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13 februari 2019

The Divine Language of Celestial Correspondences

By Coulson Turnbull (1864 – xxxx).

341 Pages | Facsimile edition of the original 1913 edition | Kessinger Publications Ltd., Montana, USA | ISBN 1564598284.

A study in planetary and spiritual vibrations, with an account of the involution and evolution of the Soul. 


Chapter 1 – Sun in the diferrent Houses
Chapter 2 – The Meaning of the different Degrees
Chapter 3 – Symbolization of Zodiacal Signs
Chapter 4 – How to erect a Horoscope
Chapter 5 – How to read a Nativity
Chapter 6 – How to prognosticate Events
Chapter 7 – Directions
Chapter 8 – Important Aphorisms
Chapter 9 – How to prove the Moment of Birth
Chapter 10 – The Nativity of Jesus, Napoleon I, and H.P. Blavatsky
Chapter 11 – Some astronomical Short-cuts.


Transits of superior Planets
Houses of New York, London
Examples of Ephemerides

From page 308:

” In Figure 11 (on page 309), we have the astral portrait of that gifted student of mysticism, Helena P. Blavatsky, who founded the present Theosophical Society on this planet in the nineteenth century. The student will note the 13th degree of Cancer ascending symbolized as follows: – A caduceus between two moons – one crescent, the other gibbous. It denotes a person of extreme capacity in the pursuit of knowledge, a penetrating mind and retentive memory. The native will accomplish wonders in the pursuit of subtle sciences. The temper is changeful like the moon and subject to fits of hope and despondency of more or less rapid alternation. The native is likely to travel much and be subject to many changes, but the chief characteristics are versatility and aptitude in the gaining of knowledge. With the symbol of Hermes dominant in the nature, the native will be either a linguïst, doctor, or distinguished scholar. Hermes or Mercury was strong, being in Virgo. This degree succinctly and clearly defines her life and her excellent though not faultless work. A most noticeable satellitum is the Sun, Mars, Saturn and Mercury, all in the third house, that is mind. “

Auteur: Turnbull, C.
ISBN: 1564598284

Prijs: € 19,50

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Secret Doctrine References Reprinted: A 1977 List

By an anonymous author.

22 Pages | Published in 1977 | Softcover | Wizards Bookshelf, San Diego | No ISBN.

Two-hundred titles out of the 750 hard cover books cited in Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s (1831 – 1891) The Secret Doctrine (1888) are reprinted or reset and made available (again) in 1977. The reason for the book list in this little publication should be obvious. It is not quite an easy way to read The Secret Doctrine! Few have a fit background in the basic fundamentals of languages like Greek, French, Hebrew, and Sanskrit plus some German and Russian. This altogether, plus a basic view of ancient religions, that only can come from reading those works connected with each. This grand view seems fundamental to discern the various terms, pantheons, deities and the rest.

Despite the effort necessary to unveil the teachings of The Secret Doctrine, it represents an unique journey for every reader. This little publication mentions the works, that are cited in the work. Although the list of references is not complete, may it be of support. And may it allow any reader of The Secret Doctrine to go deeper . . .

Auteur: Anon.

Prijs: € 2,10

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A Textbook of Theosophy

By Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854 – 1934).

203 Pages | First edition, 16th reprint 2016 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170592501.

A Textbook of Theosophy is an ideal primer for the student of Theosophy. It suggests that Theosophy comprises the best of religion, science and philosophy. The book presents a concise, clear description of the evolution of human beings and the solar system, and describes the divine inner nature of each one of us. Moreover, through discussing reincarnation and the purpose of life, it leads us to understand the after-death state. The book urges us to rise to the highest good within us: ‘God is Good, man is immortal, and as we sow, so must we reap.’

From Chapter 1 ‘What Theosophy is’ (p. 5 & 6):

” The existence of Perfected Men, and the possibility of coming into touch with them and being taught by them, are prominent among the great new thruths which Theosophy brings to the Western world. Another of them is the stupendous fact that the world is not drifting blindly into anarchy, but that its progress is under the control of a perfectly organized hierarchy, so that final failure even for the tiniest of its units is of all impossibilities the most impossible. “

auteur: Leadbeater, C.W.
ISBN: 9788170592501

Prijs: € 9,90

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The Divine Plan

By Geoffrey A. Barborka (1897-1982).

