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In His Name

8 januari 2020

By Curuppumullage Jinarājadāsa (1875–1953).

64 Pages | Published in 1915 | Paperback |  Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170590159.

'To the Master Koot Hoomi from his living son'.

From the Foreword:

" We met only for an hour, but I felt from the moment I saw you, that I had a message to give you. What that message is, you will find in the following pages. You have come to a point in your life when you feel you cannot any longer be fully of the world. You are established in an honourable career, and you know that time will bring you success and ease. But you already feel that you cannot work for success alone. You feel you must be an idealist in your profession, and be loyal to the ideal you see, even though it means suffering and humiliation. You are in the position that hundreds are in to-day, but you are different from them, in that you believe that the ideal which compels your obedience is not a thing of your imagination, but the first glimpse of a Personality whom you would like to call the Master. You feel that if this Master really exists and you could know hyim, then you could be utterly true to him in every way, regardless of what comes. 

You know further that you cannot seek this Master by retiring into some monastic seclusion, in order that by meditation and contemplation there you might commune with him. You are not free to consider your welfare only, for there are those depending upon you for their needs. For their sakes you know you must engage in a worldly career. But while you are so engaged, you would like, if it be possible, at the same time to serve the Master is some way. It is because there is such a way, that I write these pages for you, and for others who are opening their eyes to those higher human possibilities which you have already seen.

Each human Soul has some message to givr to every other human Soul and what I wrtie is my message to you just now. It is not mine in reality, for it came to me from other human Souls, and I am giving to you as a brother what others as Brothers have given to me. "

C.J.  - Taormina 1912.


auteur: Jinarajadasa, C.
ISBN: 8170590159

Prijs: € 2,00

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