, religion, and psychology to form a new way of thinking about science and spirituality.

“If you choose to read one book introducing you to quantum physics and spirituality, choose The Visionary Window. You’re in for a profound awakening.” —Betsy Chasse, filmmaker, What the Bleep Do We Know!?

“I have rarely read a book that gave me so much hope for the future as the one you are now holding. Its author offers brilliant answers to the most gripping questions that have eve been asked.” —from the Foreword by Deepak Chopra

auteur: Goswami, A.
ISBN: 9780835608459
Additional DescriptionMore Details

After almost a century of using quantum physics to delve into mystery of matter, it is clear that by itself it is not complete; the conscious observer is necessary to complete it. Thus opens the visionary window, introducing into science the idea of consciousness as the ground of all being and the metaphysical basis for a new paradigm…—Adapted from the Preface Stepping beyond the classic work of prominent seventies physicist Fritjof Capra, Goswami details his own pioneering exploration of science and spirit, revealing the complete integration between modern science and spiritual traditions. Using stories and colorful examples from pop culture, Goswami addresses complex issues in language and terminology easily accessible to the lay reader. He provides quantum physics-based theory and new experimental data verifying the metaphysical truth that exists when employed in the context of a new science, science within the primacy of consciousness. With a new holistic worldview, Goswami also discusses the creativity of the body to self heal; the power of spiritual practice and how to choose a meditative path; and the five stages of spiritual growth, culminating in the ability to transcend the physical laws of nature. Readers, scientists and spiritual leaders alike will find answers to many of life’s deepest mysteries. “Goswami ranges far, wide, and deep.” —Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., author of The Evolutionary Mind and A New Science of Life “Goswami tells a good, often enlightening, story and is a fine teacher of quantum physics for the layperson.” —Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., author The Yoga of Time Travel and The Spiritual Universe Amit Goswami, Ph.D., was born in India and raised in the Hindu tradition. He earned his doctorate from Calcutta University in 1964 in theoretical nuclear physics and has been a professor of physics at the University of Oregon since 1968.


Prijs: € 23,95

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Creative Evolution – A Physicist’s Resolution between Darwinism and Intelligent Design

339 pages | Gebonden/Hardcover | Quest Books, 2008

Dr. Goswami’s central theme is that pure consciousness, not matter, is the primary force in the universe. This view differs radically from mainstream theories that see evolution as the result of simple physical reactions. It also differs from intelligent-design arguments that posit a clockmaker God who fabricated the universe.

“Professor Goswami posits a whole new way of thinking that could change the very nature of what we mean by a physical world as different from a spiritual world. This is an important work to consider no matter how you feel about the subject.”
—Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., author of Mind into Matter and The Yoga of Time Travel

In light of the current culture wars over this topic, Dr. Goswami’s view is not only radical and relevant but highly charged, and it promises to remain so for the foreseeable future.

auteur: Goswami, A.
ISBN: 9780835608589
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Biology, Dr. Goswami says, must come to terms with feeling, meaning and the purposefulness of life. The key is the idea of creativity in biological development, which reconciles evolution with intelligent design by a purposive designer. Hence, the book’s title: Creative Evolution. What’s more, when the question of life’s purposefulness and the existence of the designer is reconciled with neo-Darwinism, other difficulties of biology are resolved. The result is a paradigm shift for biology and the vision of a coherent whole that the author calls “Science within Consciousness.” It’s an open secret that fossil gaps—discontinuities in fossil lineages—threaten the validity of Darwin’s theory of evolution. At the same time, by denying evolution altogether, intelligent-design thinkers fly in the face of scientific data. But let’s not throw out the babies with the bathwater, says quantum physicist Amit Goswami. The idea of intelligent design does contain substance with which neo-Darwinists must come to terms. And if Darwin’s theory is seen at best as incomplete, able only to explain evolution’s continuous epochs, then there’s room for both evolution and God. Other titles by the author: – Creative Evolution (DVD) – God Is Not Dead (CD) – God Is Not Dead (DVD) – Physics of the Soul: Pts 1-3 (CD) – The Visionary Window: A Quantum Physicist’s Guide to Enlightenment – Visionary Window—Quantum Physicist’s: Guide to Enlightenment: Pts 1-5 (CD)


Prijs: € 24,75

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The Hidden Gospel – Decoding the Spiritual Message of the Aramaic Jesus

222 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2001

In The Hidden Gospel, Douglas-Klotz employs this approach to decode the spiritual and prophetic messages hidden within key words and concepts in the sayings and stories of Jesus. We learn to our delight, for instance, that when Jesus spoke of “goodness” he used a word which in Aramaic means “ripe” and refers to actions which are in time and tune with the Sacred Unity of all life.

The Hidden Gospel aims to bridge the gap between the historical Jesus of the scholar and the Jesus of faith of Christian believers. It will appeal to everyone looking for an alternative spiritual vision of Jesus and his message.

auteur: Douglas-Klotz, N.
ISBN: 0835607801
Additional DescriptionMore Details

In two previous books, Neil Douglas-Klotz pioneered a radical new way of translating the words of Jesus—filtering them through the imagistic worldview of the Aramaic language which Jesus himself spoke. Seen through this lens, familiar sayings such as “Blessed are the meek” come into vibrant contemporary focus as “Healthy are those who have softened what is rigid within.” Neil Douglas-Klotz, Ph.D., is an internationally known scholar in the fields of religious studies and psychology. A frequent presenter at conferences of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Studies, he is author of Prayers of the Cosmos and Desert Wisdom.


Prijs: € 15,95

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The Esoteric World of Madame Blavatsky – Insights into the Life of a Modern Sphinx

451 pages | Gebonden/Hardcover | Quest Books, 2000

“A psychological enigma, a puzzle for future generations, a Sphinx!” is the self-portrait of Helena P. Blavatsky, the most influential esoteric author of the nineteenth century. Those who knew her called her “the lady with the magical eyes.”

