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29 maart 2020

Man And The Universe – A Quest

By A.R. Bakshi, Foreword by Radha S. Burnier (1923 – 2013).

136 Pages | First edition 1994 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170592313.

The ‘Universe’ and ‘Man’, have both been the subject of study by great thinkers through the ages. Man and the Universe – A Quest presents some of the main principles of occult teaching to the ordinary reader and also supplies the serious student with sufficient material for original study offering profuse references to The Secret Doctrine (1888).

From Chapter VII – ‘Laws of Nature & Universal Truth and Order’ (p. 92 & 93):

” The whole life of the universe, according to the Ancients, is a part of a great artistic process cast into rhythmic phenomenal occurrences such as death and rebirth, creation and destruction, time and eternity, space and void, each occurrence symbolises an eternal cosmic movement. This concept of beauty and art in cosmic motion is symbolised as a female aspect of creative energy called in Indian mysticism ‘Durgā’ (the invincible), whose laws are impregnable. “

Auteur: Bakshi, A.R,
ISBN: 8170592313

Prijs: € 7,95

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The Multitudinous Universe – Blavatsky Lecture 2017

By Michael Gomes.

25 Pages | Blavatsky Lecture 2017 | Soft cover | The Theosophical Publishing House, London | No ISBN.

‘The Blavatsky Lecture’ is one of the most prestigious presentations in the Theosophical Society. Partly, because of its longevity, continuity, subject matter, the eminence of its presenters, and the fact that for hundred years these lectures have been available as separate publications, the Blavatsky Lecture has achieved a unique position among Theosophical talks. It is the equivalent of the Academy Awards of Theosophy.

From page 20:

” One of the enduring benefits of Theosophy is that it is practical. Certainly, its teachings are filled with high ideas and often difficult concepts that challenge our thinking. How can the teachings on rounds, races, manvantara, dhyani chohans, sevenfold planes of being, etc. be claimed as ‘practical’? One way that H.P Blavatsky described Theosophy was, the accumulated Wisdom of the ages tested and verified by generations of seers, To the mentally lazy or obtuse it will always remain a riddle. The Wisdom is constant and unchanging, and has been accessible throughout the ages to those, who approach it properly. From the beginning one of the demands has been that the mental principle becomes consciously active. “

auteur: Gomes, M.

Prijs: € 4,00

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When the Sun moves Northward – The Way of Initiation (A Quest Miniature)

By Mabel Collins (1851-1927).

160 Pages | First Quest Edition 1987, A Quest Miniature | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835606141.

I am often asked about the question of Time in regard to the great Ceremonies which take place at midnight when the spirits of men are most completely released from their bodies during the recurrent periods of light and darkness on the earth. Midnight means the deepest depth of the darkness: it has no connection with the arbitrary hours. Therefore, in time there is necessarily a difference according to what places on earth the disciples are dwelling in: and, as time does not exist except as an arbitrary temporary convenience, once outside the body man loses the sense of it. ” – Mabel Collins (1923)

Mabel Collins, author of The Light On the Path, explores the link between the mystic recurrence of the Earth’s cycles of birth, death and rebirth with the seasonal regeneration of our own spiritual nature. Her meditative prose beautifully evokes the time-less sense of cosmic renewal and the consequent growth of consciousness that has its germination deep within those reflective months of quietude when the sun moves northward.

auteur: Collins, M.
ISBN: 9780835606141

Prijs: € 12,50

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Vedic Vac & Greek Logos as Creative Power – A Critical Study

By Prof. Nicholas Kazanas.

57 Pages | Published in 2009 | Softcover | The Adyar Library Pamphlet Series No. 65 | The Adyar Library and Research Center | ISBN: 8185141622.

The creation of this wonderful universe has always been problematic, and several theories are propounded in classical texts. Vedic Vac is a creative deity and the Vac-Brahman doctrine presents creation of the universe through speech. The Greek Logos doctrine also signifies creation through word and reason. In this book Kazanas introduces an interesting discourse on Word’s cosmogenic power as found in the Vedic, Christian, Judaic, Greek and Egyptian traditions and cultures.

