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TAO of Lao Tse (A Quest Miniature)

13 juni 2018

Door Lao Tse (601 BC - unknown), translated by Charles H. Mackintosh.

79 Pages | First published 1926, 4th Quest printing, 1986, A Quest Miniature | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. |

' Two hundred and eight-eight delightfully eloquent epigrams translated from the Tao teh Ching. '

The sayings of Lao Tsze, China's ancient philosopher, underlie the mystical philosophy and system of theology known as Taoism - a major force in Chinese life for 2.400 years. In this Quest Miniature book, Charles Mackintosh's terse epigrams retain the rhythmical motif of the original Chinese.

From page 15:

" Who would be wise in word and deed,

And free from sensual strife,

Permits each sense to serve his need,

But not to rule his life. "

auteur: Mackintosh, C.H. (tr.)
ISBN: 0835604268

Prijs: € 4,29

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