564 Pages | Sixth reproduction 2015 | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House Adyar | ISBN: 8170591848.

Dutch translation: Het Goddelijk Plan (2 Delen) | Uitgegeven in 1973 | Hardcover | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN: 9789061750321.

This work could be best described as a guide for an in-depth exploration of The Secret Doctrine (1888). Learning topics concerning cyclic evolution, the big cosmic laws, the hiërarchical composition of the universe et cetera are discussed and their underlying cohesion is demonstrated. Challenging concepts – mostly Sanskrit – are explained in a simple way. Geoffrey A. Barborka seems to have mastered the art of letting complicated teachings explain themselves as it were, without the interference of his own opinions and interpretations.

Author: G.A. Barborka
ISBN: 8170591848

Prijs: € 36,50

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Finding Faith in the Face of Doubt – A Guide for Contemporary Seekers

By Joseph S. Willis.

135 Pages | First Quest Edition 2001 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835608050.

We know we don’t know‘ Willis sympathizes with the Greek philosopher Socrates, yet he adds: ‘we all (even atheists) must stand on assumptions that help us lead good lives‘. To explore these assumptions, he discusses different ways of thinking about God, involves both scientific and mythical views, deals with sources of good and evil, and argues for the need for freedom together with commitment. He assures us we can all think reasonably about Ultimate Reality and find a faith that fits and offers a reader-friendly guide helping questioners to maintain their integrity, whilst relating to the Ultimate Mystery beyond all understanding.

From the Introduction (p. 1):

” Everyone needs a faith, a commitment, that is congruent with her or his reason and knowledge, and it must be personal. There is no single way; ultimate truth is simply beyond human reach. But for yourself, for the sake of your own integrity, as a place upon which to stand as you make your life’s decisions, you must find a faith that makes real sense to you. It’s your life, your heart, and your mind.

This book is for people, who doubt the traditional answers, but who believe that the sheer accumulation of material things is not a satisfying way to live. It’s about faith and reason and truth from science, philosophy, and the religions of humankind. “




auteur: Willis, J.S.
ISBN: 0835608050
Additional DescriptionMore Details

The book grew from theology classes Willis taught in Unitarian churches and universities and from conversations with discontented members of other discussion groups. His clear and engaging prose is full of lively exchanges with his students. Frequent references to the best contemporary theologians (Bishop Spong, for example) and to philosophers, physicists, mythologists, and Bible experts provide an inspiring resource for those who long to resolve the conflict between faith and reason, doubt and belief. Joseph Willis, M.Div., former Presbyterian and Unitarian pastor, founded the Interreligious Council at the University of New Mexico. Now retired, he still counsels at Unitarian and Methodist churches. He is Minister Emeritus at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, CO, and teaches adult classes at Jefferson and in a local Methodist congregation.


Prijs: € 17,50

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Lighting the Lamp – An Approach to the Tibetan Path

By Alfred Woll.

158 Pages | A Quest Original, first edition 1992 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606864.

Why should overcommitted Westerners make time in their schedules for meditation? In this down-to-earth book, Alfred Woll, a Westerner who himself benefited from the practice of Tibetan Buddhism, guides the reader in answering these questions:

  • Why does the typical Western lifestyle of ‘consume-orientation’ lead more often to pervasive dissatisfaction than than to lasting happiness?
  • How can the example of the Buddha’s life and teachings lead to an alternative focus on ‘self-evolvement’ and spiritual development?
  • How can meditation, drawn from Tibetan practice, help Westerners?

Unlike many authors, Woll does not automatically assume that the reader accepts karma and reïncarnation; rather, he presents arguments to help readers make up their own minds. Easy to understand and yet rich in content, this book is ideal for those, who wish to learn more about Tibetan spiritual practice.

From Chapter 15: ‘Selflessness’ (p. 145):

” To stop the samsaric melodrama in which we exist once and for all, we need the realization of selflessness or, as this key Buddhist idea is also called: emptiness. We have seen that our disturbed mental attitudes, such as anger, jealousy, attachment, and so forth, take away our peace of mind. These attitudes are the real troublemakers in our lives. Though, we can certainly reduce the extent to which these negative mind states control our behavior by working on our personality and increasing our mindfullness, in order to eliminate them completely, we have to end our false way of seeing reality. “




auteur: Woll, A.
ISBN: 0835606864

Prijs: € 14,70

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Paths to Wholeness (Study Guide)

By Willamay Pym.

