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Introduction to Occult Chemistry

16 februari 2019

By Dr. M. Srinivasan.

28 Pages | First edition 2002; this booklet is an edited version of a three-part article, which first appeared in the Sunday Magazine Section of The Hindu newspaper during Oct.-Nov. 1994 | Booklet | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170593638.

' The amazing phenomenon of extra-sensory perception of nuclear structure and subatomic particles. '

This work deals with the extraordinary saga of the clairvoyant investigations of the structure of atoms and subatomic particles carried out by the two eminent theosophists Annie Besant (1847 - 1933) and Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854 - 1934), around the turn of the 19th century. Besant and Leadbeater possessed clairvoyant powers and were persuaded by Alfred Percy Sinnett (1840 - 1921), a close friend, to employ their psychic powers to try and find out if there existed an ultimate constituent particle or atomic building block of which all matter is composed. This quest, which began in Aug. 1895, was pursued by them on and off for almost 40 years, right until Besant's demise in 1933. Employing their remarkable psychic faculties, the two theosophists embarked on an ambitious programma of investigating and documenting in detail the structure of the atoms of all the elements of the periodic table, besides several crystals, chemical compounds and complex molecules.

Auteur: Srinivasan, M.
ISBN: 8170593638

Prijs: € 1,50

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