Madame Blavatsky’s writing affected the work of such writers, artists, and musicians as William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, D. H. Lawrence, L. Frank Baum (The Wizard of Oz), Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Gustav Mahler, Jean Sibelius, and Alexander Scriabin. She was a cause celebre because of the astounding phenomena she produced and her unconventional ideas, which anticipated the spiritual and ecological movements of today. Often distorted in the borrowing, these ideas have inspired much “New Age” thought, but her work has a depth and insight that transcends the fads of time.

auteur: Caldwell, D.
ISBN: 0835607941
Additional DescriptionMore Details

This volume recites firsthand accounts of the teachings and enigmas of the Theosophical Sphinx. Through it, the reader enters the fascinating world of Madame Blavatsky’s soirees — famous as magnets for freethinking intellectuals and the sites of remarkable and remarked-upon phenomena, as related here by family, friends, and enemies. Includes over 35 black and white photos from the Theosophical archives. Daniel Caldwell, Master of Library Science, is one of the world’s leading authorities on H. P. Blavatsky’s life and works.


Prijs: € 3.095,00

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Serpent in the Sky – The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

266 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 1993

John Anthony West’s revolutionary reinterpretation of the civilization of Egypt challenges all that has been accepted as dogma concerning Ancient Egypt. In this pioneering study West documents that:
– Hieroglyphs carry hermetic messages that convey the subtler realities of the Sacred Science of the Pharaohs.
– Egyptian science, medicine, mathematics, and astronomy were more sophisticated than most modern Egyptologists acknowledge.
– Egyptian knowledge of the universe was a legacy from a highly sophisticated civilization that flourished thousands of years ago.
– The great Sphinx represents geological proof that such a civilization existed.

This revised edition includes a new introduction linking Egyptian spiritual science with the perennial wisdom tradition and an appendix updating West’s work in redating the Sphinx. Illustrated with over 140 photographs and line drawings.

auteur: West, J.A.
ISBN: 0835606910
Additional DescriptionMore Details

John Anthony West is an independent Egyptologist who has studied Egypt, ancient history, religion, and related subjects for three decades. His essays and criticism appear in The New York Times, The New Yorker, and other publications in America and abroad. He has also appeared on NBC’s “Today Show,” and in an Emmy-winning 1993 documentary, “The Mystery of the Sphinx,” narrated by Charlton Heston. When not leading study tours to Egypt, Mr. West resides in Athens, New York. Other titles by the author: – The Traveler’s Key to Ancient Egypt: A Guide to the Sacred Places of Ancient Egypt


Prijs: € 20,00

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The Atman Project – A Transpersonal View of Human Development

240 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 1996

Wilber traces human development from infancy into adulthood and beyond, into those states described by mystics and spiritual adepts. The spiritual evolution of such extraordinary individuals as the Buddha and Jesus hints at the direction human beings will take in their continuing growth toward transcendence. Redesigned edition of this essential introduction to his way of thinking features a new foreword by the author.(1996)

“Wilber has established himself as the foremost scholar on psychology and consciousness studies.”—Dr. Kenneth Ring

“Ken Wilber is undoubtedly one of the most important of contemporary writers. He is a true philosopher-mystic.”—Peter Russell, Oxford University

auteur: Wilber, K.
ISBN: 0835607305
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Philosopher Ken Wilber has been mapping the territory of consciousness since the 1970s. His first book, The Spectrum of Consciousness, published by Quest Books, launched the transpersonal psychology movement. Wilber’s current best-sellers are Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, and A Brief History of Everything.


Prijs: € 17,00

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Up from Eden – A Transpersonal View of Human Evolution

400 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2002

This book chronicles humanity’s cultural and psychospiritual evolutionary journey over some six million years from its primal past into its dazzling cosmic future.

“I consider Up from Eden the “single greatest work on psychology ever written — including Freud, Jung, et al.!” — Dr. Silas Wesley, past professor of Clinical Psychology, Yale University, and Director, Psychology Clinic, University of Southern California.

auteur: Wilber, K.
ISBN: 0835607313
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Philosopher Ken Wilber has been mapping the territory of consciousness since the 1970s. His first book, The Spectrum of Consciousness, published by Quest Books, launched the transpersonal psychology movement. Wilber’s current best-sellers are Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, and A Brief History of Everything. Other titles by the author: – The Atman Project: A Transpersonal View of Human Development – The Spectrum of Consciousness


Prijs: € 16,50

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Ken Wilber in Dialogue – Conversations with Leading Transpersonal Thinkers

413 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 1998

A passionate conversation among the best minds in transpersonal studies about the ideas of Ken Wilber, the prominent contemporary thinker whose first book, The Spectrum of Consciousness, published by Quest in 1977, launched the transpersonal psychology movement.

Transpersonal thinkers taking part in this dynamic dialogue combine Eastern and Western spirituality with mainstream fields such as psychology, medicine, physics, and ecology to map the human drive toward Spirit.

auteur: Rothberg, D. (ed.)/Kelly, S. (ed.)
ISBN: 0835607666
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Contributors include best-selling authors Jack Kornfield (A Path with Heart), Joseph Goldstein (Insight Meditation), Michael Murphy (The Future of the Body), Stanislav Grof (The Holotropic Mind), and Jeanne Achterberg (Rituals of Healing). Wilber’s spirited response to each probing assessment of his ideas and the authors’ rebuttals give readers ringside seats at an engaging sparring match among intellectual and spiritual superstars. Ken Wilber’s best-selling books include A Brief History of Everything, Up from Eden, The Spectrum of Consciousness, and Sex, Ecology, Spirituality. Donald Rothberg, Ph.D., is a co-editor of the journal ReVision, and teaches at the Saybrook Institute in San Francisco.


