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The Bhagavad-Gita – Recension By William Q. Judge

18 december 2019

By William Quan Judge (1851 - 1896)

220 Pages | Published in 1978 | Softcover | Theosophical University Press, Pasadena U.S.A. | ISBN: 0911500286.

Combined with his Essays on the Gita.

Both I and thou have passed through many births, O harasser of thy foes! Mine are known unto me, but thou knowest not of thine. Even though myself unborn, of changeless essence, and the lord of all existence, yet in presiding over nature - which is mine - I am born but through my own maya, the mystic power of self-ideation, the eternal thought in the eternal mind. I produce myself among creatures, O son of Bharata, whenever there is a decline of virtue and an insurrection of vice and injustice in the world; and thus I incarnate from age to age for the preservation of the just, the destruction of the wicked, and the establishment of righteousness.

From Chapter II (p. 147):

" That we all labor together transmitting the same charge and succession,
We few equals indifferent of lands, indifferent of times,
We, enclosers of all continents, all castes, allowers of all theologies,
Compassionaters, perceivers, rapport of men,
We walk silent among disputes and assertions, but reject not the disputers nor anything that is asserted,
We hear the bawling and din, we are reach'd at by divisions,
jealousies, recriminations on every side,
They close peremptorily upon us to surround us, my comrade,
Yet we walk unheld, free, the whole earth over, journeying up
and down till we make our ineffaceable mark upon time and the diverse eras,
Till we saturate time and eras, that the men and women of races, ages to come,

may prove brethren and lovers as we are. "

auteur: Judge, W.Q.
ISBN: 0911500286

Prijs: € 14,00

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