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Thoughts for Aspirants Vol. 1

10 juli 2012

164 pages | Gebonden/Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, 1977

The "thoughts" are short quotes gathered into themes such as Love, Peace, Humility and Simplicity, Brotherhood, and Spirituality. About Unity, he writes, "Whether in a speck of dust, or in a leaf or flower, or in the least living thing, it is the One Life which exists as the innermost reality, the Truth of truths."

An Adyar book, imported from India.

N. Sri Ram, was international President of the Theosophical Society for over 20 years, from 1953-73. He brings to his writings a background of eastern wisdom combined with keen awareness of modern thought and knowledge, as well as a sensitive understanding of human problems. His special felicity of style enables him to convey profound ideas in a lucid and absorbing manner.

auteur: Sri Ram, N.
ISBN: 083569195X

Prijs: € 3,50

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