Prijs: € 16,50

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The Spectrum of Consciousness

362 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 1993

Wilber’s groundbreaking synthesis of religion, philosophy, physics, and psychology started a revolution in transpersonal psychology. He was the first to suggest in a systematic way that the great psychological systems of the West could be integrated with the noble contemplative traditions of the East. Spectrum of Consciousness, first released by Quest in 1977, has been the prominent reference point for all subsequent attempts at integrating psychology and spirituality.

“Wilber might likely do for consciousness what Freud did for psychology,”—Dr. Jean Houston, author of The Possible Human,Godseed and Life Force

auteur: Wilber, K.
ISBN: 0835606953
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Philosopher Ken Wilber has been mapping the territory of consciousness since the 1970s. His first book, The Spectrum of Consciousness, published by Quest Books, launched the transpersonal psychology movement. Wilber’s current best-sellers are Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, and A Brief History of Everything. Other titles by the author: – The Atman Project: A Transpersonal View of Human Development – Up from Eden: A Transpersonal View of Human Evolution


Prijs: € 17,50

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Concentration – An Approach to Meditation

154 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2001

This perennial best-seller by a distinguished educator assembles 36 mental and physical exercises for taming the natural drifting of the mind. Newly designed edition of a practical manual for success. Over 100,000 copies sold.

Ernest Wood, scholar, writer, and lecturer, was born in 1883 in England and was attracted to Theosophy at a young age. He arrived in India early in the twentieth century, and assisted Annie Besant in educational work. He was the founder of the Theosophical College, Madanapalle. He wrote many books on philosophical subjects, having a particular interest in Yoga.

auteur: Wood, E.
ISBN: 0835601765
Additional DescriptionMore Details

After World War II, he came to the United States, where he was for several years Dean of the American Academy of Asian Studies in San Francisco and later joined the staff of the University of Houston, Texas. Other titles by the author: – Come Unto Me: And Other Writings – Concentration – Natural Theosophy – The Occult Training of the Hindus – The Seven Rays


Prijs: € 10,50

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Reminiscences of H. P. Blavatsky and The Secret Doctrine

141 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 1989

A day-to-day account of life with H. P. Blavatsky during the writing of The Secret Doctrine.

auteur: Wachtmeister C.C.
ISBN: 7980835604888

Prijs: € 7,50

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Sufi Talks -Teachings of an American Sufi Sheikh

293 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2012

No matter what one’s religion, the reader will find such universal wisdom in this book that he will agree with Frager’s teacher Muzaffer Efendi who once advised, “You can tell these stories ten thousand times and people will still benefit from them.”

Among the practices Frager teaches are zikr, or remembrance of God through chanting; halvet, or spiritual retreat; and adab, or “right action.” Thus do we develop character-or, rather, restore the character we had at birth. “I’ve never seen a baby with a bad character,” he says. “We are all born in a pure state. With hard work and God’s blessings we can return to it.”

auteur: Frager, R.
ISBN: 9780835608930
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Other topics include Obstacles on the Path, Reducing Narcissism, Inner Work, Prayer, Marriage, Generosity, Taking Responsibility, and Waking before We Die.

“Like a river of paradise, Sheikh Ragip Frager’s discourses are clear, pure, and delicious to the soul.” —Pir Zia Inayat-Khan

Words are empty unless backed by experience, says Robert Frager, Ph.D. People will not change until they hear from those who have lived what they teach. Frager has indeed lived his teaching. Founder of the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology in 1975, in 1976 he became a student of the Sufi master Muzaffer Efendi. Since becoming a sheikh in 1985, he has given many sohbets-a Turkish word for the spiritual conversations Sufi teachers hold to inspire their students. The sohbets he presents here are compiled from his talks over the past decade and represent Sufism as it is now practiced in the United States. Frager believes that the wisdom in such talks flows through the sheikh from his teacher and his teacher’s teacher all the way back to the Prophet Mohammad and God; the sheikh is merely a channel for something greater than any individual. Moreover, these talks are not lectures but rather living connections going both ways between heart and heart. Indeed, the warm, personal immediacy to Frager’s voice is rarely found. Like the tales of Nasruddin, he teaches through colorful anecdote and metaphors. Sufi practice has two sides, he says: one is to develop our love of God; the other is to become less self-centered. We need both, just as a bird needs both wings to fly. “How can I put my knowledge into practice?” is the question we must ask. As the Qur’an states, those who fail to live by their understanding are like donkeys carrying a load of books. The books won’t change them. They can carry the holiest books but will still be donkeys. Robert Frager, Ph.D., is the author and editor of numerous books on psychology and on the Sufi path, including Essential Sufism, and Love Is the Wine, A practicing psychologist and a student of Sufism for almost two decades, he teaches at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.


Prijs: € 21,95

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Thought Power – Its Control and Culture

122 pages | 6th edition, 1988 | Paperback | Quest Books

This brief, easy-to-read study concentrates on the hidden power latent in the human mind, which can do amazing things ifproperly  activated and controlled. An in-depth understanding of this aspect of our nature should bring about a more compassionate metamorphosis of our attitude towards fellow beings, life itself and planet Earth. Western civilization recognizes the immense value of coming to know man as a ‘holisitic entity’, and of coming to terms with man’s mind. The sages of the ancient East and their noteworthy disciple, Annie Besant (1847 -1933), have been proven to be most intuitive concerning this unique principle in man.

