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10 juni 2010


By George Sydney Arundale (1878 – 1945).

278 Pages | First edition 1935, 2nd 1936, 3rd 1956, 4th 1996 | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170592690.

This book is a brief epitome of George S. Arundale’s Theosophy at its present stage of unfoldment, for though there are certain fundamental principles underlying the Science of Theosophy – possibly such as Arundale has ventured to indicate in the Envoi – at the end, each student should be gradually finding his own Theosophy for him – or herself, his or her own understanding of the Science of Living.


  1. You in General
  2. The Individual You
  3. Your Parents and Family
  4. Your Education
  5. Your Larger Family
  6. Your Circumstances and Surroundings
  7. Your Business and Your Leisure
  8. Your World in Peace and War
  9. You and Decision-Making
  10. You and Love
  11. You and Death
  12. You and a Mode of Transcendence
  13. You and Your Search for Beauty
  14. You, Theosophy and The Theosophical Society
  15. You and Your Goal; and Envoi.

From Chapter 11 – ‘You and Death’ (p. 165 & 166):

” A healthy-minded individual, with a minimum of that ignorance about death which is the cause of so much sorrow, will make friends with death, treat him as a colleague and helper, and give him sensible co-operation when at last he comes. And if ignorance has not been at work year after year erecting what it thinks to be formidable barriers against death, barriers which death so easily overcomes, then not only will death be less inclined to be tiresome, but, when he comes, he will feel at home as with a friend. We tend to summon death the more we seek to repel him. And death must smile to watch the frantic efforts we make to keep alive, when so often he would be able to offer a far more profitable condition than that, which we call life; which is but the shadow of a shade of life. What we have to do is to make death part of our scheme and plan of life. We must give him his due place in life, for he is a much life as that which we call life. He is called death only because he is a different kind of life. “

auteur: Arundale, G.S.
ISBN: 8170592690

Prijs: € 9,70

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