Auteur: Kazanas, Nicholas
ISBN : 8185141622

Prijs: € 17,50

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De Mens, God en het Universum

By Iqbal Kishen Taimni (1898–1978).

508 Pagina’s | Eerste druk 2015 | Hardcover | Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN: 9789061750987.

English original: Man, God and The Universe | First edition 1969, revised edition 1974, 2nd edition 2014 | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835604475.

Is de mens, zoals sommigen stellen, een toevallige indringer in een in essentie vijandige wereld? Is hij tot zelfvernietiging voorbestemd door zijn eigen onbeteugelde begeerten en gewelddadigheid? Of schuilt zijn bestemming in het tot bloei brengen van de zaden van de ultieme Werkelijkheid die in de geheime plekken van zijn eigen wezen verborgen ligt en die hij in zichzelf moet ontdekken en koesteren? In dit diepzinnige en inspirerende boek neemt een wetenschapper en filosoof en specialist op het gebied van yoga een beslissend standpunt in.

De diepste interesse van de denkende mens moet ongetwijfeld liggen in de aard van, en de relatie tussen de drie grote factoren, die in de titel van dit boek worden genoemd: de mens, zijn oorsprong, zijn reden van bestaan en zijn bestemming: God, niet als een op een mens gelijkende Godheid, maar als de bron van al het leven zelf en elk wezen: en het universum, de omgeving, waarin het verbazingwekkende schouwspel van de evolutie – zowel de goddellijke als de menselijke – wordt opgevoerd.

Ondanks de verheven reikwijdte van de ideeën, die in dit boek worden aangeboden, zijn ze eenvoudig te begrijpen door hun helderheid van presentatie en door de vele diagrammen en tabellen, waarmee zij worden toegelicht. De verhelderende synthese van Oosterse en Westerse benaderingswijzen zou het boek de moeite waard moeten maken voor nadenkende mensen over de gehele wereld.

auteur: Taimni, I.K.
ISBN: 9789061750987
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Dr. I.K. Taimni (1898-1978) was vele jaren professor in de scheikunde aan de Universiteit van Allahabad in India. Hij begeleidde toegepast onderzoek en heeft vele artikelen geschreven voor technische tijdschriften in verscheidene landen. Naast zijn professionele werk heeft hij het Kaśmir Śaivisme diepgaand bestudeerd en dit laatste heeft, gecombineerd met zijn grote kennis van de theosofie, vorm gekregen in dit boek. Hij was onderscheiden met de Subba Row Gouden Medaille voor zijn bijdragen aan de theosofische literatuur. Zijn boeken hebben vele herdrukken gezien en zijn vertaald in verscheidene talen.

Van I.K. Taimni verschenen ook: De Yoga-Sūtra’s van Patañjali; Een weg tot zelfontdekking; Het geheim van Zelf-realisatie; Zelf-realisatie door liefde; De Śiva-Sūtra.


Prijs: € 29,75

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This Dynamic Universe

Edited by Corona Trew and E. Lester Smith.

167 Pages | Copyright 1983 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 083560232X.

Offered in this book is a valuable link between the occult concepts that appear in the Magnum Opus of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s (1831 – 1891) The Secret Doctrine (1888) and the latest theories of science. This Dynamic Universe is quite unique as a resource for the serious student of creation and evolution, clarifying as it does, some of the more difficult principles dealing with man and the cosmos.

From Chapter 5 – ‘References to Fohat in The Secret Doctrine‘ (p. 30):

” The Manifested Universe (therefore) is pervaded by duality; which is, as it were, the very essence of its Ex-istence as ‘Manifestation’. But just as the opposite poles of Subject and Object, Spirit and Matter, are but aspects of the One Unity, in which they are synthesized, so, in the Manifested Universe, there is ‘that’, which links Spirit to Matter, Subject to Object. 