39 Pages | Copyright 1989 by The Theosophical Society in America | A4 Study Course | Quest Books, U.S.A. | No ISBN.

The course may be studied by an individual. In this case, the keeping of a journal, supplemental reading, and a willingness to discuss the material with others will be most useful in deepening and broadening one’s insights. Prior to each lesson is a section entitled ‘Preparation for Lesson…’ Many of the articles listed in these sections are from the American Theosophist special issues or from Quest Magazine.

From page 37:

” The desire for wholeness develops within the framework of human love. It is only when love has been sufficiently developed by means of different kinds of temporary relationships between different fragments of the Divine Life (that means us) that the love for the whole is born within it. Then, instead of seeking satisfaction in this piecemeal manner, the fragment seeks it in the whole and through the whole in other fragments . . . This coming together in whatever measure it may be achieved is the only source of happiness, bliss or ananda there is in this world. Love is the very nature of the Divine, the unity which is the One Reality. It alone is the force, which causes the unreal to be drawn into the Real – the many into the One. “

  • I.K. Taimni (1898–1978) in The Secret of Self-Realization.
auteur: Pym, W.

Prijs: € 8,00

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Tibetaans Boeddhisme – Een Verzameling Studies

Redactie: Ir. H.E. Ch. Poortman, Dr. J.H. Dubbink en Drs. R. Engelse.

93 Pagina’s | Uitgegeven in 1975 | A4-formaat softcover incl. illustraties | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland, Amsterdam | ISBN: 0906175038.05.

Deze publicatie ziet het licht tijdens de viering van het 100-jarig jubileum van de internationale Theosophical Society. Moge zij bijdragen tot een juist inzicht in de oorsprong en het doel van het theosofisch werk, geworteld als het is in bepaalde universele leringen van het Tibetaans Boeddhisme. En moge zij helpen bij de verspreiding van mededogen en broederschap tot geluk van alle wezens.

Deze uitgave bevat een verzameling studies van diverse auteurs over de volgende onderwerpen:

  • De Dalai Lama en zijn boodschap
  • De Dalai Lama als mens
  • Tibetaanse mystiek
  • Dharmacakra, het levensrad van het bestaan
  • Het Tibetaanse Dodenboek van leven en sterven
  • Het Pad van de Bodhisattva
  • Tibetologie
  • Brieven van De Meesters
  • Erkenning van de esoterische school
  • De Mahatma’s over Tibet
  • Het Vajrayana (tantrisch) Boeddhisme
  • De zeven menselijke beginselen.
auteur: Poortman, H.E.Ch. (red.)/Dubbink, J.H./Engelse, R.
ISBN: 090617503805
Aauteur: Poortman, H.E.Ch. (red.)/Dubbink, J.H./Engelse, R.

Prijs: € 4,25

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The Myths of our Lives – A Way to Personal Transformation (Study Course)

By Joy Mills (1920- 2015).

41 Pages | Copyright 1990, 1996 by The Theosophical Society in America | A4 Study Course | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835601160.

While the program is divided in four parts, each part can be expanded into several sessions or compressed into one session. Participants in the program may determine how long or short a course they want it to be. Not included, but recommended, is a fifth section in which group members meet to share in total the myths they have written. Such a sharing is both personally valuable and provides a useful review to the material covered in the course.

From Chapter 4: ‘Creating Rituals’ (p. 26):

” Myth, symbol and ritual are all closely related and are all expressions of archetypical realities, that may or may not be conscious within us. In fact, as we become familiar with the myths of our lives, we may find that we have been performing many rituals quite unconsciously. Sometimes people, who are very much opposed to ritual and ceremony, or who think these are outmoded by contemporary scientific and rational ways of acting, discover they have been performing rituals all their lives and in fact have even been quite unconsciously governed by them. Just as in the preceding sessions we have become aware of the myths of our lives and discovered what archetypes of the heroic journey we are living out, we may now explore whether we can find new ways to live in the world, and even how we can activate the archetypes, that we would like to experience on our hero journey. “

auteur: Mills, J.
ISBN: 9780835601160

Prijs: € 7,50

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Quests Old and New

By George R.S. Mead (1863-1933).

