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Theosophy Simplified

10 juni 2010

By Irving S. Cooper

107 Pages | First published in 1915, 1979 edition | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606511.

" Reincarnation...Karma...Evolution...The Soul... All lead us inexorably to The Splendid Goal. "

And, all of these things together form the basis of the ancient and sublime system of thought known as theosophy. That's what this book is all about. There has been a dramatic upsurge of interest in this time-tested religio-philosophy during recent years. People everywhere are coming to know that there are many important aspects of life, that cannot be experienced through our five senses. People everywhere are becoming aware, that there is indeed a great and grand Divine Plan behind all of creation; that the people are participants in this plan; that knowledge of this plan is available to every human being.

With these facts in mind, The Theosophical Publishing House decided to re-issue this primer of theosophy. Simply put, it is about the creation of the world and the evolution of humankind. Everything else is but a commentary upon the methodology used by the instigator of the Plan. The instigator is called Brahma, God, Allah, Jehovah, The First Principle, the Causeless Cause, or any of a thousand other appellations. Theosophy Simplified is a brief, clear, highly readable explanation of the most basic and important questions that we may ask ourselves.

From Chapter 1 - 'The Sources and Nature of Theosophy':

" Theosophy is, then, the archaic Wisdom-Religion, the esoteric doctrine once known in every ancient country having claims to civilization. This 'Wisdom' all the old writings show is an emanation of the Divine Principle; and the clear comprehension of it is typified in such names as the Indian Budh, the Babylonian Nebo, the Thoth of Memphis, the Hermes of Greece;  . . . and finally the Vedas, from the word 'to know'.  - Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 - 1891), A Modern Panarion (1895).

auteur: Cooper, I.S.
ISBN: 0835606511

Prijs: € 6,44

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