This something at present unknown to Western speculation, is called by the Occultists Fohat. It is the ‘bridge’ by which the Ideas existing in the Divine Thought are impressed on Cosmic Substance as the ‘Laws of Nature’. Fohat is thus the dynamic energy of Cosmic ideation; or regarded from the other side, it is the intelligent medium, the guiding power of all manifestation, the ‘Thought Divine’ transmitted and made manifest through the Dhyan Chohans, the Architects of the visible World. “



auteur: Trew, C./Lester Smith, E.
ISBN: 083560232X

Prijs: € 6,50

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Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science -An Investigation into the Nature of Consciousness and Form

By Dr. Richard L. Thompson.

254 Pages | Copyright 1981, first edition, second printing | Softcover | The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0892131489.

From the Introduction:

The first 8 Chapters of this book are devoted to a critique of modern scientific theories and the parallel introduction of the basic elements of the theoretical system of bhakti-yoga. In the 9th Chapter, Thompson shows how these elements provide the theoretical framework for a practical process of obtaining absolute personal knowledge. The analysis of current mechanistic theories is intended to reveal some of their deficiencies, and to show the need for some kind of nonmechanistic alternative. This analysis does not prove that the systemof bhakti-yoga is the only possible alternative, but it does show that this system is a reasonable candidate.The validity of bhakti-yoga can be demonstrated conclusively only by means of the practical observational process of bhakti-yoga itself, and this is discussed in the 9th Chapter.

” In Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science Dr. Thompson makes a number of cogent arguments against the usual scientific picture of life and evolution (which do not accept the existence of higher or subtler levels of organization). He also presents a clear alternative model. I think it is an important book, which would be of interest to many people. “

  • Brian Josephson  – Nobel Prize for Physics (1973).
auteur: Thompson, R.L.
ISBN: 0892131489

Prijs: € 15,88

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Alien Identities – Ancient Insights into Modern UFO Phenomena

By Dr. Richard L. Thompson.

447 Pages | Copyright & first edition 1993, 2nd printing 1994, revised 2nd edition 1995 | Softcover | Govardhan Hill Publishing, Alachua, Florida | ISBN: 0963530941.

Who are They? Where do They come from? What can we expect from Them?

Since 1947 researchers have exhaustively documented the reality of Ufo’s. But questions still remain about the origins of these strange craft and the intentions of the beings, who pilot them. In Alien Identities, Thompson shows, that the answers may lie in the records of an ancient civilization with thousands of years of contacts with extra-terrestial races. Startling parallels between modern UFO accounts and the ancient Sanskrit writings of India give fresh insights into the identity and purpose of UFO visitors.

From Chapter 6 – ‘Transhuman Contact in Vedic Civilization’ (p. 210);

” In the ancient Vedic civilization, contact with various nonhuman races was on a solid footing. Celestial ṛṣis and Devas would regularly visit the courts of great earthly kings. There were established diplomatic relationships and satisfying mutual understandings between leading members of human society and representatives of other societies in the cosmic hierarchy. This is illustrated by the description in the Bhāgavata Purāṇa of the Rājasūya sacrifice performed by King Yudhiṣṭhira, which took place according to traditional dating about 5.000 years ago in the city of Indraprastha, near present-day Delhi. “


auteur: Thompson, R.L.
ISBN: 0963530941

Prijs: € 25,87

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From Atom to Kosmos – Journey without End

By Lafayette Gordon Plummer (1904 – 1999).

121 Pages | First published in 1940, second revised edition 1987, first Quest edition 1989 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. co-published with Point Loma Publications, San Diego | ISBN: 0835603083.

There is a type of the true clairvoyance on the spiritual and cosmic planes‘, writes Plummer. ‘There one hears the symphony of eternal life’.