Subjects discussed:

  1. Training the mind
  2. Improving concentration
  3. Strengthening thought power
  4. Meditation
  5. Improving memory
  6. Thought transference
  7. Building the mental body
  8. Combining thoughts with others
  9. Achieving peace of mind.
auteur: Besant, A.
ISBN: 0835603121
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Annie Besant (1847-1933) led the fight for the rights of women and laborers in her native England; later she worked with Mahatma Gandhi and spearheaded India’s struggle for freedom. Theosophist Joy Mills describes her as “a feminist before the movement for women’s rights was fully launched; she stood for freedom when half the world was held in the bonds of colonialism.” A student of India’s spiritual traditions, Annie Besant was famed as an orator, author, and international President of the Theosophical Society.


Prijs: € 7,50

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Isis Unveiled (A New Abridgment) – Secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition

274 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 1997

Creating a sensation when it was first published in 1877, the first major work by the young Russian noblewoman who would found the Theosophical Society devoted 1200 pages to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology. This new edition abridged by Theosophical scholar Michael Gomes breathes fresh life into this classic of Western esoteric thinking. Stripped of its lengthy quotations from other writers and its repetitious commentary, Isis Unveiled is revealed to be a clear and readable exploration of the universal truths of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition by one of the most remarkable women of modern times.

auteur: Blavatsky, H.P./Gomes, M. (ed.)
ISBN: 9780835607292
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) was born of a noble family in Russia. She became a student of metaphysical lore, and traveled to many lands, including Tibet, in search of hidden knowledge. In the 1870s she went to New York and, with Col. Henry S. Olcott and others, formed the Theosophical Society, an organization dedicated to: – Fellowship among all peoples of the world – Encouragement of the comparative study of religion, philosophy, and science – Investigation of the unexplained powers and forces at work in nature and in humankind.


Prijs: € 18,95

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Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, and Ghosts: How to Talk with and Photograph Beings in Other Realms

227 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2012

Boulders laugh, trees talk, and practically each patch of ground has meaning, in Atala Toy’s experience. Faeries, angels, ghosts, orbs, and spirits of place are just some of the life forms with which she helps us attune-and shows us how to record their image! Readers will cherish her rare combination of esoteric wisdom and practical guidance.

auteur: Toy, A.D.
ISBN: 9780835609029
Additional DescriptionMore Details

With substantive clarity, she explains time travel, portals, dowsing, negative and positive vortexes, balls of energy known as merkabahs, ley lines, and orbs-the plasma of some life form visible to human eyes or to cameras, many of which are nature spirits who enjoy being around happy energy and so are often seen at parties and spiritual gatherings.

“A fascinating, heartfelt, and extremely convincing account of spiritual domains, and the beings that inhabit them, that have for far too long been ignored or discounted by the modern world.”—Ptolemy Tompkins, author of Paradise Fever, The Divine Life of Animals and The Modern Book of the Dead A professional interdimensional communicator, Atala is up to the minute in her understanding of the emerging field of spiritual sciences and the correlations between modern physics and ancient metaphysical traditions that perceive the oneness of all nature. We all communicate interdimensionally every day, she says. We just don’t know it, and so we lose out on the many ways to receive help from the other life forms who share our space. Drawing on her own and her clients’ experiences, she teaches through colorful stories and her own powerful photographs. Titles include “The Ghost Who Washed Dishes,” “The Haunted Hotel,” “The Guardian of the Spring,” “The Horse Who Knew More Than His Owners,” “The Jilted House,” “The Stranded Gnome,” “The Moss Faery,” “The Owl on Turtle Island,” and “The Balsam Who Loved the Birch.” She also includes lessons explaining the energetic principles of the situation; simple exercises for mastering the principle contained in the story; and tips for photographing other life forms using technology available to anyone, such as digital or even cell phone cameras. By entering the fascinating realm of this book, the reader will join the growing number of people aware of subtle energy and able to see through the veils between dimensions. Not only is this possibility personally enriching, it serves a broader purpose as well. Needless to say, the planet and everything on it is at a critical juncture. In damaging the earth, we have damaged the nature beings’ home as well. It is therefore strongly in their interest to assist us in transforming the earth into something better. This book shows us how to learn from and enjoy them in a most delightful way. Atala Dorothy Toy is an author, workshop leader, subtle energy consultant, nature spirit photographer, and the founding president of Crystal Life Technology, Inc – a company that provides subtle energy products and information to the public.


Prijs: € 18,95

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Krishnamurti – Two Birds on one Tree

88 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2009

A longtime student and friend reveals both the spiritual greatness and the human pathos of his remarkable teacher.

“With a critical mind and an open heart, Dr. Ravindra allows us all to see both the spiritual greatness and the human pathos of this truly remarkable teacher.” – Jacob Needleman, Ph.D., author of Lost Christianity and The Heart of Philosophy

auteur: Ravindra, R.
ISBN: 9780835607186
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Ravi Ravindra was born in India and received his B.S. and a Master of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He then obtained a Master of Science and a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Toronto and a Master of Arts in philosophy from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Prijs: € 11,25

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The Quotable Krishnamurti

149 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2011

“Truth is a pathless land.” —Jiddu Krishnamurti

The Quotable Krishnamurti is a deeply moving collection of passages from 20th century’s most revered spiritual teacher. Iconoclast, peace activist, philosophical teacher: Jiddu Krishnamurti is arguably the greatest spiritual figure since the Buddha or Christ. This book captures Krishnamurti’s highly prized, sobering realizations, to awaken and transform today’s determined seeker, idealist and realist alike.