338 Pages | Photo copy of the first edition in 1913 by G. Bell & Sons, Ltd, London | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A. | ISBN: 0922802793.

from the Preface:

” All the studies or sketches in this volume are illustrative of the quest of reality, the search for truth, or the restless striving of the human soul for the satisfaction of its needs, spiritual or philosophical, mystical or psychical. The subjects are gleaned from the past and present, from east and west; and all of them, each in their different ways, seem to the writer to be of deep interest and great importance, even though some are little known and may appear on first acquaintance somewhat strange. “


  1. The Way of the Spirit of ancient China
  2. The Doctrine of the true Man in ancient Chinese mystical philosophy
  3. Spiritual reality in progressive Buddhism
  4. The ideal life in progressive Buddhism
  5. Some features of Buddhist psychology
  6. The doctrine of reincarnation ethically considered
  7. Some mystical experiments on the frontiers of early Christendom
  8. The meaning of Gnosis in the higher forms of Hellenistic religion
  9. ‘The Book of the Hidden Mysteries’ by Hierotheos
  10. The rising psychic tide
  11. Vaihinger’s philosophy of the ‘As If’
  12. Bergon’s intuitionism
  13. Eucken’s activism.




auteur: Mead, G.R.S.
ISBN: 0922802793

Prijs: € 17,50

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Sophia – Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God

By Caitlin Matthews.

430 Pages | First Quest Edition 2001, third printing 2009 | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835608015.

Sophia, or ‘Wisdom’ in Greek, has been revered in many forms throughout history. From the Dark Goddess of ancient Anatolia; to her Egyptian, Greek, Celtic, and Cabalistic manifestations; to her current forms as Mary and the orthodox St. Sophia. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Sophia sits with God until the creation. Then She falls into matter and becomes manifest in every atom, permeating all things ‘like the sparks that run through charcoal’, as Matthews says. While God is out there,” the Goddess is in here: the mother-wit of practical inspiration and compassion at the heart’s core.

‘ Anyone interested in the feminine face of God throughout the ages will find Sophia an illuminating experience. Caitlin Matthews’ scholarship connects us to past, present, and future in the very depths of our femininity. ‘  – Marion Woodman, Jungian analyst and author of Bone: Dying into Life.

From Chapter 1 – ‘The Black Goddess’ (p. 6):

 ” The Black Goddess lies at the heart of spiritual knowledge, which is why her image continually appears within many traditions as the Veiled Goddess, the Black Virgin, the Outcast Daughter, the Wailing Widom, the Dark Woman of Knowledge. Our own search for the Goddess is one, that is begun in darkness and unknowing. Ours is the knowing ignorance of the child in the mother’s womb: we have to be born, and we are frightened of the extra womb dimension. Once out of that womb, we begin to be terrified about our origins. But one of the prophecies of Sophia is: ‘I will give thee the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places. ‘ Those treasures of the Divine Feminine liep deep within us, waiting to be discovered . . . “



auteur: Matthews, C.
ISBN: 9780835608015
Additional DescriptionMore Details

This definitive work comprehensively establishes a realistic Goddess theology for Westerners in the twenty-first century: – grounding spirituality in daily life and the natural world – learning to work playfully and play seriously – ending the gender war to enjoy sacred marriage Caitlin Matthews is a world-celebrated teacher of Western spirituality and author of over thirty books. With her husband and frequent coauthor John Matthews, she founded the Foundation of Inspirational and Oracular Studies, in their native Great Britain.


Prijs: € 22,00

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Living the Wisdom – A Guide to Social Transformation (Study Guide)

By Jean Gullo, Joseph D. Gullo & Diana Dunningham-Chapotin.

88 Pages | A4 Study Course | Quest Books, U.S.A. | No ISBN.

This guide is designed for use as a series of workshops. The information, questions and discussion matter contained herein are aimed towards service in the spirit and with the underlying principles of Theosophy. It may be used effectively in groups of any size, but can be useful to individuals as well. Where there are questions for discussion, responses by an individual might be written down or put in a journal.

From Part One: ‘True Theosophists’ (p.1 & 2):

” Many of us, though caring, are overwelmed by the enormity of the social and ecological changes needed, and the problems to be dealth with. It is well to bear in mind that many millions of people are feeling same concern and frustration. Our individual yearning for change and the goodwill to bring it about are part of a huge and growing tide of thought. We may begin where we are, and with a few or many others, then work toward greater realization and growth.

