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Earth Energies – A Quest for the Hidden Powers of the Planet

25 februari 2021

By Serge Kahili King Ph.D.

243 Pages | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606821.

How can understanding energy principles make our homes and our landscapes healthier and more balanced? In this intriguing mix of science and speculation, Hawaiian shaman Serge King explores the hidden powers of the Earth. Drawing on the Wisdom of ancient civilizations and on more recent research, King describes the wonders of the unseen natural force known as vril.

Serge Kahili King holds a doctorate in psychology from California Western University. He has studied with Master shamans from Africa from Hawaii and has trained thousands in his popular seminars. He is author of Mastering Your Hidden Self, Imagineering for Health, Kahuna Healing, Urban Shaman, and the audio cassette, The Road to Self-Mastery.

From the Preface:

" We are of the earth, earthy. We certainly have amind and/or spirit which can transcend this planet both physically and metaphysically, but in addition we have animal bodies with animal natures which respond to and interact with the natural forces such as electricity, magnetism, and gravity. Modern science recognizes two others you may be less familiar with, which are called the strong and weak nuclear forces. Shamans, mystics, metaphysicians and more liberal scientists recognize additional forces that can be termed 'psychoenergetic', a Russian term meaning that they intera. They interact with the mind as well with the body. These are the ones discussed in the book, because they are so little known, so influential in our lives and so very useful. "

auteur: King, S.
ISBN: 0835606821

Prijs: € 13,50

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