auteur: Krishnamurti, J./Epstein, R. (comp.)
ISBN: 9780835608909
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Born in colonial India in 1895, a young Krishnamurti was discovered on a beach by the leaders of the Theosophical Society. Heralded by the society as the long-awaited World Teacher, Krishamurti was adopted and groomed in Great Britain for his messianic destiny. In 1929 Krishnamurti shocked and dismayed his innumerable followers by renouncing his role as World Teacher and disbanding the Order of the Star, formed to honor his prophesied fulfillment. It was at this moment that Krishnamurti firmly protested “truth is a pathless land”, which endures today as his most celebrated speech. For nearly 60 years from that point on Krishnamurti traveled the world over, awakening masses of hungry listeners to the urgent needs of humanity. He implored mankind to live the fully awakened life in order to create a free and peaceful world. Krishnamurti advocated the necessity for meditation, vegetarianism, and environmental conscientiousness in daily living for the true pursuit of liberation and enlightenment. He passionately rebuked violence, decrying both governments and organized religion, insisting they result in conformity, division and fragmentation, rather than harmony. Now for the first time in an alphabetized anthology, The Quotable Krishnamurti arranges by topic this venerated teacher’s core messages, spanning decades of lecturing and authorship. Subject headings include essential topics such as Awareness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Karma and Non-violence. The Quotable Krishnamurti encompasses Krishnamurti’s deepest thoughts, revealing an uncompromising faith in humanity as relevant today as during his first talk nearly 100 years ago.


Prijs: € 12,50

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The Masters Speak – An American Businessman Encounters Ashish and Gurdjieff

307 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2010

The Masters Speak: An American Businessman Encounters Ashish and Gurdjieff is the detailed account of Semour Ginsburg’s remarkable quest for life’s deeper meaning. As co-founder of mega-retail giant Toys”R”Us, Seymour, better known as Sy, knew worldly success, and the shrewd ambition it takes to get there. But with the tragic, untimely death of his young wife, Sy was suddenly left to raise a grieving family alone. For the first time, he found no comfort in his prosperity.

auteur: Ginsburg, S.B.
ISBN: 9780835608824
Additional DescriptionMore Details

“I had been given the keys to inner self-initiation. And with that I would have to remain content…Was the American businessman in me behind my longings in this long and earnest quest of mine in search of the unitive vision?”—Seymour B. Ginsburg Like so many “seekers,” Sy was wary and anxious for direct spiritual experience. Armed with a mission to prove higher consciousness, Sy travels the world over to study, firsthand, the “spiritual greats” of his time. The Masters Speak recounts Sy’s curious meetings with enigmatic, controversial public figures such as Sathya Sai Baba, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and Madame de Salzman. This book also chronicles Sy’s extensive experience with Gurdjieff’s famous “work.” In his search for the ultimate truth, Sy meets a monk who would quickly become his most endearing teacher and friend, Sri Madhava Ashish. Sy and Ashish’s decades-long correspondence lays the intimate foundation for this book. Sy’s raw honesty, doubts, criticisms, and even occasional hostility, makes for a spiritual discussion that the western seeker can truly relate to. Ashish, a Scottish engineer turned Hindu master, responds with wisdom that is both sober and incredibly non-dogmatic. With beautiful intricacy, The Masters Speak conveys Ashish’s steadfast declaration of an intrinsic unity of all being, a “Unitive Vision.” This compilation of intimate letters, discourse, and previously published essays, provides readers of all traditions with solid food for spiritual thought. Embark with Sy on his extensive exploration of the root of consciousness through Gurdjieffian teachings, dream analysis, “life energy”, and beyond.


Prijs: € 18,95

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The Unconditioned Mind – J. Krishnamurti and the Oak Grove School

276 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2011

Krishnamurti, once groomed by Theosophists to become the next World Teacher, founded Oak Grove in 1975 and personally oversaw it for the last decade of his life. In The Unconditioned Mind, Moody recounts their close work together and explains Krishnamurti’s ideas with splendid clarity. He also recounts how those ideas sparked competition among the staff, producing a complex force-field that challenged Moody to the utmost. The resulting drama, and Krishnamurti’s involvement in it, forms the core of this insightful narrative.

auteur: Moody, D.E.
ISBN: 9780835608947
Additional DescriptionMore Details

In this thought-provoking account of the formative years of one of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s final pet projects; Oak Grove School, an alternative school in Ojai, Calif.; David Moody offers a unique perspective on the psychology behind Krishnamurti’s teachings as well as an intimate portrait of one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the twentieth century. The Unconditioned Mind is the first book to openly discuss the dramatic events that occurred during the early years of Oak Grove, and Moody’s experience presents readers with a vivid history of a school whose main intent is to “uncondition” the minds of its students and teachers. The Unconditioned Mind also offers a rare inside look into Krishnamurti’s own teaching methods. Moody explains in detail the many ways in which Krishnamurti attempted to convey the essence of his philosophy without the exercise of any form of psychological authority, and the resulting struggles Moody and other professors faced trying to implement this philosophy in the classroom. The Unconditioned Mind is a balanced and refreshing mix of the history, psychology and philosophy behind Oak Grove School. David Edmund Moody was born and raised in southern California, and attended undergraduate school at UC Berkeley during the 1960s. He took his Master’s Degree in Political Science at UCLA in 1970 and completed much of the coursework for a doctoral degree in Political Theory.