Ever look through a telescope and feel spellbound at the wonders of the heaven? Seeing is believing – and to help us truly see, this book shows us how to ‘don the winged cap and sandals of Hermes‘ and ‘soar far above the Earth, beyond the pale moon, passing at a step the confines of the Solar System, until we found ourselves lost in the velvet blackness of the night sky. ‘

The author offers a riveting condensation of the ancient Wisdom. He opens readers to the universal powers latent in people, powers far greater than any psychic abilities. He also reviews astronomy’s speculations about one stupendous Super Universe, a speculation that coincides with Theosophy’s occult teachings.

From Chapter IV – ‘Life Without End’ (p. 25):

” A Master of Life is one who is able, not only to draw upon his or her own resources, inner and outer, but through the medium of his or her inner constitution, to contact the inner planes, and draw upon the resources of the Divine Being whose ‘principles’ are these planes of consciousness, and therefore a part of whose nature he or she him/herself is. And these resources are exhaustless. “



auteur: Plummer, L.G.
ISBN: 0835603083

Prijs: € 7,50

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Man – A Universe in Miniature

By Joy Piper.

113 Pages | First printed in 2003, reprint 2012 | Soft cover | The Theosophical Publishing House, London | No ISBN.

In this work, the author attempts to explain the nature of man’s existence and his place in the overall scheme of things. It is concerned with challenges concerning ‘human-ness’ and all that it implies: joys, sorrows and a sense of bewilderment and frustration when one faces, as one ultimately must, the depths of one’s own ignorance as how to live a life on Earth in the truest and most spiritual sense.

It is the author’s hope, that this work may provide a basic structure for the reader’s own research and study. Feel encouraged to embark upon your own quest for knowledge of this wonderful Universe, in which we live. Discover the Great Cosmic Laws governing the way in which all solar systems with their planets in orbit follow their pre-destined pattern of movement in space: the way in which a man’s seven bodies ‘orbit’ his own ‘Spiritual Sun’ or ‘Spark of the Divine’. Because these same Great Laws apply to the macrocosm (the large) and to the microcosm (the small). As it is above, so it is below, as it is within, so it is without: by learning about humankind – ourselves – we can begin to find the answers to questions about the Universe.

From page 107:

” Although the Masters may not actively intervene in human affairs, they can and do constantly observe the progress of events on our planet Earth. They are aware of those individuals, who have willingly committed themselves to the rigours of self-training necessary to equip them with the knowledge and stamina, which are essential for carrying out the Masters’ work. This work involves spreading the Ageless Wisdom Teachings – Theosophy – as widely as possible, so that others also may become helpers in the work of the Masters. In this way, the Masters’ influence for Good will greatly undermine the dark forces, so that in time a greater harmony will prevail in life on our world. ” 

auteur: Piper, J.

Prijs: € 10,00

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The Science of Self-Realisation

By Śrī N.S. Marathey.

102 Pages | First edition 2002 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170594014.

In simple language, but with great insight, the evolutionairy journey of consciousness from the mineral through the human kingdom is traced. We learn of the gradual transition from primitive man, who is ruled by his sense organs, to the awakened individual, who has gained full command over them. With clarity and a clear understanding of the subject, the author describes how man’s initial identification with a separate self eventually gives rise to his merging with the all-pervading consciousness, which is the true goal of his life.

Sri Marathey is author of several theosophical books in Marathi. In this, his first publication in English, we are invited toexamine the fundamental nature of the universe as a dynamic interplay of matter, energy, space, time, consciousness and life.

auteur: Marathey, N.S.
ISBN: 8170594014

Prijs: € 5,00

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Intelligence Came First – Life and Mind in the Field of Cosmic Consciousness

Edited by Ernest Lester Smith (1904 – 1992) with revisions by Patrick Milburn.

221 Pages | Published in 1975, second edition 1990 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 083560627.

‘This is a remarkable book‘, said the Chicago Daily News. ‘It indicates that a new synthesis is in the works, which is understood by many people might restore the confidence of our whole civilization’.

