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The Causal Body and the Ego

16 oktober 2019

By Arthur E. Powell (1882 - 1969).

355 Pages | First published in 1928, second edition, second reprint 2016 | Softcover | The Theosophical House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170594239.

The causal body is the vehicle of the immortal principle of a human being, the Ego, which survives the death and disintegration of the lower bodies - physical, astral and mental. It acts as a receptacle for the essence of a human being's experiences and lessons in various incarnations. In the causal body also lies the creative power of meditation.

This classic work by Colonel Arthur E. Powell is part of a series of books seeking to provide a condensed synthesis of the considerable literature given by well-known Theosophical writers. Other books in the series are: The Etheric Double - The Health Aura, The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena, The Mental Body and The Solar System.

From Chapter XV - 'Functions of the Causal Body' (p. 89):

" The causal body owes its name to the fact that in it reside the causes, which manifest themselves as effects in the lower planes. For it is the experiences of past lives, stored in the causal body, which are the cause of the general attitude taken up towards life, and the actions undertaken. In Sanskrit, the causal body is known as the Kārana Sharira, Kārana meaning 'cause'. Briefly, we may say that the causal body has two main functions:

  1. To act as a vehicle for the Ego: the causal body is the 'body of Manas', the form-aspect of the individual, the true man, the Thinker.

  2. To act as a receptacle or storehouse for the essence of the man's experiences in his various incarnations. The causal body is that into, which is woven everything, which can endure, and in which are stored the germs of qualities, to be carried over to the next incarnation. Hence, one sees that the lower manifestation of the man, i.e. his expression in his mental, astral and physical bodies, depends ultimately upon the growth and development of the real man himself, the one 'for whom the hour never strikes'. "


Auteur: Powell, A.E.
ISBN: 9788170594239

Prijs: € 23,50

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