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Glamour, a World Problem

13 januari 2022

By Alice Bailey (1880 - 1949).

290 Pages | 2017, twelfth edition, original printed in 1950 | Paperback | Lucis Publishing Company, New York | ISBN: 9780853301097.

This book deals with the misconceptions existing on all levels of the personality life-maya on the etheric level; glamour on the emotional plane; and illusion on the mental plane; climaxing in the sum total of all three combined in the personality-the so-called dweller on the threshold.

A higher form of energy must be brought to bear on the blocked condition. This means in practical terms, maya must be subjected to the inspiration and idealism of the emotional plane; glamour to the illumination of the mental plane; illusions to the light of the intuition, a buddhic energy; and the dweller on the threshold must be confronted by the Angel of the Presence, the soul.

As this clarity and transformation of the personality proceed in the individual, he can begin to serve consciously, preferably in group formation, to lift and enlighten the world condition.

Author: Bailey, A.
ISBN: 9780853301097

Prijs: € 14,95

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