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30 juli 2021

By Martin Firrell and A.L. Pogosky.

94 Pages | 2019 | Hardcover | Martil Firrell Company / Modern Theosophy, London | ISBN: 9781912622061.

Martin Firrell is a contemporary theosophist and a public artist using language in public space to engage directly with the public. His work promotes constructive dialogues about marginalisation, equality and more equitable social organisation, with the aim of making the world more humane.

Aleksandra Loginovna Pogosskaia, A.L. Pogosky, or Madame Pogosky was a Russian emigre, an activist and business woman promoting Russian art in the West. She became a member of the Theosophical Society in 1909 drawn to the Society's object of forming a 'universal brotherhood of humanity'. She applied this idea to communal work in the arts.

''Not all theosophists are artists but perhaps all artists would benefit consideably from being theosophists.''
--Martin Firrell, 2019

''Money is well taken care of. It is only the world's handicrafts that are neglected, uncared for.''
--A.L. Pogosky, 1917

Author: Firrell, M. / Pogosky, A.L.
ISBN: 9781912622061

Prijs: € 16,95

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