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The Way of Intelligence

2 juli 2020

From Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986).

242 Pages | Published in 1985 | Softcover | Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd., Hampshire | ISBN: 8187326476.

The Way of Intelligence consists of a series of dialogues on ancient Indian religious and philosophical themes. The ideas of causality, of a guru as a spiritual guide, of the spiritual path and of the goal, of the search for liberation, and of sadhana or the right means thereto are all dealt with in a contemporary idiom. Throughout, Krishnamurti's concern is to lay bare the experiential component behind these terms and to lead his audience to the heart of the human problem. These penetrating dialogues reveal Krishnamurti at the height of his power.

From Chapter 5 - 'Insights into Regeneration' (p. 145):

" Regeneration of man in society is tied up with the problem of self-knowing. We now find that no solution can arise out of a social perspective. P.J. (Pupul Jayakar): Can we indicate the pressures, the challenges, which man faces today within and without? There is no answer to the problem of self-regeneration unless man comprehends the sense of humanness. Does this understanding come through knowledge, through technological processes? In what direction does man search? I would suggest, therefore, that it is only through discussion, dialogue, that the nature of our thinking can be laid bare. This would bring to light not only the predicament but also the solution. "


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