In heeding the admonition of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (HPB), co-founder of the Theosophical Society (TS), that we are not true Theosophists until we help humanity, we may join the flow of ‘people power’ sweeping the planet. This is the time for such female qualities as nurturing, caring and compassion to come to the fore in humanity. Many individuals and organizations are already working toward these ends. We may work in theosophical groups or in harmony with others and thereby greatly increase the effectiveness of our efforts. Working with others (networking) is important now if we are to make the greater changes.

Where can we start? Contemporary issues such as ecology, peace, international economic and political cooperation, human and animal rights, poverty, the weakening of family structures, the homeless, health and healing are becoming increasingly urgent. “

auteur: Gullo, J./Dunningham, D.

Prijs: € 7,50

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Mastering the Problems of Living

By Haridas Chaudhuri.

222 Pages | 1968, First Quest Edition 1975 | Soft cover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835604632.

This is a ‘HOW TO’ book, that aims to help you in your daily life quest. It is definitely not a book to be casually studied and forgotten. It is a book to be used; to be referred to each and every day. It contains a formula for mastering ALL problems of living – every daily experience – a formula, that you will want to recall time after time after time :)

With frankness and vision, Chaudhuri discusses basic and specific concerns, such as:

  • failure at school,
  • disappointment in love
  • emotional fluctuations
  • the pressure of perfectionism
  • the dizziness success
  • the depression of middle age.

From Chapter ‘How to live a balanced Life’? (p. 211):

” The Art of integrated living consists in the spirit of intelligent cooperation between nature and spirit. Nature is blind without spirit; spirit is lame without nature. According to a story in the Sānkhya philosophy of India, one time a blind man and a lame man got lost in a forest. Each by himself was in helpless quandery. When they met each other, hope appeared. The lame man jumped upon the shoulders of the blind man. Together, both could easily manage to get out of the forest and reach their destination. Similarly, nature and spirit – by virtue of their purposive togetherness – can together make life gloriously meaningful. “



auteur: Chaudhuri, H.
ISBN: 0835604632

Prijs: € 3,63

Astrology – A Handbook for Beginners (Study Guide)

By Louise C. Bromley.

64 Pages | Copyright 1998 by The Theosophical Society in America | A4 Study Course | Quest Books, U.S.A. | No ISBN.

From the Publisher’s Foreword:

Astrology is an ancient and complex symbolic system linking human temperament, behavior. and events to the position of the heavenly bodies. On one level we may think of astrology as a symbolic system, in which human experiences are represented by the intricate interactions of the stars and planets. On another level we may think of it as exemplifying the concept of the universe as an orderly place, in which everything is connected with, influences, and is influenced by everything else.

If we think of astrology as expressing the order of the universe, we may ask whether the relative position of the planets can be causes for earthly conditions, or whether some other principle may be involved. Do the stars cause earthly events? Or is the connection coincidental, though meaningful? We can consider both of those alternatives.

How could the position of the planets, which are so far away, cause changes in my life? What connection could there be? Causal relationships can be so complicated that they look like random chance, like chaos. If astrology is a science of causes connecting the stars with the earth, perhaps the causes are like that.




auteur: Bromley, L.

Prijs: € 10,00

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The Seven Principles of Man

By Annie Besant (1847 – 1933).

111 Pages | First Adyar Edition, 12th reprint 2015 | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170590972.

This book is the first in a series of manuals intended to meet the need for a simple exposition of Theosophy. It describes in clear terms the seven aspects of man’s nature based on theosophical precepts. Its aim is to lead the casual enquirer to a deeper study of the philosophy, science and religion of Theosophy and ultimately to a realization of the central objective of the Society, the Brotherhood of man and the possibility of spiritual growth.

From page 2:

” Man, according to the Theosophical teachings, is a sevenfold being, or, in the usual phrase, has a septenary constitution. Putting it in another way, man’s nature has seven aspects, may be studied from seven different points of view, is composed of seven principles. The clearest and best way of all in which to think of man is to regard him as one, the Spirit or true Self; this belongs to the highest region of the universe, and is universal, the same for all: it is a ray of God, a spark from the divine fire. This is to become an individual, reflecting the divine perfection, a son that grows into the likeness of his father. “


auteur: Besant, A.
ISBN: 9788170590972

Prijs: € 9,00

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By Annie Besant (1847 – 1933).