Prijs: € 26,95

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Working Class Mystic – A Spiritual Biography of George Harrison

201 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2011

John Lennon called himself a working class hero. George Harrison was a working class mystic. Born in Liverpool as the son of a bus conductor and a shop assistant, for the first six years of his life he lived in a house with no indoor bathroom. This book gives an honest, in-depth view of Harrison’s personal journey— from his blue-collar childhood to his role as a world-famous spiritual icon.

auteur: Tillery, G.
ISBN: 9780835609005
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Author Gary Tillery’s approach is warmly human and free of the fawning but insolent tone of most rock biographers. He frankly discusses the role drugs played in leading Harrison to mystical insight but emphasizes that he soon renounced psychedelics as a means to the spiritual path. It was with conscious commitment that Harrison journeyed to India, studied sitar with Ravi Shankar, practiced yoga, learned meditation from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and became a devotee of Hinduism. George worked hard to subdue his own ego and to understand the truth beyond appearances. He preferred to keep a low profile, but his empathy for suffering people led him to spearhead the first charitable rock-and-roll super event. And despite his wealth and fame, he was always delighted to slip on overalls and perform manual labor on his grounds. At ease with holy men discussing the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, he was ever the bloke from Liverpool whose father drove a bus, whose brothers were tradesmen, and who had worked himself as an apprentice electrician until the day destiny called. Tillery’s engaging narrative depicts Harrison as a sincere seeker who acted out of genuine care for humanity and used his celebrity to be of service in the world. Fans of all generations will treasure this book for the inspiring portrayal it gives of their beloved “quiet” Beatle. A native of the Southwest, Gary Tillery was born in Phoenix in 1947. In 1968-69 Tillery served in Vietnam with the United States Air Force. His enlistment over in 1970, he returned to Phoenix and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies from Arizona State University and a Master’s degree from the American Graduate School of International Management.


Prijs: € 16,95

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Esoteric Christianity – Or the Lesser Mysteries

245 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2006

Annie Besant, renowned esotericist and Theosophist, asserts in this title that there is a hidden or esoteric truth underlying all religions, a truth so deep and secret that until revealed we cannot truly reach the Divine. While many scholars, theologians and followers of conventional Christianity may not believe in such uniformity, people of all faiths can agree there are unknown elements of the Divine we all seek that are yet to be revealed. Esoteric Christianity shows us this hidden truth that is lacking from the traditional exoteric teachings of Christianity: the Divine does not come from an external, outside source; it is something that can only be found within ourselves.

auteur: Besant, A.
ISBN: 8780835608497
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Besant teaches that the Divine in each individual, what she refers to as the “mind of Christ” or “Christ-Soul,” is the answer to evolution itself. She explains that religions were given to the world “by men wiser than the masses of the people on whom they are bestowed” in order to quicken human evolution, which is done through the evolution of man’s moral, intellectual, and spiritual natures. Besant continues to explain that the evolution of Christianity is dependent on man’s ability to follow the occult teachings. Amongst these teachings, Besant distinguishes between the Greater Mysteries, that which cannot be revealed to the masses, and the Lesser Mysteries, the partial unveilings of knowledge meant for the greater population. She also offers the esoteric perspective behind the fundamental Christian principles we have all come to know, which include: the historical and mythic Christ, the Atonement, the Resurrection and Ascension, the Trinity, Prayer, Forgiveness of Sins, the Sacraments, and Revelation. First published in 1901, Esoteric Christianity has been updated by Richard Smoley with annotations to make it more accessible for modern readers.


Prijs: € 18,95

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Christian Gnosis

368 pages | Paperback | Quest books, 2011

“Because we are still comparatively unevolved, any god that we could fully understand would not be much of a god.”
—Charles W. Leadbeater
In Christian Gnosis, Charles W. Leadbeater reveals the inner teachings of early Christianity while supplying additional insight from a clairvoyant’s perspective.

auteur: Leadbeater, C.W.
ISBN: 9780835608954
Additional DescriptionMore Details

After he joined the Theosophical Society and became Presiding Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church, Leadbeater continued to rise as a prolific author. His writings have influenced modern ideas about the occult more than any other writer, and his ideas have formed the basis for many contemporary spiritual and intellectual movements, which include being an inspiration for Kandinsky and Mondrian. As a former Anglican minister, Leadbeater always sought to reveal the lost nature of the holy sacraments and the Christian mysteries back to the people. He was a remarkable man who achieved both notoriety and fame, he made the most amazing claims for himself: he could, he said, communicate with angels, saints and gods; penetrate the cosmos and the atom with his clairvoyant gaze; and trace the history of the earth by psychic perception. At the heart of this book is a message for open-mindedness and a new attitude toward the idea of sin and human-kind’s purpose during their time on earth. Leadbeater’s approach and writing style has always been considered to be approachable to the common person, and this book is no exception. He begins by discussing the true nature of the God-head and exactly what it means that human beings are made in His image. Throughout the text he touches upon everything from angels, hell, the crucifixion, Our Lady, and the visions of St. John. Prepare yourself for an enlightening revelation. Christianity, as the western world has come to presume, is much deeper than the common public has led themselves to believe.


Prijs: € 20,95

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Commentaries on Living, Series 2

242 blz. | Paperback | Quest Books, 1997

Krishnamurti’s essential message is that to find truth, we must go beyond the limits of ordinary thought. In public talks worldwide, he strove to free listeners from conventional beliefs and psychological mind-sets in order to understand what is.

This second volume of the 3-part series includes discussions of creative happiness, devotion, worship, the fear of death, karma and an experience of bliss.

auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 9780835604154
Additional DescriptionMore Details

This 3-volume series records his meetings with individual seekers from all walks of life, during which he comments on the struggles common to those who work to break the boundaries of personality and self-limitation. Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986) was a world-renowned speaker and spiritual leader. He authored over thirty books including The First and Last Freedom, the three part series Commentaries on Living, and the well-known classic, At the Feet of the Master. Quest has also published two books about this famous figure, The Inner Life of Krishnamurti and Krishnamurti:Two Birds on One Tree.


