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Esoteric Christianity – Or the Lesser Mysteries

8 mei 2012

245 pages | Paperback | Quest Books, 2006

Early Christianity held secrets equal to those of other great religions, says Annie Besant. It’s first followers guarded them As priceless treasures. After an increasingly rigid hierarchy began to bury these truths in the early centuries A.D., they were known only to a few initiates, who communicated them privately, often in obscure language. In Esoteric Christianity, Besant’s aim is to restore the secret truths underlying Christian doctrine. As public interest grows in the Gnostic Gospels and the mystical side of Christianity, Besant’s remarkable book, first published in 1901, is attracting new attention.

The word mystery, Besant says, is to be understood not as a puzzle but as a window to a higher dimension. Jesus’ birth is a metaphor for the rebirth we must all undergo to find the kingdom within. She take the same view in discussing the mythic Christ, the Atonement, the Resurrection and Ascension, the Trinity, Prayer, Forgiveness of Sins, the Sacraments, and Revelation. Richard Smoley’s introduction and brilliant notes make her classic work newly accessible for modern readers.

auteur: Besant, A.
ISBN: 8780835608497

Prijs: € 18,95

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