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Esoteric Instructions

30 oktober 2015

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 - 1891), compiled by Michael Gomes.

356 Pages | First edition 2015 | Paperback | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170595830.

At the end of her life, H.P. Blavatsky wrote a series of instructions for the students of her newly formed Esoteric School where she gave material that could not be made public at the time. These instructions, which represent the last extended project accomplished during her lifetime, contains information not included in Blavatsky's other writings and hold together as some of her best work.

From the Introduction:

" The Theosophical Society has never been a mere exoteric Society, without touch with the unseen world, explained Annie Besant in her 1895 history of Blavatsky's Esoteric School. It has been ever since its foundation a ladder, with its foot on earth but its top in the heavenly places, and any one stepping off the ground on to its first rung might climb upwards, if he possessed the capacity to do so. The obstacles to climbing lay in the incapacity of the member, not in the absence of the necessary steps. As she shows, the notion of different grades of the Theosophical Society was referenced in its earliest rules. Fellowship in the TS admitted to the Third Section only. If fellows showed special earnestness and capacity, they were allowed to pass into the Second Section, and this Second Section is the original form of what was later called the Esoteric Section, and still later the Eastern School. "

The present book is an authentic reproduction of what she provided her esoteric students and offers the reader practical instruction in esoteric principles. This edition of HPB's Esoteric Instruction has added benefit of an Appendix containing related matter that the editor, Michel Gomes, has found relevant to the Subject.

auteur: Blavatsky, H.P., comp. Gomes, M.
ISBN: 9788170595830

Prijs: € 19,95

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