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For a Wayfarer

27 november 2019

Poems by Joy Mills (1920 - 2015).

182 Pages | First Quest Edition 2017 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835609432.

Joy Mills, past president of the American and Australian Theosophical Societies, received the Subba Row Medal from the Society's General Council in 2010, honoring her major contribution to Theosophical literature. Joy's poems in this collection were found after her passing. Written over decades, they reveal a love for nature, a keen understanding of life's complexities, and a deep spiritual Wisdom.

From the front cover:

And Unto Us

" Some-soon upon a high
Far distant hill
Beneath the Sky
We shall find
The fragments of a faith
Lost time out of mind.
'And unto us . . .' shall be,
Familiars of the Stars,
The dawning of Infinity. "

Auteur: Mills, Joy
ISBN: 9780835609432

Prijs: € 20,50

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