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The Spiritual Roots of Yoga – Royal Path to Freedom

23 juni 2012

179 pages | Paperback | Morning Light Press, 2006

Each of the selections in this compilation of articles is informed by the philosophical background of yoga, especially the two great texts of yoga, the Yoga Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita. All of them speak of and are related to the wisdom of the spiritual traditions of India. They range from an exploration of rita (cosmic order) in the Rig Veda and its relation to yajna (sacrifice and exchange between levels) and dharma (law, order, sacred obligation) to reflections about contemporary spiritual masters such as J. Krishnamurti and G. I. Gurdjieff in the context of the Indian tradition. This volume will be valuable for those who wish to learn about the roots of yoga and the culture from which it arose.

"Whenever I meet Prof. Ravindra I am reminded of J. Krishnamurti whom I taught yoga for many years. Having known Ravi for a long time I admire his honest spiritual quest. He is indeed a true sadhaka, such a rare and true sanyasi. Enjoy his spiritual journey. He not only practises yoga but communicates it so well. Recommended to all serious students of yoga." -Sri TKV Desikachar , author of The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice "The style of the author is disarming and easy and, even while stating profound ideas, there is a simplicity of form that is appealing. In many essays the author goes beyond the superficial word meanings and touches the wisdom of the sages at its deepest levels. "-T. S. Rukmani, Professor and Chair of Hindu Studies, Concordia University, Montreal

auteur: Ravindra, R.
ISBN: 9781596750111

Prijs: € 16,95

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