Prijs: € 16,95

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The Inner Life of Krishnamurti: Private Passion and Perennial Wisdom

324 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 1999

The real story of Krishnamurti’s inner life is shown to have critical implications for our understanding of Krishnamurti’s life and ideas and for our views of Theosophy, Buddhism, the teachings of Gurdjieff — indeed, the entirety of contemporary spiritual thought.

auteur: Sanat, A.
ISBN: 083560781X
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Aryel Sanat’s meticulously researched and cogently argued exploration of Krishnamurti’s inner life and experiences explodes a number of popular myths about Krishnamurti, particularly that he denied the existence of the Theosophical Masters and disdained the esoteric side of the spiritual path. Rather, Sanat persuasively demonstrates, Krishnamurti had a rich and intense esoteric life. Moreover, the truths of the Ancient Wisdom, as revealed through the Masters, were a reality to Krishnamurti every day of his life, from his boyhood until his death. Aryel Sanat has lectured on and written about Krishnamurti and related subjects for thirty years. In addition to his work as an editor and translator, he has taught philosophy, logic, and humanities at the University of Miami.


Prijs: € 17,50

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Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom – A Commentary on “The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett”

600 pages, Index and  Bibliography | Gebonden/Hardcover | Quest Books 2010

As K.H. so often counseled Sinnett: awaken your intuition, for intuition as the Mahatma wrote in Letter 49 is the key to occult knowledge. The letters, while written over a century ago, are still all living, breathing, vital testament to the existence of a Fraternity, a Brotherhood, singularly devoted to the amelioration of the present human condition of pain and sorrow…the letters invite us to share in some small measure the wisdom of which they are the custodians.
Joy Mills

Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom is the most comprehensive, pensive discussion of the Mahatma Letters since they were first published in 1923. The famed Mahatma Letters, a series of responses to A.P. Sinnett’s queries, controversial as they may be, continue to amaze and bewilder readers with their enigmatic, supernatural ambience!

auteur: Mills, J.
ISBN: 9780835608855
Additional DescriptionMore Details

In 1875 Madame Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society at the request of her occult teachers, whom she endearingly referred to as the “Mahatmas”, an ancient Sanskrit term meaning “Great Souls”. Blavatsky was clear to point out that the Mahatmas, also referred to as Masters and Adepts, were fully mortal men who through painstaking training and service, had evolved their highest psychic faculties. These teachers, whom Blavatsky claimed were among the Universal Brotherhood devoted to the spiritual evolution of humanity, were also the source of her remarkable and vastly extensive occult education. Blavatsky’s own psychic and paranormal feats astonished onlookers of her day, but it was the tremendous wisdom, compassion, and blunt honesty of her Mahatmas that invoked such ardent curiosity in Mr. Sinnett. The words of these mysterious Mahatmas continue to draw and inspire seekers on the quest for spiritual truth into this present day. Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom comes to us from one of Theosophy’s most respected and beloved veterans, Joy Mills! Joy brilliantly sheds new and profound insight into these 140 plus letters that first astounded Western society over a century ago. Her beautiful, intricate volume of heartfelt observations sequentially covers each of the Mahatma letters, highlighting messages most relevant for today. As Ed Abdill remarks, “In the spirit of a true Theosophist, Joy does not attempt to give us final answers. She asks questions of herself and suggests that we might ask ourselves the same questions.” Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom is an invaluable addition to any esoteric researcher’s library; a remarkable gift of inspiration for Theosophists, philosophical seekers, and researchers far and wide. Read Samples Table of ContentsForeword Endorsements Joy Mills has made the Letters more accessible to me than at any time since I discovered them at age nineteen. Not only does she give the Letters a place in history and in the spiritual history of each of us who providentially stumbles upon them, Mills does a remarkable job of letting us in on the personalities of both the Adepts and their endearingly mortal correspondents. Yes, this is a serious tome dealing with nothing less than the meaning of life, and yet, for those of us for whom the meaning of life is endlessly fascinating, it reads like a novel. —Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life, Lit from Within and Shelter for the Spirit The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett is “an essential part of the foundational literature” of modern Theosophy and a source of surprising insights into the realities of life. Joy Mills, a life-long student of the subject, is the most qualified living person to comment on these letters, which call us “to undertake the journey” to “timeless truths.” —John Algeo A new book by Joy Mills is always an occasion for celebration among serious students of Theosophy. Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom, the fruit of many years of studying and teaching The Mahatma Letters, can be expected to remain a definitive work on this basic theosophical text for many years to come. Both those coming to the Letters for the first time, and advanced students who enjoy a long familiarity with them, will find much here to stimulate thought and deeper insight. —Robert Ellwood, Ph.D., author of Frodo’s Quest and The Cross and the Grail Joy Mills’ commentary, Reflections on an Ancient Wisdom, brings invaluable insight and clarity to the mysterious letters of the Himalayan adepts who helped found the worldwide Theosophical Society. While shedding new light on the Perennial Philosophy, Mills shows how the letters illumine the sometimes strange, demanding world of Occultism, where unconditional love, compassion, and an uncompromising search for Truth reign supreme. —Maria Parisen, director, Krotona School of Theosophy Joy Mills has been a member of The Theosophical Society since 1940. She has served as President of the Theosophical Society in America, General Secretary of the Australian Section, and International Vice-President. She has lectured in more than 50 countries, and worked as Director of the Krotona Institute of Theosophy, in Ojai, California.


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Acknowledge the Wonder – Harmony with the Natural

148 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 1988

This book points the reader toward a renewed sense of wonder and oneness with nature. With balance and beauty Wosmek delivers profound insights combining science, nature, art, philosophy, conscience, and a loving concern for all that lives.

auteur: Wosmek, F.
ISBN: 0835606287

Prijs: € 8,51

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The Seven Rays – Seven Types of Men

By Ernest Wood (1883 – 1965).

190 Pages | Copyright 1925, fourth Quest book printing 1989 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. – ISBN 0835604810

Humanity, occultism teaches us, is divided into seven distinct groups called ‘rays’. Generally speaking, your strongest motivations indicate to which of the ‘ray’ groupings you belong. You are influenced by all seven rays, occultism suggests, but one of the seven predominates. Would you like to know which of the seven rays is yours? ‘With such knowledge‘, writes the author, ‘we are in a position to choose what games we will play in this life or ours.’ For instance if your ray is number one, you are inclined to be independent in spirit and strong intuition. Is this your ray?