This new edition, with revisions by biologist Patrick Milburn, incorporates the latest ideas in biology, physics and theology. It takes a fresh look at a world, whose secrets are essential to understanding the nature of our own reality and cites recent scientific surprises about our world. Starting from the premise that consciousness is a fact of nature, since it is a universal experience, the book hypothesizes that intelligence is primal and that the cosmos is grounded in, and pervaded by Intelligence.

This hypothesis comes from experience as true as the beauty of the sunrise over the sea and is supported by science. The book offers a reinterpretation of science from a transformed standpoint. It refutes traditional scientific theory, that preaches the role of ‘blind’ matter and blind chance in the universe. The further our science penetrates into the order of reality, the more intricate the mathematical harmonies that are revealed. In living forms, we find an unfoldment of intelligence, a type of creative design that is functional and expressive in variety. The origin and evolution of life on Earth are part of a cosmological process, one that flows from the sun into the depths of space.

Chapter 14 – Toward a Synthesis (p. 209):

” Thus we see, though still from afar, that the world of which we are so intimately a part is ultimately a reality woven of shared experience – a field of consciousness in which, as T.S. Eliot expressed it, all truths have their time and place. In such a sense, we are coming home to our own true place in nature.

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time
Through the unknown remembered gate
Where the last of earth left to discover
Is that which was the beginning;
At the source of the longest river
The voice of the hidden waterfall
And the Children in the apple-tree
Not known because not looked for
But heard, half-heard, in the silence
Between two waves of the sea. “

auteur: Lester Smith, E. (ed.)
ISBN: 0835606570

Prijs: € 10,50

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Reflections on Time, Duration and Immortality

By Ianthe H. Hoskins (1912-2001).

37 Pages | Printed July 2000 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, London | No ISBN.

Ianthe Hoskins joined The Theosophical Society in 1936, and later served for two periods (1972-1978 and 1989-1992) as General Secretary of the English Section. As an international lecturer she has travelled widely, lecturing in English, French, Spanish and German, and conducting study courses at the International Headquarters at Adyar and in several Sections around the world. For a number of years she has been a member of the General Council (the governing body of the Society). Outside the Society, she is well known in the Yoga movement, speaking particularly on Vedanta.

From page 25:

” If the divine birth is to shine with reality and purity, it must come flooding up and out of man from God within him, while all man’s own efforts are suspended and all the soul’s agents are at God’s disposal. “



auteur: Hoskins, I.H.

Prijs: € 4,50

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Deity Cosmos And Man – An Outline Of Esoteric Science

By Geoffrey A. Farthing (1909 – 2004).

253 Pages | Published in 2010 | Softcover| Blavatsky Trust Publications, London | ISBN: 0913004820.

Esoteric Science, the Wisdom Religion, embraces all that is good and true in the great religions of mankind, but yet transcends them all. As far as can be expressed in words, it reflects ‘truth’, insisting on the Unity of the cosmic process in which each individual is as a spark to the flame. We are of nature with the Cosmos, and being of one Essence, we are members of one family, a family that includes all things and all beings.

From this outline of the Wisdom teaching, we learn of the various levels of operation in the Cosmos, and in relation to man. Further, by emphasizing the important distinction between them, it shows how the personality, when unrestrained, tends to be entirely self-concerned, creating for itself a condition of psychological isolation from the rest of humanity. The Individuality, on the other hand, is rooted in the Unity, of which it is a direct expression. As we become increasingly responsive to this Individuality, it exercises a unifying influence in our lives, enabling us to recognize that identity of nature, which makes of all living things one Universal Brotherhood.


” This book is dedicated to those, who would help to alleviate the lot of humanity by liberating the human mind from its imprisonment in ideas generated and perpetuated by institutional and academic orthodoxy in the fields of religion and philosophy. […] The book is further dedicated to those who would work towards establishing peace and harmony among all peoples by promoting the practical realization of the brotherhood of humanity, transcending differences of race, religion, caste, class, political creed, or any other divisive element in human affairs. “

auteur: Farthing, G.A.
ISBN: 0913004820

Prijs: € 17,50

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