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De Purucker

20 maart 2019

Occulte Woordentolk – Een Handboek van Oosterse en Theosofische Termen

Door Gottfried de Purucker (1874 – 1942).

241 Pagina’s | Tweede en herziene druk 2011 | Hardcover | Theosophical University Press, Den Haag | ISBN: 9789070328955.

Engels origineel: Occult Glossary – A Compendium of Oriental and Theosophical Terms | Eerste editie 1933, tweede en herziene druk 1996 | Theosophical University Press, Pasadena, California | ISBN: 1557000506.

Moderne theosofische literatuur kent ongelooflijk veel termen en concepten afkomstig uit de heilige boeken van de Oudheid. De meeste worden niet vermeld in moderne woordenboeken. Weer andere boeken benaderen deze termen vanuit zo’n grote reikwijdte aan betekenissen, waardoor eenvoudige toepassing en doorgronding van deze termen in gevaar lijkt te komen. Zoals de term ‘occult’ zelf ‘obscuur’ betekent – (bijv. zoals een ster kan worden verduisterd door een maan of planeet), zo kan worden geopperd, dat de filosofische diepgang van deze termen wordt versluierd door lagen van populaire connotaties. Een bondige en betrouwbare gids is nodig om deze gespecialiseerde terminologie te ont’dekken en begrijpelijk te maken. De Occulte Woordentolk speelt in op deze behoefte. Het definieert 300 veelvuldig gebruikte (Sanskriet) termen binnen de metafysica en dient tegelijkertijd als een introductie in de theosofie.

Afkomstig van het schutblad uit het Engels origineel:

“Authentiek occultisme, gescheiden van ethiek, is eenvoudigerwijs ondenkbaar, omdat het onmogelijk is. Er bestaat geen authentiek occultisme, dat geen hoogstaande ethiek insluit begrijpelijk (genoeg) voor het morele verstand der mensheid. Occultisme betekent het bestuderen van de verborgen aspecten van ‘Zijnswording’, de wetenschap van het leven of de universele natuur. (Het) omvat niet alleen fysieke, psychologische en spirituele delen van menszijn, maar ook heeft het een gelijkwaardig en wellicht grotere omvang binnen die studies, die zich concentreren op de structuur, werking en oorsprong en lotsbestemming van het universum. “



Auteur: De Purucker, G.
ISBN: : 9789070328955

Prijs: € 17,50

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What Death Really Is, Questions We All Ask – Journey through the Portals of Change to the Heart of the Universe

By Gottfried de Purucker (1874 – 1942).

122 Pages | Copyright 1986 | Softcover | Point Loma Publications, San Diego, California | ISBN: 0913004480.

Dutch translation: Wat de Dood Werkelijk Is, Vragen die Wij Allen Stellen | Copyright 1986 | Stichting ISIS, International Study-Centre for Independent Search for Truth, ‘s-Gravenhage ISBN: 9073257018.

‘ LIGHT for the Mind
LOVE for the Heart
UNDERSTANDING for the Intelligence

ALL THREE must be satisfied
Before One
Can have PEACE. ‘

What Death Really Is, is a concise handbook to understanding the processes of dying and the after death states. It answers some of the most pertinent questions, that one has about after-death consciousness. Drawing from various world Wisdom traditions, G. de Purucker reaches into the heart of the subject in a clear and understandable manner.

From Chapter ‘Summing Up’ (p. 114 & p. 115):

” Man is a god manifesting in a physical body, but through an intermediate psychological apparatus. He is a divine flame encased in gross substance or matter, manifesting feebly at the present time in his evolutionary journey the wondrous faculties and powers of the god within, but showing them nevertheless at least somewhat. For man can think, and thinking is a wondrous faculty. He can cast his thought beyond the stars. He can reason. He can draw deductions from premisses. He can raise himself aloft on the wings of his imagination, and, guided by reason, soar beyond the confines of the Polar Star. Man can feel. He has compassion. He has pity for the helpless, for the hopeless, a yearning to aid those, who need aid. All these are divine faculties. Even in so small a degree as these examples testify does man show forth the working of the god within him. “

auteur: Purucker, G. de
ISBN: 0913004480

Prijs: € 8,00

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Occult Glossary – A Compendium of Oriental and Theosophical Terms

By Gottfried de Purucker (1874 – 1942).

201 Pages | First edition 1933, second ands revised edition 1996 | Hardcover | Theosophical University Press, Pasadena, California | ISBN: 1557000506.

Dutch translation: Occulte Woordentolk – Een Handboek van Oosterse en Theosofische Termen | Second revised edition 2011 | Theosophical University Press, Den Haag | ISBN: 9789070328955.

