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Heads & Tails (The People for Animals Edition)

17 april 2020

By Maneka Gandhi.

182 Pages | Published in 1994 | Softcover | The Other India Press in association with People for Animals | No ISBN.

This is a cult book. It is a selection from the columns by Maneka Gandhi, which reach 10 million readers through a huge network of newspapers and magazines in India. It is also telecast on six TV channels reaching fifty nations. It is a practical book that makes ahiṃsā (non-violence) the key to a new world. By suggesting simple ways to combat exploitation and cruelty towards animals. It recommends, in the process, a more humane and sustainable lifestyle. Five editions in five months is an all time record. You must read the book to know why. Why it has converted so many to the cause of ahiṃsā and vegetarianism worldwide.

From Part I - 'All in the Name of Food: Milk, Meat and Violence' (p. 39):

" We all know that the planet needs healing - and everyone I have come across has asked me what they can do to contribute. After years of trying to discover where the problem begins, I believe now it is with our food choices. These merely don't affect your own health, but have an impact that extends all over the globe bringing up questions of land use and water use and waste and right to life and forest decimation. Our food choices affect not this one body of yours but your genes - which means the children you will bring into this world. Do you really want to walk around in a poisoned and defective body? "

auteur: Gandhi, M.

Prijs: € 4,99

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