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Theosophy & Esoteric Christianity

30 juli 2021

By Isis Resende, R. Heber Newton (1840 - 1914) & Franz Hartmann (1838 - 1912).

92 Pages | 2019 | Hardcover | Martil Firrell Company / Modern Theosophy, London | ISBN: 9781912622092.

Isis Resende is a life-long member of the Theosophical Society. She is an international speaker and serves as the President of the Inter-American Theosophical Federation.

Richard Heber Newton was a prominent American Episcopalian priest and writer.

Franz hartmann was a German medical doctor, author, and founder of the German Theosophical Society in 1896.

''Throughout history, there has always been an esoteric aspect to Christianity.''
--Isis Resende, 2019

''The qualities the western world lacks, the eastern world holds in escess.''
--R. Heber Newton, 1913

''The best medicine becomes a poison if misapplied.''
--Franz Hartmann, 1911

Author: Resende, I. / Heber Newton, R. / Hartmann, F.
ISBN: 9781912622092

Prijs: € 16,95

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