Modern theosophical writings contain numerous terms and concepts drawn from the sacred literatures of antiquity, most of which are not found in modern dictionairies. Other have entered the vernacular with such a diversity of meanings they are in danger of losing their clarity and usefulness. Like the term occult, which simply means ‘hidden’ (as when a star is ‘occulted’ by a moon or planet), their philosophical depth has been obscured by layers of popular connotation. A succinct and reliable guide to this specialized terminology is required.

In print since 1933, The Occult Glossary fills this need. Defining some 300 (Sanskrit) terms most frequently found in the field of metaphysics, it serves also as a fine introduction to theosophy. A scholar of Occidental and Oriental languages and philosophies, Dr. G. de Purucker was well qualified to elucidate these terms, and to explain the spiritual import of such themes as karma, reïncarnation, planetary and solar cycles, universal brotherhood, and man’s evolutionary pilgrimage.

From the flyleaf:

” Genuine occultism, divorced from ethics, is simply unthinkable because impossible. There is no genuine occultism, which does not include the loftiest ethics, that the moral sense of mankind can comprehend. Occultism means the study of the hid things of Being, the science of life or universal nature. [It] embraces not merely the physical, physiological, psychological and spiritual portion of man’s being, but has as equal and indeed a perhaps wider range in the studies dealing with the structure and operations as well as the origin and destiny of the cosmos. ” 



auteur: Purucker, G. de
ISBN: 1557000506

Prijs: € 17,95

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Golden Precepts (of Esotericism) – A Guide to Enlightened Living

By Gottfried de Purucker (1874 – 1942).

170 Pages | Published in 1931, copyright 1971 | Softcover | Point Loma Publications, San Diego, California | ISBN: 0913004022.

Dutch translation: Gulden Regels der Esoterische Wijsbegeerte | Uitgegeven in 1976 | Stichting ISIS, International Study-Centre for Independent Search for Truth, ‘s-Gravenhage | ISBN: 9070163551.

Golden Precepts is a handbook for those following the path to the heart of the universe. De Purucker’s expression of the timeless ‘Wisdom’ carries with it a quality of living spiritual experience and inspiration. Integrating Theosophy, Vedanta and Buddhist teachings, this book of mystical guidance is a light for all following ‘the inner path of enlightenment’.

G. de Purucker is regarded as the most profound expositor and commentator of the 20th century on the Theosophic teachings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 – 1891). His works cover areas of metaphysical, philosophical and mystical expression. Golden Precepts is his pre-eminent mystical writing, a guide book and invitation to participate in the experience of the spirit.

From its backflap:

” Human beings essentially are kin to the gods, kin to the Cosmic Spirits. The Universe is our Home. We cannot ever leave it. We are its children, its offspring, and therefore all that there is, is of boundless Space, is we ourselves in our inmost. We are native there, and boundless Space is our home, and our instinct tells us therefore that ‘all is well’. “

auteur: Purucker, G. de
ISBN: 0913004022

Prijs: € 10,00

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Clothed with the SUN – The Mystery-tale of Jesus the Avatara

By Gottfried de Purucker (1874 – 1942).

45 Pages | First published in 1938, second printing 1944, second edition and edited in 1972 | Softcover | Point Loma Publications, San Diego, California | ISBN: 091300406.

Dutch translation: Bekleed met de ZON – het Mysterie-verhaal van Jezus | Uitgegeven in 1972 | Stichting ISIS, International Study-Centre for Independent Search for Truth, ‘s-Gravenhage | ISBN: 9070163195.

Jesus lived. Whatever name he may have had, the individual known as Jesus (the Hebrew name being Jeshua or Joshua), was an actual man, a great Sage. He did indeed live. He was, furthermore, an initiate into the secret doctrine of his period; and around him, after his death, grew up legends and tales, which were woven in later days – say a century after his death- into the so-called Gospels.

But who was Jesus? Nobody really knows. There is not one, single definite, conclusive, and proving answer to this question – not a single answer, which is know to be a certainty. When did Jesus live? When was he born? The answers to these questions are still unfound and still occupy the attention of not a small army of scholars and students; but behind all the cloud of uncertainty and the dust of conflicting opinions and, through all the ages since Jesus, later called the Christ, came and taught his fellow-men, through all and behind all this, we nevertheless discern the sublime figure of a Great Teacher.

From page 23:

” Believe not, said in substance the Syrian Sage of old to his disciples, ‘men when they come to you and tell you: ‘Lo, I am the Christ, follow me!’ Or when another one comes and says: ‘Lo, I am the Christ follow me!’ Believe them not. But when one comes before you, in the name of the Christ-spirit, and tells you to follow Truth whose ringing tones are heard in every normal heart of man, and who speaks in the name of the god within, in the name of the inner Christ, in the name of the inner Buddha, then said in substance the Syrian Sage, ‘He is my own. Follow him. “
auteur: Purucker, G. de
ISBN: 091300406

Prijs: € 6,00

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