95 Pages | First edition 1892, twelfth reprint 1999 | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170592348.

From the Preface:

” Few words are needed in sending this little book out into the world. It is a Manual designed to meet the public demand for a simple exposition of Theosophical teachings. Some have complained that our literature is at once too abstruse, too technical, and too expensive for the ordinary reader, and it is our hope that the present series may succeed in supplying what is a very real want. Theosophy is not only for the learned; it is for all. Perhaps among those who in these little books catch their first glimpse of its teachings, there may be a few who will be led by them to penetrate more deeply into its philosophy, its science, and its religion, facing its abstruser problems with the student’s zeal and the neophyte’s ardour.

But these Manuals are not written for the eager student, whom no initial difficulties can daunt; they are written for the busy men and women of the work-a-day world, and seek to make plain some of the great Truths that render life easier to bear and death easier to face. Written by servants of the Masters who are Elder Brothers of our race, they can have no other object than to serve our fellow-men. “

auteur: Besant, A.
ISBN: 8170592348

Prijs: € 6,00

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By Annie Besant (1847 – 1933)

82 pages | Second edition 2016 | Paperback | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170595908.

In response to public demand for a simple exposition of theosophical teachings, Annie Besant designed a set of seven Theosophical Manuals, and Karma is the fourth in that series. These were written for the busy men and women of the workday world, rather than the undaunted eager student, and seek to make plain and lucid some of the eternal truths, that render life easier to bear and death easier to face.

According to Master KH:

” Every thought of man upon being evolved . . . becomes . . . an active Intelligence for a longer or shorter periode proportionate with the original intensity of the cerebral action which generated it . . . Man is continually peopling his current in space with a world of his own . . . a current which reacts upon any sensitive or nervous organization, which comes in contact with it, in proportion to its dynamic intensity . . . [This is given] the name of ‘Karma’. The Adept evolves these shapes consciously; other men throw them off unconsciously. “

auteur: Besant, A.
ISBN: 9788170595908

Prijs: € 7,50

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Death and After

By Annie Besant (1847 – 1933).

Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170595755.

This Theosophical Manual by Annie Besant helps us face death more easily. Death and dying are the greatest human fears. Clearly and simply, Dr Besant explains that although the body perishes at death, Life survives. We are each a spark of the Divine life that survives the dissolution of the gross body. Life is a conscious existence unbroken by death, and the soul that escapes from earthly life is but a means to spiritualize the material before we pass on to the life after death.

auteur: Besant, A.
ISBN: 9788170595755
Additional DescriptionMore Details

This useful book has been written for the busy men and women of the work-a-day world, to make plain some of the great truths that render life easier to bear and death easier to face or accept.


Prijs: € 5,00

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Het Goddelijk Plan – Menswording en Evolutie (2 Delen)

Door Geoffrey A. Barborka (1897-1982).

697 Pagina’s | Uitgegeven in 1973 | Hardcover | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN: 9789061750321.

English Original: The Divine Plan | Sixth reproduction 2015 | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House Adyar | ISBN: 8170591848.

In Het Goddelijk Plan wordt de lezer stap voor stap binnen geleid in de belangrijkste en meest interessante leringen van de Theosofie. Men kan dit boek beschouwen als een gids voor een diepgaande studie in het magnum opus van Mevrouw Blavatsky, De Geheime Leer; ook wordt het verband tussen De Geheime Leer en De Mahatma Brieven aan A.P. Sinnett, De Stem van de Stilte en de werken van T. Subba Row duidelijk naar voren gebracht.

