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The Mystery Of Life – And How Theosophy Unveils It

28 februari 2020

By Clara Margaret Codd (1876 - 1971).

47 Pages | Sixth reprint 2004 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 817059071X.

Clara Margaret Codd was born in England in 1876. Early in life she rejected conventional thought. Rebelling against all oppression and injustice, she plunged into the Suffragette Movement. Her meeting with Colonel Henry-Steel Olcott, President-Founder of the Theosophical Society, proved a turning point in her life. She let go an assignment in the Women's Social and Political Union to work for the Theosophical Society. A lecturer for the Society, who travelled widely, she spoke and wrote with intimate understanding of various aspects of life.

From page 2 & 3:

The Masters of the Art and Science of Living:

" There are vast and immutable laws governing the progress of life. This is its science. Most of us are merely children in the great school of life and are learning by experience something of these great laws. But there must be those, who know them thoroughly, and therefore share their power. William James, the psychologist, once said that all great thinkers presuppose that there must be behind every different form of human knowledge a root knowledge. What would that root knowledge be? Surely the great art and science of life itself. Occultism, about which we hear so much these days, has been defined by a great occultist as: 'The Science of Life and the Art of Living'. 

Just as in the science of mathematics where there are the children learning that two and two make four and the great professors of the science, like Albert Einstein, for example, so in the great school of life there are the scholars of varying degrees of growth and attainment, and also the great professors of that Science of all sciences and that beautiful Art of all arts. For untold ages in the history of this planet great master-minds, sages and adepts have garnered this deeper knowledge, and have handed it on from one generation to another; and now, in these modern days, they have lifted a tiny corner of the veil, which screens this tremendous knowledge, and gives us, through their pupils, an outline of the universal principles which govern all life. What these are, and how they illuminate life for us, we shall now try to describe. "

auteur: Codd, C.M.
ISBN: 817059071X

Prijs: € 2,50

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