From the Preface (p. viii):

” If there are seven rays or types, and each one of us belongs, as it were, especially to one of these, and conducts his pathway in life accordingly, will there not be a tendency to narrowness or over-specialization?

This is a question often asked. The answer is:

Not if we understand the situation. All the seven rays are always present in everybody, but one of them in each person is the captain of the team or the president of the board, and the other six rally round, and use their own specific talents to help carry out his purpose. “





auteur: Wood, E.
ISBN: 0835604810

Prijs: € 8,50

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The Yoga of Time Travel – How the Mind Can Defeat Time

258 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2004

Winner of ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award for Mind/Body/Spirit

Buddha said he could move backward through time, observes theoretical physicist Fred Alan Wolf. Time travel is not just science fiction; it may actually be possible. Wolf draws on yoga and quantum physics to show that time is a flexible projection of mind. Cheating time, he says, is an ancient metaphysical idea from the Vedas having to do with moving through meditation to a place where time stands still.

auteur: Wolf, F.A.
ISBN: 083560828X
Additional DescriptionMore Details

In reader-friendly language, Wolf explores how time and thought are bound together and how a change in ego structure could allow freedom from time’s limitations. And he elaborates on benefits: Time travel, he asserts, could clarify our purpose; change our sense of self, the future, and death; and provide a hero’s journey that might aid the entire community. Fascinatingly, Wolf thinks that, under certain circumstances, we might not only visit but even alter the past, with a ripple effect on the present.

“Fred Alan Wolf is one of the most eloquent and clear scientists who explains the relationship between the laws of nature and consciousness. His book, THE YOGA OF TIME TRAVEL, will help you break the illusion of linear time and experience a domain that is eternal, timeless, and acausal. This experience helps conquer all fear including the fear of death and gives you a glimpse into the immortal nature of your soul.” — Deepak Chopra, author, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and The Book of Secrets I enjoyed reading this book, and you will, too. Simply put, it is one of the most imaginative books I have read about the nature of time. It makes us wonder if time travel is possible, not only through the use of technology, but through yoga, which anyone can practice. —Amit Goswami, author of The Self-Aware Universe, The Visionary Window, and Physics of the Soul


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Yeshua Buddha – An interpretation of New Testament theology as a meaningful myth

By Jay G. Williams.

134 Pages | Copyright 1978 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A | ISBN 0835605159.

If you feel Christian dogma is in need of a new spark – a charge of vitality – based upon a deeper and more significant interpretation of Biblical stories, here is a dynamically different commentary upon the New Testament. Jay G. Williams approach to the study of the life of Christ simply overflows with intuitional creativity, permitting the student to find for him or herself trans-historical, yet new and existential situations in the Biblical story.

Buddha means ‘the Enlightened One’ and the author uses the word in this generic sense. ‘My thesis‘, he writes, ‘is that the perennial philosophy, so well represented in Asia by Buddhism, provides a significant perspective from which to understand the life and teachings of Yeshua’. This is a radical departure book in which Yeshua Buddha and Gautama Buddha finally join hands to shed common light into the darkened cosmos.

From Chapter 7 – ‘Resurrection beyond the End’ (p.115):

” A disciple must take upon himself the discipline of Yeshua; yet this is no set of laws or doctrines which can be encompassed in a book. The Way has little to do with rules and dogmas. The Early Church was at least partially correct in this: it depended primarily upon a succession of apostolic teachers for the preservation of the church. Presumably such teachers did not purvey general theories but advised their disciples concerning effective ways to engage the old deluder in mortal combat. Therefore, all readers who have persevered this far are strongly urged to take what has been said with a grain of salt. The disciple must engage in battle, not just theorize about the nature of war. This book will only have performed its task if it has facilitated that first step along the Way. If it leads the reader to say, ‘O now I understand’, it has failed miserably. “

auteur: Williams, J.G.
ISBN: 0835605159

Prijs: € 6,50

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Kabbalah – Your Path to Inner Freedom

By Ann Williams-Heller (1904 – 1988). ISBN

274 Pages | A Quest Original, first edition 1990 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. – ISBN 0835606562

The Tree of Life is a symbol of extraordinary richness and meaning. Its roots lie in the ancient mystical lore of Judaism, but it has branched and flowered in many Western spiritual traditions. Based on her practical and popular Tree of Life workshops, Ann Williams-Heller, or Rabi-a by her Sufi name, demonstrates the psychological and spiritual uses of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. By explaining its potent symbolism and tracing its connections to astrology, numerology, angel lore, tarot, and color symbolism, Williams-Heller shows the Tree of Life to be a potent tool for self-discovery and profound inner knowing.

From Chapter 5 – ‘The Ten Tree-of-Life Branches Unfold’ (p. 62 & 63):

” This Tree branch functions as mediator between the creative and the functioning world of action below. It is the home of the Holy Tetragrammaton’s third letter, Vav. In Hebrew Vav means nail. Thus, this Tree branch is the nail, which like the word ‘and’ in a sentence, ties and fuses the above to the below. In image and in fact, it is also the nail of voluntary sacrifice, which, like the legendary pelican, gave away her blood that her children might live. From a practical point Tiphareth is that state of spiritual awareness, called Cosmic or Illuminated Consciousness, which one is able to attain in the present life. By being the heart of the Tree of Life this branch marks several other turning points. In Christian tradition, the light from above starts to become life, and the Logos (the illuminated word of the Living God) starts to become flesh. It is the Thou facing the I AM from above. “

auteur: Williams-Heller, A.
ISBN: 0835606562

Prijs: € 14,50

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