Leerstukken betreffende cyclische evolutie, reïncarnatie en de toestanden na de dood, de opbouw van het heelal en de constitutie van de mens, inwijding, enzovoorts worden stuk voor stuk uitvoerig behandeld en vervolgens wordt de onderlinge samenhang ervan aangetoond. Talloze ‘moeilijke woorden’ – voor velen een struikelblok – worden op voor ieder begrijpelijke wijze verklaard. Alleen al door deze woordverklaringen is Het Goddelijk Plan een kostbaar bezit voor iedere serieuze bestudeerder van de Theosofie.

auteur: Barborka, G.A.
ISBN: 9789061750321
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Geoffrey A. Barborka bezocht de “Theosophical School” en daarna de “Theosophical Universiteit” in Point Loma (Californië). Gedurende zijn studietijd kreeg hij volop de gelegenheid zich te verdiepen in de werken van Mevrouw Blavatsky, toen hij als letterzetter meewerkte aan de Engelse uitgave van Isis Ontsluierd, De Geheime Leer, De Sleutel tot Theosofie en De Stem van de Stilte. In zijn lezingen, tijdschriftenartikelen en boeken tracht Barborka steeds iets van zijn intense belangstelling en liefde voor de theosofische leringen, zoals deze in hun oorspronkelijke vorm door Mevrouw Blavatsky verbreid werden, aan anderen over te dragen. Daarbij verstaat hij de kunst deze vaak ingewikkelde en moeilijk te doorgronden leringen als het ware zichzelf te laten verklaren, zonder er een eigen mening of interpretatie aan toe te voegen. Andere boeken waardoor G.A. Barborka grote bekendheid kreeg zijn onder andere H.P. Blavatsky, Tibet and Tulku (over de paranormale gaven van Mevrouw Blavatsky), The Pearl of the Orient (over de Bhagavad Gita) en The Christmas Story (over de occulte en mystieke betekenis van het kerstfeest).


Prijs: € 22,50

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Theosophy – An Introductory Study Course

By John Algeo (1930 – 2019).

89 Pages | Original edition 1996, fourth edition 2007 | A4 Softcover, Study Course | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835601900.

This is a study course introducing Theosophy as presented by the Theosophical Society. Have you ever wondered about the ‘big’questions of life?

  • Who am I really?
  • Why is the world the way it is?
  • Where did I come from?
  • What am I doing here?
  • What comes next?
  • When will I find out all these things?

We, human beings, are curious about ourselves and the world around us. That curiosity appears especially in little children, who continually ask why? and what? As we grow older, we may learn to live with our unknowing and stop questions, at least overtly. But, being human, we have a passion for knowing the meaning of things and that passion cannot be wholly surpressed.

From Chapter III – Universal Brotherhood (p. 15):

” The FIRST OBJECT of the Theosophical Society is concerned with Brotherhood:

To form a nucleus of the universal Brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color.

Brotherhood is the primary focus of Theosophy, because all human beings are related. Indeed, we are all ultimately the same life expressing itself diversely. Because of our interrelatedness, everything each of us does affects everyone else. If humanity as a whole does not learn to live as one family, we will not live at all. Thus, the Theosophical Society is a nucleus  fostering the practical reality of Brotherhood for the furtherance of humanity’s evolution. “


auteur: Algeo, J.
ISBN: 9780835601900

Prijs: € 15,50

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Getting Acquainted with the Secret Doctrine (Study Guide)

By John Algeo.

60 Pages | First edition 1981, third edition 2007 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835602099.

An introduction to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s (1831 – 1891) Secret Doctrine – The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy (written as 2 volumes in 1888) based primarily on the Bowen notes. The work borrows freely from the Wisdom and practice of many others as well and formulates questions rather than answers.

auteur: Algeo, J.
ISBN: 9780835602099

Prijs: € 12,50

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Foundations of the Ageless Wisdom (Study Guide)

By Edward C. Abdill.

24 Pages | Copyright 1996 by The Theosophical Society in America | A4 Study Course | Quest Books, U.S.A. | No ISBN.

A Study Course to accompany the five-part video series Foundations of the Ageless Wisdom.


  • Suggested Uses of this Study Guide
  • Getting started
  • Symbols used in this Study Guide
  • The Ultimate Real
  • Meaningful Motion
  • Sevenfold Human Nature
  • Progressive Evolution
  • The Path and the Spiritual Life
  • Suggestions for future Study
  • Texts:
    • 1. Course Objectives and Outline
    • 2. First fundamental Proposition (abridged)
    • 3. Yoga of Knowledge (Jñana Yoga)
    • 4. Second Fundamental Proposition (abridged)
    • 5. From the Tao Te Ching
    • 6. An optical Illusion
    • 7. An optical Illusion Aid
    • 8. Sevenfold Human Nature
    • 9. Third fundamental Proposition (abridged).
auteur: Abdill, E.C.

Prijs: € 6,50

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