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Our Psychic Sense – A Clairvoyant and a Psychiatrist Explain How It Develops

6 september 2018

By Laurence J. Bendit and Phoebe D. Bendit.

225 Pages | First Quest book edition, 1967 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835600343.

If we are ever to become knowledgeable about the 'whole man' we must learn to understand his deeper invisible nature. This book, authored by a Jungian psychiatrist and his clairvoyant wife, helps us to do just that. Combining their talents, the Bendits provide us with a unique and enthralling overview of man's latent powers.

Our Psychic Sense has also been referred to as the 'sixth sense'. It can be considered as a window opening onto the real world of our inner consciousness; not just a valuable adjunct to our personality, but our actual ground of being. Together, the Bendits describe this mysterious power within us, then explain how it manifests, and finally evaluate its uselfullness to humanity.

From page 223:

" Many people are extremely frightened of psychic invasion or, as it is commonly called, possession or obesession. There is no need for this: no psychic force or entity can invade the aura of a human being unless he himself opens the door to it. That is to say, in principle, that if a person's mind is positive, he is perfectly safe. If he becomes frightened, however, he is in a negative state, and he may then feel himself to be a prey to forces, which do not seem to belong to him. But the 'entity' or force is almost certain to be really only an unconscious part of himself: something which psychological re-education can help him to deal with. [...] In any case, if one realizes that one is master in one's own house, and that any intruder can be dealt with by positive thought and self-assertion, there is no need for fear. "

auteur: Bendit, P.D. / Bendit, L.J.
ISBN: 0835600343

Prijs: € 17,00

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