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Some Mystical Adventures

16 november 2018

By George R.S. Mead (1863-1933).

338 Pages | Photo copy of the first 1910 edition, J. Watkins, London | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A. | ISBN: 1564593592.

From Chapter I - 'As Above, So Below':

"Heaven above, heaven below; stars above, stars below; all that is above thus also below."

- Kircher, Prodrom. Copt. pp. 193 & 275.

'As above, so below'. Is this great 'word' a sacramental phrase, a saying of wisdom, an aphorism, a mystic formula, a fundamental law; or a two-edged sword of word-fence, that will probably do the wielder serious damage, if he is not first put through careful training in its handling - which?

Whether this saying is of Hermetic origin or no, we will not stay formally to inquire. In essence it is probably as old as human thought itself; and, as probably, the idea lying underneath it has been turned topsy-turvy more frequently than any other of the immortal company.


  1. As Above, So Below
  2. Heresy
  3. The elasticity of the permanent body
  4. The immensities
  5. Heirs of the Ages
  6. The Master
  7. Initiation
  8. A measure of what Wisdom means to me
  9. Adumbrations
  10. The heroic life
  11. On the track of Spirituality
  12. Guesses at what to expect
  13. On the art of symbolism
  14. The Self-taught
  15. On the way of the Path
  16. Mystic reality
  17. The deathless race
  18. Mystic cosmogony
  19. Some elementary speculations
  20. On the nature of the Quest.
auteur: Mead, G.R.S.
ISBN: 1564593592

Prijs: € 15,00

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