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On Mind and Thought

26 juni 2020

By Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986).

144 Pages | First edition 1993 | Softcover | HarperSanFrancisco, a Divison of HarperCollins Publishers | ISBN: 0062510150.

Krishnamurti has said: 'It is only when the mind is completely still that there is a possibility of touching the deep waters'. Asserting the distinction between conditioned thought and truly creative thinking, On Mind and Thought explores what Krishnamurti referred to as 'that vast space in the brain in which there is unimaginable energy'. These essential teachings stress that only by escaping conditioned thought can we truly achieve personal freedom and fulfillment and that only through this individual change will vital conflicts in relationships and society be alleviated.

From page 56:

From Krishnamurti on Education

" To end Thought I have first to go into the mechanism of thinking. I have to understand thought completely, deep down in me. I have to examine every thought, without letting one thought escape without being fully understood, so that the brain, the mind, the whole being, becomes very attentive. The moment I pursue every thought to the root, to the end completely, I will see that thought ends by itself. I do not have to do anything about it because thought is memory. Memory is the mark of experience; and as long as experience is not fully, completely, totally understood, it leaves a mark. The moment I have experienced completely, the experience leaves no mark. So if we go into every thought and see where the mark is and remain with that mark as a fact - then that fact will open and that fact will end that particular process of thinking, so that every thought, every feeling, is understood. So the brain and the mind are being freed from a mass of memories. That requires tremendous attention, not attention only to the trees and birds, but inward attention to see that every thought is understood. "


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