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27 november 2019

A Western Approach to Zen

By C. Humphreys.

212 Pages | 5th printing 1999 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835605507.

‘ Satori is a stage along the way, a gateless gate that must be entered on the path to enlightenment. ‘

With profound inspiration and consummate compassion, the founder of the Buddhist Society in London invites serious students of spiritual evolution to us Western techniques to achieve satori, the experience of unity and divinity in all aspects of being. Each of us must stumble and bump our way in darkness and confusion along the path to enlightenment. In penetrating, genuine, and inspiring prose, Humphreys refocuses the Wisdom of Zen for the Western reader and illuminates that arduous road.

auteur: Humphreys, C.
ISBN: 0835605507

Prijs: € 13,50

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The Great Awakening – Reflections on Zen and Reality

By Robert Powell.

179 Pages | Copyright 1961, first Quest book edition 1983 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835605779.

Here is Krishnamurti – a living legend; one of the most creative minds of our time. And here is Robert Powell. Captivated by the stark truth he found in the Krishnamurti philosophy, he pondered over the dynamic equivalents he noted in Zen Buddhism, the exotic discipline that has so captured the imagination of the Western world.

Powell’s search for reality is not limited to exploring the Krishnamurti and Zen philosophies. He believes the mystical tradition of all major religions has been concerned with an immediate transformation of consciousness, and that all major religions are in fact, branches of the same tree. The tree of reality, symbol of the non-divisibility of life.

From Chapter 30 – ‘There is Nothing in It . . . (p. 169):

” In the end there can only be Silence; when no longer anything is said or done to describe or ‘act’ Zen consciously, comes the experience of the silent mind, in which there is constant renewal so that the mind is ever fresh and innocent. So let us wash out our mouths many times, for we have mentioned the Buddha, Christ, etc. many times, and consider ourselves lucky that for now we have been spared the pulling of the nose, the thirty blows or such treatment – and who would deny that we have deserved it? Thus there remains only to ‘walk on’! “

auteur: Powell, R.
ISBN: 0835605779

Prijs: € 7,96

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The Iron Cow of Zen – A Commentary on Some Classical Zen Koans

By Albert William Low (1928 – 2016).

202 Pages | A Quest Original, first edition 1985 |  Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835605981.

‘A Koan is a saying or an action of a Zen Master and is an invitation to use the mind in a new way. This new way is the subject of the book.’

Perhaps the most famous of the koans is: ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?‘ Another is: ‘At the top of a one-hundred foot pole an iron cow gives birth to a calf’. These pithy, seemingly pointless statements are used to startle the mind – to enable the consciousness to achieve instant enlightenment. Self-realization.

The Iron Cow of Zen is a book of such Koans complete with discerning commentary. Zen is a completely existential discipline, and Albert Low relates these ambiguous statements to our everyday existence. Thus, this Quest book becomes a very practical manual. A friend of the reader.

From Chapter Four: ‘The Mind of Ambiguity’ (p.58 & p.59):

” It is not the surrogate Other, that generates the horror, but the fact of the Other. The horror is awakened entirely by the ambiguity of ‘me’. Me-as-center/me-as-periphery. In that the self is manifestly one, this ambiguity is a wound in the very heart of hearts – a wound that is the threat of being devoured: me-as-center threatened by me-as-periphery and me-as-periphery threatened by me-as-center. The threat is therefore of endless but total annihilation, and engulfment without bottom: hell itself in its most terrible aspect. This devouring potential of the self by the self has been symbolized by the ancients as the uroborus, a snake swallowing its own tail. “

auteur: Low, A.
ISBN: 0835605981

Prijs: € 8,17

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